Copy of IMG_5101.jpg (274563 bytes) Dave Hess Jr. Wins Corry Chrysler/Corry Ford Super Late Model Championship Race at Stateline Speedway
by Glenn Slocum

Busti, NY: After three attempts Mother Nature finally cooperated as with a beautiful night for the Corry Chrylser/Corry Ford thirty-five lap Super Late Model Championship race. Rookie Mike Knight won the first Super Late Model qualifier and started on the pole, Dave Lyon the second and Scott Gurdak the third. Andy Kania wrested the Super Late Model Budweiser King of the Hill title from Doug Eck. Dave Hess Jr. powered by Andy Kania on lap twenty-one of the thirty-five lap Championship event and was not challenged for the remainder of the race. Lonnie Waldron held off a charging Jason Genco to win his second Spectator feature. Chad Carlson nipped John Volpe at the line to win his second of the year. Veteran Pat McGuire won the "Run Whatca Brung" Outlaw Cadet event in his first Cadet Feature finish at Stateline this year. Mike Hess held off Justin Carlson to win his third in the E-Mod division. Michelle Swabik won her second Lady Challenger event and Bob Belson and Paul Nelson were the Super Challenger winners.

Mike Knight led twenty-five Super Late Models to Mark Matthew’s green flag for the start of the Corry Chrysler/Corry Ford Championship race. Knight won the dash to turn one but Dave Lyon got sideways collecting Merle Terry, Moose Dunnewold, Miles Stitzinger and Darrell Bossard. The lap was not counted but those involved were sent to the rear for the restart. Knight remained on the pole with Andy Kania second followed by Scott Gurdak and Andy Boozel. Gurdak stopped on the back stretch with front end suspension damage during the yellow and had to be towed to the pits moving Bump Hedman into the third spot. Kania led the first lap with Knight second and Hedman third. Hedman passed Knight on lap two for second then Boozel did the same one lap later. Kania had a considerable lead with five in the books as Hedman and Boozel battled for second with John Lobb and Dave Hess Jr. running fourth and fifth. Boozel managed to move away from Hedman just as the yellow flew for Ward Schell coming out of turn two. The top five for the lap nine restart were Kania, Boozel, Hedman, John Lobb and Hess. Kania remained in control after the restart and quickly began to rebuild his lead but the battle was on for third with Hedman, John Lobb and Hess all contesting the spot. Terry, Bruce Hordusky, Chad Valone and pole sitter Knight tangled in turn four with twelve laps complete for the third yellow. Rich Gardner broke into the top five on the restart putting Hess back to sixth. Hess fought back one lap later for fifth. John Lobb made a hard right turn coming out of turn four then stopped up against the fence bringing out the fourth yellow. Kania, Boozel, Hess, Hedman and Gardner were the top five for the restart. Hess took second from Boozel on lap eighteen as Kania led. Hess used the cushion to pass Kania for the lead on lap twenty-one. Hess was into lap traffic with ten laps remaining and continued to run up against the cushion when ever possible. With five to go Hess had over a straight away lead over Kania who led Boozel by seven car lengths. Stitzinger stopped up against the concrete in turn four as the white flag flew for the fifth yellow. Hess was first with three lap cars following then Kania, Boozel, Gardner and Doug Eck who completed the top five. Hess powered away from the field on the restart winning his fifth of the season and capturing the $3000 first place prize.

Copy of IMG_5062.jpg (278948 bytes)Lonnie Waldron and Mort John were on the front row of the Spectator feature with Robert Kinne and Berton Chapel in row two. Waldron led the first lap with John second and John Britt third. Britt lost the handle on lap three as Rodney Thoms grabbed the third spot. Jason Genco beat Thoms to the flag on lap six to take over third. Pat Landy went around in turn three with seven laps complete for the first caution. The top five for the restart were Waldron, John, Genco, Thoms and Lester Shoff. Genco took second from John on the restart lap and Shoff moved to fourth. With five to go Shoff moved by John for third then Thoms spun John getting the black flag from Starter Mark Matthews moving Nate Lester to fourth and Dave McClenahan fifth. Genco jumped Waldron’s left rear on the final lap but Waldron kept control to win the event.

IMG_5076.jpg (281775 bytes)The initial start of the Budweiser Super Sportsman feature was waived off but the second was accepted as Jim Leonard grabbed the lead with Tim Nocero second and John Volpe third. Nocero pulled off putting Volpe up to second. Volpe took the lead from Leonard on lap eight. Chad Carlson passed Leonard two laps latter and began to run down Volpe for the lead and Bobby Rohrer slipped into third. Carlson moved alongside Volpe on the final lap. Carlson used the outside line while Volpe was running low. Volpe slipped up into Carlson at the checkers but Carlson held on for his second win.

