P7032049.jpg (427254 bytes)July 3rd 2004 - Rich Gardner Wins Super Late Model Feature on National City Bank Night at Stateline Speedway

By Glenn Slocum

Busti, NY: A well-attended Autograph Night sponsored by National City Bank was held at Stateline Speedway. Rich Gardnerís debut in his 25th Anniversary car was very successful. Gardner won his heat then came from third to win the feature event. Dave Tackett won a caution strewn Spectator Championship race. Mark Hall lost the lead then fought back to win his second of the season in the Outlaw Cadet feature. Bobby Rohrer won his fourth in the Budweiser Super Sportsman division. Lee Matczak and Kirk Foust won the Super Challenger Championship races. Dave Hess led every lap to win his second E-Mod feature.

P7032048.jpg (484772 bytes)Twenty-six cars started the Super Late Model feature with John Lobb and Scott Johnson in row one. Johnson was the leader on lap one with Rich Gardner in his special colors third and Lobb second. Mike Coyle brought out the yellow on lap three. Johnson almost lost the lead to Gardner on the restart as Lobb slipped to fourth with Chris Hackett in the third spot. Wendell Pinckney and Ward Schell had troubles in turn four on lap three and the yellow appeared once more. Johnson, Gardner and Hackett made it three wide coming out of four on lap four. Hackett fell back as Scott Gurdak took over third and Rod Maloy fourth. Gardner finally found the opening and got by Johnson for the number one spot on lap nine then the yellow flew for Johnson and Gurdak in turn one. Gardner was in front for the restart with Maloy second followed by Hackett, Paul Briggs and Bruce Hordusky. Gardner controlled the restart and Dick Barton moved by Briggs for the fourth spot. The yellow appeared once more on lap ten for Gurdak and Ted Kosinski. Gardner led with Maloy second followed by Hackett, Barton and Briggs. The rear of the field never made the green as some one slowed and several cars tangled. Dave Hess used the restart to get by Barton for the fourth spot. Moose Dunnewold brought out the yellow with eleven laps completed. Gardner had a six-car length lead at the crossed flags and Hackett was on Maloyís bumper for the second spot. Maloy got a little advantage over Hackett and Hess moved up beside and then around Hackett on lap seventeen. Gardner continued to check out on the field, as Hess took second from Maloy on lap twenty. Gardner began lapping cars on lap twenty-one holding a half a straight lead over Hess. Gardner was never challenged during the final laps bringing his 25th Anniversary car into the winnerís circle. It was Gardnerís third win of the season.

P7032030.jpg (523810 bytes)Clarence Dickerson led the first lap then lost the lead to Bill Reeves on lap two. Skip Joslin made hard contact with front stretch wall on lap three bringing out the yellow. Rusty Briggs and Dave Tackett brought out the next yellow on the restart. One more lap was completed then Rodney Tomes brought out the third yellow by stopping in turn four. Debris brought out the fourth caution with four laps complete but Tackett was in the lead and Reeves was second. Chris Couchenour was third. Rick Thompson moved into the top five from his twenty-third starting spot on lap six as Tackett started to build a lead over the field. Thompson was third on lap ten then second as Couchenour and Shoff had problems getting out of turn four. The yellow flew with two laps remaining for Don Standley and James Britt allowing Thompson to close with Tackett. John Swabik brought out the yellow on the restart with a spin into the infield. Pat Passanise and Briggs tangled in turn two on the restart and the yellow came out once more. A bad start brought out the caution but the next restart worked as Tackett got the jump on Thompson and hung on for the win, Shoff finished third.

P7032034.jpg (484909 bytes)Alex Feisler and Mark Hall were on the front row for the Outlaw Cadet feature. John Cline spun n the initial start bringing out the yellow just after the green. Hall took the point on the restart then Phil Knight brought out the yellow after rubbing down the length of the front stretch wall. Feisler led lap two with Hall second and Cliff Lanphere third. Lanphere slipped two spots as Nathan Short and Andy Knight both got by. Brian Campbell, John Cline, Frank Paladino and Eugene Bevil were all involved in an incident in turn four for the third yellow. Hall came back to lead lap five with Andy Knight second and Feisler third. Short and Jamie Erhard both got by one lap later. Feisler lost the handle on lap eight bringing out the yellow. Andy Knight nearly spun on the restart falling to the tail end of the field. Hall was the leader with Short second then Erhard and Mike Moore. Moore moved by Erhard for third on lap twelve just before the two to go signal. Moore moved up under Short on the white flag lap narrowly beating Short at the line as Hall won his second of the year.

P7032052.jpg (491894 bytes)Scott Kuschel grabbed the lead form Bryan Ester at the start of the Budweiser Super Sportsman feature. Mike Murray was second with Dan Nocero third and Pete Volpe fourth. Murray spun coming out of turn four on lap seven for the first yellow of the event. Volpe used the restart to grab the lead then Nocero fought back to lead the next lap then fell to Bobby Rohrer. Rohrer was the leader when the caution flew for Brian Collins. Nocero was second followed by Pat McGuire and Volpe. Don McGuire passed Volpe for fourth on the restart. Rohrer won the event for his fourth of the season.

