Eriez Speedway
Eriez Sundays April thru Sept. Gates Open at 4:30 pm. Racing at 6:00 pm.

AL Cressley Wins the Limited Late Model Championship Race
 on Kwik-fill Kidís Night
and Rich Gardner Wins Super Late Feature
 at Eriez Speedway

            LLM Feature Al Cressley.jpg (51179 bytes)Al Cressley moved from third to first when leaders Bob Vogt and Bobby Rohrer lock fenders to win the Summit Auto Auction Limited Late Model Championship race. Points leader Rich Gardner finally got into the win column with an exciting high-side move to pass both Ron Maloy and Dave Scott for the Super Late win. Rush Firestone and Eric Buell were the spectator winners and Pat McGuire wins heat and feature in the Budweiser Super Sportsman class. Larry Bouman won the four-cylinder event and Gary Eicher lead every lap to win the Outlaw Cadet feature. Dave Hess Jr. won his second E-mod feature of the season.

         Spectator Feature 1 Rush Firestone.jpg (74310 bytes)Danielle Wilber brought the first Spectator feature to the speedway but Ron Watson lead lap one. Walt Houser spun on lap four causing the first caution. Barrett Brown and Eric Kimmey tangle on the restart for caution two. Rush Firestone dropped under Watson for the lead on the restart. Brown and Justin Kinnear tangled in turn four on lap four for the final caution of the event. Firestone won with Watson second and Ray Houser third.

         Spectator Feature 2 Eric Buell.jpg (78646 bytes)The second Spectator feature can to an abrupt stop on the start when the slowing car of Mark Ramsey was struck by several other cars bringing out the red flag. The second start was successful and Mike Boyd quickly took the lead. Eric Buell was second and Mark Thompson third. A spin by Joey Stafford on lap five bunched the field once more. Dennis Lumger was bumped going into turn three on lap seven causing him to spin collecting Dan Shellhouse and Rich Becker. Buell passed Boyd on lap eight leading the final two laps to post his first win of the season. Boyd was second and Matt Thomas third.

 Steve Forstein lead the first eight laps of the Four Cylinder feature until encountering lap traffic. Larry Bouman was able to take advantage of the lap cars to pass Forstein for the win. J. R. Cross was third.

 Gary Eicher was the early leader of the Outlaw Cadet event with Louie DeDionisio second and Wade Slaney third. Aaron Robinson and Brian Zimmerley spun in turn one on lap five to slow the race for the first time. Point leader John Pencille was running ninth at this point after starting fourteenth. Pencille moved to fifth two laps later but Eicher had a straight away lead. Debris on the speedway on lap eight cancelled Eicherís lead and Pencille was now fourth with only DeDionisio and Slaney between him and the leader. Phil Knight, Chris Blose and others spun in turn one after nine slowing the race once more. Eicher maintained control on the restart and Pencille passed Slaney for third. Bill Dunn and Joe Harvey ended up in the front straight wall with three laps to go. Pencilleís charge to the front ended at the finish line as he lost by a nose to DeDionisio for third. Eicher notched the win after leading every lap of the event.

 Sportsman Feature Pat McGuire.jpg (56033 bytes)Pat McGuire made an outside move coming out of turn four on lap three to take the lead in the Budweiser Super Sportsman feature. Dave Cummings and Scott Bayle gave chase extended his lead every circuit. McGuire won going away with Cummings defeating Bayle by a car length for second.

 It was all 3ís on the front row of the Super Late Model feature as the 33 of Chris Hackett sat on the pole with the 3 of Dave Scott in the second position. Twenty-two Super Late Models were on hand including Doug Eck in Rich Gardnerís back up car. Scott lead lap one and two with Rod Maloy trying to get underneath for the pass. Hackett had slipped to third when Bob Craig spun in turn three and Spanky Hall threw the yellow. Scott almost lost the lead on the restart as he went wide in turn two allowing Maloy the bottom but a spin by Dan Tercho and Jason Morrell negated the start. Scott blocked the low line on the next restart and Maloy tucked in behind but they both missed Rich Gardner as he set up on the high side and passed them both for the lead on lap four. Kevin Santee and Chuck Steinle collided on the front straight as Dave Hess Jr. stopped in turn two for the second caution. Steinle and Hess left the speedway behind wreckers. Gardner, Scott and Maloy made it three wide on the restart Bur Gardner prevailed with Scott second and Maloy third. Scott started to go backwards at this pint as first Scott Johnson then Randy Lobb got by. Lobb tangled with a lap car and lost several positions as Chris Hackett also passes Scott. Lobb and Craig tangled one lap after Lobb spin causing the yellow. Gardner was still the leader with Maloy second, Johnson third and Hackett fourth. Early leader Scott was in the fifth poison with Ron Olson sixth. The Gardner held off Maloy on the lap thirteen restart but the field was slowed on the next lap by debris in turn four. Gardner got the jump on the next restart but trouble at the rear of the field involving Kelly Frederes and Kevin Santee stopped the race on lap fourteen. Olson had moved to fourth with Hackett now fifth and Scott sixth. Gardner survived two more yellows by Dan Tercho then Ron Olson lost the handle on lap twenty-one collecting John Lacki. Hackett was now forth with Andy Kania fifth and Scott sixth. Point leader Gardner went on to win his first feature of the season with Maloy second and Johnson third.

