IMG_4032.jpg (271794 bytes)IMG_4049.jpg (240644 bytes) 5/28 - Chad Ruhlman Wins Part I of the Applebee Motorsports E-Mod Championship Race John Lobb Wins Super Late Model Feature at Stateline Speedway
By Glenn Slocum

Busti, NY: The rain subsided early in the afternoon giving way to sunshine and blue skies for the Applebee Motorsports sponsored events at Stateline Speedway. Rich Gardner successfully defended his Budweiser King of the Hill title defeating George LaBarbera. Lester Shoff started eighteenth and won the caution strewn Spectator feature. Nathan Short led every lap of the Outlaw Cadet event to win his second of the season. John Volpe lead every lap except the last one in the Budweiser Super Sportsman feature as veteran Pat McGuire won by a nose at the checkers. Chad Ruhlman move the high groove to pass both Dave Hess Jr. and leader Quincy Turner on lap twelve of the twenty lap feature. The Super Late Model point leader John Lobb won his first of the season. Leslie Armstrong won her third Lady Challenger feature in four starts. Dereck Frank won the first Super Challenger feature and Kevin Golden won the second.

IMG_4030.jpg (287615 bytes)Dave Hess Jr. and Chad Ruhlman were on the front row for Part I of the two part Applebee Motorsports E-Mod Championship race. Part II will be held on Sunday night at Eriez Speedway. Twenty-four E-Mods started the event and several did not negotiate lap one. The complete restart saw Ruhlman and Hess run into turn one with Ruhlman scrapping the fence losing two spots and Hess led lap one. Eugene Stetson was stopped in turn two for the second yellow on lap two. Quincy Turner was in second for the restart and led lap two with Hess all over his rear bumper. One more lap was completed then Chad Silleman brought out the yellow. On the restart the yellow appeared for Stetson and Ed Simmer who were hooked together nose to tail and stopped on the back stretch. Ryan Scott had problems on the restart for the fifth caution. Hess led down the back stretch on the restart then slipped in turn four allowing Turner by on the inside. Ruhlman was third with Dale Applebee fourth. Ruhlman and Hess were swapping second place on the next several laps. The yellow appeared once more with nine complete as Dana Wellington was stopped in turn two. Tommy Fox went into the pits during the yellow. Turner held off Hess once more on the restart then Ruhlman used the outside to pass first Hess then Turner to lead lap twelve. Once Ruhlman gained the lead he quickly established a fifteen car length lead. Hess nearly spun on lap sixteen losing spots to Applebee and Justin Carlson as Ruhlman fought his way through lap traffic. Ruhlman ran the remaining laps unchallenged to win Part I of the Applebee Motorsports Championship races.

IMG_4050.jpg (245173 bytes)The starter waived of the first start of the Super Late Model event. Start number two was successful for all but Matt Lanphere who had to checkup in turn three. Andy Boozel was first to the line with Scott Gurdak second, John Lobb third and Randy Lobb fourth on the restart. Gurdak and Boozel ran the next two laps side by side then a multi-car incident collected Scott Johnson, Rod Maloy, Andy Kania, Bump Hedman and Paul Briggs. Gurdak remained the leader with John Lobb followed by brother Randy as Boozel slipped to third with Chris Hackett fourth. Hackett passed Boozel on lap nine as John Lobb was scored as the leader of lap ten. Randy Lobb used the inside to pas Gurdak one later then Gurdak jumped the cushion on lap twelve in turn three for caution number three. The top five for the restart were John Lobb, Randy Lobb, Hackett, Boozel and David Scott. Scott took third on the restart then began to pressure Randy Lobb for second. Scott and Randy Lobb crossed the line in dead even on lap sixteen then Scott nosed ahead one lap later. Randy Lobb and Scott continues to fight for the second spot with Hackett and Dick Barton fighting for fourth. The Lobb brothers were first and second with two to go and ran the final laps in that order. It was the first win of the season for John Lobb who had managed to lead the point standings without a win.

