SS0904-1.jpg (160573 bytes)Scott Johnson Wins Late Model Feature Race and the Points Championship at Stateline Speedway
by Jay Pees


         SS0904-2.jpg (156041 bytes)Stateline Speedway crowned itís points champions with Scott Johnson gaining his first Championship, Coming into the final points race of the season Scott Johnson had a 46-point lead over Rich Gardner.  The lead widened when Johnson won his heat while Gardner was third in his.  From his outside front-row starting position, Johnson took off to the early lead in the feature while Gardner was mired in traffic.  A four-car pile-up slowed the pace on lap three but not the leaderís determination to win his first-ever points title.  When the race resumed, Johnson again was strong but Chris Hackett was pulling alongside in every turn, but Johnson was incredibly strong off the corners.  Randy Lobb stopped on the track surface at lap fourteen to interrupt the action with another caution.  After the green again flew, Miles Stitzinger began challenging Hackett, allowing Johnson to get away and proceed to his fourth Victory of the season at Stateline and his first-ever points Championship by 130 points over Gardner, who ended the event in fifth position.  But the final laps were not a romp for Johnson as a caution at lap 23 allowed Hackett to move back on his back bumper, even leading by less that a foot at the white flag.  At the finish it was Johnson, Hackett, Dan Armbruster, Mile Stitzinger, and Rich Gardner.

      IMG_4537.jpg (64178 bytes)IMG_4488.jpg (77114 bytes)Brian Fardink led to turn three of the first lap of the E-Mod feature when Quincy Turner attempted to pass, jumping over Fardinkís front tire, causing it to go flat.  On the restart, Turner led till lap three when he spun in turn three, handing the lead to Matt Swanson.   At the start K C Decker assumed the lead with Swanson running second.  Swanson succumbed to mechanical problems at lap 6.  Decker led the remaining distance to pick up his first Stateline Victory of the season.  Finishing second was Justin Carlson, third was Troy Carr.  Tom Hagberg and Bill Thomas filled out the top five.  Dale Applebee emerged as the point champion over Bill Thomas.

        IMG_4465.jpg (71988 bytes)IMG_4489.jpg (63196 bytes)Only two points separated leaders Bobby Rohrer and Pat McGuire heading into the Budweiser Super Sportsman feature.  Ironically, the two are teammates.  Points leader McGuire trailed Rohrer, the pursuer, throughout the event while chasing race leader Bob Hazzard.  Hazzard never faltered, picking up his second consecutive win, his second of the season.  By virtue of finishing second, Rohrer won the points championship by 18 points over McGuire, who wound up third.  Fourth in the event was Pete Volpe and fifth was Aaron Robinson.

         IMG_4454.jpg (63901 bytes)IMG_4453.jpg (74389 bytes)Dana Wellington led the Outlaw Cadets until getting high on the racing surface in turn two of lap three, handing the lead to hard-charging Ron Seeley.  A four-car pileup in turn one slowed the action at lap four.  Second place point car Michael Knight was involved in the incident, hurting his chances of making up the 171-point deficit from leader Nathan Short.  Although Knight was able to continue, he was never again a challenge in the event.  Short, who ended the race in third, won the title by 216 points over Seeley, who replaced Knight for second in the points.   After gaining the lead, Seeley, the 2003 champ, survived three more cautions at the front before gaining his third win of the season over Mark Hall, Short, Louie DeDionisio, and Mike Moore.

        IMG_4427.jpg (76013 bytes)Mark Luce led the first four laps from the pole position before losing the lead to David McClanahan, who went on to pick up the win in the first Spectator feature over Clarence Dickerson, Rodney Thoms, Skip Joslin, and Mike Coast.




        IMG_4432.jpg (71705 bytes)Rush Firestone led the first four laps of the second Spectator feature before losing the lead to Kevin Brumett on a restart.  Brumett went on to lead the next four laps before spinning in turn two, turning the lead over to Brian Crandall.  Crandall led the rest of the way to win over John Swabik, Matt Lozowski, Lester Shoff, and Rush Firestone.   In the points race, Nate Lester led by thirty over Jamestownís Chris Couchenour going into the feature.  Both drivers had problems but Lester failed to finish the event while Couchenour finished seventh to win the title by 110 markers.


