P6120482.jpg (96398 bytes)June 12th, 2004 - Scott Gurdak Wins Super Late Model Feature at Stateline Speedway

By Glenn Slocum

Busti, NY: Rob Green was crowned the fastest Attorney in Warren County after defeating Barry Smith in the first “I Challenge You” race on Sponsor’s night at Stateline Speedway. After what looked like intentional contact at the start Green ran way with the event. Scott Gurdak backed up his Eriez win of last Sunday with the Super Late Model win. Gurdak passed early leader Scott Johnson on lap thirteen to win his first at Stateline this season. Bill Van Volkenburg won his first feature of the season in the Spectators and Pat McGuire won his second in the Budweiser Super Sportsman class. Andy Knight won the King of the Hill qualification for the Outlaw Cadet division and then led every lap of the feature to win his second of the season. Mike Hess made it win number two in the E-Mods. Jay Seekings and Glenn Slaney won the Super Challenger features.

            Kevin Weise and Mike Coyle brought out the yellow on the first lap of the Super Late Model feature as Mark Ramsey led followed by Rod Maloy and Scott Johnson. Scott Gurdak was fourth and Ward Schell fifth. Johnson led after the start with Ramsey second and Maloy third. Ramsey fell back fifth as the yellow flew for Doug Eck, Matt Lanphere, Kevin Weise, Chad Valone, Moose Dunnewold, Ted Kosinski, Mike Coyle Merle Terry, Wendell Pinckney and Bump Hedman who were all involved in a turn one tangle. Gurdak and Maloy swapped spots on the restart with Armbruster in fourth and Ramsey fifth. Eck moved under Ramsey for fifth on lap five as Johnson and Gurdak battled for the top spot. Gurdak moved under Johnson several times but could not make the pass. Gurdak held back for few laps then passed for the lead on lap thirteen. Armbruster Eck and Maloy were fighting for the third spot with Eck coming out on top. Gurdak extended his lead over the remaining laps winning by ten car lengths over Johnson. Eck was third with Bruce Hordusky passing Armbruster at the line for fourth.

            P6120472.jpg (94936 bytes)Bob Frisbee tapped a slowing Mike Coast on the firsts lap of the Spectator feature with David McClanahan leading and James Britt in second. Both Frisbee and Coast required wreckers to leave the speedway. Britt led the second lap with John Swabik second and McClanahan falling back to third. Swabik used a lap car on lap five to pass Britt for lead. Bill Van Volkenburg was in the number three spot. Brian Johnson and Clarence Dickerson tangled for the second yellow on lap nine. Chris Couchenour stopped against the fence on the back straight on the restart for the third yellow and Britt went into the pits during the caution. Swabik remained the leader with Volkenburg second and Rusty Briggs third. John Kelsey lost the handle on the restart collecting Charles Silleman but the lap was counted and two laps remained. Volkenburg led the white flag lap and held on for the win with Swabik second and Briggs third.

            P6120478.jpg (87404 bytes)Tim Nocero and Jake Eller brought the Budweiser Super Sportsman out for their feature event. Nocero was the leader after one circuit with Mike Murray second. Pat McGuire moved into second on lap three and passed Nocero for the lead on lap six. Don McGuire followed his brother past Nocero on lap seven. The brothers dueled for the lead over the final laps of the race with Pat holding on for the win. Pete Volpe was challenging for the second spot on the white flag lap but had mechanical difficulty slowing to a stop as the rest of the field took the checkers. Dan Nocero finished in the third spot.

           P6120479.jpg (85185 bytes) The Knight brothers led the Outlaw Cadets to the speedway but the first lap saw Dennis Lunger spin in mid pack bringing out the caution with one lap completed. Mike Knight was first with Andy Knight second and Phil Knight third. The caution appeared once more on the second lap. Andy Knight took control after the restart. Last years Champion was running fourth with Thom Hagberg fifth. Seeley took the third spot from Phil Knight just at the caution flew for Mark Hall and Nathan Short. Seeley was sent back to fourth for the restart. Seeley spun one lap later collecting Jamie Erhard and Dennis Lunger. Eugene Bevil slowed to a stop on lap thirteen for the last caution of the event. Andy Knight beat brother Mike and father Phil for his second win.

            P6120480.jpg (96095 bytes)Bill Thomas nearly flipped on the start of the E-Mod feature. Thomas started off the pole and after contact with another car slid nearly the entire length of the front stretch against the wall. Thomas was placed at the rear of the field for the restart, which was marred by Justin Carlson who had spun to a stop in the pit entrance. Quincy Turner and Mike Hess raced side by side for the next two laps then a multi-car incident involving John Lacki, Joe Hemme and Holly Nelson. Hess took the lead on the restart and Dale Applebee took second from Turner. Turner continues to give way as Shane Applebee moved into the third spot. Ed Simmer spun collecting Lacki, Chad Silleman and Nelson on lap seven. Hess went unchallenged through the remainder of the race to win his second of the season.P6120486.jpg (77060 bytes)P6120484.jpg (82702 bytes)

           Jay Seeking won the first Super Challenger feature with Rick Sperry second and AJ Moore third. Glenn Slaney won the second feature with Kirk Foust second.


