IMG_6204.jpg (282681 bytes)IMG_6223.jpg (285585 bytes)6/11 - Mike Kosinski wins the Tobber Racing Super Sportsman Championship Race and Dave Hess Jr. wins Third Feature in Super Late Model Division at Stateline Speedway
By Glenn Slocum

Busti, NY: Tobber Racing and Budweiser sponsored Autograph night at Stateline Speedway. The races were stopped midway through the qualification events, all the racecars pulled onto the speedway and fans were allowed to circulate through the cars collecting candy, balloons and autographs. Several items including a miniature motorcycle and bicycles were given away.

Lonnie Waldron won his first of the season in a Spectator feature that was slowed many time by yellow flags. Mike Kosinski won the Tobber Racing Super Sportsman Championship race passing early race leader Aaron Robinson with four laps remaining. Rich Gardner would continue to hold the Budweiser King of the Hill title defeating Dave Lyon in the five lap match race. Brian Crandall won his first Outlaw Cadet feature event. Chad Ruhlman charged from twelfth to second but could not catch Dave Hess Jr . who had built a sizeable lead. Hess led from green to checkers for his third of the season then followed up the win by winning his fifth E-Mod feature of the season.

Amber Belson led every lap of the Lady Challenger event win her first feature. Paul Nelson and Dan Nocero Sr. were the Super Challenger winners.

It was Dave Hess Jr., Bump Hedman and John Lobb at the end of first lap of the Super Late Model feature. Scott Gurdak and Andy Boozel completed the top five. At the end of five laps Hess was out in front by ten car lengths and Hedman had the same lead over Lobb. Gurdak used the outside to pass Lobb for third on lap ten as Hess caught the rear of the field. Gurdak was closing on Hedman at the half way point but Hess was lengthening his lead. Chad Ruhlman passed John Lobb for the fourth spot on lap fifteen and quickly caught Gurdak to challenge for third. Ruhlman was solidly in third on lap eighteen catching and passing Hedman three laps latter. Hess finished the green to checkers run leading every lap for his third win of the season.

Jake Eller and Aaron Robinson led the Budweiser Super Sportsman out for their Championship race. Eller spun on the first lap collecting Kelly Frederes for the first yellow. Robinson was the leader for the restart with Chad Ruhlman second. Ruhlman beat Robinson to turn one on the restart. Ruhlman had problems on lap five losing several spots after nearly spinning in turn two. Bryan Ester stopped bringing out the yellow with six laps down. Robinson was back in the lead with John Boardman second and Pat McGuire third. The first attempted restart was waived off by starter Mark Matthews the second attempt saw several cars collide on the front stretch. Ruhlman, Frederes, Chad Carlson, Bob VanArsdale, Bob Hazzard, Bob Rohrer and Pat McGuire were all involved. Robinson, Boardman and Mike Kosinski were the top three for the third lap seven restart. It was Robinson, Kosinski and Boardman at the end of lap seven with Don McGuire fourth. Kosinski move under Robinson on lap ten to challenge for the lead and for two laps they raced side by side until Robinson managed to gain a car length advantage. On lap fourteen Don McGuire entered the fray then the yellow appeared for John Volpe in the turn two. McGuire was put in the second spot for the restart with Robinson still the leader and Kosinski third. Kosinski moved to the outside to challenge and successfully pass Robinson with four laps remaining. Once Kosinski passed Robinson he moved out to a ten car length lead and ran the remaining laps unchallenged. Robinson lost second to McGuire on the white flag lap.

Rodney Thoms and John Kelsey were on the front row for the Spectator feature. Kelsey led lap one with Thoms in second and Rick Thompson third. Kelsey and Thoms caught the rear of the field on lap five and Thompson took over second from Thoms who lost another spot one lap later to Lonnie Waldron. Waldron, Thompson and Stan Davis tangled with seven complete for the first yellow of the event. Kelsey was still the leader with Waldron second and Ken Jackson third. Waldron led by a nose as the end of lap eight then Kelsey pulled into the infield with right rear flat. The yellow appeared for the third time Joe McMurdy in turn two with eleven laps complete. Waldron led with Dave McClenahan second and Jackson third. McClenahan led the restart lap then tangled with the wall in turn two for another yellow putting Waldron back into first with Jackson second and Nate Lester third. The yellow appeared for McMurdy on the restart. One more lap was completed then the yellow flew for Chris Couchenour and Bill Reeves. Waldron led the next lap then a tractor tire used to mark infield was rolled onto the track setting up a one lap dash for the win. Waldron won the dash with Jackson second and Lester third.