IMG_3972.jpg (265160 bytes)David McClenahan won the race to turn one on the initial start of the Spectator Feature but before the lap could be completed the yellow flew for Rodney Thoms in turn one. The second start was a success with McClenahan the leader followed by John Britt and Joe McMurdy. Two laps later the yellow appeared once more for Brian Graham and Jason Genco in turn two. Chris Couchenour moved into third briefly on the restart then Rick Thompson took the spot. The yellow flew on the next lap for Ron Bush who had stopped on the back stretch. The next restart was won by Bill Reeves followed by Couchenour and McClenahan. On lap seven the race was slowed once more for a car stalled in the pit entrance. Reeves remained the leader on the restart with Couchenour, Thompson and Lester Shoff fighting for second. Couchenour and Thompson tangled on lap ten resulting in the disqualification of Couchenour and Thompson going into the pits. The next restart was waived off by starter Mark Mathews and Thompson rejoined the race from the pits. Reeves, Travis Swabik and Shoff were the leaders. Swabik took the lead then lost in on lap eleven as Shoff grabbed the lead. Swabik had problems bringing out the yellow. Shoff, Reeves and McClenahan were the leaders for the lap twelve restart. McClenahan got loose and was tagged by Nate Lester bringing out yellow number eight. The final laps were completed under green with Shoff by ten car lengths at the flag followed by Reeves and Lester. Reeves was docked three spots after the race.

IMG_3988.jpg (273304 bytes)Nathan Short quickly moved out to a ten car length lead from his pole starting spot in the Outlaw Cadet feature event. Troy Dorman was second followed by Paul Norman Jr. and John Cline. Dorman spun with eight laps completed moving Norman to second and Ron Seeley into third. Steve Moynihan had trouble with nine complete for the second yellow. Norman went into the pits during the yellow putting Seeley into second and Cline to third. Andy Knight moved into the top three on lap eleven as both he and Mike Moore passed Cline. Seeley was the next to have problems nearly spinning on the white flag lap losing his second place to Knight. Short had an easy victory leading from green to checkers.

IMG_4002.jpg (293100 bytes)Aaron Robinson spun on the initial start or the Budweiser Super Sportsman feature forcing a complete restart. John Volpe won the race to turn on the next start with Mike Murray second and Scott Kuschel third. Pat McGuire passed Kuschel on lap three for the third spot as Volpe stretched his lead. The green stayed out until just five laps to go when Hank Francis brought out the yellow on lap ten. Volpe remained the leader after the restart then the yellow flew for Bob Hazzard and Bobby Rohrer. McGuire passed Murray on the restart but Volpe was able to hang on to the lead. Kuschel was third as Murray lost several spots. The veteran McGuire made his move on the final lap in the final corner narrowly defeating Volpe at the line.

IMG_4062.jpg (275382 bytes)Mary Hammond led the first three laps of the Lady Challenger feature. Leslie Armstrong passed Hammond as the white flew for her third win of the season.

IMG_4073.jpg (288243 bytes)Butch Camarata had nearly a straight away lead on the rest of the Super Challenger feature number one field by the end of lap two. Ken Kaltenboch brought out the yellow with four of the tens scheduled laps complete. Camarata lost the lead after the restart putting John Mease in first with Aron Dascomb second. The yellow was shown with three laps to go and Dascomb used the restart to grab the lead just as the yellow flew for Rod Birt and Chuck Green. Dereck Frank was along side Dascomb on the restart. Frank passed Dascomb to win his first of the season.

IMG_4076.jpg (281796 bytes)Sam Courson was the early leader of the second Super Challenger feature giving way to Tim Dulmus on lap two. The yellow slowed the race on lap two and on the restart Kevin Golden led lap three. Don Abramson slowed to stop on lap four for the second yellow. Courson pressed Golden for the remainder of the event but Golden held on to win his first feature event.


