P5299630.jpg (218576 bytes)Chub Frank Wins Danny Moore’s Corry Chrysler/Ford
MACS “Battle by the Lake” at Stateline Speedway
By Glenn Slocum

 Busti, NY: A cool sunny Saturday afternoon greeted race fans for the Mid Atlantic Championship Series Super Late Model “Battle by the Lake” sponsored by Danny Moore’s Corry Chrysler/Corry Ford. Chub Frank took control of the 50 Lap MACS main event just past the half way mark and never looked back. Brian Crandall won his first Spectator feature of the season. Mike Knight won his first of the season making a last lap pass to win a caution strewn Outlaw Cadet feature. Bobby Rohrer led only the final lap by inches to win the Budweiser Sportsman feature. Mike Hess won the E-Mod event over Dave Hess Jr. and Chub Frank making his Stateline E-Mod debut. Casey Swabik won his first Super Challenger event.

         Robbie Blair and Chris Hackett battled side by side for the first four laps of the first MACS qualifying heat until Paul Briggs stopped in the pit entrance to bring out the caution on lap six. Blair went on to win the event. Scott Cross was the early leader of the second heat but Denny Chamberlain used the high groove for the win. Ty Myers jumped in front of Chub Frank and maintained the lead through out heat number three. Chad Valone spun in front of the field in heat four collecting Chuck Harper, Dick Barton and Jason Morell. Dan Armbruster took the lead on the restart to win heat four.

         Ryan Markham led lap one of the B-Main then fell to third as Doug Eck and Rod Conley both got by on lap two. The yellow flew for Mickey Wright after a spin in four. The leaders remained the same with Wally Fox and Mark Ramsey in fourth and fifth. Conley moved under Eck at the two to go signal but could not make it stick allowing Eck to go on to the win.

         Dick Barton took the lead on lap one of the second consolation event. Andy Boozel, second fast qualifier, was second with Scott Cross third. Mike Christopher spun with three laps complete and Barton took the outside pole for the restart. Cross moved into the second spot on the restart and that was how the race ended with Barton first then Cross and Boozel.

         Rob Blair led from the start in the fast Dash with Chris Hackett second and Paul Wilmoth third. Blair won by a straight away with Hackett and Wilmoth nose to tail at the checkers.

Robbie Blair and Chris Hackett were on the front row for the MAC 50 lap main event. Hackett just beat Blair across the line to lead lap one then Denny Chamberlain did a slow spin to a stop in turn two for the first caution of the event. The restart was a repeat of the first with Hackett leading at the line then Scott Johnson spun into the infield on lap four and the yellow reappeared. Hackett took the point this restart also with Blair still second followed by Rod Phillips and Scott Gurdak. Ryan Markham slowed on the front stretch for the next yellow with five complete. Chub Frank was in the top five on the restart moving from his eleventh starting spot to fifth in five laps. Hackett had a five car length advantage by lap ten with Phillips, Blair, Gurdak and Frank fighting for the second spot. Phillips was scored in the number two spot on lap fourteen and began reeling in Hackett. Philips caught Hackett two laps later and led lap fifteen barely beating Hackett to the line. Frank had got by Gurdak and was on the inside of Blair for the third spot as Hackett desperately tried to get the lead back from Philips.  Frank beat a fading Hackett on lap twenty for the second spot and Blair moved under Hackett. Paul Wilmoth snuck under Blair and Hackett to steal third with twenty-three laps down. Frank grabbed the lead from Philips on lap twenty-seven and moved into heavy lap traffic. Frank continued to extend his lead as the race stayed green. Gurdak suffered a flat on lap forty-six bringing out the yellow and allowing the field to close with Frank. The single file restart saw Frank out front with a lap car between him and the second place Philips. Wilmoth moved under Philips on the final lap to take second as Frank cruised to the victory.

P5299610.jpg (299255 bytes)Ron Bush and Mark Luce were on the front row of the Spectator feature which saw a yellow just after the green as Pat Landy spun in turn one. Bush retired during the yellow placing Wade Watson in the second spot followed by Luce. Brian Crandall took the top spot on the restart and led one lap then Ken Jackson spun to stop in turn three. John Swabik passed Crandall at the end of lap two then a spin by Dana Wellington brought out the third yellow. Swabik retired during the yellow. Rusty Briggs stole the lead from Crandall on the next lap then spins at both ends of the speedway brought out yellow number four. Crandall regained the lead once the race was restarted. John Kelsey spun with ten laps complete setting up a two-lap dash for the win. Briggs tried to move under Crandall in turn two on the restart but the car would not stick as he lost several spots with Matt Lozowski getting the second spot and Crandall the win.

            P5299612.jpg (264588 bytes)Billy Dunn led the Outlaw Cadets out but Paul Norman led the first lap. Mark Hall was second followed by Dunn. A multi-car incident in turn one stopped the race on lap four. Hall came out on top after the restart then Jamie Erhard was turned collecting several cars on lap five. The caution came right back out for Alex Fiesler who had spun to a stop in turn one. Mark Hall took the green and once more a spinning car ruined the restart. The race began to settle down as two laps were run then Erhard and Dunn tangled for another yellow. One more lap was completed the Nathan Short lost it in traffic collecting Eugene Bevil and Phil Knight. The half way mark was finally achieved with Hall still in the lead followed by Norman, Mike Knight and Louis DeDionisio. The last half of the race ran caution free with Mike Knight passing Hall on the last lap to notch his first win of the season.

