P6190819.jpg (262150 bytes)P6190831.jpg (257141 bytes) Bobby Rohrer Wins Budweiser Super Sportsman Championship Race and
Scott Johnson Wins Bear Lake Inn Super Late Model Feature
at Stateline Speedway

By Glenn Slocum

Busti, NY: A cool summer evening at the Bear Lake Inn sponsored races at Stateline Speedway featured a match race between local racing legends Emory Mahan and Jim Scott. Mahon is in the Warren County Sports Hall of Fame and was the first Late Model feature winner at Stateline Speedway. Jim Scott won Late Model events in a Ford, Plymouth and Chevrolet. The match race was started from the speedway just like they used to do by Spanky Hall and after five laps of swapping the lead they finished dead even. Bobby Rohrer passed Aaron Robinson for lead with four laps remaining to win the Outlaw Cadet Championship Race. Scott Johnson started fourth and finished first winning his third of the season in the Super Late Model division.

Rusty Briggs won his first feature of the season in the Spectator and Mike Knight won his second of the season in the Outlaw Cadets. Mike Hess made it three in row by winning the E-Mod feature. Ryan Scott and Henry Seekings won the Super Challenger features.

P6190829.jpg (208398 bytes)Kevin Weise brought out the yellow on the initial start of the Super Late Model feature with Rod Maloy and Wally Fox on the front row. Maloy lost two spots on the start as Fox took the early lead with Scott Johnson second. Rich Gardner was fourth, Ward Schell fifth and Scott Gurdak sixth. Johnson moved to the outside line and passed Fox on lap five for the lead and Gurdak moved by Schell for fifth. Gurdak moved to fourth then third as the tenth lap was completed. Johnson had started lapping cars then a stalled Wendell Pinckney brought out the yellow on lap thirteen. Johnson remained the leader after the restart and Gardner passed Gurdak to regain the third spot and Fox stayed second. Merle Terry and Chad Valone brought out the yellow with nine remaining. Terry had more troubles on the restart and the field was quickly realigned for another restart. Johnson moved out to a eight car length advantage and Gardner moved alongside then passed Fox for second. Gurdak followed Gardner by Fox then with four remaining Matt Lanphere stopped in the exit of turn four for the fifth caution. A incident during the restart involving Maloy and Schell stopped the race while Spanky Hall discussed the slow start with leader Johnson. Johnson prevailed once more on the restart and finished the final laps unchallenged. Gardner was second with Gurdak third and Fox fourth.

            Aaron Robinson was on the pole for the Budweiser Super Sportsman Championship event. Don McGuire spun on the first lap but the race stayed under green. Al White stopped on the speedway during lap two for the first caution. Robinson was first with Murray second and Chris Kuschel third. Robinson gained a small advantage over Murray on the restart. Mike Kosinski moved into third then two laps later into the second spot and Robinson began to pull away. Bobby Rohrer was third with Pete Volpe in tow on lap nine as the yellow flew for Bryan Ester in turn two. Volpe slowed to a stop in turn two after one more green flag lap. Rohrer moved to the outside and passed Kosinski for second on lap twelve. Bob Van Arsdale spun on lap thirteen and required a wrecker to leave the speedway. Kosinski, Rohrer and Chad Carlson battled for the second spot at Robinson led. Robinson fell to Rohrer with four laps remaining in the event. Rohrer ran the last four unchallenged and Robinson held on to second with Kosinski third.

            P6190806.jpg (288939 bytes)Mike Coast and Mort John led the Spectator feature event to the speedway. John Kelsey was the leader after the first lap with Coast second and Rusty Briggs third. Bill Reeves spun in turn one bringing out the first yellow before the second lap was completed. Kelsey was able to jump out to a ten car length lead on the restart with Briggs and Lester Shoff in chasing. Briggs and Shoff caught Kelsey in lap traffic on lap six then Kelsey load the handle in turn two bringing out the caution and giving the lead to Briggs. Shoff was second with Matt Lozowski third. Nate Lester took the third spot from Lozowski with three to go. The yellow followed the white for Chris Couchenour. Just as the green fell for the restart Bill Van Volkenburg, Kelsey and Bob Kinne tangled in turn four. The next restart was successful with Briggs getting the win followed by Lester Shoff and Nate Lester.

