P8310355.JPG (471556 bytes)  Aug. 31st, 2003 - Dave Hess Jr. Wins a Rain Shortened Parmenter Drilling 
York Triathlon Fall Nationals at Eriez Speedway

By Glenn Slocum

Hammet Pa.: Parmenter Drilling sponsored the finial appearance of the York Triathlon E-Mods in the conclusion of the Fall Nationals. The first event was won by Dave Hess Jr. at Stateline Speedway on Saturday. The Super Late Models were allowed to “Run Watcha Brung” as several cars ran with no roofs, front wings and sideboards.  A light rain started falling in the preliminary events and officials were finally forced to cancel the events during the E-Mod championship race. Dave Hess Jr. won the rain shortened York Triathlon Fall National after leading from the green. Point leader Randy Hall started in the eighteenth spot and finished fifth. Fred McClanahan lost then regained the lead on the last lap to win his second Spectator feature. Mark Thompson won a hard fought battle in the second Spectator feature just beating Steve Keith and point leader Tommy Fox at the line.  

            Dave Hess Jr. and Brett Porter were on the front row of the York Triathlon Fall Nationals along with twenty other cars. Hess immediately took the lead. Justin Carlson touched wheels and spun to stop on the high side of turn three for the first yellow. Carlson had to be towed from the race track. Hess was on point for the Delaware restart with Porter second and Bob Diver in the third spot. Al Cressley gave notice on the restart moving into the third spot as Hess began to run away form the field. Point leader Randy Hall was running in the number twelve spot. Jeff Sharp was fourth with Andy Teno fifth. Hess caught the rear of the file on lap ten and began putting cars a lap down. Hess had amassed nearly a straight away lead. Sharp stopped in turn three with fifteen complete. Mike Boyd was now fifth and Hall had advanced to tenth. The top five with twenty complete was Hess, Porter, Cressley, Boyd and Rick Robinson with Hall in the sixth spot. Shawn McArdle and Jeff Rudrick brought out the caution for the third time with twenty-one laps completed. Seven cars tangled on the restart including Mike Hess, Jeff Rudrick, Mike Samuelson, Brad Pease and Joe Harvey for the fourth caution. Hall, Cressley and Boyd make contact after Cressley got sideways on the start. The yellow appeared but all three kept moving and therefore kept their spots. Another multi-car spin brought out the yellow one lap later. Hess, Porter, Boyd, Cressley and Hall were the top five. A light rain had been falling for several laps so the field was realigned for the restart after several yellow flag laps to bring the track back to racing condition. Doug Glessner spun with twenty-five laps complete and track officials ended the event, as the track surface was too slick to race. Dave Hess Jr. was declared the winner with Porter second and Boyd third.

   P8310344.JPG (465968 bytes)Barrett Brown lead the first lap of the first Spectator feature with Ron Watson second and Fred McClanahan third. Ken Lamp brought out the caution with three laps complete by spinning into the infield off of turn four. McClanahan took the second spot from Watson on the restart. George Thomas came to rest against the fence in turn four for the second caution on lap eight. McClanahan used the restart to catch and pass Brown. Brown came back to lead on the back stretch but McClanahan regained the spot in turn four with the checkers flying. Watson completed the top three.

P8310349.JPG (463461 bytes) Mark Thompson and Paul Norman were in the front row of the second Spectator feature. Norman went high in turn two on the start as Thompson took the point with Bill Van Volkenburg getting by for second. Chip Davis brought out the yellow with three complete. Steve Keith drove into the top three on the restart as Norman continued to fall back.  Dana Wellington, Chip Davis, Justine Krieder and Brian Crandall were all involved in an incident on the front stretch with five complete. Davis has front-end damage and Crandall left on the hook. Keith moved up and under Volkenburg on the restart but could not make the pass. Dennis Lunger and Tommy Fox joined the fray on lap eight but Lunger stopped in turn four one lap later bringing out the yellow. Volkenburg tangled with Fox spinning into the infield with two to go. Thompson held off Keith and Fox at the line to win his second feature. Keith just nipped Fox for the second spot.



