P5013660.jpg (205712 bytes)P5013617.jpg (202635 bytes)Ron Seeley Wins Mountain Dew Outlaw Cadet Championship and  Rich Gardner Wins Super Late Model Feature
at Stateline Speedway
By Glenn Slocum

 Busti, NY: Rain late in the afternoon did not stop the events sponsored by Mountain Dew at Stateline Speedway. Ron Seeley made the inside pass on lap nine to win the Outlaw Cadet Championship event. Rich Gardner brought the number one Budweiser car into victory lane in the Super Late Model feature after surviving several cautions. Corry’s Dennis Lunger won the Spectator feature. Pete Volpe won his second of the season in the Budweiser Super Sportsman feature. Mike Genco won the Super Challenger race.

P5013585.jpg (224397 bytes)Note : Scott Gurdak was on his lid during his qualifying heat but made the feature event, raced into the top 5 and was sent to the back with four laps remaining along with Wally Fox and they both raced back to the front to finish in the top 10.

             P5013620.jpg (270216 bytes)Charlie Parker took control of Outlaw Cadet Championship race with John Cline and Ron Seeley giving chase. Cline passed Parker on lap eight then Parker spun into the infield with obvious mechanical problems. Louis Kinney brought out the first caution on lap nine allowing the field to close behind Cline. Mike Moore was the third place car with Andy Knight fourth and Nathan Short fifth. Debris ruined the restart but the second attempt worked. Seeley made the inside work on the restart as he got under Cline in three and led at the line. Moore began to pressure Cline for second when the yellow appeared for Alex Feisler. Seeley cruised while Moore, Hagberg, Cline, Knight and Short fought for the runner up spot. Moore held off Hagberg at the line for the second spot with Seeley taking the checkers one car length in front of Moore.

             P5013663.jpg (262003 bytes)Twenty-two Super Late Models were on hand for the feature event with Wally Fox on the pole and Rich Gardner in the second spot, Dan Armbruster and Rod Maloy were in row two. Fox led at the end of one with Gardner second then Armbruster and Maloy. Doug Eck was fifth but not for long as he passed Maloy at the line on the end of lap three just as the yellow appeared for a spinning Jason Morell. Fox won the restart and Eck gained another spot as Ted Kosinski lost the handle in turn two. Fox, Gardner, Eck and Scott Johnson were the top four for the restart. Gardner finally make the high side work to lead lap five as Fox lost spots to Johnson and Eck. The yellow appeared for Kosinski on lap six and then for Ward Schell who slowed with a flat on the restart. Gardner remained the leader and Scott Gurdak moved into the top five as the yellow appeared for Matt Lamphere and Andy Boozel. Gurdak passed Fox on the restart then the yellow flew for Morell and Kevin Weise with eight laps completed. Gardner set the pace once more with Johnson and Eck in tow. Gurdak was a distant fourth then came Fox, Maloy and Bump Hedman. Gardner was into lap traffic on the fourteenth circuit with Spanky Hall showing the lap flag to help the leaders through the field. Gardner continued to build his lead and was in front of Johnson by several car lengths with five laps remaining. Weise slowed to a stop high in turn three with four laps remaining. The restart collected Hedman, Fox, Armbruster, Gurdak and Kosinski in a turn one tangle. Gardner held on for the win with Fox and Gurdak charging through the field in the final laps to finish fifth and seventh. Johnson took the number two spot with Eck third and Maloy fourth and rookie Paul Briggs finished fifth.

             P5013646.jpg (256916 bytes)Bill Thomas was leading the E-Mod feature when a spin by Chad Silleman brought out the yellow. Quincy Turner was second with last week’s winner John Lacki in the number three spot. Lacki started to pressure Turner on lap seven as Thomas led by several car lengths. Lacki threw everything a Turner over the remaining laps but nothing stuck as Thomas motored to the win with Turner second and Lacki third.

           P5013607.jpg (249925 bytes) Ken Jackson led the first three laps of the Spectator feature. Lester Shoff spun in turn one slowing the race on lap four. Rush Firestone, Kevin Brumett and Dennis Lunger took over the top three spots on the restart. One lap later John Swabik spun for the second caution. Lunger made the pass on Brumett on lap seven then pulled up beside Firestone to vie for the number one spot. Lunger split to lap cars to get by on lap nine. Two cars went up in smoke on lap nine and Firestone slowed to a stop on the backstretch. Lunger, Brumett and Chris Couchenour were the leaders on the restart. Lunger broke Coucenour’s streak to win his first event of the season. Brumett was second with Couchenour third.

