IMG_4096.jpg (256311 bytes) Merle Terry Wins Roberts Trucking
Super Late Model Championship Race at Eriez Speedway
By Glenn Slocum

Busti, NY: Mother Nature finally cooperated and racing resumed at Eriez Speedway with the Roberts Trucking Super Late Model Championship Race. Merle Terry had a perfect race night winning his heat and holding off Rich Gardner in the thirty lap event putting his name on the $2000 winner’s check. Wade Slaney won his fifth Spectator feature event. Chad Carlson won his third Budweiser Super Sportsman feature. Dewey Kinnear led every lap of the Outlaw Cadet feature to get his first win of the season. Mike Hess used his nephew, Dave Hess Jr., backup car to win his fifth E-Mod feature besting a twenty-seven car field in a caution filled event. Stephanie Hilyer won the Lady Challenger feature. Austin Fitzgerald won the first Super Challenger feature and Glenn Slaney won the second.

Merle Terry and Wendell Pinckney were on the front row for the Roberts Trucking Super Late Model thirty lap Championship race. It was a made scramble on the first lap with Terry coming out on top. The second time through turn one Pinckney ended up backed into the fence for the first yellow. Terry, Randy Lobb, Ward Schell, Rich Gardner, and Paul Briggs were the top five for the restart. Gardner used the outside to pass Schell on the restart. Chris Freeman had trouble in turn three on lap four for the second caution. John Lobb spun into the infield on the front stretch one lap later for caution three. Terry, Randy Lobb, Gardner, Briggs and Boozel were the top five. Andy Kania passed Boozel for the fifth spot on the restart as Terry led Randy Lobb by seven car lengths. At the half way mark Terry had a ten car length lead and Gardner had just passed Randy Lobb for the runners up spot. With ten laps remaining Gardner was leading Randy Lobb by several car lengths but was still trailing Terry several car lengths. Bruce Hordusky brought out the fourth yellow after spinning to a stop in turn three. Terry and Gardner led the single file restart with eight laps remaining. Gardner whittled Terry’s lead just two car lengths as the white flew but could not get any closer giving Terry his biggest win of the season.

IMG_4034.jpg (266053 bytes)Mike Harmon grabbed the lead on the start of the Spectator event but gave way to Wade Watson just as the yellow flew for a car stopped in turn three. Watson and Josh Lucas were on the front row for the lap three restart. Lucas beat Watson into turn one to lead the lap then the point leader Lester Shoff tangled with Walter Johnson for the second yellow. Lucas held on to the top spot after the restart with Watson second and Bush third. Bush suffered a right rear flat on lap eight putting Johnson into the number three position with Lonnie Waldron fourth. Watson got under Lucas on lap eleven to take control and just one lap later the yellow flew for Chris Couchenour in turn two. Lucas had lost several spots so the top five for the lap thirteen restart were Watson, Wade Slaney, Waldron, Jeff Harvey and Lucas. Slaney went to the front on the restart then the yellow appeared with Watson, Waldron and Rick Thompson involved. Slaney, Harvey and Lester were the leaders as the white flew. Carl Marcy and Mort John spun on the white flag lap setting up a dash for the finish. Slaney held on with Lester grabbing second and Lester Shoff third.

IMG_4049.jpg (279268 bytes)Joe Buccola out paced everyone on the start of the Budweiser Super Sportsman feature quickly building a ten car length lead over the field. Mike Murray slowed to a stop on the back stretch on lap four bringing out the first yellow. Buccola, Bobby Rohrer and John Boardman were the top three for the restart. Rohrer managed to stay with Buccola on the restart. Rohrer lost second Boardman on lap seven then the two touched wheels letting Chad Carlson by for the second spot. Don McGuire and Dan Francis tangled in turn one with ten laps complete for the second yellow. Carlson passed Buccola on the restart and quickly built a ten car length lead over Buccola. Carlson ran the final laps unchallenged for his third win.

IMG_4063.jpg (282595 bytes)Dewey Kinnear led the first lap of the Outlaw Cadet feature with Bob Vogt Jr. second and Andy Knight third. Dave Tackett was fifth followed by Paul Norman and Louis DeDionisio. Andy Knight exploded a tire on the lap eight leaving the front straight littered with debris for the first caution. Tackett took over the third spot with Norman fourth and DeDionisio fifth. Kinnear held on to the lead and DeDionisio passed Norman for fourth on the restart. DeDionisio moved up along side Tackett several times during the final laps of the event but could not make the pass as Kinnear easily won for his first of the season.

IMG_4076.jpg (268845 bytes)Twenty seven E-Mods came to the line for their feature event with Mike Hess and Dustin Eckman on the front row. The first lap quickly came to a stop with several cars stopped in turn one. The second start was more successful as Mike Hess led with Eckman second and Dave Hess Jr. third. Justin Carlson and Mike Boyd completed the top five. Eckman lost two spots to Dave Hess and Carlson then the yellow flew for Ryan Scott in turn one and Eckman was placed back into the second spot. Troy Carr and Chris Sutton became entangled on the restart quickly bringing the yellow back out. Mike Hess stayed in front then two laps later Carlson spun coming out of turn two while battling Dave Hess for the third spot collecting Bill Taylor and bringing out the third yellow flag. Brian Fardink moved into the fourth spot on the restart with Boyd fifth. The race was slowed on lap eight after Eugene Stetson backed into the turn one fence. Several cars at the rear of the field had problems on the restart for the fifth yellow. Mike Hess led the next three laps then Sutton tangled with Carlson coming out of turn two for yellow number six. The top five for the lap eleven restart were Mike and Dave Hess, Eckman, Boyd and Dennis Lunger. Two more laps were complete then Kyle Scott spun collecting Jeff Fellows. Dave Hess Jr. slowed during the restart giving second to Eckman with two laps to go. Lunger also had problems near the end losing several spots as Mike Hess won his fifth.

