Rain Postpones Budweiser Street Stock Invitational
 at Eriez Speedway
By Glenn Slocum

             Rain threatened but did not materialize and the Budweiser Street Stock Invitational was started promptly at 2:00 PM, then at 3:00 PM a heavy rainstorm hit the speedway forcing cancellation of the event. Management announced that the race and Demolition Derby would be held next Sunday at 2:00 pm. All rain checks will be honored and any new cars will be given an opportunity to qualify. There were three qualifying heats for Street Stocks with seven going to the feature and the remainder had to qualify thru the consolation race. 

             John Kelsey and Wayne Watson were on the front row of consolation event for the Street Stocks. Kelsey was in front by 10 car lengths on lap one when the yellow flew for Mike Harmon who lost a right rear wheel on the front stretch. Kelsey was placed in first with Tommy Fox second and Joe Heslop in the last qualifying spot. Merle Burlingham and Wayne Watson completed the top five. Pat McGuire moved to the third spot on the restart to second one lap later as he and Tommy Fox passed Kelsey. Fox led with McGuire right on his bumper as they started to work lap traffic. Fox never relinquished the inside and McGuire was unable to make a pass. McGuire challenge ended with a flat on the last lap. Tommy Fox won with McGuire second and Kelsey in the last qualifying spot.

             Jim Tolan and Dan Maxim were the leaders at the end of the first lap of the Four Cylinder Championship event. Steve Forstein was third with a smoking Dale Wise fourth. Todd Cross made a move by Forstein and Wise to take the third spot on lap four. The sky opened up at this point and the event was cancelled.            



      Heat 1: Bill Dunn, Mike Boyd, Mark Ramsey

     Heat 2: Dennis Lunger, Fred McClanahan, Justin Kreider

     Heat 3: Steve Hulings, Brian Crandall, Josh Lucas

     Consolation: Tommy Fox, Pat McGuire, John Kelsey

    4-Cylinder Sportsmen

      Heat 1: Jim Tolon, Dale Wise, Jason Smith

     Heat 2: Dan Maxim, Steve Forstein, Larry Taylor