P6261410.jpg (479728 bytes) June 26th, 2004 - Rich Gardner Wins Budweiser Super Late Model Feature at Stateline Speedway

By Glenn Slocum

Busti, NY: The celebration stated early on Budweiser Night at Stateline Speedway. Rich Gardner driving the Budweiser car won the "King of the Hill" in the Super Late Model division pocketing $1,000.00 and earning the pole starting position in the feature event. Gardner continued his streak leading every lap of the feature and winning despite a right front flat at the finish. Assistant Flagman Mark Matthews won the "I Challenge You" event beating Head Starter Spanky Hall to the checkers by five car lengths. Rusty Briggs started twenty-third in the Spectator feature then passed Bill Van Volkenburg for the lead and the win with two laps to go. Jamie Erhard won his first Outlaw Cadet feature of the season. Don McGuire drove his smoking Budweiser Super Sportsman to his first win of the season. Dale Applebee won his second E-Mod feature. Luke Rutsky and Henry Seekings won the Super Challenger features.

Rich Gardner winner of the "King of the Hill" was on the pole with Scott Johnson second. Paul Briggs and Chad Valone were in row two with Moose Dunnewold and Wally Fox in row three. Gardner led the first lap with Johnson second and Valone third. Valone slipped by Johnson on lap four then Kevin Weise and Jason Morell tangled in turn four bringing out the yellow for the first time. Dave Hess used the high side to move into the sixth spot just before the yellow appeared for Ward Schell and Matt Lanphere. Seven laps were complete with Gardner leading followed by Valone, Johnson, Fox, Merle Terry and Hess. Weise spun stopping Rod Maloy ruining the restart. Terry left the speedway during the yellow sending Hess into the top five with Bump Hedman sixth. Johnson narrowly beat Valone to the line on lap nine then finished the pass on lap ten to regain the second spot. Hess used those laps to get by Fox for fourth. Gardner caught the end of the field on lap nineteen and Hedman got by Fox for fifth. Gardner ran the rest of the race in a groove then suffered a right front flat just as the checkers flew. Johnson finished two car lengths behind Gardner with Valone third and Dave Hess fourth coming from his sixteenth starting spot.

P6261386.jpg (366350 bytes)Bubba Cettell led the first lap on the Spectator feature then lost the lead to Wade Watson on lap tow as Bill Van Volkenburg charged into the lead from his twentieth starting spot on lap three. Debris on the speedway brought the caution out on lap four and the leaders were Van Volkenburg, Watson, Brian Crandall and Rusty Briggs. Crandall and Briggs were second and third going into turn one on the restart with Van Volkenburg four car lengths ahead. Briggs pressed Crandall finally winning the spot with five to go and the leader was in lap traffic. Van Volkenburg got trapped behind a lap car giving Briggs the opening he was waiting for. Briggs held the lead for a partial lap then the yellow flew for Mike Coast in turn three. Briggs beat Van Volkenburg to turn one on the restart and Chris Couchenour moved into third. Briggs won going away with Van Volkenburg second and Couchenour third.

P6261388.jpg (381131 bytes)Bill Dunn and Jamie Erhard brought the Outlaw Cadets around for Spanky Halls green flag and Erhard jumped right to the front leaving Dunn to second. Harry Carpenter brought out the yellow on lap three. Ron Seeley was third on the restart. Tom Hagberg and Phil Knight tangled on the restart for the yellow one lap later. Seeley took second on the restart and a seven-car incident in turn two brought out the third yellow. Scott Lewis was the only car that could not drive away. Dunn was nudged by Louis DeDionisio on the restart lap losing several spots giving Mike Moore third and DeDionisio fourth. Mark Hall spun to a stop on lap five for the forth caution. Seeley got wide on lap eight sending Moore into the second spot. Andy Knight was fifth and Tom Hagberg sixth. Erhard lost ground to Moore in traffic than nearly lost the lead to Moore as Spanky Hill signaled two to go. Erhard held on for his first win of the year.


P6261392.jpg (346463 bytes)Bob Van Arsdale and Chad Carlson were one and two after the first lap of the Budweiser Super Sportsman event. Pete Volpe and Jim Leonard brought out the first caution on lap two. Bryan Ester lost an axel then spun on the front stretch for caution number two. Carlson used the restart to gain the top spot with Don McGuire third, John Boardman fourth and Pat McGuire fifth. Don McGuire’s car began smoking but he did not slow taking second from Van Arsdale on lap eight. Chris Kuschel stopped up against the wall coming out of turn two for the third yellow. McGuire continued to smoke and still took the lead from Carlson on the restart. McGuire won the event with Carlson second and Pat McGuire third.

P6261401.jpg (434535 bytes)Shane Applebee spun collecting Mike Hess and Mike Kosinski on the first lap of the E-Mod feature. Bill Thomas was in first with Dale Applebee second and K.C. Decker third. Thomas and Applebee charged into turn one on the restart and Thomas led coming out of turn two. John Lacki slipped by Decker one lap later for the third spot and Dave Hess Jr. sat in fifth. Decker would move up beside Lacki in the corners then fall back down the straights. Thomas was still the leader at the halfway point then he got loose in turn four on lap nine spinning the car, collecting Decker and bringing out the yellow giving Dale Applebee the lead. Lacki was second with Dave Hess third and Shane Applebee fourth. Dale Applebee continued to build his lead through the remainder of the event winning by several car lengths over Lacki and Dave Hess Jr.

