IMG_9601.jpg (478587 bytes)Bruce Hordusky gets first win of season at Eriez Speedway

Mountain Dew Challenger Championships go to Swanson and Matczak
By Jay Pees

Erie, Pa: July 3, 2005

Ward Schell and Bruce Hordusky brought the twenty-two car Super Late Model field to Mark Matthews’ green flag. Hordusky was first to the first turn and began to power away from the pack until reigning champion Rich Gardner slammed the third turn wall on lap two. At five laps, both Scott Gurdak and Doug Eck got by Schell with Eck taking over the runner-up spot a lap later. At lap nine Chris Hackett attempted to get by Scott Gurdak in turn one, but the cars touched, getting Hackett sideways and Gurdak spinning. More caution periods slowed the event but nothing was going to get between Hordusky and his first win of the season. Eck was second at the finish followed by Chris Hackett, Ward Schell, Bumpy Hedman, Dave Lyon, Rich Gardner, Paul Briggs, Chad Valone, and Michael Knight.

IMG_9574.jpg (435541 bytes)The E-Mod feature was paced by Mike Boyd and Joel Watson with Watson getting the lead at the start. Through several caution periods Watson held onto the lead, pulling away from the field. The Ashtabula, OH native got his first win of the season over fifth starting Dave Hess Jr, pole sitter Mike Boyd, seventh starting Brian Fardink, and eighth starting Mike Hess, a four-time winner this season.

IMG_9536.jpg (522285 bytes)Dewey Kinnear started the Outlaw Cadet feature from the pole position and led until a lap 2 restart when Ron Seeley took over. Kinnear retook the lead on a lap six restart. Kinnear then suffered overheating problems and retired from the event on a lap eleven caution. Seeley restarted the race from the lead and appeared to be on his way to the win, but faltered in the final turn and was defeated at the finish by Joe Weber. It was Weber’s second consecutive win. Seeley was second with Nathan Short third, Paul Norman fourth and Brian Zimmerly fifth.

IMG_9477.jpg (506591 bytes)John Volpe took over the lead from Bob Van Arsdale on lap two of the Sportsman feature. The race was red flagged on lap four for a rollover on the back straight by Jake Eller. Eller was OK and the race continued with Don McGuire taking over the top spot on the restart. McGuire went on to his third win of the 2005 season with Bobby Rohrer second with third, Chad Carlson third, Bob Hazzard fourth, and John Boardman fifth.

IMG_9434.jpg (508601 bytes) Seventeen cars started the Spectator feature with Tom Norland taking the immediate lead with Nate Lester coming to second by lap three. At lap six it was three wide for the lead with Wade Slaney and Rick Thompson challenging Norland. Slaney prevailed for his second win of the season with Thompson finishing second and Norland third. Last week’s winner, Lester Shoff was fourth with Nate Nester fifth.

IMG_9615.jpg (427285 bytes)The Mountain Dew Challenger Champion race for the Lady Challenger division was red-flagged for a violent flip by Becky Campbell on the first lap. She was OK but shaken in her first night of competition. Amanda Swanson won the event over Mary Lou Keith and Amber Belson.

IMG_9623.jpg (489033 bytes)The Super Challenger Championship race sponsored by Mountain Dew was won by Lee Matczak, followed by Bob Belson and Aaron Dascomb.


Heat 1: IMG_8973.jpg (517548 bytes) Fred McClanahan, Wade Watson, Joe Heslop

Heat 2: IMG_9043.jpg (447040 bytes) Jeff Harvey, Nate Lester, Rodney Thoms

Feature: Wade Slaney, Rick Thompson, Tom Norland, Lester Shoff, Nate Lester, Josh Lucas, Tim Thompson, Rob Bates, Wade Watson, Fred McClenahan

Outlaw Cadets:

Heat 1: IMG_9138.jpg (519304 bytes) Nathan Short, Joe Weber, Brian Crandall

Heat 2: IMG_9166.jpg (446209 bytes) John Cline, Paul Norman, Dewey Kinnear

Feature: Joe Weber, Ron Seeley, Nathan Short, Paul Norman, Brian Zimmerly, George Milks, John Cline, Andy Knight, Brian Crandall, Dave Tackett

Budweiser Super Sportsman:

Heat 1: IMG_9079.jpg (539432 bytes) Mike Murray, Jake Eller, Brent Crandall
Heat 2: IMG_9108.jpg (504287 bytes) Don McGuire, John Volpe, Pat McGuire

Feature: Don McGuire, Bobby Rohrer, Chad Carlson, Brent Crandall, John Boardman, Eric Ester, John Volpe, Scott Kuschel, Bob Van Arsdale, John Daugherty


Heat 1:IMG_9215.jpg (471100 bytes) Mike Boyd, Chris Sutton, Brian Fardink

Heat 2: IMG_9238.jpg (426701 bytes) Joel Watson, Dave Hess Jr, Mike Hess

Heat 3: IMG_9260.jpg (490744 bytes) Tom Hagberg, Mike Moon, Justin Carlson

Feature: Joel Watson, Dave Hess Jr., Mike Boyd, Brian Fardink, Mike Hess, Troy Carr, Herm Hilyer, Justin Carlson, Don Standley, Jeff Fellows

Super Late Model:

Heat 1: IMG_9279.jpg (435833 bytes) Ward Schell, Scott Gurdak, Bump Hedman, Dave Lyon, Rich Gardner

Heat 2: IMG_9291.jpg (478953 bytes) Bruce Hordusky, Andy Kania, Dave Hess Jr, Paul Briggs, Merle Terry

Heat 3: IMG_9330.jpg (463797 bytes) Chris Hackett, Doug Eck, Andy Boozel, Chevy Scott, Jason Morell

Feature: Bruce Hordusky, Doug Eck, Chris Hackett, Ward Schell, Bumpy Hedman, Dave Lyon, Rich Gardner, Paul Briggs, Chad Valone, Michael Knight, George LaBarbera, Andy Boozel, Scott Gurdak, Jason Morell, Mike Coyle, Moose Dunnewold, Wendell Pinckney, Merle Terry, Dave Hess Jr., Andy Kania, Steve Halpainy, Chevy Scott

Super Challenger:

Heat 1: IMG_9388.jpg (468636 bytes) James Hayes, David Lindsey, Luke Rutsky

Heat 2: IMG_9401.jpg (481796 bytes) Lee Matczak, Leslie Armstrong, Alex Froman

Feature: Lee Matczak, Bob Belson, Aaron Dascomb, Glenn Slaney, Ben Burgess Jr., Leslie Armstrong, Bob Fisher, Chris Withers, Rod Birt, Don Kennedy

Lady Challenger:

Heat 1: IMG_9350.jpg (456469 bytes) Mary Hammond, Amber Belson, Amanda Swanson

Feature: Amanda Swanson, Mary Lou Keith, Amber Belson, Rachel Wright, Kayla Riefstahl, Tara Jordan, Mary Hammond, Becky Campbell