BS F Randy Parmenter.JPG (416115 bytes)SL F Chris Hackett.JPG (415631 bytes)Randy Parmenter Wins Corry Chrysler Super Sportsman Championship 
Chris Hackett Wins Pepsi Super Late Model Feature
at Eriez Speedway
By Glenn Slocum

             Blue skies and warm weather greeted race fans on Pepsi Autograph Night at Eriez Speedway and over one hundred and forty nine racecars were on hand. Fourteen Bicycles were given away and most of the fans joined with the racers in an autograph session after the Budweiser Super Sportsman heat events. Randy Parmenter won the Corry Chrysler Super Sportsman Championship race. Chris Hackett won the Super Late Model event after swapping the lead with Scott Gurdak several times. Mike Knight won his first feature in the Outlaw Cadet class. Josh Lucas lead every lap of the first Spectator feature for his first win of the season. Mark Ramsey was also a first time winner in the second Spectator event. Larry Boumans won the Four Cylinder feature. Dave Hess Jr. made it five wins in seven attempts in the E-Mod division. Paul Briggs led every lap winning the Limited Late feature.

             Scott Gurdak and Chris Hackett led the Super Late Models to the green flag. Hackett won the dash to turn one with Gurdak dropping into second. Dave Hess Jr. was in the third spot followed by Rich Gardner and Ward Schell. Dan Tercho spun on lap four causing the first yellow of the event. Hackett retained the lead on the restart but a spin by Merle Terry collected Moose Dunnewold, Chris Blose and John Lobb. Hackett got a little out of shape on the restart and Gurdak moved into the lead. Gardner was third followed by Hess. Dusty Franklin spun on lap eight for the third yellow of the event. Gurdak a s Hackett raced side by side for the next two laps then the yellow flew for debris on the speedway. Schell got into trouble on the restart coming to rest facing the wrong way on the front stretch losing his fifth spot and the yellow appeared for the fifth time. Doug Eck was fifth with Lyon sixth. Gurdak was the one in front on this restart but not for long as Hackett came back to challenge and was alongside when Tercho once again make contact with the front stretch concrete for the sixth caution. Gurdak won the restart an led the next two laps with Hackett trailing then Hackett slipped up the speedway in turn two giving Gardner the opening he was waiting for and the second spot. Three laps latter Hackett was on the outside rear quarter panel of Gardner going into turn one and the two cars made contact sending Gardner spinning into the marbles of turn one. Gardner was sent to the rear for causing the caution and the race was realigned with Gurdak out front followed by Hackett, Hess, Lyon and John Lacki. Hackett passed Gurdak on the outside after the restart and Dave Lyon spun into the infield but the green stayed out. Hackett was not challenged again winning by five car lengths over Gurdak. Hess was third followed by Merle Terry, John Lacki and John Lobb.

            EM F Dave Hess Jr..JPG (397596 bytes)Joe Harvey was out front by ten car lengths on lap one of the E-Mod event. A lap two spin by Mike Boyd collected Bill Taylor, and Shawn McArdle. Dave Will was second with Justine Carlson third and Al Cressley fourth. Dave Will took the lead on the restart passing Harvey going into turn three then lost the handle in turn two for the second caution. Carlson had passed Harvey just before the yellow and was shown as the leader on the restart. Harvey was aligned second followed by Al Cressley and Bill Thomas. The restart was marred by an accident involving Tim Churchill and Chad Silleman. It was Carlson and Al Cressley on the restart but Kevin Deckerís motor went up in smoke in turn three bringing out the caution. Carlson got away clean on the restart followed by Cressley, Thomas and Hess. Hess beat Thomas into three on lap six for the third spot and started pressing Cressley for second as Carlson ran off from the field. Brad Pease and Stu Rickart spun on lap eight slowing the race once again. Hess got under then by Cressley on the restart then Chad Ruhlman passed Cressley high. Dave Surrena and early leader Harvey tangled with twelve completed. Hess was pressing Carlson on the restart ant the two were door handle to door handle on the white flag lap with Hess edging out Carlson for the win.

            LL F Paul Briggs.JPG (413620 bytes)Paul Briggs, Ed Simmer and Andy Knight were the first across the line on lap one of the Limited Late feature. Simmer slowed on lap five then entered the pits giving Knight second and Mike Coyle third. Gary Eicher was fourth and Tom Schnars fifth. Dan Shellhouse and John Pencille brought out the yellow with eight laps complete. Tom Hagberg moved into the top five on the restart moving Schnars back to sixth. Briggs had a ten-car length advantage with five laps remaining. Hagberg moved by Eicher for fourth with two to go then got a flat with one to go losing several spots on the final lap. Briggs handily won the event followed by Knight, Coyle and Eicher.

