IMG_8377.JPG (72548 bytes)6/25 - Dave Hess Jr. Wins Bear Lake Inn and Roberts Trucking Super Late Model Feature
at Stateline Speedway
By Glenn Slocum

Busti, NY: Summer welcomed racers and race fans with a hot evening as the 4th of July Celebration began early at Stateline Speedway sponsored by the Bear Lake Inn and Roberts Trucking. The races were stopped for an excellent fireworks display by Zambelli Fireworks. Rich Gardner won another Budweiser Super Late Model King of the Hill match race defeating Scott Gurdak. World of Outlaw Late Model competitor Chub Frank made an appearance driving his new E-Mod and also piloted Chad Valone’s second Super Late Model. Thirty Super Late Models were in attendance. Frank won the E-Mod event with his brand new Tobber built E-Mod then moved from victory lane into his borrowed Super Late Model for that divisions feature event. Jason Morell and George LaBarbera grabbed the last two qualifying spots for Super Late feature. Dave Hess Jr. used his pole starting position to advantage holding off a late race charge by Rich Gardner to win his fourth Super Late Model feature. Frank moved from tenth to third in the event. Lester Shoff took advantage of late race incident in the Spectator feature to get his third win of the season. Bob Hazzard led ever lap except the first one to win his second Budweiser Super Sportsman feature. Mike Moore started twelfth and finished first in the Outlaw Cadet feature which ran caution free. Amber Belson led from green to checkers winning her second Lady Challenger event. Leslie Armstrong won the first Super Challenger Championship feature from her 30th starting spot and Alex Froman won the second.

Dave Hess Jr. and Bump Hedman were on the front row for the Super Late Model feature. Paul Briggs and Scott Gurdak were in row two. Hess led the first lap with Hedman and Briggs fighting for second. Debris brought out the yellow on lap two slowing the twenty-six car field. Hess once more led then Wally Fox slowed the event with two laps complete. The top ten at the restart were Hess, Hedman, Briggs, Scott Gurdak, Rod Maloy, Rich Gardner, Andy Boozel, Chub Frank, Doug Eck and Miles Stitzinger. Hess stayed in front as Hedman Briggs, Maloy and Gardner followed. Frank was sixth with Gurdak seventh. The top three were in front of Maloy and Gardner by fifteen car lengths with ten laps complete. Hess had nearly caught the back of the field at the half wary mark. Hedman began to challenge Hess on lap fifteen as they entered lap traffic but Hess remained in the lead. Eck slowed to a stop against the fence in turn three with front end suspension damage bringing out the yellow with sixteen laps complete. Hess, Hedman, Briggs, Maloy, Gardner and Frank were the top six. Briggs spun collecting Gurdak, Jason Morell and Stitzinger on the restart, moving Maloy to third followed by Gardner and Frank. Gardner snuck by Maloy on the restart. The yellow appeared on lap twenty for Ward Schell in turn two. With five laps remaining the top five were Hess, Hedman, Gardner, Maloy and Frank. Morell had problems in turn two on the restart and the yellow reappeared. Hess remained the leader after the single file restart and Gardner passed Hedman for the runner up spot. Hackett spun with two laps remaining. Frank passed both Maloy and Hedman for the third spot as the white flag flew. Hess was able to hold of a determined Gardner to win his fourth of the year.

Wade Watson and Rodney Thoms led the Spectator division onto the speedway for their feature event. Thoms led the first lap followed by Dave McClenahan and Bill Reeves. Debris on the backstretch brought out the yellow with two laps complete. Thoms retained the lead with Reeves moving to second and McClenahan slipping to third. Two laps later debris once again slowed the race. The restart was foiled by a spin resulting in John Kelsey sitting just off the speedway in turn two. Thoms, Reeves, McClenahan, Rick Thompson, Watson and Chris Couchenour were the top six for the restart. Thompson grabbed third with Couchenour fourth then the yellow flew for Ron Bush and Mort John. Another restart was waived off because of John stalled on the exit of turn four. The next restart was rough with Thoms losing the lead to Thompson with Couchenour second and Reeves third. Two more laps were completed when the yellow appeared again. McClenahan pulled off the speedway as the green flew and Couchenour passed Thompson for the lead. Reeves minus a roof tried passing Thompson but ended up in the infield and the yellow came out for Bush with eight laps complete. Berton Chapel stopped up against the retaining wall just past the pit gate ruining the restart. Couchenour led the next two then Stan Davis spun in turn four for the ninth caution. Thoms recovered from his earlier problem and grabbed second from Thompson with three laps remaining. Lester Shoff also passed Thompson as Thompson slowed with a right rear flat. The yellow appeared for tenth and final time for Bush. Thoms ran into Couchenour in the final corner spinning Couchenour giving the win to Lester Shoff.

Bob Hazzard led the first lap of the Budweiser Super Sportsman feature. John Boardman lost a wheel as lap two came to an end bringing out the caution. Hazzard quickly gained a ten car length lead on the restart with Chad Carlson second and Pat McGuire third. A spin by Jake Eller with six complete caused the second caution. One lap remained when a slowing Bobby Rohrer brought the third caution negating Hazzard’s lead and setting up a one lap dash for the win. Hazzard won the dash for his second win of the year.

Troy Dorman led the first lap of the Outlaw Cadet feature with Ron Seeley second and Phil Knight third. Andy Knight passed his father Phil on lap six for the third spot as Seeley moved up to challenge Dorman. Mike Moore joined the battle passing Phil night then Andy Knight. Moore continued his run passing Seeley then Dorman to lead the event on lap eleven. The green stayed out as Moore worked lap traffic. Moore ran the remaining laps unchallenged for his second win.

