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Wade Slaney Wins Erie Beer Spectator Special
at Eriez Speedway
By Glenn Slocum

Erie, Pa: The last race of the year at Eriez Speedway sponsored by Budweiser and Erie Beer was held on a warm Sunday afternoon. Twenty-seven cars were on hand for the event. Nate Lester, Eriez 2005 Spectator Champion won the first qualifier earning the pole, Wade Slaney won the second and Jim Bergman the third. Nate Lester led the early laps with Wade Slaney taking the lead on lap thirteen for the win. Kari Moore won the Lady Challenger event with a flat tire and Glenn Slaney win the Super Challenger race after Lee Matczak suffered a flat with three laps remaining. Mark Studley won the first demo with Dwayne Nickerson second. Tom Froman won the second demo with Greg Bidwell second.

Mort John suffered a flat at the initial start of the Spectator Special causing a gain complete restart. Lonnie Waldron got out of shape on the restart and the yellow flew again but the lap was counted with Nate Lester the leader and Wade Slaney in second. Lester beat Slaney to turn one on the restart and two more laps were completed before the next yellow brought out because of Brian Bush and Wade Watson sandwiched together at the exit of turn four. Lester and Slaney ran two more laps then Jason Genco slowed to a stop in turn four for caution number four. Genco left the speedway on the hook and Lonnie Waldron was pushed into the pits. The top five for the lap seven restart were Lester, Slaney, Tom Norland Jr., Chris Couchenour and Jim Bergman. Bergman broke his front suspension on the restart and managed to limp to the pits not causing a yellow. Mike Rhines was the next racer to have problems with a spin at the exit of turn four for caution five. Eighteen cars remained for the restart. Lester stayed in control with Slaney one car length back. Rob Bates and Mike Zemcik tangled in turn one for the sixth caution with twelve laps complete. The restart went smoothly until turn three when Norland tagged Couchenour. Couchenour spun bringing out the caution and Norland was disqualified. The top five for the lap thirteen restart were Lester, Slaney, Casey Swabik, John Galati and Kevin King. Couchenour, Rhines and John Kelsey did not get through turn one on the restart for caution eight. Slaney moved to the outside and led Lester by bumper on lap thirteen then complete the pass on lap fourteen. Slaney and Lester started to pull away from the field leading Galati who was running third twenty car lengths. Rhines spun coming out of turn four in front of the leaders who managed to avoid hitting Rhines for caution number nine. One more lap was completed when the yellow flew for Dave Surrena. With ten laps remaining Slaney had a four car length lead over Lester. Couchenour and Galati tangled collecting Zemcik and Kelsey for the tenth caution on lap twenty-three. Bill Reeves moved up to challenge Lester for the second spot on the restart taking the spot one lap later. Lester continued to fade losing several more spots on lap twenty seven. With three laps remaining Lester slowed to stop up against the fence on the front stretch causing caution number eleven. Lester pulled back onto the speedway in time for the restart. Slaney, Reeves, King were the top three. Slaney quickly rebuilt a lead over King and Reeves who were contesting the second spot. Slaney won and King bested Reeves for the runner up spot.

IMG_6416.jpg (317327 bytes)Kari Moore used her front row starting spot to gain the lead at the start of the Lady Challenger fifteen lap event. Stephanie Hilyer the pole sitter was second with Amber Belson third. Moore was lapping cars by lap eight and had nearly a half lap lead over Hilyer. The yellow flew for Amanda Swanson with five laps remaining allowing the field to close with Moore. Moore stopped during the yellow requiring a push to restart once the field was reset. Belson lost several spots on the restart as Katelyn Pinckney and Amanda Swanson moved up. Moore suffered a flat in the final laps but held on for the win.

IMG_6494.jpg (310651 bytes)Twenty-five Super Challengers reported to the speedway for their feature event. Lee Matczak led the first circuit with Bob Belson second and Chris Withers third. Leonard Enos made hard contact with the front stretch wall then stopped near the flag stand for the first caution. Matczak was the first into turn one on the restart with Belson close behind. Withers was trying to hold third against a charging Glenn Slaney. Ryan Harvey brought out the second caution when he stopped in turn four. Belson came out on top after the restart and Slaney grabbed third from Withers but a slowing Monty Seekings brought out caution three. Belson slowed on the restart turning the lead back to Matczak. Slaney was second with Jason Black third. With five laps remaining Matczak led by nearly a straight away with Black fifteen car lengths behind second running Slaney. Len Strange and Leslie Armstrong tangled with three laps remaining bringing out the yellow. Matczak had a flat on the restart turning the lead over to Slaney with Ben Burgess second and Jason Black third. Slaney ran the final three laps unchallenged for the win.


Heat 1: IMG_6060.jpg (352295 bytes) Nate Lester, Jason Genco, John Kelsey

Heat 2: IMG_6116.jpg (328014 bytes) Wade Slaney, Lonnie Waldron, Wade Mohawk
Heat 3: IMG_6154.jpg (340467 bytes) Jim Bergman, Mike Zemcik, Tom Norland Jr.

Feature: Wade Slaney, Kevin King, Bill Reeves, Chris Couchenour, Rob Bates, Wade Mohawk, Nate Lester, Terry Lavery, Wade Watson, Lonnie Waldron, John Galati, Travis Swabik, John Kelsey, Carl Mary, Dave Surrena, Mike Rhines, Tom Norland, Mike Zemcik, Phil Kimmy, Jim Bergman, Ron Bush, Jason Genco, Brian Bush, Ken Lamp Jr., David Brown, Mort John, Mike Harmon

Lady Challenger:

Heat 1: IMG_6173.jpg (321777 bytes) Stephanie Hilyer, Kari Moore, Amber Belson

Feature: Kari Moore, IMG_6419.jpg (325484 bytes) Katelyn Pinckney, Stephanie Pinckney, Kayla Riefstahl, Michelle Swabik, Amber Belson, Amanda Swanson, Jodee Jordan

Super Challenger:

Heat 1: IMG_6198.jpg (325478 bytes) Lee Matczak, Ryan Harvey, Leslie Armstrong

Heat 2: IMG_6226.jpg (338998 bytes) Bob Belson, Chris Withers, Monty Seekings Jr.

Heat 3: IMG_6268.jpg (310597 bytes) Glenn Slaney, Leonard Enos, Greg Rockwell

Feature: Glenn Slaney, Ben Burgess Jr., Monty Seekings Jr., Brandon Pierce, Jason Black, Robert Swanson, Ed Proper, Gary Lee, Len Strange, Bryon Johnson Jr., Dan Clark, Lee Matczak, Gary Fisher, Leslie Armstrong, Clayton Blackman, Kyle Jackson, Chris Withers, Jeff Lamb, Carlos Aponte, Bob Belson