            Danielle Wilbur and Ken Seymore brought out the first spectator feature but shortly after the green fell a spin by Fred McClanahan brought out the yellow.  Josh Lucas was the leader at the line on lap one with Wilbur second and Tony Lyngarkos third. Lyngarkos nearly spun on lap three allowing Justin Krieder into the third spot. Ron Watson grabbed third two laps latter. Krieder was involved in a spin with Jim Wyant for the second caution with six laps complete. Watson made contact with Wilbur on the restart sending Wilbur spinning into the infield and head flagman Spanky Hall sent Watson to the pits. Lucas led after the restart and never looked back while Fred McClanahan recovered from a first lap spin to take second and Lee Ryder was third.

     Al Cressley Cole Cressley(13) Dustin Eckman.JPG (447554 bytes) Austin Hess (3) Hank Francis.JPG (425892 bytes)Ben Krawczyk(14) Al Crocker.JPG (445509 bytes)Center - Ashely Tidd (11).JPG (442816 bytes)Derek Head (11) Rich Gardner.JPG (444365 bytes)
Jessica Coyle (13).JPG (441937 bytes)
Joey Ristan (7) Jim Leonard.JPG (452524 bytes)Julie Burger (2mo) - Dewey Kinnear.JPG (429034 bytes)Jimmy Lynch(2) Mike Moore.JPG (449074 bytes)Katrina Thomas (10) Merle Burlingham.JPG (440589 bytes)
Lexi Johnson (3) Bob Kinne.JPG (431812 bytes)Marija Desin (3) Al Cressley.JPG (426758 bytes)Taylor Young (6).JPG (416026 bytes)

     SP F2 Mark Ramsey.JPG (395533 bytes)Joe Heslop and Jason Stetson were on the front row of the second Spectator event with Mark Thompson and Dan McGarvie in row two. Stetson jumped into the lead. McGarvie was banged around on lap one then forced to retire. The yellow appeared after three when a spin by J.R. Brown slowed the race. Dennis Lunger stopped during the yellow and was towed into the pits. The green was short lived again as Nate Lester spun in turn one. Mark Ramsey beat Stetson to turn one on the restart followed closely by Tommy Fox relegating Stetson to third. Steve Keith lost a wheel in turn two and rolled over several times, the car came to rest on the passenger side. Keith was helped from the car and though shook up reported that he was okay. Ramsey and Fox were now in control with Stetson third and Paul Norman fourth.  Ramsey remained the leader after the restart as he and Fox pulled away from the rest of the field. Fox could not muster a challenge as Ramsey won the event by three car lengths with Paul Norman third.

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DSCF0076.JPG (384032 bytes)



            4C F Larry Boumans.JPG (402599 bytes)Ken Wanzer lead lap one but slowed on lap two and Tom Bean became the leader of the Four Cylinder feature. Past Champ Larry Boumans grabbed the lead from Bean on lap five then two laps latter Bean lost the spot to J. R. Cross. Cross went high on lap eight allowing Bean by. The white was shown by Spanky Hall and Cross regained the second spot. Boumans one with Cross second and Bean survived a last lap challenge by Dan Osborne for third.

            OC F Mike Knight.JPG (413298 bytes)The first attempt at starting the Outlaw Cadet feature was declared a no start by Spanky Hall forcing Matt Lamphere and Alex Fiesler to bring the field around for the second time. Lamphere was the leader after one complete with Mike Knight second and Feisler third. Greg Johnson brought out the yellow on lap three. Knight made the inside move around Lamphere in turn two on lap five leading for the first time. Lamphere slowed tow laps later retiring from the event allowing Feisler second followed by Dave Tolon. A spin by John Boardman and Pete Alspaugh on lap seven brought out the yellow. Dewey Kinnear and Cliff Lamphere brought out the yellow one later. Knight build a lead of several car lengths over the next few laps then lost the advantage when Louis DeDionisio spun in turn three on lap twelve. Tolon could not catch Knight who won the event and his first feature win, Feisler held off Ron Seeley for third.




