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Dave Lyon Wins Bossard & Crawford Auto Group 
Super Late Model Championship
at Eriez Speedway
BY Glenn Slocum

         American Dash Dave Lyon.jpg (52897 bytes)Twenty-five Super Late Models were on hand for the Bossard & Crawford Auto Group Super Late Model 30 lap Championship event. Dave Lyon ran the perfect race to win the Championship event. Lyon survived several cautions and remained virtually unchallenged through out the race. Pat McGuire extended his Limited Late point lead with his fifth win. Gary Eicher cruised to his sixth win in the Outlaw Cadet class. Chuck Steinle won his first E-Mod event of the season and J.R. Cross won the Four-Cylinder feature. Mike Boyd extended his points lead with a win in the first Spectator feature and Justine Kreider narrowly defeated Merle Burlingham in the second Spectator feature.  

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 SP 1st Feature 1st Mike Boyd..jpg (56210 bytes)Tommy Fox jumped to the early lead in the first Spectator feature event. Steve Hulings and Mark Harmon spun on lap three bringing out the first caution. Rick Thompson beat Fox to the first turn and led lap three then lost then handle in lap four collecting Tommy Fox, Dennis Lunger and Bill Baker. Mike Boyd became the new leader with Paul Norman second and Matt Lazowski third. Mark Thompson tapped Lazowski on the restart spinning Lazowski and bringing out the yellow once more. Thompson and Steve Keith tangled on lap seven with Thompson spinning but no yellow. Boyd won going away with Norman second and Steve Hulings third.

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 SP 2nd Feature 1st Justine Kreider.jpg (52256 bytes)Merle Burlingham led the first two laps of the second Spectator feature when Mike Knight spun collecting Barrett Brown. Ken Seymore spun on lap five collecting Gary Davis causing the second yellow. Knight broke an axel on lap seven stopping in front of the flag stand for the third caution. Burlingham led with Justin Kreider second and Josh Lucas third. Danielle Weber and Ray Houser brought out the next caution with two to go as Kreider and Burlingham fought for the lead. Kreider won the race by inches at the start finish line relegating Burlingham to second.

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 4C Feture J R Cross.jpg (43600 bytes)Ken Wanzer led lap one of the Four-cylinder feature but was passed early in lap two by J. R. Cross. Tom Liberatore ran Cross down and passed him on the backstretch. Cross tapped Liberatore coming out of four spinning Liberatore. Cross was given the win with Liberatore second Wise third.

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 OC Feature Gary Eicher.jpg (57651 bytes)Gary Eicher and John Pencille were the early leaders of the Outlaw Cadet feature. A stalled car slowed the race on lap five allowing the field to catch up to Eicher. Dave Tolan moved by Pencille for second on lap eight then set sail for Eicher. Tolan caught Eicher on the next lap then lost control trying to make the pass bringing out the second caution of the event. Eicher, Pencille and Dewey Kinnear were the leaders on the restart. A smoking Matt Lamphere stopped on the front straight for caution three before another lap was complete. Jeff Campbell stopped in turn two with one lap remaining for the final caution. Eicher was only challenged once as he led every lap for his sixth win. Kinnear finished second with Pencille third.

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BS Feature Scott Bayle.jpg (57641 bytes) the green with Scott Bayle and Hank Francis in tow. Brian Collins brought out the yellow on lap four when he stopped on the front straight. Bayle took advantage of the restart to gain the lead. Brent Crandall stopped in turn three on lap nine for caution two. Francis spun with two to go giving third to Randy Parmenter. Bayle beat Nocero to the line for his fifth win.

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 EM Feature Chuck Steinle.jpg (47704 bytes)Chuck Steinle led the first three laps of the E-Mod feature with Jim Irwin second and Chris Peterson third. Jeff Wick and Tom Anderson stopped the race with a spin on the front straight on lap four. Dave Hess Jr. moved into the fourth spot on the restart. Hess had moved from eleventh to third in five laps. Brian Snow and Bill Taylor stopped the race on lap six for the second caution. Steinle was still the leader with Jim Irwin second then Randy Parmenter and Dave Hess. Parmenter moved to second on the restart as Dave Hess tangled with Mike Hess and lost three spots with Bill Thomas and Dan MacDonald getting by. Steinle led the remaining laps with a challenge for his first win of the season.

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 LL Feature Pat McGuire.jpg (53004 bytes)Bob Vogt and Bobby Rohrer were on the front row of the Limited Late Model feature. The initial start failed as Chris Sutton had mechanical difficulty on the start. Vogt led lap one with Bobby Rohrer and Pat McGuire right on his bumper. Scott Gurdak and Paul Briggs were third and fourth. McGuire passed Vogt for the lead on lap five then Joe Weber spun on the next lap for the second caution. Briggs passed Gurdak for fourth on the restart as McGuire began to build a lead. McGuire raced through lap traffic to win his fifth with Vogt second and Bobby Rohrer third.

