P8286204.jpg (71758 bytes)P8286176.jpg (85874 bytes)Pete Volpe Wins Budweiser Super Sportsman Championship Race and Scott Gurdak Wins Sysco Foods Craiger Race Engines "Run What ‘Ya Brung" At Stateline Speedway
By Glenn Slocum

Busti, NY: Sysco Foods and Craiger Race Engines sponsored the Super Late Model "Run What ‘Ya Brung" and Budweiser Super Sportsman Championship race at Stateline Speedway. Several Super Late Models sported huge sideboards, rear spoilers and front fender fins to try to gain an aerodynamic advantage. Hard charging Scott Gurdak started on the pole and led every lap of the "Run What ‘Ya Brung" Super Late Model feature. In victory lane Gurdak said when asked how the car drove with the extra sideboard and wings that the harder he drove the faster the car went. John Swabik only led one lap in the Spectator feature but it was the last one for his first win of the season. Mark Hall looked unbeatable winning his fourth Outlaw Cadet feature. Pete Volpe took the lead on lap five and survived several cautions to win the Budweiser Super Sportsman Championship race for his fourth win. Dave Hess Jr. took the lead from Tommy Fox on the first lap of the E-Mod event to win his sixth of the season. Jay Seekings won his third Super Challenger feature and Jesse Dash won his first in the second Super Challenger feature.

P8286179.jpg (92136 bytes)Tim Nocero and Will Wanstreet were on the front row of the Budweiser Super Sportsman Championship race. Nocero lost the handle in turn two on the first lap collecting Bob Hazzard and Brian Collins. Bryan Ester was the new leader on the restart but fell to second in the first corner as Wanstreet jumped into the lead. Mike Kosinski was third. Nocero stopped on the back stretch bringing out the second caution with three laps complete. Pat McGuire used the restart to gain the third spot then broke one lap later scrambling the field and taking out the leader. Kosinski was the new leader with Wanstreet in the pits, Pete Volpe second and Don McGuire third. Kosinski slowed on the restart giving the lead to Volpe. Jake Eller spun with seven complete. The leaders for the restart were Volpe, Don McGuire, Chad Carlson and John Boardman. With ten laps to go the top three had broke away from the field then the yellow flew for Eller up against the turn two fence. Carlson tested Don McGuire on the restart but could not make the pass and Volpe was out in front by three car lengths. Carlson continued to challenge Don McGuire finally making the pass with three to go. Carlson pulled in the pits as Spanky Hall showed two to go and Bobby Rohrer went up in smoke. Volpe won the event with Don McGuire second and Boardman getting third.

P8286207.jpg (92627 bytes)Scott Gurdak and Bump Hedman were on the front row for the "Run What ‘Ya Brung" Super Late Model feature. Chris Hackett and Chad Valone were in row two. Gurdak lad the first lap with Hedman slipping to fourth as Hackett and Dave Hess Jr. were second and third. Valone tangled with the wall in turn one during the second lap bringing out the first caution. It required two wreckers to remove the Valone car from the speedway. Gurdak barley hung on to the lead on the restart as Hackett moved under but could not could not complete the pass. Hess was third with Rich Gardner in the fourth spot followed by Armbruster. Gurdak was into lap traffic on lap six with Hackett close behind. Armbruster snuck under Gardner for fourth on lap ten. Hackett made a sudden move up the speedway on lap twelve losing the second spot to Armbruster who then tangled with a lap car bringing out the second caution with thirteen laps complete. Gurdak was still the leader for the restart with Hess second then Hackett, Gardner and Hedman. Gardner nearly spun on the restart slipping to fifth as Gurdak set sail once more. Gardner fought back to fourth with five laps to go. Gurdak led by several car lengths with two to go and Hackett had caught Hess. Gurdak ran the final two unchallenged for his third win.

P8286186.jpg (90811 bytes)Tommy Fox and Dave Hess Jr. were on the front row for the E-Mod feature and Dave Hess led the first lap while Fox started losing spots. Dale Applebee was second followed by Chris Sutton, Mike Hess, K.C. Decker and Fox. Quincy Turner went into turn three a little too hard losing the race car and bringing out the first caution with seven laps complete. Applebee tested Hess on the inside on the restart but Hess pulled away to lead by five car lengths with five laps remaining. Hess found the fast way around just catching the tail end of the field as the checkers flew for his sixth win. Applebee finished second with Sutton third.

P8286155.jpg (83020 bytes)Bill Reeves and David McClanahan brought out the Spectator division for their feature event and Reeves was the leader after the first lap with Chris Couchenour second and Brian Crandall third. Charlie Silleman lost a left rear on the backstretch and Kevin Brumett ran over it for the first caution with three laps complete. Reeves lost the lead to Couchenour just as the yellow flew for Rush Firestone who had lost a drive shaft in turn two. Couchenour, Reeves and John Swabik were the leaders at the half way mark. Reeves regained the top spot when Couchenour got lose and nearly spun on lap eight. Swabik moved to the front on white flag lap over Reeves. Reeves continued to lose spots on the final lap with Nate Lester finishing second and Crandall third.

