Rain Forces Cancellation of Corry Chrysler/Corry Ford Super Late Model Championship at Stateline Speedway
By Glenn Slocum

Busti, NY: Mother Nature allowed the racing to begin on Saturday but just as the first Super Late Model qualification event was on the track the skies opened up. Track personnel tried to run the track back in but the rain persisted forcing the cancellation.


Heat 1: IMG_4206.jpg (818122 bytes) Nate Lester, Jason Genco, Rodney Thoms

Heat 2: IMG_4221.jpg (712125 bytes) Pat Landy, Brian Graham, Marc Luce

Heat 3: IMG_4236.jpg (720643 bytes) Clarence Dickerson, Wade Watson, Tom Norland

Budweiser Super Sportsman:

Heat 1: IMG_4248.jpg (743665 bytes) Chris Kuschel, Jim Leonard, Bob VanArsdale

Heat 2: IMG_4259.jpg (745891 bytes) Chad Carlson, Mike Kosinski, Don McGuire

Outlaw Cadets:

Heat 1: IMG_4271.jpg (730406 bytes) Paul Norman Jr., Bob Vogt Jr., Troy Dorman

Heat 2: IMG_4285.jpg (724787 bytes) Andy Knight, Ron Seeley, John Cline


Heat 1: IMG_4296.jpg (697147 bytes) Justin Carlson, Don Nocero Jr., Greg Johnson

Heat 2: IMG_4310.jpg (704154 bytes) Dave Hess Jr., Mike Hess, Dennis Lunger