P9187194.jpg (81629 bytes)P9187204.jpg (85391 bytes)P9187212.jpg (84218 bytes) Todd Andrews, Rich Gardner and Robbie Blair Top Qualifiers for Fun Fest at Stateline Speedway

By Glenn Slocum

Busti, NY:
A cool clear evening greeted racers and fans on the first night of the Fun Fest sponsored by Chip and Dave Turner Enterprises, Sunoco Race Fuels and Busch Beer. The racers drew for position in the qualifying events and their finish position will determine their starting positions in Sundays Finale. Luke Rutsky won the Super Challenger King of the Hill and Chris Couchenour won the Spectator King of the Hill. Todd Andrews won the first Super Late Model qualifier so will start on the pole on Sunday with Rich Gardner starting second and Robbie Blair starting third.

Heat one for the Super Late Models saw Todd Andrews and Dave Hess Jr. in the front row. Andrews ran away for the win with Randy Lobb taking second and Dave Hess Jr. third.

Moose Dunnewold started on the pole for the second heat with Jason Morell leading the first five laps losing the lead to Rich Gardner on lap six. Morrell nearly spun losing several spots on lap six. Dunnewold finished second with Bruce Hordusky third.

Robbie Blair and Dan Armbruster were on the front row for the third and final heat. Blair took the led on the first lap and never looked back with Armbruster nearly spinning on lap six falling back to fifth at the end. Chris Hackett was second followed by Dave Lyon and Dave Scott.

The action started early with Lester Shoff and Bill Baker Jr. tangling in the first Spectator heat putting Shoff hard into the back stretch wall. Rodney Thoms won the event for the pole starting spot in tomorrows Spectator feature. John Kelsey narrowly defeated Chris Couchenour in the second heat.

Jim Frank, Kevin Golden and Brett Van Guilder won the Super Challenger heats and Dan Osborne won the Four Cylinder heat.

Chad Carlson and Pete Volpe were the Budweiser Super Sportsman winners. Mike Moore and Nathan Short were the Outlaw Cadet winners.

The E-Mod winners were Dale Applebee, Mike Hess and K.C. Decker.


Heat 1: P9187089.jpg (88104 bytes) Rodney Thoms, Brian Bush, Dave McClanahan

Heat 2: P9187095.jpg (87817 bytes) John Kelsey, Chris Couchenour, Don Fuller

Four Cylinders:

Heat: P9187103.jpg (83135 bytes) Dan Osborne, Tom Bean, Stan Davis Jr.

Super Challenger:

Heat 1: P9187109.jpg (80553 bytes) Jim Frank, Dereck Frank, Jay Seekings

Heat 2: P9187117.jpg (79432 bytes) Kevin Golden, Luke Rutsky, Ryan Scott

Heat 3: P9187126.jpg (81720 bytes) Brett Van Guilder, Bob Belson, Shawn Seekings

Budweiser Super Sportsman:

Heat 1: P9187135.jpg (83071 bytes) Chad Carlson, Aaron Robinson, Brent Crandall
Heat 2: P9187145.jpg (83089 bytes) Pete Volpe, Pat McGuire, Bob Hazzard

Outlaw Cadets:

Heat 1: P9187159.jpg (79142 bytes) Mike Moore, Louis DeDionisio, Mike Knight

Heat 2: P9187165.jpg (79943 bytes) Nathan Short, Scott Lewis, Dave Tolon


Heat 1: P9187172.jpg (83737 bytes) Dale Applebee, Tommy Fox, Al Crocker, Dan Nocero, Mike Boyd

Heat 2: P9187177.jpg (81624 bytes) Mike Hess, Dave Hess Jr., Billy Uhl, Chris Sutton, Dustin Eckman

Heat 3: P9187187.jpg (84099 bytes)K.C. Decker, Quincy Turner, Scott Pangrazio, Tom Hagberg, Greg Oakes

Super Late Model:

Heat 1: Todd Andrews, Randy Lobb, Dave Hess Jr., Bill Cunningham, Dick Barton

Heat 2: Rich Gardner, Moose Dunnewold, Bruce Hordusky, Mickey Wright, Jason Morell

Heat 3: Robbie Blair, Chris Hackett, Dave Lyon, Dave Scott, Dan Armbruster


Super Challenger King of Hill:

Round 1: Luke Rutsky, Jay Seekings

Round 2: Dereck Frank, John Angeletti

Round 3: Kevin Golden, Brett Van Guilder

Round 4: James Paul, Chris Withers7164993692

Round 5: Sam Courson, Mike Genco

Round 6: Dan Nocero Jr., Randy Carlson

Round 7: Robert Nocero, Don Kennedy

Round 8: Brian Swift, Mike Gibbons

Round 9: Jim Frank, Dominic DePancean

Round 10: Rob Yahner, Bill Lindenberger

Round 11: Gary Fisher, 112 - N/A

Round 12: Ben Burgess Jr., Shawn Seekings

Round 13: Rod Birt, Ryan Scott

Round 14: Aron Dascomb, Paul Nelson

Round 15: Kyle Scott, Chris Bowman

Round 16: Bob Belson, Tim Loomis

Round 17: Luke Rutsky, Dereck Frank

Round 18: Levin Golden, Jim Paul

Round 19: Dan Nocero Jr., Sam Courson

Round 20: Robert Nocero, Brian Swift

Round 21: Jim Frank, Rob Yahner

Round 22: Ben Burgess Jr., Gary Fisher

Round 23: Aron Dascomb, Rod Birt

Round 24: Kyle Scott, Bob Belson

Round 25: Luke Rutsky, Kevin Golden

Round 26: Robert Nocero, Dan Nocero Jr.

Round 27: Jim Frank, Ben Burgess Jr.

Round 28: Kyle Scott , Aron Dascomb

Round 29: Luke Rutsky, Robert Nocero

Round 30: Kyle Scott, Jim Frank
Round 31: P9187228.jpg (83392 bytes) Luke Rutsky, Kyle Scott

Spectator King of the Hill:

Round 1: Bill Baker Jr., Skip Joslin

Round 2: Matt Lozowski, Rodney Thoms

Round 3: Nate Lester, Wade Watson

Round 4: Dave McClanahan, Jeff Harvey

Round 5: John Kelsey, Jeff Fellows

Round 6: Tom Norland, Don Standley

Round 7: Chris Couchenour, Charlie Silleman

Round 8: Dan Surrena, Walter Johnson

Round 9: Bill Baker Jr., Brian Bush

Round 10: Matt Lozowski, Nate Lester

Round 11: John Kelsey, Dave McClanahan

Round 12: Chris Couchenour, Tom Norland

Round 13: Bill Baker Jr., Dan Surrena

Round 14: John Kelsey, Matt Lozowski

Round 15: Chris Couchenour, Bill Baker Jr.

Round 16: P9187234.jpg (79838 bytes) Chris Couchenour, John Kelsey