            P6190816.jpg (276544 bytes)Dana Wellington lost the lead to Ron Seeley on the first lap of the Outlaw Cadet event and then tangled with Mark Hall on lap two bringing out the first caution. Phil Knight was also involved. Tom Hagberg, Wellington and Louis DeDionisio were second through fourth as Seeley led. Bill Dunn stopped in the pit entrance bringing out the caution with five complete. Seeley, Hagberg and DeDionisio were the leaders after the restart with Andy and Mike Knight fourth and fifth. John Cline spun in four on lap seven for the third yellow. Jamie Erhard passed Andy Knight on the backstretch then Knight made contact sending Erhard spinning into the infield but the green stayed out. Four cars, Mark Hall, Brian Campbell, Alex Fiesler and Scott Lewis, brought out the next yellow after a collision in turn four. Mike Knight moved by his brother Andy on the restart then quickly passed DeDionisio for third two turns later. Phil Knight spun to stop in turn two brining out the caution with two to go. Knight used the high line to take the number one spot at the line as the white flew. Seeley broke two turns later giving second to Hagberg and third to Nathan Short. Knight won his second of the season.

                P6190823.jpg (259546 bytes)Mike Hess and Justin Carlson ran the first six green flag laps side by side with Mike Hess finally gaining the advantage. Dave Hess Jr. then moved up under Carlson and they battled for three laps with Dave Hess finally taking the spot on lap nine. Dale Applebee was fourth and Shane Applebee fifth. The race ran with out a caution giving Hess his third win.

P6190841.jpg (260125 bytes)P6190837.jpg (271080 bytes)            Dominic DePancean was the early leader of the first Super Challenger feature the lost the lead to Ryan Scott who won his second of the year. Henry Seekings lead every lap of the second Super Challenger with Derrick Frank second and Glenn Slaney third.


Heat 1: P6190570.jpg (341888 bytes) Rusty Briggs, John Swabik, Matt Lozowski

Heat 2: P6190585.jpg (300989 bytes) Bill Reeves, Brian Crandall, Mike Coast

Feature: Rusty Briggs, Lester Shoff, Nate Lester, John Swabik, Matt Lozowski, Chris Couchenour, Mark Luce, Brian Crandall, John Kelsey, Pat Landy

Outlaw Cadets:

Heat 1: P6190600.jpg (347437 bytes) Tom Hagberg, Mike Moore, Mark Hall

Heat 2: P6190615.jpg (337651 bytes) Scott Lewis, Cliff Lanphere, Rick Loomis

Feature: Mike Knight, Tom Hagberg, Nathan Short, Louise DeDionisio, John Cline, Ron Seeley, Dana Wellington, Scott Lewis, Brian Campbell, Phil Knight


Super Challenger:

Heat 1: P6190833.jpg (250091 bytes) Brett Van Guilder, Casey Swabik, Blair Miller

Heat 2: P6190771.jpg (321154 bytes) Henry Seekings, Jason Ellis, Sam Courson

Feature 1: Ryan Scott, Brett Van Guilder, Dominic DePancean, Kirk Foust, Jermin Strickland, Jason Lynn, Cedric Denson, Jeffery Birath, Mike Genco, John Angeletti

Feature 2: Harry Seekings, Dereck Frank, Glenn Slaney, Casey Swabik, Sam Courson, Kevin Covell, James Paul, Jon Brice, Keith Robert, Shawn Seekings


Budweiser Super Sportsman:

Heat 1: P6190626.jpg (323376 bytes) Aaron Robinson, Mike Murray, Jim Leonard
Heat 2: P6190644.jpg (316766 bytes) Chad Carlson, Bobby Rohrer, Mike Kosinski

Feature: Bobby Rohrer, Aaron Robinson, Dan Nocero, Don McGuire, Hank Francis, Chris Kuschel, Mike Murray, John Boardman, Scott Kuschel, Tim Nocero


Heat 1: P6190663.jpg (337149 bytes) Justin Carlson, Shane Applebee, Tommy Fox

Heat 2: P6190684.jpg (344922 bytes) Mike Hess, Tim Rater, Dave Hess Jr.

Feature: Mike Hess, Dave Hess Jr., Justin Carlson, Dale Applebee, Shane Applebee, Tim Rater, Dan Nocero Jr., Bill Thomas, John Lacki, Tommy Fox

Super Late Model:

Heat 1: P6190690.jpg (324116 bytes) Rod Maloy, Scott Johnson, Andy Boozel Bump Hedman, Chad Valone

Heat 2: P6190702.jpg (303771 bytes)Wally Fox, Wendell Pinckney, Scott Gurdak

Heat 3: Rich Gardner, Ward Schell, Dan Armbruster, Doug Eck, Dave Hess Jr.

Feature: Scott Johnson, Rich Gardner, Scott Gurdak, Wally Fox, Dan Armbruster, Andy Boozel, Doug Eck, Rod Maloy, Mark Ramsey, Bump Hedman, Dave Hess Jr., Steve Halpainy, Ward Schell, Wendell Pinckney, Moose Dunnewold, Merle Terry, Kevin Weise, Matt Lanphere, Bruce Hordusky, Chad Valone, Chris Hackett