P8144956.jpg (771622 bytes)Chad Valone Wins Bradford Auto Resale Centers Super Late Model Feature on McDonalds Night at Stateline Speedway

By Glenn Slocum

Busti, NY: Bradford Auto Resale Center and McDonalds sponsored the events at Stateline Speedway. The flag was at half-staff and a special lap was driven by the Rich Gardner Super Late Model to honor Ben Foster a crewmember that had perished in an auto accident earlier in the week. Maggie Lindstrom and Jessica Darkar representing McDonalds brought the house cars out for a match race. Lindstrom won the match race leading every lap. Chad Valone led every lap of the Super Late Model feature to win his first feature event. Chirs Hackett challenged Valone through out the event. Kevin Brumett won his first of the season in the Spectator division. Ron Seeley won his second in the Outlaw Cadet feature after early leader Andy Knight retired on lap ten. Chad Carlson won the Budweiser Super Sportsman feature. Mike Munsee lost the lead then regained it with three laps remaining to win his first feature of the season in the E-Mod division. Jim Frank won the 50 Lap Mini-Enduro lapping the entire field to win the $1,000 first place prize.

Chris Hackett and Chad Valone fought the lead on lap one of the Super Late Model feature with Valone taking the spot on lap two. Rich Gardner was third with Scott Johnson fourth and Scott Gurdak in Dan Armbrusterís backup car fifth. Dan Armbruster and Wally Fox brought out the first caution with six laps complete. The lineup for the restart was Valone, Hackett, Gardner, Johnson, Gurdak and Dick Barton. Gurdak passed Johnson on the restart for the fourth spot and Hackett moved under Valone to challenge for the lead. Dave Lyon slowed on the next lap for the second caution with eight laps complete. Gurdak advanced once more on the restart pushing Gardner back to the fourth spot. Gurdak went wide on lap thirteen allowing Gardner to regain the number three spot. Barton passed Johnson for fifth on lap sixteen as Valone led Hackett by a car length. Valone was being tested by Hackett a the five to go signal was given. Hackett would move under Valone coming out of turns two and four only to see Valone pull away down the straights. Valone was in heavy lap traffic on the final lap narrowly avoiding a spinning Jason Morell for the final yellow of the event. The lineup for the last lap dash was Valone then the lap car of Andy Kania, Hackett, Gardner, Barton and Gurdak. Valone was up to the challenge winning his first of the season.

P8144966.jpg (699596 bytes)Sixty-three cars were aligned for the 50 Lap Mini-Enduro. Rod Birt was the early leader with Jim Frank second and Morgan Marks third. The red flag appeared with five laps complete after the driver of a stalled car exited his car. The red flag appeared once more with seven laps compete for Jeff Birath stalled in front of the flagman. Frank took the top spot on lap twelve. Leaking fuel from the car of Ben Burgess stopped the race with twelve complete. Chris Withers passed Frank in lap traffic on lap sixteen. One lap later Withers was slowed by lap traffic and Frank regained the lead. Frank was the leader at the half-way mark with Withers second and Marks third. Dominic DePancean made hard contact with the backstretch fence bringing out the red with fifteen laps remaining. Frank was the leader with Withers second, Ed Proper third and Marks fourth. Frank managed to lap the entire field with five laps remaining in the event. The last five were uneventful for Frank while Marks finished second and Withers third.

P8144930.jpg (718552 bytes)Mike Munsee and Tom Hagberg were on the front row of the E-Mod feature, which saw the yellow appear for Jason Illig in turn three on the first lap. That lap was counted with Munsee first followed by Hagberg, Chris Sutton and Joe Watson. Munsee nearly spun on lap two letting Hagberg by for the first spot then one lap later Tommy Fox spun for the second yellow. Hagberg was the leader for the restart followed by Sutton, Quincy Turner and Munsee. Turner tagged Sutton on the restart lap and the yellow reappeared as Sutton spun to stop in turn four. Turner was sent to the rear of the field joining Sutton for the restart. Munsee moved into second on the restart as Hagberg led. Bill Thomas challenged Watson for third taking the spot on lap nine as Illig spun in turn three. Hagberg remained the leader after the restart then the caution appeared once more with eleven complete for Matt Swanson who had spun in heavy traffic in turn four. Three cars tangled on the restart including Wade Mohawk and Jim Irwin. Dale Applebee was fourth for the restart. Munsee made an inside move on Hagberg coming out of turn four on lap twelve to regain the lead. Munsee ran the final three laps unchallenged with Hagberg hanging on for second and Applebee third.

P8144917.jpg (734822 bytes)Andy Knight led the first lap of the Outlaw Cadet feature with Rick Loomis second and Alex Feisler third. Eugene Bevil brought out the first yellow at the end of lap two. Feisler tangled with Loomis on lap three but the green remained and Ron Seeley grabbed the runner up spot with Loomis third. John Cline took third for Feisler on lap seven as Andy Knight led Seeley by ten car lengths. Cline and Nathan Short spun with eight laps complete for the second yellow. Feisler had more troubles on the restart and the yellow stayed out. Seeley tested Knight on the restart but Knight pulled away on the backstretch. The yellow flew for Bevil and Scott Lewis with nine complete. Andy Knight took the green then stopped in the pit gate collecting Loomis and placing Seeley in the top spot. Mike Moore was second with Nathan Short third for the restart. Short passed Moore for the second spot with four laps to go and Seeley led. Short made a last lap attempt to get by Seeley but Seeley held on for his second win of the season. Moore finished third.

