P8155264.jpg (652489 bytes) Andy Kania Wins Pepsi Super Late Model Feature on Kids Night at Eriez Speedway

By Glenn Slocum

Erie, Pa: Pepsi sponsored Kids Night at Eriez Speedway. Rich Gardner ran a lap in memory of Ben Foster a member of Gardner’s Super Late Model Crew who lost his life in an auto accident last week. Andy Kania notched his first win of the season in the Super Late Model division leading from green to checkers. Tom Norland led every lap of the Spectator feature for his third win of the season. Louis DeDionisio also won his third of the year in the Outlaw Cadet division. Pat McGuire passed John Boardman as the white flag flew for his fourth win of the season. Dave Hess Jr. wrested the lead from Mike Hess on the second lap of the E-Mod feature to win his fifth of the year. Ryan Scott won his fourth in the Super Challenger division. Dan Osborne made it an even dozen wins in the Four Cylinder division.

P8155261.jpg (748887 bytes)Andy Kania brought out the Super Late Models for their feature event with Ward Shell in the second spot. Kania led the first lap as Schell settled into second and Bump Hedman was third. Wendell Pinckney went into turn three a little too hard on lap two and spun for the first yellow. Jason Morell was turned in the middle of the pack on the restart and the yellow quickly followed the green. Morell drove into the pits as the field was realigned. The bumping and banging continued on the next restart but all the cars recovered. Kania led with Moose Dunnewold grabbing second and Schell fell to third. Randy Lobb was fourth followed by Doug Eck and Hedman. Kania had a five car length lead over Dunnewold at the halfway mark. One lap later Eck passed Schell for the third spot. Kania remained in control with five to go as the field was strung out almost completely around the speedway. Lobb moved to fourth and began pushing Eck for the third spot. Kania ran as if on a rail over the final laps notching his first win of the season at Eriez.

P8155203.jpg (712039 bytes)Tom Norland led the charge into turn one on the start of the Spectator feature with Rich Becker second and Rick Thompson third but getting through turn two proved problematic as Thompson tried to move around a slowing Becker flattening a tire as the caution came out. Norland also won the charge on the restart with John Kelsey second and Jim Tolon third. Norland caught the end of the field on lap seven and Mark Thompson moved up to challenge Tolon for third. Mark Thompson made the pass one lap later then lost the spot to Wade Slaney with three laps remaining. Norland finished a straightaway ahead of Kelsey for his third feature win of the season. 

P8155226.jpg (729776 bytes)Scott Lewis led the first lap of the Outlaw Cadet feature and the yellow flew for Brian Campbell in turn one. Dave Tolon led the second lap then fell back several spots as Louis DeDionisio took the lead with Lewis second and Brian Zimmerly third. Zimmerly passed Lewis on lap seven and Ron Seeley was fourth. Lewis slowed to a stop on lap nine bringing out the second yellow with six laps remaining. DeDionisio was the leader with Zimmerly second followed by Seeley, Joe Weber, Bill Dunn and Nathan Short. Seeley used the outside groove to pass Zimmerly for second on the restart then one lap later Tolon spun in turn two for caution number three. DeDionisio resumed control after the restart. DeDionisio won by ten car lengths with Seeley second and Zimmerly third.

P8155237.jpg (755359 bytes)Mike Harmon brought out the caution on the first lap of the Four Cylinder feature. Brian Duryee was the leader with Doug Kirik second and Dan Osborne third. Osborne too the second on lap three and led on lap four. Kirik and Duryee tangled at the end of lap five and Kirik stopped up against the fence in turn four for the second caution. Osborne won his twelfth of the season with Dale Wise second.

P8155256.jpg (724115 bytes)John Boardman, Will Wanstreet and Brent Crandall were the early leaders in the Budweiser Super Sportsman class. Mike Corrigan spun in traffic collecting Chad Carlson for the first yellow with four laps complete. Pat and Don McGuire passed Crandall for the third and fourth on the restart and Bryan Ester spun to a stop in turn two for the second caution. Boardman led with Wanstreet second followed by Pat McGuire, Don McGuire and Bobby Rohrer. Pat McGuire passed Wanstreet for second on the backstretch and Wanstreet had problems in turn four for the third yellow. Pat McGuire hounded Boardman for the next six laps looking for an opening then the yellow flew for Corrigan who had slowed to a stop on the speedway. Boardman gave Pat McGuire the opening he needed on the white flag lap. Bobby Rohrer finished second with Boardman third. It was Pat McGuire’s fourth win of the season.