      Heat 1: P8310188.JPG (462265 bytes)Justin Krieder, Barrett Brown, Wade Watson
Heat 2: P8310204.JPG (456618 bytes)Brian Crandall, Dennis Lunger, Mark Thompson

      Feature 1: Fred McClanahan, Barrett Brown, Ron Watson, Wade Watson, Terry Lauers, Monty Seekings Sr., Bob Kinne, Ken Seymore, Louis Kinney, Jeffrey Fellows

      Feature 2: Mark Thompson, Steve Keith, Tommy Fox, J.R. Brown, Tony Lyngarkos, Nate Lester, Rick Thompson, Jeremy English, Justin Krieder, Paul Norman

   Outlaw Cadets

      Heat 1: P8310211.JPG (463656 bytes)Brian Zimmerly, Mike Knight, Ron Seeley
Heat 2: P8310225.JPG (471808 bytes)Dave Tolon, Louis DeDionisio, Terry Daniels

    York Triathlon E-Mods:

     Heat 1: P8310237.JPG (469799 bytes)Bob Diver, Al Cressley, Andy Teno, Ron Roncaglione, Mike Hess
Heat 2: P8310246.JPG (466790 bytes)Dave Hess Jr., Mike Boyd, Matt Swanson, Scott Pangrazio, Carl                                             McKinney              
     Heat 3: P8310255.JPG (463682 bytes)Justin Carlson, Rick Robinson, Doug Glessner, Fuzzy Stiffler, Jeff                                             Rudrick
Heat 4: P8310268.JPG (465446 bytes)Brett Porter, Jeff Sharp, Mike Potosky, Mike Samuelson, Randy                                              Parmenter

     Consi 1: P8310339.JPG (481180 bytes)Mike Hess, Mike Samuelson, Carl McKinney, Bill Thomas, Stu                                               Rickard
     Consi 2: P8310340.JPG (480684 bytes)Randy Parmenter, Dale Applebee, Joe Harvey, Kari Gasser,                                                  Arian Coy

      Coy Trucking Dash: P8310341.JPG (462100 bytes)Dave Hess Jr., Brett Porter, Bob Diver, Justin                                             Carlson

      Feature: Dave Hess Jr., Brett Porter, Mike Boyd, Al Cressley, Randy Hall, Bob Diver, Mike Hess, Bill Thomas, Carl McKinney, Ron Roncaglione, Mike Potosky, Doug Glessner, Mike Samuelson, Kari Gasser, Shawn McArdle, Matt Swanson, Rick Robinson, Tim Rhoades, Andy Teno, Fuzzy Stiffler, Brad Pease, Joe Harvey, Jeff Rudrick, Dale Applebee, Scott Pangrazio, Jeff Sharp, Justin Carlson

    4-Cylinder Sportsmen

      Heat 1: P8310277.JPG (476443 bytes)Tom Bean, Dan Osborne, Rich Hamblin

   Limited Late Models:

      Heat 1: P8310285.JPG (476358 bytes)Ed Simmer, Joe Weber, Gary Eicher
Heat 2: P8310292.JPG (478798 bytes)John Pencile, Pat McGuire, Chad Ramsey

    Budweiser Super Sportsmen:

      Heat 1: P8310302.JPG (470880 bytes)Bobby Rohrer, Randy Parmenter, Robert Nocero

    American Racer Dash: Dave Hess Jr., Rod Maloy, Wally Fox

    Super Late Models:

      Heat 1: P8310308.JPG (468376 bytes)Bump Hedman, Wally Fox, Jason Morell, John Lacki, Andy Kania
      Heat 2: P8310317.JPG (478771 bytes)Doug Eck, Dave Hess Jr., Paul Briggs, Scott Gurdak, Dave Lyon
      Heat 3: P8310326.JPG (476999 bytes)Al Crocker, Rod Maloy, Rich Gardner, Chris Hackett, Moose                                               Dunnewold