IMG_3660.jpg (518912 bytes)IMG_3679.jpg (503003 bytes)Dave Hess Jr. Wins JD Byrider E-Mod Championship Race
Bruce Hordusky Super Late Model Feature Winner
at Eriez Speedway
By Glenn Slocum

Erie, Pa: Thirty E-Mods were on hand for the JD Byrider E-Mod Championship Race. Bill Taylor won the pole by winning the first qualification event and Dave Hess Jr. won the second for the outside pole starting spot. Hess took advantage of his front row starting spot to take the lead on the first lap leading every lap and getting his third win of the season. Veteran Bruce Hordusky won his second of the season in the Super Late Model event surviving a major pile up during the event. Nate Lester won a caution filled Spectator feature which saw the leaders being sent to the back because of late race caution. Yellows were the rule for Budweiser Super Sportsman and Bob Hazzard won his first of the season. Nathan Short started fifth and finished first in the Outlaw Cadet feature for his fourth win of the season. Kim Bell won the Lady Challenger feature. Casey Swabik won the Super Challenger feature.

Bill Taylor gave way to Dave Hess Jr. on the first lap of the JD Byrider E-Mod Championship race. The yellow flew at the end of the lap for several cars including Justin Carlson and Josh Silleman. Dave Hess stayed in front with Taylor second Shane Applebee third and Pat McGuire fourth. Several cars spun on lap four for the second yellow. Dave Hess got the jump on the restart leading Taylor by three car lengths. Bret Porter spun collecting Taylor and Applebee while several other cars made it by for yellow number three with five of the twenty laps complete. The top three for the restart were Dave Hess, Mike Hess and Tom Hagberg. Pat McGuire was fourth followed by Troy Carr and Chris Sutton. At the half way point the leaders were beginning to lap slower cars then the yellow flew for Brian Guzowski. Several cars tangled on the start including Mike Boyd, Alex Fiesler, Silleman, Ryan Scott and Larry Walters. Dave Hess led the next three laps then the yellow appeared for Guzowski. Porter spun on the front stretch along with Thomas with seventeen laps complete. After the lap eighteen restart Hess easily controlled the event for his third of the season.

Moose Dunnewold, Bruce Hordusky, Bump Hedman and Rich Gardner were the two front rows for the Super Late Model feature. Dunnewold led the first circuit with Hordusky second and Hedman third. Mike Knight ended up facing the wrong direction in turn four for the first caution on lap three. The leaders touched coming out of two on the restart allowing Hedman to take the lead but cars started spinning in the middle of the back stretch and before it ended Gardner, Randy Lobb, Mike Knight, Wendell Pinckney, Paul Briggs and Merle Terry were piled together nearly blocking the rear straight. Only fourteen cars remained for the lap three restart as Gardner managed to return before the restart. Dunnewold led Hordusky at the end of lap three but went wide in two on lap four allowing Hordusky by. Hedman managed to pass Dunnewold one lap later to give chase to Hordusky. Doug Eck and Dave Hess moved into third and fourth on lap six than Andy Kania grabbed fifth. Hordusky had a ten car length lead at the half way point then a spin by Andy Boozel brought out the third yellow with thirteen laps complete. One lap after the restart debris brought out then fourth yellow. Hordusky set sail after the restart and staying well ahead of Hedman over the remainder of the event.

IMG_3632.jpg (502449 bytes)Walt Johnson and Ken Lamp Jr. were on the front row for the Spectator feature event. Chris McDonald nosed into the guardrail coming out of turn two on the first lap causing a complete restart. Wade Watson was on the pole for the restart with John Naughton running second. Naughton jumped the start twice and was move back to fourth for the third attempted restart putting Rick Thompson in second. Thompson beat Watson to turn one a led the first lap. Watson lost second to Jason Heslop then on lap three Jason Heslop spun bringing out the fourth yellow. The top five for the lap three restart were Thompson, Watson, Tom Norland Jr., Jeff Harvey and Lester Shoff. Shoff gained two spots on the restart then one lap latter Thompson slowed giving the lead to Norland. Norland held the lead for just one lap before giving way to Shoff. Wade Slaney was third and then passed Norland on lap seven to try and run down Shoff. Slaney caught Shoff on lap eleven and led that that lap by a car length. Going into turn three on lap twelve Shoff tapped Slaney who spun and kept going but the yellow was thrown and both cars were placed at the rear of the field for the restart. Norland resumed the lead with Nate Lester second. The restart failed when Rodney Thoms spun collecting John Pencile and Jason Heslop. Norland led as the two to go signal was given then Lester made his move passing Norland in three and four to lead the final lap for his second win of the season.

IMG_3641.jpg (478715 bytes)Eric Ester led the pack into turn one on the start of the Budweiser Super Sportsman feature. Ester led the three laps then Mike Murray stopped on the front stretch bringing out the caution. The top five for the lap four restart were Ester, Dan Francis, Bob Hazzard, Scott Kuschel and Bobby Rohrer. Ester controlled the restart with Hazzard on his bumper and Francis third. Ester got a little wide coming out of turn four on lap five letting Hazzard gain the top spot to lead lap six. Ester spun on lap eight bringing out the second yellow. Hazzard, Don McGuire, Bobby Rohrer, Scott Kuschel and Pat McGuire were the top five. Don McGuire was up alongside Hazzard on lap ten and eleven but the yellow flew for Chris Kuschel who had slowed to a stop on the front stretch. Brent Crandall made a sudden right turn on the restart bringing out the fourth yellow. Hazzard controlled the restart as he and Don McGuire broke away for the rest of the filed. Pat McGuire moved from fifth to third then the yellow flew on lap fourteen for Jake Eller and Chad Carlson stopped up against the fence in turn two. Mark Mathews waived off the restart then accepted the second. Final lap spins by Eller and Carlson did not stop the race as Hazzard won with the checkers and yellow flying together.

