IMG_6879.jpg (300243 bytes) Doug Eck Wins the Arthur R. Gren/Budweiser Super Late Model Feature At Stateline Speedway
By Glenn Slocum

Busti, NY: Arthur R. Gren and Budweiser sponsored the last night of regular racing at Stateline Speedway. Doug Eck led every lap of the Super Late Model event to win his second of the season. Rookie of the Year Jason Genco waited until the final night of racing to win his first Spectator feature besting 2005 Point Champion Nate Lester. Pat McGuire won his third Budweiser Super Sportsman feature. Jason Genco bested Chris Couchenour in a Spectator match race. Outlaw Cadet Champion Mike Moore won his fifth. Quincy Turner won his second feature of the season in the E-Mod division. Stephanie Hilyer grabbed the lead at the start of the Lady Challenger feature and never looked back notching her first win at Stateline. The 2005 Eriez Super Challenger Champion made his second appearance at Stateline and one his first feature in the first Challenger event and Alex Froman won his fifth in the second feature.

Scott Johnson led twenty-five Super Late Models to the line for their feature event and at the end of the first circuit Johnson and Doug Eck were still side by side with Eck leading by a bumper. By the fourth circuit Eck had a car length lead over Johnson with Halpainy third, Dave Scott fourth and Dick Barton fifth. Moose Dunnewold brought out the yellow with five laps complete. Eck held was still on the point after the restart with Johnson second, Halpainy third and Scott and Barton fighting for the fourth spot. Scott padded Halpainy for the third spot on lap fourteen then stayed high to try and run down Johnson, Eck had a fifteen car length lead. Eck was in heavy lap traffic with five remaining but maintained a large advantage over Johnson. Scott caught Johnson with four laps remaining but lap traffic kept the two nose to tail. Eck held his advantage till the end for his second win of the season.

IMG_6794.jpg (308251 bytes)The 2005 Point Champion Nate Lester was on the pole for the Spectator feature with Jason Genco second, John Galati third and Bill Reeves fourth. After one false start for a slowing John Galati, Genco led lap one with Lester second and Reeves third. Dave McClenahan spun collecting Jeff Harvey for the second yellow with three laps complete. Genco beat Lester into turn one on the restart to lead lap four then a spinning Harvey brought out the third caution on lap five. The top five for the restart were Genco, Lester, Zemcik, Reeves and Dave Johnson. Genco remained in control followed by Lester and Zemcik. At the half way point the top four remained the same with Clarence Dickerson fifth. Dave Surrena spun collecting Dickerson with twelve laps down for the fourth yellow. Flagman Mark Matthews waived off the first lap thirteen restart then accepted the second. Genco ran the laps three laps unchallenged winning his first feature event of the season.

IMG_6830.jpg (296359 bytes)Lester Shoff lost the handle on the first lap of the Outlaw Cadet feature collecting John Cline, Dave Tolon, George Milks, Brian Crandall, Bob Vogt Jr. and Rick Loomis. Mike Moore the 2005 Point Champ led the first circuit with Pat McGuire second and Ron Seeley third. Milks spun with six laps complete for the second yellow and the field closed with Moore and McGuire for the restart. Moore and McGuire began to immediately distance themselves from the restart of the field. At the half way point Shoff spun for the third yellow. The yellow flew for the Milks with two laps remaining. McGuire trailed Moore for the remainder of the event and could just not find a way around. It was the fifth win for Moore.

IMG_6810.jpg (337896 bytes)Pat McGuire and 2005 Champion Chad Carlson were on the front row for the Budweiser Super Sportsman feature. Don McGuire and Bobby Rohrer were in row two with Jim Leonard and Bob Hazzard in row three. Carlson led at start finish line with Pat McGuire second and Rohrer third. Bryan Ester spun in turn one bringing out the yellow then pulled into the pits leaking fluid. Twice more Matthews waived off the start then he sent Carlson to third putting Rohrer on the pole for the restart. Pat McGuire led lap four with Rohrer second and early leader Carlson third. John Volpe spun into the infield in turn two bringing out the yellow with ten laps complete. Matthews rejected another start than took the second. Pat McGuire remained the leader with Rohrer second, Carlson third and Don McGuire fourth. Chris McGuire spun with two laps remaining for the final caution of the event. Pat McGuire went on to win for his third of the season.

IMG_6852.jpg (295745 bytes)Quincy Turner took the early lead in the E-Mod feature then Kyle Scott spun on lap three for the first yellow. Turner remained the leader after the restart. Troy Carr spun in the same spot that gave Scott problems two laps earlier for the second caution. Tom Hagberg led lap five by a bumper then the yellow flew for debris on the speedway. Hagberg, Turner, Seeley, Greg Johnson and Greg Oakes were the top five for the restart. Chad Silleman stopped during the yellow and was pushed to the pits. Turner tried a slid job on Hagberg on lap six but Hagberg led the lap then one lap later Turner drove deep into turn three making the pass stick. Oakes grabbed fourth from Johnson with two laps remaining. Hagberg could not catch Turner over the final laps. It was the second win of the season for Turner.

