P9116668.jpg (83833 bytes)Randy Lobb Wins Tobber Racing Super Late Model Feature at Stateline Speedway
By Glenn Slocum

Busti, NY: Tobber Racing sponsored the last regular race of the season. John Kelsey won his second of the season in the Spectator feature. Randy Lobb won his heat gaining the the number one starting spot for Super Late Model feature only to lose the lead to Chris Hackett on the initial start. After a lap two caution Lobb regained the top spot leading the remainder of the event to win his first of the year. Nathan Short led every lap of the Outlaw Cadet feature for his third win. Chad Carlson also led from green to checkers to win his second of the year in the Budweiser Super Sportsman division. Dave Hess Jr. passed Dan Nocero with four laps remaining in the E-Mod feature to get his fifth win of the season. Bob Belson and Aron Dascomb won the Super Challenger features.

Amy McArdle won the Outlaw Cadet Powder Puff event in the Brian Zimmerly car. Ty Genco and Angela McAvoy won the Super Challenger Powder Puff. Cindy Carlson won the Budweiser Super Sportsman Powder Puff.

Steve Moynihan, Rick Carlson, Dick Henshaw, Mike Kosinski, Ryan Harvey and Bob Turner won mechanic races.

P9116667.jpg (83034 bytes)Randy Lobb and Chris Hackett brought the Super Late Models to the speedway with Dan Armbruster and Rich Gardner in row two. Hackett led by a car length on lap one over Randy Lobb and Armbruster. John Lobb and Dave Lyon tangled bringing out the first yellow with two complete. Randy Lobb led the next lap with Hackett falling into second followed by Armbruster, Gardner and Briggs. Gardner lost the lead pack on lap eight as Randy Lobb, Hackett and Armbruster were out in front by ten car lengths. Mike Coyle spun in turn two for the second caution with eleven laps complete. John Lobb pulled into the pits leaking fluid during the caution. Moose Dunnewold and Wendell Pinckney brought out the yellow on the restart with spins in turn two. Lobb began to rebuild his lead after the restart and Gardner was challenging Armbruster for third. Gardner finally bested Armbruster on lap nineteen as the leader caught lap traffic. Randy Lobb finished in heavy lap traffic to win the event with Hackett second and Gardner third.

P9116632.jpg (84673 bytes)Lonnie Waldron took the lead from Wade Watson at the drop of the green in the Spectator feature event then one lap later the yellow flew for an incident on the backstretch involving Brian Crandall, Matt Green and Shiloh Swabik. On the restart Watson got sideways collecting Bill Reeves and Mark Luce. Waldron, Rodney Thoms and Kevin Brumett were the new leaders for the restart. Thoms beat Waldron into turn one on the restart to lead lap two with John Kelsey third. Kelsey passed Waldron on lap three as the yellow flew for a stopped Bill Baker Jr. Kelsey grabbed the lead on the restart and Nate Lester jumped into second placing Thoms into the third spot. Five laps later the yellow flew for Jeff Berger who had spun to a stop in turn four. Brumett and Lester Shoff moved into the top four placing Thoms in fifth after the restart. Shoff tangled with Waldron and John Swabik as the checkers flew for Kelsey with Lester second and Brumett third.

P9116635.jpg (85841 bytes)Ron Seeley and Nathan Short were on the front row for the Outlaw Cadet feature with Short the first to the line on lap one. Seeley was second followed by Louis DeDionisio, Mike Moore and Mike Knight. The race stayed green until a spin by Rick Loomis brought out the yellow with seven laps complete. Short quickly gained a five car length lead then two laps later Moore had troubles in turn two for the second caution. The green only lasted one lap then Loomis and Brian Campbell tangled in turn four for caution number three. The caution flew for debris on the track on the restart. Short took control on the lap eleven restart and was not challenged during the final four laps notching his third win of the season with Seeley second and DeDionisio third.

P9116637.jpg (91444 bytes)Chad Carlson led the first lap of the Budweiser Super Sportsman feature with John Boardman second and Bob Van Arsdale third. Carlson caught the tail end of the field with six laps complete and a straightaway lead. Bryan Ester stopped high in turn four bringing out the only caution of the event with eight laps complete. Carlson continued to out pace the field winning by several car lengths over Boardman and Van Arsdale.