Heat 1: IMG_3704.jpg (300812 bytes) John Kelsey, Rick Thompson, Lester Shoff

Heat 2: IMG_3716.jpg (288488 bytes) Brian Wagner, Clarence Dickerson, David McClenahan

Feature: Lester Shoff, Nate Lester, Wade Watson, Clarence Dickerson, Bill Reeves, Travis Swabik, David McClenahan, Stan Davis, John Britt, Pat Landy

Outlaw Cadets:

Heat 1: IMG_3736.jpg (315827 bytes) Dave Tackett, Paul Norman Jr., Rick Loomis

Heat 2: IMG_3747.jpg (341948 bytes) Andy Knight, Jamie Erhard, Ron Seeley

Feature: Nathan Short, Andy Knight, Ron Seeley, Mike Moore, John Cline, Dave Tackett, Brian Crandall, Chris Bowman, Paul Norman Jr., Cliff Lanphere

Budweiser Super Sportsman:

Heat 1: IMG_3763.jpg (340887 bytes) Chris Kuschel, Mike Murray, Scott Kuschel

Heat 2: IMG_3778.jpg (363918 bytes) Pat McGuire, Don McGuire, Chad Carlson

Feature: Pat McGuire, John Volpe, Dan Nocero, Chad Carlson, Scott Kuschel, Chris Kuschel, Mike Murray, Kelly Frederes, Bob Hazzard, John Boardman


Heat 1: IMG_3789.jpg (363999 bytes) Dave Hess Jr., Quincy Turner, Tommy Fox

Heat 2: IMG_3801.jpg (373239 bytes) Chad Ruhlman, Dale Applebee, Dan Nocero Jr.

Heat 3: IMG_3819.jpg (382285 bytes) Justin Carlson, Chad Silleman, Jamie Schnars

Feature: Chad Ruhlman, Quincy Turner, Dale Applebee, Justin Carlson, Dave Hess Jr., Andy Sweetland, Troy Carr, Shane Applebee, Mike Hess, Jason Illig

Super Late Model:

Heat 1: IMG_3850.jpg (293863 bytes) Scott Gurdak, Randy Lobb, Chad Valone, Miles Stitzinger, Bob Craig

Heat 2: IMG_3859.jpg (296819 bytes) Andy Boozel, Darrell Bossard, Scott Johnson, Andy Kania, Rich Gardner

Heat 3: IMG_3870.jpg (282388 bytes) John Lobb, Steve Halpainy, Matt Urban, Chris Hackett, Bump Hedman

Feature: John Lobb, Randy Lobb, David Scott, Dick Barton, Chris Hackett, Matt Urban, Rich Gardner, Darrell Bossard, Mile Stitzinger, Steve Halpainy, Dave Hess Jr., Wally Fox, Chad Valone, Scott Johnson, Andy Kania, Scott Gurdak, Ward Schell, Rod Maloy, Matt Lanphere, Moose Dunnewold, George LaBarbera, Andy Boozel, Bob Craig, Paul Briggs, Dave Lyon, Bump Hedman

Super Challenger:

Heat 1: IMG_3902.jpg (274385 bytes) Bob Belson, John Mease, Butch Camarata

Heat 2: IMG_3916.jpg (275710 bytes) Don Kennedy, Anthony Green, Bill McKinney

Heat 3: IMG_3932.jpg (277545 bytes) Rod Birt, Dereck Frank, Gary Fisher

Feature 1: Dereck Frank, Aron Dascomb, Dom DePonceau, Kyle Weilacher, John Mease, Keith Roberts, Austin Fitzgerald, Joe Worczak, Rod Birt, Terry Lester

Feature 2: Kevin Golden, Sam Courson, Jay Seekings, Bill McKinney, Tim Dulmus, Ronald Barr, Mike Kolwaski, Anthony Green, Randy Carlson, Scott Dellahoy

Lady Challenger:

Heat 1: IMG_3887.jpg (285919 bytes) Leslie Armstrong, Cindy Carlson, Mary Hammond

Feature: Leslie Armstrong, Mary Hammond, Kari Moore, Cindy Carlson, Jodee Jordan, Kayla Riefstahl, Tara Jordan, 98, Amber Belson, Stephanie Deveraux