Stateline Speedway
Saturdays April thru Sept Gates Open 5:30 pm. Racing at 7:00 pm
 4150 Kortwright Road, Busti NY 
716-487-2368 / 814-688-4550

Randy Lobb Wins the Jay’s Auto Wrecking Super Late Model Championship
at Eriez Speedway

                        Eriez SLM Feature Randy Lobb.jpg (64599 bytes)The Erie/Crawford County Veterans Burial Detail and Honor Guard presented the colors and Rochell Schenck sang the National Anthem to kick off Eriez Speedway July 4th celebration.  Midway through the evening Zambelli Fireworks presented a large fireworks display. Randy Lobb backed up his win at Stateline on Saturday night with a win in the thirty-five lap Jay’s Auto Wrecking Super Late Model Championship. Lobb lead all but three laps and survived a number of cautions to win his second feature event of the season. Pat McGuire like Lobb backed up his Saturday win at Stateline with a win in the Limited Late Model class. Duane Pease won the first Spectator event and Mat Thomas the second for their first wins of the season. Larry Bouman wins his second of the season in the Four Cylinder feature. John Pencille proved why he’s a top the points in the Outlay Cadet class by winning his third feature of the year. Scott Bayle moved from third to first with two to go to win the Budweiser Super Sportsman event. Dave Hess Jr. notched win number two in the E-Mod Feature event.

         An early spin brought out the caution on lap one of the first Spectator feature. Jason Heslop led lap one through three surviving two restarts but Rich Becker attempting a pass on the high side made the pass then spun collecting the leader as the yellow was shown for Bill Baker Jr. and Walt Houser. Heslop got his spot back for the restart and led the next two when Justine Kriener stopped against the front wall. Heslop led on the restart but spun in four on lap seven giving the lead to Duane Pease. Pease lead the final tree to win his first feature with Bill Baker Jr. second and Joshua Lucas third.

 Mark Thompson, Rush Firestone and Merle Burlingame were the early leaders of Spectator feature number two. Matt Thomas passed Burlingame for third on lap three. Thompson lost the lead on lap five falling to third behind Firestone and Thomas. Mike Boyd passed Thompson two laps later for third. Thomas took the lead on lap eight and lead the remaining laps for his first win of the season with Boyd second and Firestone in third.

 Eriez 4 Cyl Feature Larry Bouman.jpg (76892 bytes)Tom Liberatore jumped to a huge lead in the Four Cylinder feature with Steve Forstein and Dale Wise giving chase. Craig Hardway stopped on the speedway with two lap remaining bringing out the caution and ruining Liberatore’s huge lead. Larry Bouman passes Liberatore on the white flag lap. Liberatore tagged Steve Forstein and they both ended up against the fence on the front straight. Bouman won the one lap dash to the checkers with J.R. Cross second and Dan Maxim third.

 Eriez Cadet Feature John Pencille.jpg (70080 bytes)Dewey Kinnear spins in the first corner on the initial start of the Outlaw Cadet Feature necessitating a complete restart. John Pencille came out on top of the restart with Herm Hilyer second and Wade Slaney third. A Brian Zimmerly spin slowed the race on lap two. Slaney and Hilyer bumped on lap four giving Slaney second and Hilyer fell to third. Louie DeDionisio and George Cole tangled on lap six for the third caution. Zimmerly, Cole and Dustin Eckman caused caution four two laps latter. Kinnear had moved into third with Hilyer falling to fourth. Matt Lamphere did not go on the restart for caution number five. Zimmerly spun once more on lap twelve. Pencille survived the cautions to win his third feature of the year and maintain his point lead. Slaney was second with Kinnear third.

 Gary Foster moved from his outside pole position to lead lap one of the Budweiser Super Sportsman event. Foster went high on lap two allowing three cars by but Randy Parmenter stopped against the fence in four and the caution flew saving Foster’s lead.  Foster went wide again on the restart allowing Don McGuire to move into the lead with Scott Bayle second and Dave Cummings third. John Daugherty spun on lap three for the second caution. Cummings moved up to challenge Bayle for second on lap four and made the pass two laps latter. Bayle came back to pass Cummings with two to go and then passed the leader on the white flag lap. Bayle won his second feature event with Don McGuire second and Dave Cummings third.

 Mark Grabowski lost an engine on the start of the E-Mod event but lap one went in to the books with Bill Taylor in the lead. After two early cautions the event went green on lap three and Chad Ruhlman took over the lead. Dave Hess Jr. was now second as early leader Taylor went to the pits. Hess passed Ruhlman at the halfway mark with Justin Carlson third and Kevin Decker fourth. James Irwin spun in the entrance to turn three on the ninth lap allowing the field to close behind Dave Hess. Mike Hess moved to fourth on lap twelve as Dave Hess extended his lead. Dave Hess won going away with Ruhlman second and Carlson narrowly defeating Mike Hess for third.