P9116645.jpg (86973 bytes)Dan Nocero and Al Crocker were on the front row for the E-Mod feature. Nocero was the first one around with Crocker second and Dustin Eckman third. The yellow flew for a fluid lead in the 31 car of Troy Carr on lap two. A major incident on the restart collected over half the field when Dave Will got sideways near the starter stand. Only fifteen cars remained after the lengthy caution. Nocero led lap two with Crocker second and Carr third. Dave Hess Jr. moved by Carr for third on lap four the one lap latter continued his march to the front passing Crocker for the runner up spot. Will and Jason Illig tangled with five complete for the third caution. Illig slowed after lap six for the fourth caution. Hess began to immediately pressure Nocero on the restart then a spin by Jim Hilyer brought out the fifth yellow one lap later. Nocero held on to the lead at the cross flags but Hess had managed to get position under him and completed the pass on the next lap with four laps remaining. Hess could not be caught during the final laps winning his fifth of the year.


Heat 1: P9116538.jpg (92941 bytes)Rodney Thoms, Clarence Dickerson, Lonnie Waldron

Heat 2: P9116545.jpg (92909 bytes)Bill Reeves, John Kelsey, Lester Shoff

Feature: John Kelsey, Nate Lester, Kevin Brumett, Rodney Thoms, Brian Crandall, Ken Jackson, Clarence Dickerson, Shiloh Swabik, Jeff Burger, Berton Chapel

Outlaw Cadets:

Heat 1: P9116554.jpg (93175 bytes)Ron Seeley, John Cline, Mike Moore

Heat 2: P9116560.jpg (99590 bytes)Nathan Short, Louis DeDionisio, Dave Tolon

Feature: Nathan Short, Ron Seeley, Louis DeDionisio, Mike Knight, Dave Tolon, Wayne Mohawk, Mike Moore, John Cline, Scott Lewis, Troy Dorman

Budweiser Super Sportsman:

Heat 1: P9116569.jpg (107435 bytes)John Boardman, Don McGuire, Mike Murray
Heat 2: P9116577.jpg (107327 bytes)Chad Carlson, Bob Van Arsdale, Aaron Robinson

Feature: Chad Carlson, John Boardman, Jeff Van Arsdale, Don McGuire, Dan Nocero, Pat McGuire, Mike Murray, Tim Nocero


Heat 1: P9116586.jpg (99549 bytes)Dan Nocero, Dave Will, Mike Munsee

Heat 2: P9116594.jpg (98081 bytes)Al Crocker, Troy Carr, Chris Sutton

Heat 3: P9116599.jpg (96554 bytes)Dustin Eckman, Mike Boyd, Dale Applebee

Feature: Dave Hess Jr., Dan Nocero Jr., John Lacki, Troy Carr, Quincy Turner, Dustin Eckman, Justin Carlson, Jim Hilyer, Mike Moon, John Waters

Super Late Model:

Heat 1: P9116609.jpg (86868 bytes)Randy Lobb, Dan Armbruster, Bruce Hordusky, Dave Hess Jr., Doug Eck

Heat 2: P9116616.jpg (86035 bytes)Chris Hackett, Rich Gardner, Paul Briggs, Wendell Pinckney, Andy Kania

Feature: Randy Lobb, Chris Hackett, Rich Gardner, Dan Armbruster, Dave Hess Jr., Paul Briggs, Dave Lyon, Andy Kania, Wendell Pinckney, Doug Eck, Moose Dunnewold, Andy Boozel, Mike Coyle, Bruce Hordusky, John Lobb, Scott Gurdak

Super Challenger:

Heat 1: P9116621.jpg (82102 bytes)Glenn Slaney, Aron Dascomb, Bob Belson

Heat 2: P9116628.jpg (84624 bytes)Jay Seekings, Kirk Foust, Rick Sperry

Feature 1: P9116672.jpg (86509 bytes)Bob Belson. Glenn Slaney, Sam Courson, Dan Nocero, Ben Burgess, Dominic DePancean, Monty Seekings, Keary Howard, Shayne Erhard, James Paul

Feature 2: P9116674.jpg (82208 bytes)Aron Dascomb, Jason Black, Brett Van Guilder, Mike Gibbons, Jason Johnson, Jamie Schnars, Randy Carlson, Rick Sperry, Shawn Seekings, Scott Kinney