P8013952.jpg (702884 bytes)P8013956.jpg (672785 bytes)August 1st, 2004 - Kevin Decker Wins True Value Insulation Corry Lumber and Hardware E-Mod Championship Race and
Bruce Hordusky Wins Super Late Model Feature at Eriez Speedway
By Glenn Slocum

Erie, Pa: After last weeks wash out this weeks True Value Insulation Corry Lumber and Hardware sponsored events at Eriez Speedway were held under a clear blue sky with temperatures in the low eighties. Twenty-nine E-Mods were on hand for their Championship Race. Dan MacDonald, K.C. Decker and Dave Hess Jr. won the preliminary E-Mod races. K.C. Decker held off Dave Hess Jr. through several restarts to win the Championship event. Bruce Hordusky led every lap of a race that had only one yellow at the start to win his first of the season at Eriez. Wade Slaney won his first of the season in the Spectator feature. Phil Knight won his first of the season in the Outlaw Cadet division. Dan Osborne won his tenth Four Cylinder feature. Randy Parmenter won his second of the season in the Budweiser Super Sportsman feature. Lee Matczak won the Super Challenger feature.

P8013954.jpg (645623 bytes)Rich Gardner and Bruce Hordusky led the Super Late Models on the speedway for their feature event. Dave Hess Jr. and Chris Hackett were on row two. Bump Hedman, Ward Schell and Mike Coyle tangled on the start sending Schell into the pits for a tire while Coyle and Hedman joined the rear of the field. Hordusky brought them around to lead lap one with Gardner second and Hackett third. Dave Hess as slipped to sixth with Paul Briggs and Scott Gurdak fourth and fifth. Hackett and Gardner fought for the runner up spot for two laps before Hackett won out. Gurdak slipped by Briggs one lap latter as did Hess for fourth and fifth. Hordusky entered lap traffic just before half way as the race stayed green after the initial yellow. Hordusky had a ten car length lead at the cross flags with Gardner on Hackett’s bumper for second. Hordusky never faltered through the remainder of the event nearly lapping half the field to notch his first win of the season at Eriez.

P8013950.jpg (798231 bytes)Dave Hess Jr. moved up to the pole position for the E-Mod Championship event when Dale MacDonald had to go to the pits during the warm up laps. The first four laps were completed with K.C. Decker leading Dave Hess. Scott Pangrazio spun for the first yellow at the end of those four laps. Quincy Turner was third with Justin Carlson fourth and Dale Applebee fifth. Dave Hess tried the outside on Decker but caught a rut allowing Decker to lead the next lap. Tom Hagberg had problems on lap six for the second caution. It was still Decker, Dave Hess, Turner Carlson and Applebee. Applebee stole fourth from Carson on the restart then Mike Boyd moved his back one more on the next lap as the top seven fell into a single file formation. Decker led Dave Hess by three car lengths at the half way point and one lap later they both entered lap traffic. Shawn McArdle and Brian Fardink tangled nearly collecting the leaders with seventeen laps down and eight remaining. The top six remained the same with Mike Hess seventh. The yellow came out with four laps remaining as Chad Silleman had spun into the infield. Mike Hess had advanced to sixth while the top five remained Decker, Dave Hess, Turner, Applebee and Boyd. Decker took the two to go then the white and finally the checkers to win his second of the season.

P8013892.jpg (704730 bytes)Larry Boumans and Rush Firestone were on the front row for the Spectator feature. Firestone led going into turn one and led the first lap. A spinner in turn one collected Jeff Harvey, Don Standley and Rick Thompson for the first yellow. Firestone was on the pole with Brian Bush second, Mark Thompson third and Boumans fourth. Chris Couchenour brought out the yellow on the restart. Firestone led lap two with Mark Thompson in two but lap three was all Thompson. The yellow reappeared with four compete after Ken Jackson spun in turn two. Firestone slipped to fifth on the restart as Bill Van Volkenburg, Brian Crandall and Ron Watson all got by. The yellow appeared once more on lap five for Bush who had spun into the infield coming out of turn one. Mark Thompson held on to the lead after the restart as first Van Volkenburg then Watson challenged for the lead. Couchenour and Boumans tangled for the next yellow. Watson beat Mark Thompson into turn one for the lead on the restart and Thompson lost second to Wade Slaney on the next lap. Watson tangled with a lap car just as the race ended giving Slaney the opening he needed to win the event.

P8013915.jpg (738568 bytes)Paul Norman brought out the Outlaw Cadet feature with Scott Lewis alongside. Norman led the first lap with Lewis second but the yellow flew for Brian Campbell and Lee Rider before the completion of lap two. Norman, Lewis and Feisler were one, two three on the next lap. But lap four say Lewis spin into the infield but the green stayed out giving Phil Knight the third spot. Two laps later Phil Knight passed Feisler for second and caught and passed Norman who was trying to dodge lap traffic. Zimmerly moved into the top three just before the five to go mark. Andy Knight brought out the caution with one lap remaining and the field closed with Phil Knight for the dash to the checkers. The green and white flew together for the restart and Knight held on for his first win at Eriez this season.