IMG_4104.jpg (280797 bytes)Austin Fitzgerald led the first lap of the first Super Challenger feature. A lap three incident involving Sam Courson, Greg Rockwell and Casey Swabik brought out the first caution. A spinning car brought out the yellow right after the green then a stopped car foiled the next restart. Fitzgerald nearly lost the lead to Dan McGarvie on the restart then fought back and began to move away from the field. Fitzgerald won going away with Bob Swanson finishing second and Jeff Strickland third.

    IMG_4108.jpg (255591 bytes)Clayton Blackman led the fist two laps then lost the lead to Glenn Slaney on lap three. Alex Froman caught Blackman on lap seven for the second spot and Chris Withers charged from nineteenth to finish third.



Heat 1: IMG_3842.jpg (318187 bytes) Mike Harmon, Mort John, Mark Luce

Heat 2: IMG_3854.jpg (317604 bytes) Josh Lucas, Rodney Thoms, Lonnie Waldron

Heat 3: IMG_3872.jpg (308667 bytes) Lester Shoff, Wade Slaney, Jeff Harvey

Consi: Nate Lester, Dave Surrena, Rick Thompson

Feature: Wade Slaney, Nate Lester, Lester Shoff, Josh Lucas, Mike Zemcik, Carl Marcy, Jeff Harvey, Wade Watson, Lonnie Waldron, Clarence Dickerson

Budweiser Super Sportsman:

Heat 1: IMG_3886.jpg (304307 bytes) Jake Eller, Brent Crandall, John Boardman

Heat 2: IMG_3899.jpg (305650 bytes) Chad Carlson, Pat McGuire, Bobby Rohrer

Feature: Chad Carlson, Joe Buccola Sr., Bobby Rohrer, Pat McGuire, John Volpe, John Boardman, Brent Crandall, Scott Kuschel, Jim Leonard, Bob Van Arsdale

Outlaw Cadets:

Heat 1: IMG_3911.jpg (309692 bytes) Phil Knight, Brian Zimmerly, Pat McGuire

Heat 2: IMG_3921.jpg (294681 bytes) Nathan Short, Joe Weber, Ron Seeley

Feature: Dewey Kinnear, Bob Vogt Jr., Dave Tackett, Louis DeDionisio, Joe Weber, Paul Norman Jr., Phil Knight, Ron Seeley, Nathan Short, Brian Zimmerly


Heat 1: IMG_3928.jpg (290787 bytes) Mike Hess, Justin Carlson, Chris Sutton

Heat 2: IMG_3948.jpg (302403 bytes) Dustin Eckman, Mike Boyd, Troy Carr

Heat 3: IMG_3970.jpg (295123 bytes) Dave Hess Jr., Brian Fardink, Chad Silleman

Feature: Mike Hess, Dustin Eckman, Mike Boyd, Brian Fardink, Greg Oakes, Dave Will, Matt Swanson, Greg Johnson, Gerry Kielar, Alex Fiesler

Super Late Model:

Heat 1: IMG_3982.jpg (298968 bytes) Merle Terry, Ward Schell, Paul Briggs, John Lobb, Chris Freeman

Heat 2: IMG_3987.jpg (291350 bytes) Wendell Pinckney, Chris Hackett, Andy Boozel, Bruce Hordusky, Dave Hess Jr.

Heat 3: IMG_3994.jpg (279077 bytes) Randy Lobb, Rich Gardner, Andy Kania, Steve Halpainy, Doug Eck

Feature: Merle Terry, Rich Gardner, Randy Lobb, Paul Briggs, Andy Boozel, Andy Kania, Chris Hackett, Dave Hess Jr. Steve Halpainy, Moose Dunnewold, Bump Hedman, Ward Schell, John Lacki, Mike Knight, Bruce Hordusky, Wendell Pinckney, John Lobb, David Scott, Chris Freeman, Doug Eck, Dave Lyon, Scott Gurdak, Miles Stitzinger

Lady Challenger:

Heat 1: IMG_3998.jpg (272319 bytes) Kari Moore, Stephanie Hilyer, Katelyn Pinckney

Feature: IMG_4100.jpg (278733 bytes) Stephanie Hilyer, Kari Moore, Amber Belson, Katelyn Pinckney, Kayla Riefstahl, Becky Campbell

Super Challenger:

Heat 1: IMG_4005.jpg (284411 bytes) Sam Courson, Travis Darling, Len Strange

Heat 2: IMG_4015.jpg (243242 bytes) Glenn Slaney, Austin Fitzgerald, Jay Seekings

Feature 1: Austin Fitzgerald, Bob Swanson, Jeff Strickland, Dan McGarvie, Gary Fisher, Ed Proper, Wesley Jackson, John Ostrowski, Dan Clark, Ben Burgess Jr.

Feature 2: Glenn Slaney, Alex Froman, Chris Withers, Leslie Armstrong, John Mease, Aron Dascomb, Ryan Harvey, Jermin Strickland, Clayton Blackman, Casey Burch