IMG_3647.jpg (456378 bytes)Brian Crandall started third in the Outlaw Cadet feature but led lap one. Crandall fell to Ron Seeley on lap two as Nathan Short ran third with Paul Norman fourth. Andy Knight spun into the infield on lap four bringing out the yellow. Seeley, Crandall, Short, Norman and Brian Zimmerly were the top five for the lap five restart. Crandall and Short both passed Seeley in turn one on the restart with Zimmerly fourth and Norman fifth. One lap later Crandall went high in two allowing Short to get by on the low side, the lap ended with a caution for Dennis Lunger in turn two. Short held on to the lead after the restart and began to run away from the field. Dave Tackett brought out the caution on twelve ruining Shorts lead. Andy Knight had trouble on the restart and the yellow immediately followed the green. Short had a fifteen car length lead with two to go easily ran the final two to win his fourth of the season.

IMG_3686.jpg (424403 bytes)Karen Roemer led the first three laps of the Lady Challenger feature giving way to Kim Bell on lap four. Stephanie Hilyer started eleventh and finished third with Roemer second.

IMG_3694.jpg (473553 bytes)Greg Rockwell grabbed the lead at the start of the Super Challenger feature with Justin Kaliszewski second and Tom Cupp third. Kaliszewski passed for the lead on lap five bringing Casey Swabik with him. A stalled car in turn four brought out the yellow with six laps complete. Swabik took the lead on the restart and held off Glenn Slaney for the win.


Heat 1: IMG_3412.jpg (450481 bytes)Wade Watson, Joe Heslop, Kevin King

Heat 2: IMG_3432.jpg (441853 bytes)Nate Lester, Wade Slaney, Jason Heslop

Feature: Nate Lester, Tom Norland Jr., Jeff Harvey, Jason Heslop, Rodney Thoms, Wade Slaney, Lester Shoff, Brian Bush, Rick Thompson, Joe Heslop

Budweiser Super Sportsman:

Heat 1: IMG_3450.jpg (506064 bytes)John Boardman, Brent Crandall, Bob Van Arsdale
Heat 2: IMG_3469.jpg (442005 bytes)Bob Hazzard, Chris Kuschel, Pat McGuire

Feature: Bob Hazzard, Don McGuire, Pat McGuire, John Volpe, Bobby Rohrer, Chad Carlson, John Boardman, Brent Crandall, Dan Francis, Chris McGuire

Outlaw Cadets:

Heat 1: IMG_3486.jpg (475216 bytes)Phil Knight, John Cline, Brian Zimmerly

Heat 2: IMG_3499.jpg (466801 bytes)Dave Tackett, Brian Crandall, Nathan Short

Feature: Nathan Short, Brian Crandall, Ron Seeley, Louis DeDionisio, Phil Knight, Brian Zimmerly, Dave Tackett, Paul Norman Jr., Dewey Kinnear, Bob Vogt Jr.


Heat 1: IMG_3518.jpg (452697 bytes)Bill Taylor, Shane Applebee, Mike Hess

Heat 2: IMG_3530.jpg (424848 bytes)Dave Hess Jr., Josh Silleman, Mike Boyd
Heat 3: IMG_3554.jpg (496180 bytes)Pat McGuire, Jeff Walters, Troy Carr

Consi: Dennis Lunger, Mike Moon, Dave WIll

Feature: Dave Hess Jr., Mike Hess, Tom Hagberg, Pat McGuire, Troy Carr, Chris Sutton, Dave Will, Brian Fardink, Eugene Stetson, Justin Carlson

Super Late Model:

Heat 1: IMG_3566.jpg (448477 bytes)Moose Dunnewold, Rich Gardner, Merle Terry, Andy Kania, Scott Gurdak

Heat 2: IMG_3579.jpg (486221 bytes)Bruce Hordusky, Doug Eck, Dave Hess Jr., Randy Lobb, Mike Knight

Heat 3: IMG_3588.jpg (519386 bytes)Bump Hedman, Steve Halpainy, Dave Lyon, Andy Boozel, Paul Briggs

Feature: Bruce Hordusky, Bump Hedman, Doug Eck, Dave Hess Jr., Scott Gurdak, Andy Kania, David Lyon, Moose Dunnewold, Steve Halpainy, Chris Hackett, Ward Schell, Rich Gardner, Mike Coyle, Andy Boozel, Merle Terry, Randy Lobb, Wendell Pinckney, Paul Briggs, Mike Knight

Super Challenger:

Heat 1: IMG_3611.jpg (453957 bytes)Jared Boardman, Sam Courson, Monty Seekings Jr.

Heat 2: IMG_3620.jpg (481884 bytes)Bob Belson , Aron Dascomb, Alex Froman

Feature: Casey Swabik, Glenn Slaney, Alex Froman, Chris Withers, Bob Belson, Lee Matczak, Justin Kaliszewski, Aron Dascomb, Rick Sperry, Monty Seekings Jr.

Lady Challenger:

Heat 1: IMG_3603.jpg (473693 bytes)Kim Bell, Karen Roemer, Stephanie Hilyer

Feature: Kari Moore, Karen Roemer, Stephanie Hilyer, Amanda Swanson, Kayla Riefstahl, Amber Belson, Kim Bell, Katelyn Pinckney, Jessica Hanson, Becky Campbell