P6050225.jpg (224754 bytes)P6050223.jpg (243559 bytes)June 5th, 2004 - Dave Hess Jr. Wins NW Penn Auction Sales E-Mod Championship and
Dan Armbruster Wins Super Late Model Feature
 at Stateline Speedway

By Glenn Slocum

Busti, NY: NW Penn Auction Sales sponsored the evening’s events at Stateline Speedway. Dave Hess won his heat then led every lap on E-Mod Championship event and qualified for a try at the $500 bonus at Eriez Speedway. Chris Couchenour notched his third win of the season after taking the lead with two laps remaining in the Spectator feature. Veteran Mike Moore won the Outlaw Cadet feature. Pete Volpe won his third of the season after taking the lead just before the checkers. Twenty-six cars were on hand for the Super Late Model division. Dan Armbruster had the field covered in the Super Late Model event. Aron Dascomb won the Super Challenger feature.

            Scott Pangrazio, Dave Hess Jr., K.C. Decker and Dale Applebee were the top four for the E-Mod Championship event. Randy Hall, Justin Carlson, John Lacki, Dan Nocero and Mike Hess were involved in an incident on lap two causing the first caution. Dave Hess Jr. led lap two with Pangrazio second and Applebee third. A lap five yellow flew for Wade Mohawk. Holly Nelson and Quincy Turner brought out the third caution. Dale Applebee was in second at the end of ten laps as Dave Hess continued to lead. Decker was fourth with Pangrazio fifth. Mike Hess and Hall were sixth and seventh with five laps remaining. Butch Lambert spun with three laps to go for the fourth caution. Dave Hess Jr. set sail on the restart with Dale Applebee several car lengths behind then Decker several behind Applebee. Mike Hess moved into the top five with three remaining. Dave Hess completed the run by leading every lap and winning the $1,000 top prize. Applebee was the runner up with Decker third.

            P6050224.jpg (160370 bytes)Scott Johnson, Moose Dunnewold and Mike Wonderling brought out the yellow on the initial lap of the Super Late Model feature. David Scott was on the pole with Dan Armbruster second, Andy Boozel third and Chris Hackett fourth. Armbruster took control at the start with Hackett second and Scott third. Mark Ramsey and Scott Gurdak were fourth and fifth. Armbruster had caught the tail end of the filed on lap nine and two laps later Bruce Hordusky spun to a stop in turn two for the second caution. The yellow appeared immediately after the green for debris on the speedway. Rich Gardner was shown in fifth with Gurdak sixth for the restart. Gardner captured fourth on the restart with Doug Eck moving into fifth. Armbruster moved into lap traffic once more on lap nineteen then Chad Valone had troubles exiting turn two for the fourth yellow. Brady Wonderling was having clutch problems during the yellow then during the restart spun in turn two for the fifth yellow. Eck was blamed for spinning Wonderling and was sent to the end of the field. Hackett retired during the yellow. Bump Hedman spun on the restart collecting Paul Briggs, Chad Valone and Mike Wonderling. Armbruster continued as the leader with Scott second followed by Gardner, Ramsey, Gurdak and Rod Maloy. Armbruster ran away from the pack on the restart and Gardner challenged Scott for third. Matt Lanphere collected Kevin Weise on lap twenty-two for yellow number six.

            P6050198.jpg (304702 bytes)David McClanahan brought the Spectators feature to Spanky Halls green flag. John Swabik brought out the yellow with two compete as Skip Joslin led. John Kelsey was second with McClanahan third. Kelsey was the first into turn one on the restart as Joslin slipped to second. Rusty Briggs took third on lap four. Debris on the speedway brought out the caution on lap six. Bill Van Volkenburg was fourth with Lester Shoff in the fifth spot. Nate Lester and Rush Firestone brought out the yellow on the restart. Briggs used the restart to take over the top spot with Kelsey second and Shoff third. Shoff, Matt Lozowski and Brian Crandall tangled with two to go. The leaders hooked on the restart allowing Chris Couchenour to take the lead followed by Van Volkenburg and Briggs. Steve Keith captured third on the restart. Couchenour cruised to the win with Van Volkenburg second and Keith third. The final three were run without incident as Armbruster won his first of the season with Scott second and Gardner third.

            P6050210.jpg (231559 bytes)Bill Dunn stopped during the start of the Outlaw Cadet feature before a lap was completed. The next attempted start was foiled when Jason Evans slowed with a broken tie rod on the front stretch. The third attempt was nearly foiled as Paul Norman was sitting sideways on the backstretch but the lap was counted so the yellow flew at the end of the first lap. Dennis Lunger stopped in turn one bringing out the yellow on lap eight as veteran Mike Moore led followed by Jamie Erhard and Nathan Short. Phil and Andy Knight were fourth and fifth. Andy Knight passed his father Phil on the restart lap for the fourth spot as Moore ran away from the field. Moore won by several car lengths for his first of the season.

            P6050215.jpg (213601 bytes)John Boardman led the first lap of the Budweiser Super Sportsman feature with Mike Murray and Bob Van Arsdale following. Richard Digirola and Scott Kuschel tangled on lap six for the first caution of the event. Don McGuire and Pete Volpe passed Murray on the restart. Don McGuire took second one lap later with Volpe and Pat McGuire following. Boardman narrowly led Volpe and Don McGuire with two to go. Volpe used the high line out of four to lead the only lap that counts for his third victory of the season. Boardman had to settle for second with Don McGuire third.P6050227.jpg (175689 bytes)

            Ryan Scott brought out the caution on lap two of the Super Challenger feature as Aron Dascomb led. Dascomb remained the leader through out the event with Casey Swabik second and Sam Courson third.


Heat Winners:P6050016.jpg (86902 bytes)P6050024.jpg (92239 bytes)P6050036.jpg (97224 bytes)P6050049.jpg (87806 bytes)P6050069.jpg (102148 bytes)
P6050084.jpg (312718 bytes)
P6050093.jpg (242393 bytes)P6050104.jpg (306558 bytes)P6050117.jpg (311256 bytes)P6050126.jpg (262542 bytes)P6050156.jpg (233765 bytes)

        6/5/2004      Stateline Speedway Super Late Model

          Heat 1

           1  3S   David Scott, Garland PA

           2  33   Chris Hackett, Erie PA

           3  88   Ted Kosinski

           4  22   Bump Hedman

           5  28B  Dick Barton, Ashville NY

           6  2J   Scott Johnson, Wattsburg PA

           7  90   Wally Fox, Cooperstown PA

           8  11x  Brady Wonderling, Wellsville NY

           9  17   Wendell Pinckney, Albion PA

           10 47   Matt Lanphere, Sinclairville NY