P8013925.jpg (710714 bytes)Stan Davis Jr. lead the first two laps of the Four Cylinder feature then the yellow flew for Doug Kirik. Davis faded on the restart turning the lead over to Dan Osborne with J.R. Cross second and Dan Wise third. Davis and Dan Duryee stopped on the front stretch bringing out the yellow with five down. J.R. Cross brought out the yellow with two to go and had to be towed from the speedway. Osborne won his tenth of the season with Tom Bean second.

P8013931.jpg (694090 bytes)Eric Ester started on the outside pole position in the Budweiser Super Sportsman class and beat every one to turn one to lead. Ester had a flat tire while leading bringing out the yellow and turning the top spot over to Brent Crandall with John Volpe second and Don McGuire third. John Volpe led briefly during the next lap then fell to a charging Pat McGuire. Crandall, John Boardman and Bob Van Arsdale tangled on the front stretch with five laps complete. Boardman required the wrecker, Crandall drove to the pits and Van Arsdale was able to continue. Two laps later the yellow flew for Chad Carlson. Pat McGuire the leader pulled into the pits during the caution placing Randy Parmenter into the lead with Volpe second. Bobby Rohrer had problems on the restart for the next yellow. Parmenter did a brake check on the next restart causing the field to accordion on the restart with Mike Murray climbing up on to the rear bumper of Don McGuire bringing out the caution. Parmenter remained the leader on the restart with Volpe second. Richard Digirolamo brought out the yellow with a solo spin coming out of turn four with five laps remaining. Several cars tried to advance before the green ruining the first restart of lap eleven. Parmenter led the final laps for the win with rookie John Volpe second.


Heat 1: P8013629.jpg (765088 bytes)Ken Jackson, Mark Thompson, Fred McClanahan

Heat 2: P8013647.jpg (772406 bytes)Bill Van Volkenburg, Wade Slaney, Rush Firestone

Feature: Wade Slaney, Ron Watson, Bill Van Volkenburg, Lester Shoff, Brian Crandall, Rick Thompson, Jeremy English, Fred McClanahan, Matt Lozowski, Ken Jackson

Outlaw Cadets:

Heat 1: P8013659.jpg (747792 bytes)Alex Feisler, Phil Knight, Paul Norman

Heat 2: P8013678.jpg (706001 bytes)Louis DeDionisio, Andy Knight, Mike Knight

Feature: Phil Knight, Paul Norman, Brian Zimmerly, Nathan Short, Louis DeDionisio, Dennis Lunger, Ron Seeley, Mike Knight, Jamie Erhard, Bill Dunn

4 Cylinder:

Heat 1: P8013693.jpg (706204 bytes)Brian Duryee, Tom Bean, Dan Osborne

Feature: Dan Osborne, Tom Bean, Stan Davis, Larry Taylor, Dale Wise, J.R. Cross, Brian Duryee, Doug Kirik, Ken Wanzer

Budweiser Super Sportsman:

Heat 1: P8013709.jpg (713941 bytes)Jim Leonard, Eric Ester, John Volpe
Heat 2: P8013721.jpg (684061 bytes)Pat McGuire, Bobby Rohrer, Chad Carlson

Feature: Randy Parmenter, John Volpe, Bob Van Arsdale, Bobby Rohrer, Don McGuire, Mike Murray, Jake Eller, Richard Digirolamo, Chad Carlson, Jim Leonard


Heat 1: P8013739.jpg (694406 bytes)Dan MacDonald, Quincy Turner, Dale Applebee

Heat 2: P8013757.jpg (723701 bytes)K.C. Decker, Mike Boyd, Chris Sutton

Heat 3: Dave Hess Jr., Justin Carlson, Tim Rater

Feature: K.C. Decker, Dave Hess Jr., Quincy Turner, Dale Applebee, Mike Boyd, Mike Hess, Justin Carlson, Scott Pangrazio, Troy Carr

Super Late Model:

Heat 1: P8013815.jpg (751983 bytes)Rich Gardner, Dave Hess Jr., Jason Morell, Scott Gurdak, Andy Boozel

Heat 2: P8013840.jpg (780483 bytes)Bruce Hordusky, Chris Hackett, Paul Briggs, Merle Terry, Wendell Pinckney

Feature: Bruce Hordusky, Chris Hackett, Rich Gardner, Paul Briggs, Dave Hess Jr., Scott Gurdak, Merle Terry, Doug Eck, Andy Boozel, Wendell Pinckney, Bump Hedman, Moose Dunnewold, Mike Coyle, Ward Schell, Jason Morell, Percy McDonald Jr., Kevin Weise, Andy Kania

Super Challenger:

Heat 1: P8013860.jpg (728020 bytes)Shawn Seekings, Tim Dulmus, Ed Proper

Heat 2: P8013870.jpg (721859 bytes)Chris Withers, Glenn Slaney, Ryan Scott

Feature: P8013960.jpg (684576 bytes)Lee Matczak, Chris Withers, Bob Belson, Glenn Slaney, Steve Soto, Casey Swabik, Duane Hinkson, Rod Birt, Shawn Seekings, Jeff Kinnear