             P5013634.jpg (205643 bytes)Chad Carlson was on the pole for the Budweiser Super Sportsman feature and led lap one. The yellow appeared Tim Nocero on lap two. Scott Kuschel and Bob Van Arsdale were second and third for the restart. Don McGuire, Bobby Rohrer and Jim Leonard tangled on lap four and the yellow appeared once again. Van Arsdale moved into second briefly on lap seven then a charging Pete Volpe took the spot as the yellow appeared for Mike Murray, Leonard and Nocero. Pat McGuire used the restart to challenge Volpe for the second spot. The yellow appeared once more on lap ten. Volpe moved up beside Carlson with one to go made the pass but the yellow appeared once more for a Van Arsdale spin. Carlson fell to third on the last lap restart but Bryan Ester and Murray tangled on the front stretch setting up a one-lap dash for the win. Volpe won going away with Pat McGuire in the second spot followed by Carlson in third.

P5013673.jpg (251004 bytes)

             Mike Genco led all ten laps of the Super Challenger feature for his first feature win with Jake Eller second and Glenn Slaney third.


 Heat 1: P5013482.jpg (159060 bytes) Mike coast, Mike Genco, Mark Luce

Heat 2: P5013492.jpg (309571 bytes) Dana Wellington, Kevin Brumett, Dave Tackett

 Feature: Dennis Lunger, Kevin Brumett, Chris Couchenour, Lester Shoff, Matt Lozowski, Dana Wellington, Dan Surrena, Rush Firestone, Charlie Silleman, David McClanahan.

 Super Challenger:

 Heat 1: Dana Haner, Michael Stoll, Sam Courson

Heat 2: P5013505.jpg (307677 bytes) Dominic DePancean, Glenn Slaney, Luke Rutsky

 Feature:  Mike Genco, Tim Lester, Glenn Slaney, Dereck Frank, Nat Nickerson

 Outlaw Cadets:

 Heat 1: P5013519.jpg (347875 bytes) Andy Knight, Mike Moore, Billy Dunn

Heat 2: P5013528.jpg (330873 bytes) Nathan Short, John Cline, Jamie Erhard

 Feature: Ron Seeley, Mike Moore, Tom Hagberg, John Cline, Andy Knight, Nathan Short, Rick Loomis, Jamie Erhard, Mike Knight, Boyd Whitehead

 Budweiser Super Sportsman:

 Heat 1: P5013538.jpg (271123 bytes) Tim Nocero, Mike Murray, Will Wanstreet
 Heat 2: P5013548.jpg (301577 bytes) Pete Volpe, Bobby Rohrer, Chris Kuschel

 Feature: Pete Volpe, Pat McGuire, Chad Carlson, Don McGuire, Will     Wanstreet, Bobby Rohrer, Scott Kuschel, Bob Van Arsdale, Jim Leonard, Mike Murray


 Heat 1: P5013553.jpg (264076 bytes) Kevin Decker, John Lacki, Dale Applebee

Heat 2: P5013562.jpg (287837 bytes) Bill Thomas, Quincy Turner, Tommy Fox

 Feature: Bill Thomas, Quincy Turner, John Lacki, Dale Applebee, Tommy Fox, Kevin Decker, Shane Applebee, Brian Fardink, Chad Silleman, Dan Nocero

 Super Late Model:

 Heat 1: P5013574.jpg (254895 bytes) Wally Fox, Rod Maloy, Ward Schell, Randy Shearer, Andy Boozel

Heat 2: P5013591.jpg (261000 bytes) Rich Gardner, Rich Gardner, Matt Lamphere, Bump Hedman, Scott Gurdak

Heat 3: P5013596.jpg (239502 bytes) Dan Armbruster, Scott Johnson, Jason Morell, Wendell Pinckney, Ted Kosinski

 Feature: Rich Gardner, Scott Johnson, Doug Eck, Rod Maloy, Wally Fox, Paul Briggs, Scott Gurdak, Darryl Bossard, Moose Dunnewold, Ward Schell, Wendell Pinckney, Mike Coyle, Jason Morell, Mark Ramsey, Dan Armbruster, Ted Kosinski, Andy Boozel, Kevin Weise, Darryl Bossard, Matt Lamphere, Randy Shearer