 Paul Briggs was in the lead at the line on the start of the Summit Auto Auction Limited Late Model Championship event but slipped high in two allowing Bob Vogt, Bobby Rohrer and Al Cressley by. Debris on the speedway slowed the event on lap five as Pat McGuire had slipped by Briggs for fourth. Andy Sweetland and Jim Rohrer stopped on speedway and the restart had to be redone. McGuire moved by Cressley for third on the restart. Cressley fought back two laps latter to move McGuire back to fourth. Two laps later McGuire left the speedway. At the half way Vogt, Bobby Rohrer and Cressley were nose to tail with Briggs five car lengths behind. Rohrer got up beside Vogt on lap sixteen and locked fenders allowing Cressley, Briggs, and Mike Moore by. Mike Moore passed Briggs for second on lap twenty as Cressley was shown five to go. Mike Moore ran out of laps as Cressley won the event with Moore second and Briggs third. Early leader Vogt finished fourth and Bobby Rohrer fifth.

 EMods Feature Dave Hess Jr.jpg (50489 bytes)Bill Thomas led one lap of the E-Mod event until loosing the handle and spinning on lap two. Mike and Dave Hess were the new leaders but the restart aborted by a Justin Carlson spin in turn one. Mike Hess led the next three circuits until Dave Hess made a low pass out of turn four for the lead. Joe Watson spun on lap six for the third caution of the event. A Bill Thomas spin causes Justin Carlson to spin to avoid the accident for the fourth caution. Dave Hess survived two move yellows to notch his second feature win of the season. Mike Hess broke on the last lap allowing Kevin Decker the second spot and Ken Drake third.




      Heat 1:  Rush Firestone, Ray Houser, Rich Becker

      Heat 2: Spectator Heat 2 Matt Lazowski.jpg (84152 bytes) Matt Lazowski, Brad Pease, Mike Harmon

      Heat 3: Spectator Heat 3 Brian Guzowsk.jpg (88463 bytes) Brian Guzowski, Mike Boyd, Dennis Lunger

      Feature 1: Rush Firestone, Ron Watson, Ray Houser, Brian Johnson, Tim Whiteley

      Feature 2: Eric Buell, Mike Boyd, Matt Thomas, Paul Norman, Brian Guzowski



   4-Cylinder Sportsmen

      Heat 1: 4 Cyl Heat 1 Larry Boumans.jpg (86035 bytes) Larry Bouman, J.R. Cross, Tom Liberatore

      Feature:  Larry Bouman, Steve Forstein, J.R. Cross, Dale Wise, Ken Wanzer, Dan Maxim, Jim Tolon, Craig Hardway, Wendell Pinkney, Tom Liberatore



      Heat 1: Cadet Heat 1.jpg (90202 bytes) Louie DeDionisio, Wade Slaney, Vern Plymire

      Heat 2: Terry Daniels, George Cole, Aaron Robinson

      Heat 3:  Cadet Heat 3 Gary Eicher.jpg (85602 bytes)Gary Eicher, Bill Dunn, Dewey Kinnear

      Feature 1: Gary Eicher, Louie DeDionisio, John Pencille, Wade Slaney, George Cole, Jeff Campbell, Terry Daniels, Tom Norland, Dustin Eckman, Herm Hilyer




     Heat 1: Mike Hess, Bill Thomas, Justin Carlson

      Heat 2: EMod Heat 2.jpg (86153 bytes) Randy Hall, Dave Hess Jr., Stu Rickard

      Feature: Dave Hess Jr., Kevin Decker, Chad Ruhlman, Mike Hess, Bill Thomas, Chris Peterson, Brain Snow, Jay Irwin, Bill Taylor, Justin Carlson


   Budweiser Super Sportsmen:

      Heat 1: Pat McGuire, Scott Bayle, Dave Cummings

      Feature: Pat McGuire, Dave Cummings, Scott Bayle, Randy Parmenter, Don McGuire, Don Stanley, Mike Murray, Brent Crandall, Dana Cummings, John Daugherty


   Limited Late Models:

      Heat 1: LLM Heat 1 Paul Briggs.jpg (81625 bytes) Paul Briggs, Bob Vogt, John Cline, Pat McGuire

      Heat 2:  Al Cressley, Bobby Rohrer, Bear Moynihan, Tom Hagberg

      Feature: Al Cressley, Mike Moore, Paul Briggs, Bob Vogt, Bobby Rohrer, John Cline, Tom Schnars, Chris Sutton, Ron Seeley, Chad Ramsey


   American Racer Dash: American Racer Dash Scott Johnson.jpg (73414 bytes)Scott Johnson, Randy Lobb, Andy Boozel


   Super Late Models:

      Heat 1: SLM Heat 1 Chris Hackett.jpg (82913 bytes) Chris Hackett, Bob Craig, Scott Johnson, Ron Olson

      Heat 2: SLM Heat 2 Dave Scott.jpg (77613 bytes) Dave Scott, Steve Halpainy, Randy Lobb, Kevin Santee

      Heat 3: SLM Heat 3 Rod Maloy.jpg (78375 bytes) Rod Maloy, Rich Gardner, Andy Boozel, Jason Morrell

      Feature: Rich Gardner, Rod Maloy, Scott Johnson, Andy Kania, Chris Hackett, Dave Scott, Steve Halpainy, Bryan Emory, Bob Craig, John Lacki

  Bike Winners :
Bike Winner - Eriez (be sure to use this).jpg (76736 bytes)Bike Winner_1.jpg (76027 bytes)Bike Winner_3.jpg (80637 bytes)Bike Winner_4.jpg (80353 bytes)
Bike winner_5.jpg (74643 bytes)Bike Winner_6.jpg (80414 bytes)Bike winner_7.jpg (73850 bytes)Bike Winner_8.jpg (76894 bytes)