P8144927.jpg (718041 bytes)Mike Murray spun at the end of the backstretch on the first lap of the Budweiser Super Sportsman feature causing a complete restart. Bob Van Arsdale led after the restart with Scott Kuschel second and Chad Carlson third. Carlson moved under Kuschel and took the second spot on lap six. Yellow flew one lap later for Richard Digirolamo who had spun in turn four. Carlson and Van Arsdale broke away form the field on the restart. Pat McGuire and Bobby Rohrer caught and passed Kuschel for third and fourth one lap later. Carlson made his bid for the lead and passed Van Arsdale on lap ten. Will Wanstreet brought out the caution with twelve complete setting up a three-lap dash for the win. Carlson and Van Arsdale were first and second with Pat McGuire third, Bobby Rohrer fourth and Don McGuire fifth. Pat McGuire beat Van Arsdale to turn one on the restart for second but Carlson had acquired a five-car length lead, which he never relinquished over the final laps winning his first of the season.

P8144913.jpg (682616 bytes)Twenty-nine cars were started in the Spectator feature and Rush Firestone led the first lap then Bill Van Volkenburg and Rodney Thoms tangled bringing out the first yellow. Kevin Brumett started on the outside of Firestone and led by car length at the end of lap two, Brian Crandall was third and John Swabik fourth. Firestone had troubles on lap nine and ended up against the wall on the back straight bringing out the second caution. Crandall was second on the restart with Matt Lozowski third and Nate Lester fourth. Rick Thompson took fourth from Lester on the restart then challenged Lozowski for third. Shiloh Swabik, Justin Tatlow and Chris Couchenour brought out the next yellow on the white flag lap. The green and white flew on the restart and a tangle coming down for the checkers scrambled the leaders with Brumett hanging on for the win with Bill Baker second and Rush Firestone third.


Heat 1: P8144713.jpg (772850 bytes)Brian Crandall, Kevin Brumett, Bill Baker Jr.

Heat 2: Bill Reeves, Clarence Dickerson, Rodney Thoms

Feature: Kevin Brumett, Bill Baker, Rush Firestone, Mike Coast, Charlie Silleman, Rick Thompson, Bob Kinne, Mark Luce, Brian Crandall, Lonnie Waldron

Outlaw Cadets:

Heat 1: Louis DeDionisio, Jamie Erhard, Mike Knight

Heat 2: Alex Feisler, Bill Dunn, Tom Schnars

Feature: Ron Seeley, Nathan Short, Mike Moore, Mike Knight, Phil Knight, Jamie Erhard, Louis DeDionisio, Tom Schnars, Wayne Mohawk, Bill Dunn

Budweiser Super Sportsman:

Heat 1: John Boardman, Bob Hazzard, Scott Kuschel
Heat 2: Dan Nocero, Bob Van Arsdale, Tim Nocero

Feature: Chad Carlson, Pat McGuire, Bob Van Arsdale, Don McGuire, Bobby Rohrer, Pete Volpe, Bob Hazzard, Scott Kuschel, Mike Kosinski, Mike Corrigan


Heat 1: Mike Munsee, Justin Carlson, Chris Sutton

Heat 2: Tom Hagberg, Joe Watson, Quincy Turner

Feature: Mike Munsee, Tom Hagberg, Dale Applebee, Joe Watson, Dan Nocero, Tim Rater, Al Crocker, Shane Applebee, Quincy Turner, Tommy Fox

Super Late Model:

Heat 1: P8144856.jpg (786687 bytes)Chris Hackett, Bump Hedman, Wally Fox, Bruce Hordusky, Dave Lyon

Heat 2: P8144866.jpg (789524 bytes)Chad Valone, Scott Johnson, Dick Barton, Scott Gurdak, Ward Schnell

Heat 3: P8144878.jpg (770881 bytes)Rich Gardner, Randy Lobb, Wendell Pinckney, Doug Eck, Andy Boozel

Feature: Chad Valone, Chris Hackett, Rich Gardner, Dick Barton, Scott Gurdak, Randy Lobb, Scott Johnson, Doug Eck, Bruce Hordusky, Dan Armbruster, Bump Hedman, Wendell Pinckney, Ward Schell, Wally Fox, Paul Briggs, Moose Dunnewold, Andy Boozel, Mike Coyle, Andy Kania, Jason Morell, Dave Lyon, Kevin Weise

Super Challenger:

Heat 1: P8144905.jpg (742319 bytes)James Paul, Kenneth Kaltenboch, Eric McCray

Heat 2: P8144908.jpg (701952 bytes)Robert Nocero, Dana Haner, Aron Dascomb

Feature: Jim Frank, Morgan Marks, Chris Withers, Ed Proper, James Paul, Robert Nocero, Monty Seekings Jr., Jermin Strickland, Ryan Scott, Dan Nocero Jr.