      Heat 1:  SP 1 Dale MacDonald.JPG (434531 bytes)Dale MacDonald Sr., Brian Guzowski

      Heat 2: SP 2 Paul Norman.JPG (440016 bytes)Paul Norman, Tony Lyngarkos, Jason Stetson

      Heat 3: SP 3 Dennis Lunger.JPG (433448 bytes)Dennis Lunger, Steve Keith, Tommy Fox

      Feature 1: Josh Lucas, Fred McClanahan, Lee Rider, Brain Graham, Walt Johnson, Dale McDonald, Danielle Wilbur, Wayne Watson, Ray Houser, Jeremy English

      Feature 2: Mark Ramsey, Tommy Fox, Paul Norman, Jason Stetson, Nate Lester, Wade Mohawk, Bob Krieger, Rick Sperry, Rush Firestone, Mark Thompson


   4-Cylinder Sportsmen

      Heat 1: 4C 1 Larry Boumans.JPG (429209 bytes)Larry Boumans, Tom Bean, J.R. Cross

      Feature: Larry Boumans, J.R. Cross, Tom Bean, Dan Osborne, Ken Wanzer, Rich Hamblin, Stan Davis, Boyd Hess, Larry Taylor, 22


  Outlaw Cadets

      Heat 1: OC 1 Mike Knight.JPG (431493 bytes)Mike Knight, Louie DeDionisio, Josh Morell

      Heat 2: OC 2 Ron Seeley.JPG (434171 bytes)Ron Seeley, Pete Alspaugh, Greg Johnson

      Feature: Mike Knight, Dave Tolon, Alex Feisler, Ron Seeley, Pete Alspaugh, Greg Johnson, George Cole, Nathan Short, John Boardman, Dustin Eckman



     Heat 1: EM 1 Al Cressley.JPG (427857 bytes)Al Cressley, Chad Ruhlman, Joe Harvey

      Heat 2: Dave Hess Jr., Kevin Decker, Mike Boyd

      Feature: Dave Hess Jr., Justin Carlson, Chad Ruhlman, Bill Thomas, Al Cresley, Mike Hess, Bill Taylor, James Irwin, Mike Boyd, Shawn McArdle


   Budweiser Super Sportsmen:

      Heat 1: BS 1 Mike Murray.JPG (419328 bytes)Mike Murray, J.R. Nocero, Hank Francis

      Heat 2: BS 2 Dave Cummings Jr..JPG (433783 bytes)Dave Cummings Jr., Randy Parmenter, Bobby Rohrer

      Feature: Randy Parmenter, Pete Volpe, Aaron Robinson, Pat McGuire, Mike Murray, J.R. Nocero, Brian Collins, Boa Van Arsdale, Hank Francis, Mike Corrigan.


   Limited Late Models:

      Heat 1: LL 1 Tom Hagberg.JPG (432869 bytes)Tom Hagberg, Brian Fardink, Ed Simmer

      Heat 2: LL 2 Pat McGuire.JPG (425971 bytes)Pat McGuire, Bobby Rohrer, Bob Vogt

      Feature: Paul Briggs, Andy Knight, Mike Coyle, Gary Eicher, Tom Schnars, Scott Gurdak, Bob Vogt, Mike Moore, Tom Hagberg, Pat McGuire


   American Racer Dash: ARD Andy Kania.JPG (411760 bytes)Andy Kania, Wendell Pinckney, Doug Eck


   Super Late Models:

      Heat 1: SL 1 Scott Gurdak.JPG (418644 bytes)Scott Gurdak, Ward Schell, Andy Kania, Chris Blose, Jason Morell

      Heat 2: SL 2 Dave Hess Jr..JPG (405607 bytes)Dave Hess Jr., Andy Boozel, Doug Eck, Rod Maloy, George LaBarbera

      Heat 3: SL 3 Chris Hackett.JPG (413525 bytes)Chris Hackett, Rich Gardner, Wendell Pinckney, Dave Lyon, John Lacki

      Feature: Chris Hackett, Scott Gurdak, Dave Hess Jr., Merle Terry, John Lacki, John Lobb, Doug Eck, Al Crocker, Rod Maloy, Andy Boozel, Wendell Pinckney, Chris Blose, Ward Schell, George LaBarbera, Rich Gardner, Chevy Scott, Dave Shagla, Dusty Franklin, Dave Lyon, Andy Kania, Dan Tercho, Moose Dunnewold, Jason Morell