Andy Sweetland Wins the
Midtown Motors “Iron Man/Woman” Enduro at Stateline
By Glenn Slocum

         One hundred and sixty five cars with two ringers driven by Jimmy Scott and track owner Francis Seaman were aligned two by two almost completely encircling the speedway for the Midtown Motors “Iron Man\Woman” Enduro 150. The race was halted at lap eight for a fire with Chevy Scott in first followed by Andy Sweetland, John Kline, Gregory Urban, Dan Nocero and Brian Bush. A rollover on the backstretch stopped the race two laps latter but everyone was okay and the race was quickly restarted. With twenty laps complete Sweetland was the leader with Cline second and John Pencille third. Greg Swanson caught on fire with thirty complete but the fire was extinguished and the race was not stopped. Cline lead followed by Pencille, Sweetland, Gregory Urban, Chevy Scott and David Scott. Sweetland lead with forty down followed by Cline and Urban. 

At the fifty lap mark Cline had moved back to the front with Sweetland second and Urban third. Quincy Turner got upside down two laps later bringing out the red flag. One lap later Cline went to the pits relinquishing the lead to Sweetland. At the end of sixty laps Sweetland was still out front with Urban now second Greg Johnson third and Dick Maxim fourth. The race continued under green until the speedway was blocked on lap sixty-eight bringing out the red flag. Sweetland still led at lap seventy with Urban second followed by Johnson, William Van Guilder and Cline. 

The race was still green at lap eighty with Sweetland first and Johnson moving past Urban for second and Wade Slaney appearing in the top five for the first time. An incident involving the five car of Joe Buccola Jr. stopped the race just after the lap eighty mark. Ten laps later Sweetland was still out front with Johnson second and Slaney now third, Urban fourth and Bill Van Volkenburg in fifth. Approximately fifty cars were still running at lap 100 with Sweetland out front then Johnson, Slaney and Urban. The race was stopped at lap 105. Sweetland had a large lead at lap 110 with Johnson and Slaney giving chase. At lap 120 it was Sweetland, Johnson, Slaney, David Scott and Cline. With twenty to go Sweetland lead Johnson by a lap. Johnson moved onto the lead lap one lap later while the third place car of Slaney was several laps down. Sweetland had a half lap advantage over Johnson with ten to go. Sweetland was nearly spun with five laps remaining but he quickly recovered and was still the leader.  Sweetland held on for the win with Johnson second and Slaney completing the top three.


Top 10: Andy Sweetland, Greg Johnson, Wade Slaney, David Scott, Bill Silvis, Tim Brown, Jim Frank, Dan Nocero Jr., Nathan Short, Dave Cummings