Heat 1: P6120316.jpg (91133 bytes)James Britt, Lester Shoff, Brian Johnson

Heat 2: P6120327.jpg (87982 bytes)Rusty Briggs, Kevin Brumett, Chris Couchenour

Feature: Bill Van Volkenburg, John Swabik, Rusty Briggs, Rush Firestone, Lester Shoff, Matt Lozowski, Bill Reeves, Skip Joslin, Dave McClanahan, Brian Johnson

Outlaw Cadets:

King of the Hill:

Round 1: Dennis Lunger, Scott Lewis

Round 2: Dana Wellington, Billy Dunn

Round 3: Andy Knight, Paul Norman

Round 4: Jamie Erhard, Cliff Lanphere

Round 5: Nathan Short, Mike Moore

Round 6: Rick Loomis, Brian Campbell

Round 7: Mike Knight, Louis DeDionisio

Round 8: John Cline, Tom Hagberg

Round 9: Phil Knight, Louis Kinney

Round 10: Mark Hall, Ron Seeley

Round 11: Dennis Lunger, Eugene Bevil

Round 12: Andy Knight, Dana Wellington

Round 13: Nathan Short, Jamie Erhard

Round 14: Mike Knight, Rick Loomis

Round 15: Phil Knight, John Cline

Round 16: Mark Hall, Dennis Lunger

Round 17: Andy Knight, Nathan Short

Round 18: Mike Knight, Phil Knight

Round 19: Andy Knight, Mark Hall

Round 20: P6120334.jpg (89608 bytes)Andy Knight, Mike Knight

Feature: Andy Knight, Mike Knight, Phil Knight, Mike Moore, Tom Hagberg, Paul Norman, Louis DeDionisio, Nathan Short, Scott Lewis, Ron Seeley

Super Challenger:

Heat 1: Dereck Frank, Lee Matczak, Jay Seekings

Heat 2: Glenn Slaney, Cedric Denson, Bob Swanson

Feature 1: Jay Seekings, Rick Sperry, AJ Moore, Brett Van Guilder, Bob Belson, Sam Courson, Cedric Denson, Ken Randolph, Jermin Strickland, Tim Dulmus

Feature 2: Glenn Slaney, Kirk Foust, Dereck Frank, Ryan Scott, Kenneth Kallenbach, James Paul, Mike Genco, Chuck Dickinson, tom Mellows, Bryon Johnson

 Budweiser Super Sportsman:

Heat 1: Aaron Robinson, Tim Nocero, Scott Kuschel           
Heat 2: P6120341.jpg (95421 bytes)P6120389.jpg (100523 bytes)Don McGuire, Pete Volpe, Bobby Rohrer

Feature: Pat McGuire, Don McGuire, Dan Nocero, Tim Nocero, Scott Kuschel, Bobby Rohrer, Chris Kuschel, Hank Francis, John Boardman, Jim Leonard


Heat 1: P6120404.jpg (96838 bytes)Bill Thomas, Quincy Turner, Tommy Fox

Heat 2: P6120410.jpg (102676 bytes)Mike Hess, Dave Applebee, Shane Applebee

Feature: Mike Hess, Dale Applebee, Shane Applebee, Quincy Turner, John Lacki, Dan Nocero, Tommy Fox, Bill Thomas, Holly Nelson, Tim Rater

Super Late Model:

Heat 1: P6120416.jpg (103077 bytes)Mark Ramsey, Scott Gurdak, Andy Boozel, Ted Kosinski, Bruce Hordusky

Heat 2: P6120427.jpg (98842 bytes)Rod Maloy, Ward Schell, Wally Fox, Rich Gardner, Merle Terry

Heat 3: P6120439.jpg (97053 bytes)Scott Johnson, Dan Armbruster, Wendell Pinckney, Doug Eck , Chad Valone

Feature: Scott Gurdak, Scott Johnson, Doug Eck, Bruce Hordusky, Rod Maloy, Dan Armbruster, Mark Ramsey, Chad Valone, Rich Gardner, Merle Terry, Andy Boozel, Ward Schell, Wally Fox, Ted Kosinski, Moose Dunnewold, Mike Coyle, Matt Lanphere, Kevin Weise, Wendell Pinckney, Bump Hedman, Jason Morell

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