 Eriez SLM Feature Randy Lobb.jpg (64599 bytes)Twenty-six Super Late Models reported to the speedway for the Jay’s Auto Wrecking Super Late Model Championship race. Dave Hess led lap one but a spin by Dan Tercho stopped the event. Randy Lobb was second with Chris Hackett third and Doug Eck fourth. Lobb and Hess ran lap two side by side with Lobb finally getting the best of Hess on lap three. Moose Dunnewold spins on lap four for the second caution. Scott Johnson struck the wall on the front stretch on the restart causing a multi-car accident involving Mark Gilbert, Chuck Steinle, Aaron Scott and others.  Johnson was okay and continued in the event. Chris Hackett got sideways in turn one on restart and a number of cars spun to avoid Hackett. Rich Gardner, Rod Maloy, Ron Olson, John Lacki, John Lobb were involved. Gardner was towed to the pits and John Lobb went to the pits on his own and returned to the speedway before the race was restarted. Hackett passed Hess for second on lap five. Hess and Hackett continued the battle as Randy Lobb got into lap traffic on lap twelve. Andy Boozel got in to trouble on lap fourteen for caution five. Randy Lobb controlled the restart with Hackett running second behind the lap car of Lacki. John Lobb and Jason Morrell tangled on the restart for caution six. Twenty-two cars remained for second restart of lap fourteen. The next restart worked as Hackett passed Lacki and started to chase Randy Lobb. Andy Kania got by Hess for third on lap sixteen and debris on the speedway slowed the race after seventeen laps. Two laps were run before another caution. Mark Gilbert was stopped in the infield in the middle of the back straight. Bump Hedman, Scott Boozel and Bob Craig spun on restart. Randy Lobb moved into lap traffic on lap twenty-five but it did not help the cars chasing him. The remaining laps were run under the green with Randy Lobb narrowly missing laps cars and avoid a last lap spin involving John Lacki and Steve Halpainy to win the championship event.

 Eriez LLM Feature Pat McGuire.jpg (62068 bytes)Tom Hagberg stopped on the entrance to the pits and debris on the speedway marred the start of the Limited Late Model feature. Pat McGuire lead lap one when Bob Vogt and Ron Seeley spun for the second caution. It was McGuire, Mike Moore and Paul Briggs on the restart. McGuire had a fifteen car advantage at the half way as did second place Moore over Briggs. McGuire was into lap traffic on the fourteenth circuit and Moore was able to close. McGuire broke into the clear on lap seventeen and pulled away from Moore. McGuire won his first feature event in this class with Moore second and Briggs third.




      Heat 1: Eriez Spectator Heat 1 Jason Heslop.jpg (92131 bytes) Jason Heslop, Walt Houser, Danielle Wilber

      Heat 2: Joshua Lucas, Merle Burlingham, Mark Thompson

      Heat 3: Eriez Spectator Heat 3 Rush Firestone.jpg (96220 bytes) Rush Firestone, Mike Boyd, Paul Norman

      Feature 1: Duane Pease, Bill Baker Jr., Joshua Lucas, Justin Kriener, Danielle Wilbur

      Feature 2: Matt Thomas, Mike Boyd, Rush Firestone, Dennis Lumger, Paul Norman


   4-Cylinder Sportsmen

      Heat 1: Eriez 4Cyl Heat Larry Bouman.jpg (85953 bytes) Larry Bouman, Steve Forstein, Tom Liberatore

      Feature:  Larry Bouman, J.R. Cross, Dan Maxim, Steve Forstein, Dale Wise, Bethany Pease, Tom Liberatore, Craig Hardway, Jason Smith


Outlaw Cadets

      Heat 1: Eriez Cadets Heat 1 Dewey Kinnear.jpg (92796 bytes) Dewey Kinnear, Terry Daniels, John Coughlin

      Heat 2: Eriez Cadets Heat 2 John Pencille.jpg (89531 bytes) John Pencille, George Cole , Brian Zimmerly

      Heat 3: Eriez Cadet Heat 3 Herm Hilyer.jpg (88367 bytes) Herm Hilyer, Wade Slaney, Chris Blose

      Feature 1: John Pencille, Wade Slaney, Dewey Kinnear, Herm Hilyer, Terry Daniels, Jeff Campbell, Chris Blose, Louie DeDionisio, Shawn McArdle, George Cole



     Heat 1: Eriez E Mod Heat 1 Mike Hess.jpg (85930 bytes) Mike Hess, Bill Thomas, Chad Ruhlman

      Heat 2: Eriez EMod Heat 2 Dave Hess Jr.jpg (81008 bytes) Dave Hess Jr., Kevin Decker, Bill Taylor

      Feature: Dave Hess Jr., Chad Ruhlman, Justine Carlson, Mike Hess, Kevin Decker, Ryan Snow, Tom Anderson, Jeff Wick, Bill Taylor, James Irwin


   Budweiser Super Sportsmen:

      Heat 1: Eriez Sportsman Heat 1 Scott Bayle.jpg (83935 bytes) Scott Bayle, Pat McGuire, Don McGuire

      Feature: Scott Bayle, Don McGuire, Dave Cummings, Robert Nocero, Mike Murray, Randy Parmenter, Pat McGuire, Brent Crandall, Don Stanley, Gary Foster


   Limited Late Models:

      Heat 1: Eriez LLM Heat 1 Andy Sweetland.jpg (81456 bytes) Andy Sweetland, Mike Moore, Bob Vogt. Chris Sutton

      Heat 2: Eriez LLM Heat 2 Pat McGuire.jpg (85222 bytes) Pat McGuire, Tom Hagberg, Bobby Rohrer, Ron Seeley

      Feature: Pat McGuire, Mike Moore, Paul Briggs, Chris Sutton, Tom Hagberg, Andy Sweetland, Ron Seeley, Mike Coyle, Aaron Robinson, Bob Vogt


   American Racer Dash: Dave Hess Jr., Randy Lobb, Chris Hackett


   Super Late Models:

      Heat 1: Dave Hess Jr., Doug Eck, Scott Johnson, John Lobb

      Heat 2: Chris Hackett, Rod Maloy, Scott Gurdak, John Lacki

      Heat 3: Eriez SLM Heat 3 Randy Lobb.jpg (80106 bytes) Randy Lobb, Ron Olson, Andy Kania, Rich Gardner

      Feature: Randy Lobb, Chris Hackett, Andy Kania, Dave Hess Jr., Scott Gurdak, John Lobb, Bump Hedman, Al Crocker, Scott Johnson, Rod Maloy