P8155259.jpg (706668 bytes)Joe Watson lost a tire on the start of the E-Mod feature causing a complete restart. Mike Hess and Dave Hess Jr. were on the front row with Justin Carlson third and Mike Boyd fourth. Dave Hess led Mike Hess by half a car length on lap one the lengthened his lead to three car lengths on lap two. Boyd was third with Carlson fourth and Brian Fardink a distant fifth. Tim Churchill brought out the second caution with six laps complete after stopping on the edge of the speedway in turn three. Three laps later Bill Taylor spun collecting Chris Sutton, Dale Applebee and Troy Carr. Bill Thomas used the restart to move by Fardink for the fifth spot. Taylor spun to a stop with eleven laps complete for the fourth yellow. Dave Hess Jr. did not falter during the closing laps winning his fifth of the season.

P8155268.jpg (711502 bytes)Ryan Scott led the early laps of the Super Challenger feature. Monty Seekings rolled over in turn one bringing out the red flag with seven laps complete. Scott made contact with one of the cars stopped for the roll over but was able to continue. Steve Soto was second with Glenn Slaney third and Shayne Erhard fourth. A track tire was pushed on to the speedway one lap later for the first yellow. Scott ran the final two laps unchallenged followed by Soto and Slaney.


Heat 1: P8154987.jpg (776889 bytes) Brian Bush, Jim Tolon, Jeff Burger

Heat 2: P8155007.jpg (753224 bytes) Tom Norland, Rick Thompson, Wade Slaney

Feature: Tom Norland, John Kelsey, Wade Slaney, Mark Thompson, Jim Tolon, Matt Lozowski, Lester Shoff, Shiloh Swabik, Don Standley, Jeremy English

Outlaw Cadets:

Heat 1: P8155017.jpg (764356 bytes) Phil Knight, Scott Lewis, Dave Tolon

Heat 2: P8155031.jpg (739174 bytes) Brian Zimmerly, Andy Knight, Nathan Short

Feature: Louis DeDionisio, Ron Seeley, Brian Zimmerly, Joe Weber, Nathan Short, Mike Knight, Phil Knight, Bill Dunn, Dave Tolon, Eugene Bevil

Four Cylinder:

Heat 1: P8155044.jpg (720331 bytes) Brian Duryee, Dan Osborne, Doug Kirik

Feature: Dan Osborne, Dale Wise, Tom Bean, Ken Wanzer, Brian Duryee, Mike Harmon, Doug Kirik

Budweiser Super Sportsman:

Heat 1: P8155051.jpg (741896 bytes) Will Wanstreet, Brent Crandall, Mike Corrigan
Heat 2: P8155067.jpg (729608 bytes) Bobby Rohrer, Don McGuire, John Boardman

Feature: Pat McGuire, Bobby Rohrer, John Boardman, Aaron Robinson, Jim Leonard, Scott Kuschel, Don McGuire, Chris Kuschel, Mike Murray, Jake Eller


Heat 1: P8155089.jpg (745326 bytes) Mike Hess, Justin Carlson, Bill Taylor

Heat 2: Dave Hess Jr., Mike Boyd, Brain Fardink

Feature: Dave Hess Jr., Mike Hess, Mike Boyd, Bill Thomas, Joe Hemme, Brian Fardink, Mike Moon, Chris Peterson, Dale Applebee, Brad Pease

Super Late Model:

Heat 1: P8155124.jpg (716933 bytes) Andy Kania, Bump Hedman, Jason Morell, Merle Terry, Randy Lobb

Heat 2: P8155150.jpg (718725 bytes) Ward Schell, Doug Eck, Wendell Pinckney, Moose Dunnewold, Kevin Weise

Feature: Andy Kania, Moose Dunnewold, Doug Eck, Randy Lobb, Ward Schell, Bump Hedman, Merle Terry, Dave Lyon, Dave Hess Jr., Rich Gardner, Bruce Hordusky, Andy Boozel, Wendell Pinckney, Paul Briggs, Mike Coyle, Jason Morell

Super Challenger:

Heat 1: P8155167.jpg (706640 bytes) Shayne Erhard, Duane Hinkson, Monty Seekings

Heat 2: P8155189.jpg (696217 bytes) Steve Soto, Glenn Slaney, Chris Withers

Feature: Ryan Scott, Steve Soto, Glenn Slaney, Lee Matczak, Casey Swabik, Chris Withers, Shayne Erhard, Duane Hinkson, Bobby Will, Ben Burgess