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Dick Barton Wins NW Penn Super Late Model Feature at Stateline Speedway
By Glenn Slocum

Busti, NY: NW Penn sponsored the events at Stateline Speedway. The Super Late Models raced without roofs. Dick Barton led every lap of the topless event for his fourth win of the season, his sixty-sixth at Stateline and his 201st career win. Lester Shoff took the lead on the thirteenth lap to win his fifth of the season in the Spectator division. Doug Eck knocked Dave Hess Jr. off the hill to capture the Budweiser Super Late Model King of the Hill title. Bob Hazzard won his third Budweiser Super Sportsman feature after passing John Boardman on lap five of the fifteen lap event. Mike Moore won by inches in the Outlaw Cadet division beating Dave Tackett who had led from the start. Dave Hess Jr. and Justin Carlson put on a driving demonstration in the E-Mod feature with Hess barely beating Carlson at the finish line on the final lap. Amber Belson won her fourth Lady Challenger feature. Butch Camarata won his first Super Challenger feature and Alex Froman passed Leslie Armstrong with two laps remaining to win his fourth in the second Super Challenger feature.

IMG_3370.jpg (485879 bytes)Andy Kania and Dick Barton led the Super Late Models into turn one for their NW Penn Topless feature event. Barton won the dash leading the first lap with Kania second and Doug Eck third. Chad Valone had settled into the fourth spot. A lap six spin by Mike Knight allowed the field to close with Barton. The top five for the restart were Barton, Kania, Eck, Valone and Gardner. Mark Matthews waived off the first lap six restart and accepted the second. Eck moved under Kania and Gardner challenged Valone on the restart lap but neither could make the pass stick. Eck remained alongside Kania as they swapped the second spot several times. Eck slowed on lap ten as the yellow flew for debris on the track. Eck pulled into the pits during the yellow. Barton, Kania, Gardner, Valone and Randy Lobb were the restart leaders. Gardner quickly moved up under Kania for the runner up spot on thee restart and did lead by a nose on lap twelve with Kania returning the favor one lap later. Barton was cruising as Kania and Gardner fought for the second spot. Gardner followed Kania for several laps then once more challenged from the low side and Matthews gave the five to go signal. Barton remained in cruise control with a twenty car length advantage. Ted Kosinski turned Ward Schell as the two to go signal was given putting the field in single file for the lap twenty-four restart. Barton did what he does so well as he controlled the restart and led the final two for his 66th win at Stateline and 201st overall.

IMG_3360.jpg (475303 bytes)John Boardman grabbed the early lead in the Budweiser Super Sportsman division. Chad Carlson slowed to stop as lap three ended bringing out the yellow. Bob Hazzard took the lead from Boardman in turn one on lap five then Jake Eller had problems in turn four for the second yellow. Hazzard, Boardman and Tim Nocero were the leaders for the restart. Nocero spun on lap six collecting John Volpe and Chris Kuschel for the third yellow. Don McGuire was third for the restart with Bobby Rohrer fourth and Pat McGuire fifth. Boardman slipped up the speedway on lap eight letting both Don McGuire and Rohrer by. Two laps later Boardman did a complete 360 in turn four but kept moving losing several spots. Hazzard led by thirty car lengths with two to go and finished the last two laps unchallenged for his third win.

IMG_3345.jpg (456361 bytes)Rick Thompson and John McFadden were on the front row for the Spectator feature. McFadden led the first circuit with Thompson second and John Kelsey third. Kelsey lost the handle on lap two slipping back to fourth moving Dave Johnson into third. Johnson took second from Thompson on the next lap. Chris McDonald spun with five laps complete for the first caution. McFadden remained in control after the restart with Kelsey back up to second and Johnson third. Kelsey went around on lap eight bringing out the caution and Jason Genco took over third. Johnson went into the pits with a flat during the caution. McFadden, Genco and Lester Shoff were the leaders after the restart. Two laps later Genco went around in turn four collecting Pat Landy and Josh Lucas for the third yellow. McFadden, Shoff and Nate Lester were the top three for the lap eleven restart. David McClenahan ended up facing the wrong way on the back stretch bringing out the fourth yellow. With two to go Shoff moved up alongside the leader then as they raced down the back stretch the leader slowed bringing out the yellow putting Shoff in first with Lester second and Mike Zemcik third. McClenahan, Mark Luce and Mort John brought the sixth yellow with one lap remaining. Shoff held on for his fifth win of the season.

IMG_3363.jpg (504372 bytes)Dave Tackett, John Cline and Troy Dorman were the leaders at the end of the first Outlaw Cadet feature lap. Tackett quickly built a sizeable lead over Cline with led Dorman by ten car lengths. Tackett entered lap traffic on lap seven then one lap later several cars spun in turn three including Mark Hall, Dorman and Chris Bowman. Tackett immediately started rebuilding his lead on the restart and Brian Crandall passed Hall for the third spot. One lap later Mike Moore passed both Hall and Crandall for the third position. Moore continued to advance passing Cline for the second spot and began to run down Tackett but before he caught him Dave Marrs spun to a stop in turn four for the second yellow. Tackett could not shake Moore on the restart and they took the white nearly side by side. Tackett led out of turn four with Moore switching to the high side and nipping Tackett at the line for his fourth win.