Jamie Erhard and Brian Crandall were side by side at the end of the first lap of the Outlaw Cadet feature. Crandall led lap two. John Cline and Mike Moore brought out the caution with four laps complete. Crandall, Erhard, Dave Tackett, Phil Knight and Andy Knight were the top five for the restart. Crandall remained in control after the restart with Erhard second and Tackett third. The race remained green until a lap eleven spin by George Milks. Seeley lost the handle two laps later collecting Steve Moynihan and Milks. Moore was fourth for the restart with the father son team of Phil and Andy Knight fifth and sixth. Nathan Short was placed in the rear of the field after jumping several spots on the restart. Crandall completed two more laps then the yellow appeared for Seeley and Troy Dorman in turn three. Crandall held on for the win his first in the Outlaw Cadet Division.

Brian Fardink led the initial lap of the E-Mod Feature. The yellow flew on lap two for Ryan Scott. The restart was not successful as several cars tangled in turn two. Fardink led by a nose on the restart but Mike Hess led the next with Dave Hess Jr. in third. Jason Illig spun bringing out the caution with three laps complete. Chad Silleman spun on the restart for the fourth yellow in three laps. Dave Hess barely nipped Fardink for second on lap four with Justin Carlson fourth. Dave Hess was passing Mike Hess for the lead when Eugene Stetsonís racecar came to smoking stop in turn four with six laps complete. Dave Hess was the leader followed by Mike Hess, Fardink, Carlson and Dale Applebee. Dave Hess took the crossed flags with a two car length lead over Mike Hess. The yellow appeared with nine laps complete. Dave and Mike Hess were the leaders with Carlson third, Applebee fourth and Tom Hagberg fifth. The remainder of the race was uneventful as Dave Hess Jr. won his fifth in six tries and his second feature win of the evening.



Heat 1: Nate Lester, Rick Thompson, John Kelsey

Heat 2: Dave McClenahan, Lonnie Waldron, Rodney Thoms

Feature: Lonnie Waldron, Ken Jackson, Nate Lester, Travis Swabik, Rick Thompson, Brian Graham, John Britt, Joe McMurdy, Chris Couchenour, Bill Reeves

Outlaw Cadets:

Heat 1: Steve Moynihan, Brian Crandall, Troy Dorman

Heat 2: Dave Tackett, Mike Moore, Andy Knight

Feature: Brian Crandall, Dave Tackett, Mike Moore, Phil Knight, Jamie Erhard, Andy Knight, Paul Norman Jr., John Cline, Steve Moynihan, George Milks

Budweiser Super Sportsman:

Heat 1: Jake Eller, Hank Francis, Aaron Robinson

Heat 2: Bob Hazzard, John Boardman, Pat McGuire

Feature: Mike Kosinski, Don McGuire, Aaron Robinson, John Boardman, Mike Murray, Chad Carlson, Bobby Rohrer, Hank Francis, Jim Leonard, Scott Kuschel


Heat 1: Brian Fardink, Justin Carlson, Dale Applebee

Heat 2: Mike Hess, Dave Hess Jr., Chad Ruhlman

Feature: Dave Hess Jr., Mike Hess, Justin Carlson, Dale Applebee, Quincy Turner, Tom Hagberg, Greg Johnson, Tommy Fox, Dan Nocero Jr., Brian Fardink

Super Late Model:

Heat 1: Dave Hess Jr., Scott Gurdak, Darrell Bossard, Doug Eck, Chad Valone

Heat 2: Miles Stitzinger, John Lobb, Bob Craig, Scott Johnson, Chris Hackett

Heat 3: Bump Hedman, Andy Boozel, Rich Gardner, Chad Ruhlman, George LaBarbera

Consolation: Dave Lyon, Mike Knight, Ward Schell, Mike Coyle, Matt Lanphere

Feature: Dave Hess Jr., Chad Ruhlman, Bump Hedman, Scott Gurdak, John Lobb, Andy Boozel, Rich Gardner, Doug Eck, Miles Stitzinger, Scott Johnson, Darrell Bossard, Chris Hackett, Keith Zimmerman, Matt Urban, Chad Valone, Andy Kania, Dave Lyon, Paul Briggs, Wally Fox, Rod Maloy, George LaBarbera, Mike Knight, Randy Shearer, Moose Dunnewold, Ted Kosinski, Bob Craig

Super Challenger:

Heat 1: Paul Nelson II, Travis Darling, Andrew Bastian

Heat 2: Jesse Dash, Ronald Barr, Dan Nocero Sr.

Heat 3: Sam Courson, Kevin Golden, Dereck Frank

Feature 1: Paul Nelson II, Aron Dascomb, Kevin Golden, Ronald Barr, Mike Kolwaski, Jay Seekings, Monty Seekings Jr., Bob Swanson, Jesse Dash, Jeff Boardman

Feature 2: Dan Nocero Sr., Butch Cararata, Dereck Frank, Ben Burgess Jr., Shawn Seekings, Anthony Green, Timothy Dulmus, Calvin Thomson, Nate Dickerson, Travis Darling

Lady Challenger:

Heat 1: Kari Moore, Amber Belson, Jodee Jordan

Feature: Amber Belson, Kayla Riefstahl, Jodee Jordan, Michelle Danielson, Mary Hammond, Julie Sweet, Amy Turner, Tara Jordan