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  American Dash Dave Lyon.jpg (52897 bytes)Dave Lyon by virtue of his heat and American Racer dash win was on the pole for the 30 lap Super Late Model Championship event. Lyon took the lead at the drop of the green with Rod Maloy second and Randy Lobb third. A spinning Chris Hackett brought out an early caution on lap four. Steve Halpainy and Wendell Pinckney tangled on the restart bringing the yellow out before a lap could be completed. Lyon had a half a straight lead at the end of the next two laps when Moose Dunnewold spun to stop in turn two for the third caution. The top tree remained the same with Wally Fox fourth and John Lacki fifth. Scott Johnson passed Lacki and Lobb on lap five and Fox got by Maloy for second. Jeff Bucella stopped in turn four on lap eleven for the fourth yellow. Lyon quickly regained his lead as he and Fox began to distance themselves from Maloy and the rest of the field. Lyon caught the tail end of the field on lap nineteen just as Jason Morrell spun coming out of turn two for the fifth yellow. The top five at this point were unchanged with Dave Hess Jr. in sixth and Bump Hedman seventh. Chris Hackett became a factor on the restart by passing Hess and challenging Johnson for sixth. The yellow flew once more with five laps remaining for Bucella who had stopped at the exit of turn two. It was still Lyon, Fox, Maloy, Lobb, Johnson and Hackett at this restart. Hess moved to the high side to pass Hackett and Johnson as Spanky Hall showed the two to go and the yellow appeared for Dusty Franklin stopped in turn four. Lyon completed the perfect race to win the championship event for his first feature win this season.  

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   Spectators (42)

      Heat 1: SP Heat 1 Fred McClanahan.jpg (73129 bytes) Fred McClanahan, Ray Houser, Ron Watson

      Heat 2: SP Heat 2 Mark Thompson.jpg (71500 bytes) Mark Thompson, Barrett Brown, Duane Pease

      Heat 3: SP Heat 3 Tommy Fox.jpg (59876 bytes) Tommy Fox, Mike Boyd, Steve Hulings

      Feature 1: Mike Boyd, SP 1st Feature 2nd Paul Norman.jpg (62641 bytes) Paul Norman, Steve Hulings, Steve Keith, Mark Ramsey, Jim McFadden, Brian Crandall, Mike Harmon, Matt Lazowski, Mike Beck

      Feature 2: Justine Kreider, SP 2nd Feature 2nd Merle Burlingham.jpg (55249 bytes) Merle Burlingham, Josh Lucas, Duane Pease, Wade Watson, Brian Johnson, Jeff Burger, Ken Seymore, Ray Churchill, Carl English


   4-Cylinder Sportsmen (14)

      Heat 1: 4C Heat 1 Ken Wanzer.jpg (61472 bytes) Ken Wanzer, Dale Wise, Jim Tolan

      Heat 2: 4C Heat 2 Tom Liberatore.jpg (59361 bytes) Tom Liberatore, Larry Bouman, J.R. Cross

      Feature: J.R. Cross, Tom Liberatore, Dale Wise, Dan Maxim, Jim Tolan, Larry Taylor, Steve Forstein, Bethany Pease, Ken Wanzer, Jason Smith


  Outlaw Cadets (25)

      Heat 1: OC Heat 1 Dave Tolan.jpg (61803 bytes) Dave Tolan, Tom Norland, Louie DeDionisio

      Heat 2: OC Heat 2 Gary Eicher.jpg (66211 bytes) Gary Eicher, John Pencille, Matt Lamphere

      Heat 3:  OC Heat 2 Nathan Short.jpg (59495 bytes)Nathan Short, Dewey Kinnear, Wade Slaney

      Feature 1: Gary Eicher, Dewey Kinnear, John Pencille, Louis DeDionisio, Wade Slaney, Joe Harvey, Tom Norland, Terry Daniels, Chris Blose, Herm Hilyer


  E-Mods (16)

     Heat 1: EM Heat 1 BIll Thomas.jpg (64685 bytes) Bill Thomas, Chuck Steinle, Stu Rickart

      Heat 2: EM Heat 2 Dave Hess Jr.jpg (64309 bytes) Dave Hess Jr., Mike Hess, Bill Taylor

      Feature: Chuck Steinle, Randy Parmenter, Jim Irwin, Mike Hess, Bill Thomas, Dave Hess Jr., Dan MacDonald, Stu Rickart, Justin Carlson, Jim Myers


   Budweiser Super Sportsmen (14)

      Heat 1: BS Heat 1 Pat McGuire.jpg (59789 bytes) Pat McGuire, Don McGuire, Dave Cummings

      Feature: Scott Bayle, Robert Nocero, Randy Parmenter, Don McGuire, Pat McGuire, Gary Foster, Dave Cummings, Mike Murray, J.R. Nocero, John Daugherty


   Limited Late Models (19)

      Heat 1: LL Heat 1 Bob Vogt.jpg (64676 bytes) Bob Vogt, Brian Fardink, Scott Gurdak

      Heat 2: LL Heat 2 Bobby Rohrer.jpg (68311 bytes) Bobby Rohrer, Pat McGuire, Tom Schnars

      Feature: Pat McGuire, Bob Vogt, Bobby Rohrer, Paul Briggs, Scott Gurdak, Chad Ramsey, Mike Moore, Tom Hagberg, Brian Fardink, Joe Weber


   American Racer Dash: American Dash Dave Lyon.jpg (52897 bytes)Dave Lyon, Rod Maloy, John Lacki


   Super Late Models (23)

      Heat 1: LM Heat 1 Rod Maloy.jpg (67622 bytes) Rod Maloy, Chad Valone, Brad Fiesler

      Heat 2: LM Heat 2 Dave Lyon.jpg (63116 bytes) Dave Lyon, Randy Lobb, Chris Hackett

      Heat 3: LM Heat 3 John Lacki.jpg (67883 bytes) John Lacki, Wally Fox, Dave Shagla

      Feature: Dave Lyon, Wally Fox, Rod Maloy, Randy Lobb, Scott Johnson, Chris Hackett, Dave Hess Jr., Bump Hedman, John Lacki, Moose Dunnewold, Andy Boozel, Doug Eck, Dave Shagla, Al Crocker, Rich Gardner, Jason Morrell, Mark Gilbert, Dusty Franklin, Brad Fiesler, Jeff Bucella, Wendell Pinckney, Jesse Smith, Steve Halpainy, Mark Ashcraft