P8286162.jpg (84104 bytes)Mark Hall led the first lap of the Outlaw Cadet feature with Dennis Lunger second and Scott Lewis third. The yellow flew for Andy Knight and Ron Seeley had troubles with three laps down bringing out the yellow. Lunger pulled into pits during the caution. The leaders for the restart were Hall, Jamie Erhard and Lewis. Mike Knight used the restart to gain the third spot then moved up one more one lap later as Hall broke away from the field by several car lengths. Four cars were involved in the next caution, John Cline, Troy Dorman, Lewis and Brian Campbell with six laps complete. Hall continued to lead after the restart with Mike Knight second and Erhard and Nathan Short fighting for third. Campbell stopped in turn two for the next caution with just six laps remaining. Hall led the next three then Dana Wellington spun for the fourth yellow. Andy Knight came from the back to take the fourth spot from Short on the restart. The final two laps saw a fierce battle for third between Erhard, Andy Knight and Short with Erhard taking the spot at the checkers. Hall was unbeatable notching his fourth win with Mike Knight second


Heat 1: P8286010.jpg (96764 bytes)Lonnie Waldron, Dave McClanahan, Shiloh Swabik

Heat 2: P8286034.jpg (93129 bytes)Matt Lozowski, Nate Lester, Rush Firestone

Feature: John Swabik, Nate Lester, Brian Crandall, Bill Baker Jr., Bill Reeves, Lester Shoff, Lonnie Waldron, Matt Lozowski, Chris Couchenour, Shiloh Swabik

Outlaw Cadets:

Heat 1: P8286047.jpg (101806 bytes)Mike Knight, Nathan Short, Ron Seeley

Heat 2: P8286062.jpg (101404 bytes)Paul Norman, Dennis Lunger, Scott Lewis

Feature: Mark Hall, Mike Knight, Jamie Erhard, Andy Knight, Nathan Short, Mike Moore, Ron Seeley, Phillip Knight, Paul Norman, Wayne Mohawk

Budweiser Super Sportsman:

Heat 1: P8286068.jpg (98747 bytes)Chris Kuschel, Jim Leonard, Scott Kuschel
Heat 2: P8286075.jpg (100013 bytes)Pete Volpe, Bobby Rohrer, Aaron Robinson

Feature: Pete Volpe, Don McGuire, John Boardman, Bryan Ester, Chris Kuschel, Jim Leonard, Scott Kuschel, Bobby Rohrer, Bob Van Arsdale, Richard Digirolamo


Heat 1: P8286090.jpg (86959 bytes)Tommy Fox, Chris Sutton, Dale Applebee

Heat 2: P8286100.jpg (87803 bytes)Dave Hess Jr., K.C. Decker, Troy Carr

Feature: Dave Hess Jr., Dave Applebee, Chris Sutton, Mike Hess, Kevin Decker, Tommy Fox, Troy Carr, Bill Thomas, Tom Hagberg, Dan Nocero Jr.

Super Late Model:

Heat 1: P8286108.jpg (79108 bytes)Scott Gurdak, Chad Valone, Rich Gardner, Andy Boozel, Wendell Pinckney

Heat 2: P8286117.jpg (81337 bytes)Bump Hedman, Dave Hess Jr., Paul Briggs, Scott Johnson, Ward Schell

Heat 3: P8286124.jpg (88916 bytes)Chris Hackett, Dan Armbruster, Moose Dunnewold, Doug Eck, Miles Stitzinger

Feature: Scott Gurdak, Dave Hess Jr., Chris Hackett, Rich Gardner, Bump Hedman, Wendell Pinckney, Paul Briggs, Dan Armbruster, Doug Eck, Miles Stitzinger, Ward Schell, Jason Morell, Mike Coyle, Andy Boozel, Kevin Weise, Scott Johnson, Moose Dunnewold, Chad Valone

Super Challenger:

Heat 1: P8286133.jpg (86159 bytes)Luke Rutsky, Robert Hollowell, Jason Johnson

Heat 2: P8286138.jpg (79995 bytes)Jesse Dash, Mike Kelwaski, Kevin Kaltenboch

Heat 3: P8286144.jpg (85749 bytes)Bob Belson, Dan Nocero Jr., Mike Genco

Feature 1: P8286211.jpg (98904 bytes)Jay Seekings, Ryan Scott, Rod Birt, Ben Burgess, Bob Belson, Mike Genco, Dereck Frank, Sam Courson, Bryon Johnson, Brian Swift

Feature 2: P8286213.jpg (87088 bytes)Jesse Dash, Dan Nocero Jr., Luke Rutsky, Kevin Golden, Jermin Strickland, Jason Johnson, John Angeletti, Randy Carlson, Rick Sperry, Gary Fisher