Eriez Speedway
Eriez Sundays April thru Sept. Gates Open at 4:30 pm. Racing at 6:00 pm.

Rough Racetrack cancels Parmenter Drilling King of Eriez Challenge at Eriez Speedway

By Glenn Slocum

         After struggling with a rough racetrack for two hours management decided to cancel the races. Fans were told to hang on to their rain checks and they would be honored next week. Several heats were completed but after the first Super Late Model heat and before the Parmenter Drilling King of Eriez Challenge the races were cancelled.

Action 7-John Lacki, 2- Mark Gilbert.jpg (54862 bytes)4c 43 Jim Tolan, 00 Dan Maxim.jpg (76166 bytes)OC 55H Joe Harvey,44 Gary Eicher, 20 Herm Hilyer.jpg (74324 bytes)Picture 011.jpg (84998 bytes)Picture 013.jpg (81936 bytes)
Picture 015.jpg (62162 bytes)Picture 017.jpg (60505 bytes)SP 69s Jason Stetson.jpg (89471 bytes)SP Ken Seymore.jpg (68015 bytes)



      Heat 1: SP Heat 1 Wayne Watson.jpg (56624 bytes) Wayne Watson, Ray Churchill, Josh Lucas

      Heat 2: SP Heat 2 Greg Barnes.jpg (61636 bytes) Greg Barnes, Mike Knight, Dennis Lunger

      Heat 3: SP Heat 3 Rick Thompson.jpg (42889 bytes) Rick Thompson, Mike Harmon, John Swabik


   4-Cylinder Sportsmen

      Heat 1: 4c Heat 1 Dan Maxim.jpg (61746 bytes) Dan Maxim, Andy Warzynak, Dale Wise


  Outlaw Cadets

      Heat 1: OC Heat 1 Wade Slaney.jpg (62548 bytes) Wade Slaney, Gary Eicher, Dewey Kinnear

      Heat 2: Dave Tolon, John Pencille, Terry Daniels



     Heat 1: EM Heat 1 Bill Thomas.jpg (55653 bytes) Bill Thomas, Tom Anderson, Randy Parmenter


   Budweiser Super Sportsmen:

      Heat 1: BS Heat 1 Don McGuire.jpg (52253 bytes) Don McGuire, Gary Foster, Hank Francis


   Limited Late Models:

      Heat 1: LL Heat 1 Dave Lyon.jpg (65073 bytes) Dave Lyon, Ed Simmer, Bobby Rohrer

      Heat 2: LL Heat 2 Bob Vogt.jpg (55677 bytes) Bob Vogt, Tom Schnars, Joe Webber


   Super Late Models:

      Heat 1: LM heat 1 Dave Hess Jr..jpg (62222 bytes) Dave Hess Jr., Rod Maloy, Dusty Franklin