P7032053.jpg (472757 bytes)P7042058.jpg (470288 bytes)Lee Matczak beat Mike Gibbons to the line on the last lap to win the first Super Challenger event. Jim Frank did a flip on the backstretch in the second Super Challenger race. Kirk Foust won his first feature after passing early leader Adam Hilyer.

P7042059.jpg (474594 bytes)Dave Hess Jr. brought twenty-one E-Mods out for their feature event. James Irwin brought out the caution before lap one was completed. After the restart Dave Hess jumped into the lead followed by Mike Hess and Tim Rater. Two laps were completed before the yellow flew for Dave Surrena and Troy Carr. Tom Hagberg and Justin Carlson were fourth and fifth on lap five with Dave Hess almost a full straight lead. Dave Hess took the crossed flags and started lapping the field at the same time, Mike Hess was ten car lengths behind. Hagberg had gained the third spot by lap ten. Dave Hess won his second feature and Mike Hess finished second.



Heat 1: P7031884.jpg (522869 bytes)Lester Shoff, Chris Couchenour, Rusty Briggs

Heat 2: P7031895.jpg (542195 bytes)Clarence Dickerson, Scott Perrin, Barrett Brown

Feature: Dave Tackett, Rich Thompson, Lester Shoff, John Kelsey, Chris Couchenour, Clarence Dickerson, Barrett Brown, Matt Lozowski, Nate Lester, Brian Crandall

Outlaw Cadets:

Heat 1: P7031903.jpg (532861 bytes)Nathan Short, Mike Knight, Mike Moore

Heat 2: P7031916.jpg (536127 bytes)Paul Norman, Phil Knight, Cliff Lanphere

Feature: Mark Hall, Mike Moore, Nathan Short, Jamie Erhard, Louis DeDionisio, Ron Seeley, Mike Knight, Bill Dunn, Paul Norman, Andy Knight

Budweiser Super Sportsman:

Heat 1: P7031933.jpg (524261 bytes)Scott Kuschel, Chris Kuschel, Mike Corrigan
Heat 2: P7031943.jpg (523615 bytes)Pete Volpe, Don McGuire, Bob Van Arsdale

Feature: Bobby Rohrer, Dan Nocero, Pat McGuire, Don McGuire, Pete Volpe, Scott Kuschel, John Boardman, Chris Kuschel, Bob Van Arsdale, Mike Corrigan


Heat 1: P7031982.jpg (490421 bytes)Dave Hess Jr., Tom Hagberg, Dan Nocero

Heat 2: P7031990.jpg (526001 bytes)Tim Rater, Mike Hess, K.C. Decker

Feature: Dave Hess Jr., Mike Hess, Tom Hagberg, Tim Rater, Kevin Decker, Tommy Fox, Dale Applebee, Dan Nocero, Mike Boyd, Quincy Turner

Super Late Model:

Heat 1: P7031996.jpg (506931 bytes)John Lobb, Chris Hackett, Matt Lanphere, Chad Valone, Mark Ramsey

Heat 2: P7032003.jpg (524158 bytes)Scott Johnson, Scott Gurdak, Rod Maloy, Moose Dunnewold, Bump Hedman

Heat 3: P7032008.jpg (522464 bytes)Rich Gardner, Bruce Hordusky, Paul Briggs, Dave Hess Jr., Dick Barton

Feature: Rich Gardner, Dave Hess Jr., Rod Maloy, Dan Armbruster, Chris Hackett, Dick Barton, Paul Briggs, Bruce Hordusky, Doug Eck Chad Ruhlman, Scott Johnson, Bump Hedman, Steve Halpainy, Mark Ramsey, Wally Fox, Ward Schell, Wendell Pinckney, Matt Lanphere, Jason Morell, Mike Coyle, Tec Kosinski, Chad Valone, Moose Dunnewold, Scott Gurdak, Andy Boozel, John Lobb

Super Challenger:

Heat 1: P7032013.jpg (508448 bytes)Henry Seekings, Chuck Dickinson, Sam Courson

Heat 2: P7032020.jpg (488431 bytes)Lee Matczak, Glenn Slaney, Adam Hilyer

Heat 3: P7032023.jpg (474097 bytes)Jim Frank, Jermin Strickland, Aron Dascomb

Feature 1: Lee Matzcak, Mike Gibbons, Ryan Scott, Bob Belson, Ken Kaltenboch, Chuck Dickinson, Dereck Frank, Mike Genco, AJ Moore, Bryon Johnson

Feature 2: Kirk Foust, Adam Hilyer, Glenn Slaney, Sam Courson, Brett Van Guilder, Rick Sperry, Timothy Dulmus, Terry Lester, Henry Seekings, Jesse Phelps

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