           P5299614.jpg (269185 bytes) Joe Buccola Jr. brought out the yellow on the first lap of the Budweiser Super Sportsman event. Aaron Robinson was on the pole and led the first lap with Chris Kuschel second. Pete Volpe lost a wheel with four laps complete bringing out the yellow for the second time. Don McGuire was in the second spot with Chris Kuschel third and Mike Corrigan fourth. Don McGuire beat Kuschel to turn one for the lead on the restart and his brother Pat moved into the third spot sending Kuschel and Robinson back another spot. Bobby Rohrer took the fourth spot with four to go. The leader stopped in turn one with two to go ending his night and allowing Pat McGuire to take the lead. Rohrer was second followed by Robinson and Kuschel. Rohrer made it a race coming out of turn four on the final lap to beat McGuire by inches.

            P5299640.jpg (253277 bytes)Dave and Mike Hess made up the front row of the E-Mod event and Dave was leader after one as Mike settled into second and Chub Frank was third. The yellow appeared on lap four and the field was quickly aligned for the restart. Frank moved under Mike Hess on the restart but a car stalled in the pit entrance brought out the yellow. Mike Hess used the inside to take the lead on the restart then Wade Mohawk found the front stretch wall for the second yellow. Mike Hess remained the leader after the restart with Frank and Dave Hess hotly contesting the second spot. Dale Applebee was fourth with Justin Carlson fifth and Bill Thomas sixth. Mike Hess stayed out front for the remainder of the laps and Dave Hess just nipped Frank at the line for second.

           P5299642.jpg (220899 bytes) The Super Challengers ran green to checkers to end the evening’s events with Casey Swabik getting into victory lane for the first time. Dereck Frank finished second with Bret Van Guilder third. 


Heat 1: P5299436.jpg (336070 bytes)Bill Reeves, Mark Luce, Ken Jackson

Heat 2: P5299445.jpg (349322 bytes)Brian Crandall, Nate Lester, Bill Van Volkenburg

Feature: Brian Crandall, Matt Lozowski, Terry Lavery, Bill Reeves, Ken Jackson Rush Firestone, Rusty Briggs, Wade Watson, Mark Luce, Lester Shoff

 Outlaw Cadets:

Heat 1: P5299462.jpg (329268 bytes)Paul Norman, Mark Hall, Scott Lewis

Heat 2: P5299475.jpg (322529 bytes)Nathan Short, Jamie Erhard, Andy Knight

Feature: Mike Knight, Mark Hall, Paul Norman, Louis DeDionisio, Mike Moore, Jamie Erhard, Scott Lewis, John Cline, Rick Loomis, Philip Knight

Super Challenger:

Heat 1: P5299598.jpg (252715 bytes)Ryan Scott, Casey Swabik, Bob Belson

Heat 2: P5299602.jpg (242179 bytes)Bryan Muscarella, Bob Swanson, Dominic DePancean

Feature:  Casey Swabik, Dereck Frank, Bret Van Guilder

Budweiser Super Sportsman:

Heat 1: P5299545.jpg (304281 bytes)Mike Corrigan, Tim Nocero, Mike Murray
Heat 2: P5299556.jpg (314978 bytes)Chad Carlson, Bob Van Arsdale, Pat McGuire

Feature: Bobby Rohrer, Pat McGuire, Aaron Robinson,  Mike Corrigan, Dan Nocero, Chad Carlson, Hank Francis, Chris Kuschel, Scott Kuschel, Bob Van Arsdale


Heat 1: P5299566.jpg (320728 bytes)Dave Hess Jr., Shane Applebee, Justin Carlson

Heat 2: P5299577.jpg (309230 bytes)Mike Hess, Chub Frank, John Lacki

Feature: Mike Hess, Dave Hess Jr., Chub Frank, Dale Applebee, Justin Carlson

Super Late Model:

Heat 1: Rob Blair, Paul Wilmoth, Dave Hess Jr., Chris Hackett, Ryan Markham

Heat 2: Denny Chamberlain, Keith Barbara, Scott Gurdak, Rich Gardner, Andy Boozel

Heat 3: Ty Myers, Chub Frank, David Scott, Bump Hedman, Doug Eck

Heat 4: Dan Armbruster, Scott Johnson, Rod Philips, Chad Valone, Dick Barton

Consolation 1: Doug Eck, Rod Conley, Ryan Markham,

Consolation 2: Dick Barton, Scott Cross, Andy Boozel

Dash: P5299488.jpg (332091 bytes)Rob Blair, Chris Hackett, Paul Wilmoth, Ty Meyers

Feature: Chub Frank, Paul Wilmoth, Rod Philips, Rob Blair, Chad Valone, David Scott, Doug Eck, Dick Barton, Bump Hedman, Chris Hackett, Rich Gardner, Dan Armbruster, Ty Meyers, Andy Boozel, Chuck Harper, Denny Chamberlain, Scott Cross, Keith Barbara, Scott Gurdak, Dave Hess, Rod Conley, Rod Maloy, Scott Johnson, Ryan Markham

 MACS Time Trials:



1st Lap


Robbie Blair



Andy Boozel



Ty Myers



Rod Phillips



Paul Briggs



Scott Gurdak



Mark Ramsey



Jason Morell



Chris Hackett



Scott Cross



Bump Hedman



Chad Valone



Paul Wilmoth



Keith Barbara



David Scott



Dan Armbruster



Ryan Markham



Rich Gardner



Chub Frank



Scott Johnson



Dave Hess



Denny Chamberlain



Doug Eck



Dick Barton



Rod Conley



Ted Kosinski



Mickey Wright



Chuck Harper



Wally Fox



Mike Christopher



Rod Maloy



Moose Dunnewold



Matt Lanphere



Chevy Scott



Kevin Weise