        Kirk Foust won the first Challenger feature and Rick Sperry won the second.  Ryan Scott captured the points championship by 25 points over Glenn Slaney.


IMG_4542.jpg (70434 bytes)IMG_4549.jpg (73662 bytes)IMG_4544.jpg (61974 bytes)


Heat 1: IMG_4233.jpg (45703 bytes) Mark Luce, David McClanahan, Shiloh Swabik, Clarence Dickerson, Lonnie Waldron

Heat 2: IMG_4269.jpg (41888 bytes) Brian Crandall, John Swabik, Lester Shoff, Chris Couchenour, Nate Lester

Feature 1: David McClanahan, Clarence Dickerson, Rodney Thoms, Skip Joslin, Mike Coast

Feature 2: Brian Crandall, John Swabik, Matt Lozowski, Lester Shoff, Mike Coast


Outlaw Cadets:

Heat 1: IMG_4296.jpg (42409 bytes) Paul Norman, Troy Dorman, Rick Loomis, John Cline, Scott Lewis

Heat 2: IMG_4310.jpg (43624 bytes) Mark Hall, Andy Knight, Phil Knight, Michael Knight, Mike Moore

Feature: Ron Seeley, Mark Hall, Nathan Short, Louis DeDionisio, Mike Moore, Philip Knight, Bill Dunn, Jamie Erhard, Michael Knight, Dennis Lunger


Budweiser Sportsman:

Heat 1: IMG_4345.jpg (48154 bytes) John Boardman, Mike Murray, Bryan Ester, Will Wanstreet, Scott Kuschel

Heat 2: IMG_4357.jpg (90210 bytes) Bob Hazzard, Pat McGuire, Don McGuire, Bobby Rohrer, Bob Van Arsdale

Feature: Bob Hazzard, Bobby Rohrer, Pat McGuire, Pete Volpe, Aaron Robinson, Chris Kuschel, Don McGuire, Scott Kuschel, Mike Murray, Jim Leonard



Heat 1: IMG_4369.jpg (88859 bytes)Matt Swanson, Tommy Fox, Justin Carlson, Jason Illig, Jim Hilyer

Heat 2: IMG_4382.jpg (83057 bytes) Brian Fardink, Quincy Turner, K C Decker, Troy Carr, Tom Hagberg

Feature: K C Decker, Justin Carlson, Troy Carr, Tom Hagberg, Bill Thomas,


Super Late Models:

Heat 1: IMG_4390.jpg (73984 bytes) Moose Dunnewold, Miles Stitzinger, Rich Gardner, Paul Briggs, Andy Boozel

Heat 2: P9046310.jpg (94531 bytes) Scott Johnson, Chris Hackett, Doug Eck, Wendell Pinckney, Merle Terry

Heat 3: P9046320.jpg (93879 bytes) Dan Armbruster, Ward Schell, Scott Gurdak, Bumpy Hedman, Kevin Weise

Feature: Scott Johnson, Chris Hackett, Dan Armbruster, Miles Stitzinger, Rich Gardner, Merle Terry, Scott Gurdak, Paul Briggs, Randy Lobb, Jason Morell, Steve Halpainy, Moose Dunnewold, Wendell Pinckney, Doug Eck, Ward Schell, Kevin Weise, Bump Hedman, Mike Coyle, Andy Boozel


Super Challengers:

Heat 1: IMG_4396.jpg (68236 bytes) Kevin Golden, Dominic DePancean, James Paul, Bob Swanson, Luke Rutsky

Heat 2: IMG_4418.jpg (66576 bytes) Mike Gibbons, Ben Burgess, Randy Carlson, Rod Brit, Gary Fisher

Heat 3: Aron Bascomb, Ryan Scott, Jay Seekings, Glenn Slaney, Kirk Foust

Feature 1: Kirk Foust, Ryan Scott, Brett Van Guilder, Sam Courson, Jay Seekings

Feature 2: Rick Sperry, Kevin Golden, Luke Rutsky, Mike Kelwaski, Randy Carlson