IMG_8369.JPG (67187 bytes)Chub Frank stole the lead from Justin Carlson on lap two of the E-Mod event. Carlson slipped to third two laps later and Chad Ruhlman took second. Ton Hagberg and Brian Fardink were fourth and fifth. At the half way mark Frank led by fifteen car lengths and Ruhlman had the same lead on Carlson. The yellow flew just after the half way as Mike Hess spun in turn three allowing the field to close with Frank. The yellow quickly followed the green on the restart as Chad Silleman and Wayne Anderson tangled in turn two. Dave Hess Jr. moved into the top five after the restart as Frank rebuilt his lead. Dana Wellington brought out the final caution of the event with two laps remaining. Hess nipped Carlson at the line for the third spot as Frank won the event followed by Ruhlman.

IMG_8384.JPG (52219 bytes)A track tire pushed on the speedway brought out the yellow on the initial lap of the Lady Challenger feature. Amber Belson took the lead on the first lap and never looked back winning the event. Hillary Scott’s car limped across the line steaming in second.

IMG_8400.JPG (50135 bytes)Luke Rutsky led the first lap then a spin by pole sitter Cedric Denson brought out the yellow on lap three. Brian Larson beat Rutsky to turn one on the restart and led lap three. Adam Price and Rob Yahner stopped nose to tail on the front stretch for the second caution with five complete. Accidents at both ends of the speedway stopped the race with five laps complete. Two more laps were placed in the books before the next yellow flew. Mark Matthews sent Larson back a row for jumping the start allowing Dereck Frank to lead the event. Larson tangled with the fence in turn one for the next yellow. Kevin Golden took the lead with three laps to go then Leslie Armstrong grabbed the lead. Armstrong held on through the final two laps winning the event after starting last in the thirty car field.

IMG_8408.JPG (46578 bytes)Alex Froman led the first lap of the second Super Challenger feature. The yellow appeared on lap two. Froman stayed in front after the restart with Richie Seaholm second and Brad Strickland third. Strickland was nearly spun on lap five losing the third spot to Butch Camarata. Jay Seekings stopped up against the concrete wall in turn two with six laps complete for the second yellow. Paul Nelson led part of the restart lap but Froman regained the lead just before the yellow appeared for Mike Kolwaski. Froman took the two to go signal with Nelson second and Seaholm third. Froman led the rest for his first feature win.


Heat 1: Chris Couchenour, Rick Thompson, John Kelsey

Heat 2: Ken Jackson, Wade Watson, Stan Davis

Feature: Lester Shoff, Nate Lester, Bill Reeves, Ken Jackson, Dave Johnson, Pat Landy, John Britt, Lee Myers, Chris Couchenour, Rodney Thoms

Outlaw Cadets:

Heat 1: Troy Dorman, Paul Norman, Steve Moynihan
Heat 2: Jamie Erhard, Ron Seeley, Nathan Short

Feature: Mike Moore, Troy Dorman, Ron Seeley, Andy Knight, Phil Knight, Nathan Short, Dave Tackett, Brian Crandall, Jamie Erhard, John Cline

Budweiser Super Sportsman:

Heat 1: Bob VanArsdale, Tim Nocero, Scott Kuschel

Heat 2: Mike Kosinski, Chad Carlson, Pat McGuire

Feature: Bob Hazzard, Chad Carlson, Pat McGuire, Don McGuire, Jim Leonard, John Volpe, Bob VanArsdale, Scott Kuschel, Chris Kuschel, Jake Eller


Heat 1: Justin Carlson, Chub Frank, Quincy Turner

Heat 2: Chad Ruhlman, Don Nocero, Chris Sutton

Heat 3: Tom Hagberg, Brian Fardink, Holly Nelson

Feature: Chub Frank, Chad Ruhlman, Dave Hess Jr., Justin Carlson, Tom Hagberg, Quincy Turner, Brian Fardink, Troy Carr, Chris Sutton, Dustin Eckman

Super Late Model:

Heat 1: Dave Hess Jr., Scott Gurdak, Wally Fox, Chub Frank, Miles Stitzinger

Heat 2: Bump Hedman, Rod Maloy, Andy Boozel, Andy Kania, Dave Lyon
Heat 3: Paul Briggs, Rich Gardner, Doug Eck, Scott Johnson, Matt Urban

Consi: Jason Morell, George LaBarbera, Chevy Scott

Feature: Dave Hess Jr., Rich Gardner, Chub Frank, Bump Hedman, Rod Maloy, Matt Urban, Scott Johnson, Darrell Bossard, Andy Boozel, Andy Kania, Dave Lyon, Dick Barton, Ten Kosinski, John Lobb, Keith Zimmerman, Merle Terry, Paul Briggs, Miles Stitzinger, Randy Lobb, Scott Gurdak, Ward Schell, Wally Fox, Chris Hackett, Jason Morell, George LaBarbera, Doug Eck

Super Challenger:

Heat 1: Alex Froman, Kevin Golden, Adam Price

Heat 2: Brad Strickland, Dereck Frank, Eric McCray

Heat 3: Luke Rutsky, Aron Dascomb, Bill Lindenberger

Feature 1: Leslie Armstrong, Kevin Golden, Dereck Frank, Aron Dascomb, Bob Belson, John Mease, Jeff Strickland, Dan Nocero Sr., Tim Watson, Jeff Lamb

Feature 2: Alex Froman, Paul Nelson, Richie Seaholm, Butch Camarata, Ben Burgess, Eric McCray, Bryon Johnson, Ken Kaltenboch, Joe Worczak, Robert Nocero

Lady Challenger:

Heat 1: Jodie Jordan, Mary Hammond, Amber Belson

Feature: Amber Belson, Hillary Scott, Jodee Jordan, Mary Hammond, Kari Moore, Tara Jordan