IMG_3368.jpg (470539 bytes)Dan Nocero lost the top spot to Justin Carlson on the first lap of the E-Mod feature. Lap two ended when Dennis Lunger spun to a stop in turn three for the first yellow. Nocero turned the tables to lead lap three then slipped in turn four letting Carlson and Dave Hess by but the yellow came out for Dana Wellington and Nocero got his spot back for the restart. Andy Sweetland spun into the infield on the restart for caution number three. Carlson took the lead back on the restart bringing Dave Hess along. Carlson stayed high letting Hess use the low groove and the two ran side by side for three laps until another spin by Wellington brought out the fourth yellow with seven laps complete. Lunger and Wayne Mohawk tangled on the restart for yellow number five. Shane Applebee slowed bringing out the yellow on lap nine. Carlson would win the race down the back stretch but Dave Hess was able to dive deeper into three but just could not make the pass. The yellow flew for Wellington again on lap twelve. Carlson, Dave Hess, Mike Hess, Nocero and Quincy Turner were the top five. Carlson and Dave Hess returned to the battle. Dave Hess did a slid job on Carlson but Carlson switched lanes beating Dave Hess to the line but on the final lap Dave Hess used the inside to beat Carlson out of turn four and win by inches.

IMG_3386.jpg (500912 bytes)Rod Birt came out on top after the first lap of the first Super Challenger feature then lost the lead Butch Camarata on lap four then fought back to lead lap five. Camarata regained the lead on lap eight as Birt slipped to third behind Mike Beatman. Camarata crossed the line first for his first feature win of the season.

IMG_3392.jpg (496554 bytes)The yellow flew on the first lap on the second Super Challenger feature. Paul Nelson was the leader after one lap with Jesse Dash second and Leslie Armstrong third. Armstrong beat Dash out of turn two on lap three for the second spot. One lap later Armstrong had caught Nelson and began to challenge for the lead. Armstrong made the pass for the lead on lap six. Alex Froman came from twelfth to pass Armstrong on lap eight for the win.


Heat 1: IMG_2924.jpg (636371 bytes) Nate Lester, Lester Shoff, Rick Thompson

Heat 2: IMG_2959.jpg (567233 bytes) Chris McDonald, Stan Davis, Pat Landy
Heat 3: IMG_2985.jpg (576010 bytes) Jim Bergman, John Britt, Clarence Dickerson

Feature: Lester Shoff, Nate Lester, Jason Genco, John Kelsey, Clarence Dickerson, Rick Thompson, Mike Zemcik, Josh Lucas, Bill Reeves, Wade Watson

Budweiser Super Sportsman:

Heat 1: IMG_3026.jpg (633837 bytes) Bryan Ester, Bob Van Arsdale, John Volpe

Heat 2: IMG_3055.jpg (578767 bytes) Pat McGuire, Scott Kuschel, Bob Hazzard

Feature: Bob Hazzard, Don McGuire, Bobby Rohrer, Pat McGuire, Chad Carlson, Bryan Ester, Scott Kuschel, John Boardman, Bob Van Arsdale, Chris Kuschel

Outlaw Cadets:

Heat 1: Rick Loomis, Steve Moynihan, George Milks

Heat 2: IMG_3101.jpg (552113 bytes) Jamie Erhard, Mark Hall, Phil Knight

Feature: Mike Moore, Dave Tackett, John Cline, Brian Crandall, Nathan Short, Andy Knight, Mark Hall, Troy Dorman, Jamie Erhard


Heat 1: IMG_3122.jpg (622055 bytes) Dan Nocero Jr., Brian Fardink, Quincy Turner

Heat 2: IMG_3168.jpg (567832 bytes) Justin Carlson, Mike Hess, Dave Hess Jr.

Feature: Dave Hess Jr., Justin Carlson, Mike Hess, Dan Nocero Jr., Quincy Turner, Tom Hagberg, Dustin Eckman, Chris Sutton, Matt Swanson, Troy Carr

Super Late Model:

Heat 1: IMG_3215.jpg (614925 bytes) Andy Kania, Doug Eck, Randy Lobb, Dave Lyon, Scott Johnson

Heat 2: IMG_3234.jpg (558115 bytes) Dick Barton, Rich Gardner, Bump Hedman, Paul Briggs, Matt Urban

Heat 3: IMG_3256.jpg (586684 bytes) Chad Valone, John Lobb, Rod Maloy, Dave Hess Jr., Bruce Hordusky

Feature: Dick Barton, Andy Kania, Rich Gardner, Randy Lobb, Chad Valone, Bump Hedman, John Lobb, Rod Maloy, Bruce Hordusky, Paul Briggs, Dave Hess Jr., Scott Johnson, Scott Gurdak, Dave Lyon, Mike Knight, Andy Boozel, Darrell Bossard, Merle Terry, Steve Halpainy, Randy Shearer, Ted Kosinski, Moose Dunnewold, Ward Schell, Matt Urban, Doug Eck

Super Challenger:

Heat 1: IMG_3306.jpg (512350 bytes) Leslie Armstrong, Wesley Jackson, Mike Genco

Heat 2: IMG_3325.jpg (550589 bytes) Paul Nelson, Jay Seekings, Jared Boardman

Heat 3: IMG_3342.jpg (522666 bytes) Rod Birt, Mike Beatman, Kevin Golden

Feature 1: Butch Camarata, Wesley Jackson, Rod Birt, Mike Beatman, Austin Fitzgerald, Travis Darling, Mike Genco, Richie Seaholm, Jeff Strickland, Eugene Hart

Feature 2: Alex Froman, Leslie Armstrong, Paul Nelson, Sam Courson, Aron Dascomb, Kevin Golden, Dereck Frank, Jay Seekings, Kyle Jackson, Bryon Johnson Jr.

Lady Challenger:

Heat 1: IMG_3278.jpg (540743 bytes) Amber Belson, Stephanie Hilyer, Karen Roemer

Feature: IMG_3381.jpg (477275 bytes) Amber Belson, Stephanie Hilyer, Karen Roemer, Mary Hammond, Stephanie Devereaux, Jennifer Weagraff, Tara Jordan, Jodee Jordan, Becky Campbell, Jessie Cupp