P6261413.jpg (482286 bytes)P6261416.jpg (474751 bytes)Luke Rutsky passed Jermin Strickland with two laps to go winning the first Super Challenger feature. Henry Seekings grabbed the lead on lap five of the second Challenger event narrowly beating Lee Matczak to the line.


Heat 1: IMR00018.jpg (533170 bytes) Bill Van Volkenburg, Rush Firestone, John Kelsey

Heat 2: IMR00036.jpg (531759 bytes) Dave Tackett, Bob Kinne, Walter Johnson

Feature: Rusty Briggs, Bill Van Volkenburg, Chris Couchenour, John Kelsey, Brian Crandall, Dave Tackett, Rush Firestone, Lester Shoff, Skip Joslin, Pat Passanise

Outlaw Cadets:

Heat 1: IMR00051.jpg (521073 bytes) Scott Lewis, Phil Knight, Eugene Bevil

Heat 2: IMR00062.jpg (526008 bytes) Mike Moore, Mark Hall, Tom Hagberg

Feature: Jamie Erhard, Mike Moore, Ron Seeley, Louis DeDionisio, Tom Hagberg, Andy Knight, Mike Knight, Nathan Short, Philip Knight, John Cline

Budweiser Super Sportsman:

Heat 1: IMR00071.jpg (547467 bytes) John Boardman, Doug Birath, Chris Kuschel
Heat 2: IMR00083.jpg (547369 bytes) Pat McGuire, Bobby Rohrer, Bob Van Arsdale

Feature: Don McGuire, Chad Carlson, Pat McGuire, Bob Van Arsdale, Dan Nocero, Bobby Rohrer, Pete Volpe, Aaron Robinson, John Boardman, Scott Kuschel

E-Mod: Dale Applebee, John Lacki, Dave Hess Jr., Shane Applebee

Heat 1: IMR00091.jpg (537020 bytes) Bill Thomas, K.C. Decker, Shane Applebee

Heat 2: IMR00106.jpg (551167 bytes) Dale Applebee, John Lacki, Dave Hess Jr.

Feature: Dale Applebee, John Lacki, Dave Hess Jr., Shane Applebee, Tommy Fox, Brian Fardink, Tim Rater, Wade Mohawk, Mike Hess, Justin Carlson

Super Late Model:

King of the Hill:

Round 1: Andy Boozel, Bruce Hordusky

Round 2: Paul Briggs, Kevin Weise

Round 3: John Lobb, Doug Eck

Round 4: Rod Maloy, Jason Morel

Round 5: Moose Dunnewold, Mike Coyle

Round 6: Bump Hedman, Mark Ramsey

Round 7: Rich Gardner, Scott Gurdak

Round 8: Chad Valone, Dave Hess Jr.

Round 9: Matt Lanphere, Ward Schell

Round 10: Scott Johnson, Wendell Pinckney

Round 11: Merle Terry, Steve Halpainy

Round 12: Wally Fox, Andy Boozel

Round 13: Paul Briggs, John Lobb

Round 14: Moose Dunnewold, Rod Maloy

Round 15: Rich Gardner, Bump Hedman

Round 16: Chad Valone, Matt Lanphere

Round 17: Scott Johnson, Merle Terry

Round 18: Paul Briggs, Wally Fox

Round 19: Rich Gardner, Moose Dunnewold

Round 20: Scott Johnson, Chad Valone

Round 21: Rich Gardner, Paul Briggs

Round 22: Rich Gardner, Scott Johnson

Feature: Rich Gardner, Scott Johnson, Chad Valone, Dave Hess Jr., Bump Hedman, Wally Fox, Andy Boozel, Scott Gurdak, John Lobb, Paul Briggs, Doug Eck, Mark Ramsey, Bruce Hordusky, Moose Dunnewold, Steve Halpainy, Wendell Pinckney, Kevin Weise, Jason Morell, Matt Lanphere, Ward Schell, Merle Terry, Rod Maloy, Mike Coyle

Super Challenger:

Heat 1: IMR00197.jpg (516675 bytes) Henry Seekings, Chuck Dickerson, Kyle Weilacher

Heat 2: P6261375.jpg (450535 bytes) Steve Soto, Rick Sperry, Bob Swanson

Feature 1: Luke Rutsky, Jermin Strickland, Mike Hamernik, Chuck Dickinson, Wade Slaney, Mike Genco, John Angeletti, James Paul, Keith Robert, Jason Lynn

Feature 2: Henry Seekings, Lee Matczak, Casey Swabik, Brett Van Guilder, Ryan Scott, Dereck Frank, Sam Courson, Jay Seekings, Glenn Slaney, Gary Fisher

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