IMG_6893.jpg (294027 bytes)Richie Seaholm led the first lap of the first Super Challenger feature with Jesse Dash second. The yellow flew with two laps complete. Seaholm, Chris Withers and Dash were the leaders for the restart. Withers led lap three. Seaholm fought back leading lap four and lap five by a nose and Withers led lap five. Withers had a two car advantage with two laps remaining. Seaholm could not catch Withers giving him his first win at Stateline on his second appearance.

IMG_6911.jpg (306129 bytes)Ray Finch led the first lap of the second Super Challenger feature but the red flag was thrown on lap two as Mike Genco made hard contact with the turn one wall. After a small delay Genco was helped from the car. Jamie Hebner lost a wheel on the restart for the second caution. Alex Froman took control after the restart and led to the checkers for his fifth win in ten starts.


Heat 1: IMG_6590.jpg (327842 bytes) Nate Lester, John Galati, Mark Luce

Heat 2: IMG_6615.jpg (307896 bytes) Jason Genco, Bill Reeves, Mike Zemcik

Feature: Jason Genco, Nate Lester, Mike Zemcik, Bill Reeves, Chris Couchenour, John Galati, Mort John, Pat Landy, Wade Watson, Rob Bates

Budweiser Super Sportsman:

Heat 1: IMG_6628.jpg (286078 bytes) Pat McGuire, Don McGuire, Jim Leonard

Heat 2: IMG_6639.jpg (299469 bytes) Chad Carlson, Bob Hazzard, Bobby Rohrer

Feature: Pat McGuire, Bobby Rohrer, Chad Carlson, Don McGuire, Bob Hazzard, Mike Kosinski, Joe Buccola Sr., Tim Nocero, John Volpe, Doug Birath

Outlaw Cadets:

Heat 1: IMG_6655.jpg (325239 bytes) Pat McGuire, Paul Norman Jr., Lester Shoff

Heat 2: IMG_6669.jpg (299482 bytes) Mike Moore, Ron Seeley, Louis DeDionisio

Feature: Mike Moore, Pat McGuire, Ron Seeley, Paul Norman Jr., Louis DeDionisio, Bob Vogt Jr., Lester Shoff, Joe Harvey, George Milks, Dave Tolon


Heat 1: IMG_6682.jpg (302027 bytes) Tom Hagberg, Ron Seeley, Andy Sweetland

Heat 2: IMG_6694.jpg (298752 bytes) Quincy Turner, Chad Silleman,

Feature: Quincy Turner, Tom Hagberg, Steve Rex, Greg Oakes, Greg Johnson, Al Cressley, Andy Sweetland, Troy Carr, Wayne Anderson, Tom Bean

Super Late Model:

Heat 1: IMG_6709.jpg (309770 bytes) Scott Johnson, Steve Halpainy, John Lobb, Andy Kania, Randy Lobb

Heat 2: IMG_6724.jpg (265200 bytes) Doug Eck, Andy Boozel, Paul Briggs, Dave Lyon, Scott Gurdak

Heat 3: IMG_6738.jpg (290460 bytes) Randy Shearer, Dave Scott, Dick Barton, Chad Valone, Ward Schell

Feature: Doug Eck, Scott Johnson, Dave Scott, Steve Halpainy, Dick Barton, Andy Kania, Darrell Bossard, Dave Lyon, Randy Shearer, Randy Lobb, John Lobb, Chad Valone, Andy Boozel, Ward Schell, John Watson, Scott Gurdak, Rick Isadore, Bump Hedman, Paul Briggs, Ted Kosinski, Moose Dunnewold, Chuck Parker, John Volpe, Merle Terry

Lady Challenger:

Heat 1: IMG_6748.jpg (300000 bytes) Stephanie Devereaux, Stephanie Hilyer, Michelle Swabik

Feature: IMG_6888.jpg (301252 bytes) Stephanie Hilyer, Stephanie Devereaux, Michelle Swabik, Jodee Jordan, Jennifer Weagraff, Tara Jordan, Mary Lou Keith, Mary Hammond

Super Challenger:

Heat 1: IMG_6765.jpg (308361 bytes) Jesse Dash, Raymond Finch, Brandon Pierce

Heat 2: IMG_6778.jpg (296400 bytes) Alex Froman, Dan Nocero Sr., Mike Genco

Heat 3: IMG_6790.jpg (291762 bytes) Richie Seaholm, Curt Hansen, Ben Burgess Jr.

Feature 1: Chris Withers, Richie Seaholm, Jesse Dash, Dan Nocero Sr., Ben Burgess Jr., Brandon Pierce, Kevin Golden, Steve Keith, Mike Kosinski, Rod Birt

Feature 2: Alex Froman, Greg Rockwell, Mike Gibbons, Chuck Green, Ray Finch, Kyle Jackson, Curt Hansen, Michael Little, James Chase, Terry Lester