IMG_5085.jpg (295421 bytes)The Outlaw Cadet "Run Whatca Brung" feature saw David Marrs and Ron Seeley on the front row. Seeley beat the crowd into turn one then the melee began on the back stretch collecting Brian Crandall, Nathan Short, Mark Hall, John Cline, Marrs, Troy Dorman, Steve Moynihan, George Milks, Phil Knight, Joe Weber and Jaime Erhard. Paul Norman and Seeley were placed on the front row followed by Andy Knight and Dave Tackett. Tackett beat everyone around to lead lap one with Andy Knight second and Seeley third. Dorman lost the handle on lap three for the second caution. Tackett held on to the lead with Knight challenging. Two laps later, Pat McGuire slipped by Knight then stalked Tackett for a lap before grabbing the lead. McGuire had a ten car length lead at the half way mark and Tackett led Knight by three car lengths. With two laps to go Jamie Erhard stopped in turn three for the third caution allowing Tackett and Knight to close with McGuire. McGuire quickly moved away from Tackett then Bob Vogt Jr. did a complete spin in turn four not stopping but Dorman, Erhard and Milks stopped causing the fourth and final caution. McGuire won the one lap dash for his first feature win of the season.

Copy of IMG_5087.jpg (273952 bytes)It was a Hess front row in the Emod feature with Dave Hess Jr. on the pole and Mike Hess off the pole. Mike Hess came out on top after the first lap with Dave Hess second and Justin Carlson third. Carlson tried passing Dave Hess low in turn two on lap seven and they made contact but one lap later Carlson made it stick in turn three setting Dave Hess back to third. Dave Hess was running with a soft left front tire after the contact with Carlson. Dave Hess lost another spot to Quincy Turner with three laps remaining. Carlson nearly caught Mike Hess at the end but just ran out of time giving Mike Hess his third win.

Copy of IMG_5107.jpg (254952 bytes)Kayla Riefstahl grabbed the lead at the start of the Lady Challenger event and was nearly passed by Stephanie Hilyer on the final lap. Riefstahl pushed Hilyer into the infield where Hilyer spun bringing out the only yellow of the race. Michelle Swabik just beat Riefstahl to the checkers for her second win.

IMG_5108.jpg (267483 bytes)Dan Nocero Sr. was the early leader in the first Super Challenger feature then gave way to Bob Belson on a lap four restart. Belson went on to win his first of the season.

IMG_5111.jpg (266013 bytes)Stub Johnson led the first lap of the second Super Challenger feature with Eugene Hart second. Paul Nelson went from nineteenth to third in three laps then passed the leader on lap seven. The caution flew with three laps remaining for Mike Swanson in turn two. Johnson led briefly after the restart but Nelson prevailed to win his third of the season.


Heat 1: Copy of IMG_4859.jpg (351573 bytes) Rodney Thoms, Bill Reeves, Lester Shoff

Heat 2: IMG_4872.jpg (405457 bytes) Bob Frisbee, Travis Swabik, Berton Chapel

Heat 3: Copy of IMG_4884.jpg (321326 bytes) Clarence Dickerson, John Britt, Charlie Silleman

Feature: Lonnie Waldron, Jason Genco, Lester Shoff, Nate Lester, Dave McClenahan, Bill Reeves, Joe McMurdy, Travis Swabik, Clarence Dickerson, Stan Davis

Budweiser Super Sportsman:

Heat 1: IMG_4903.jpg (296842 bytes) Aaron Robinson, Jake Eller, Bryan Ester

Heat 2: IMG_4914.jpg (300145 bytes) Bob Hazzard, Don McGuire, John Boardman

Feature: Chad Carlson, John Volpe, Bobby Rohrer, Jim Leonard, Pat McGuire, Bob Van Arsdale, John Boardman, Bob Hazzard, Don McGuire, Bryan Ester

Outlaw Cadets:

Heat 1: IMG_4926.jpg (281745 bytes) Bob Vogt Jr., Paul Norman Jr., Troy Dorman

Heat 2: IMG_4940.jpg (311245 bytes) Andy Knight, Ron Seeley, John Cline

Feature: Pat McGuire, Dave Tackett, Andy Knight, Ron Seeley, Mike Moore, Nathan Short, Phil Knight, Paul Norman Jr., Brian Crandall, Bob Vogt Jr.


Heat 1: Copy of IMG_4949.jpg (288985 bytes) Dave Hess Jr., Tom Hagberg, Quincy Turner

Heat 2: Copy of IMG_4965.jpg (279940 bytes) Mike Hess, Justin Carlson, Greg Johnson

Feature: Mike Hess, Justin Carlson, Quincy Turner, Dave Hess Jr., Tom Hagberg, Greg Johnson, Ron Seeley, Troy Carr, Dan Nocero Jr., Wayne Mohawk

Super Late Model:

Heat 1: Copy of IMG_4979.jpg (285737 bytes) Mike Knight, Andy Kania, Merle Terry, Scott Johnson, Ted Kosinski

Heat 2: IMG_4988.jpg (289280 bytes) Dave Lyon, Darrell Bossard, John Lobb, Dave Hess Jr., Steve Halpainy

Heat 3: Copy of IMG_4999.jpg (261645 bytes) Scott Gurdak, Andy Boozel, Bump Hedman, Rich Gardner, Paul Briggs

Feature: Dave Hess Jr., Andy Kania, Andy Boozel, Rich Gardner, Doug Eck, Dave Lyon, Steve Halpainy, Darrell Bossard, Bump Hedman, Paul Briggs, Jay Watson, Ted Kosinski, Merle Terry, Ward Schell, Moose Dunnewold, Chad Valone, Mike Knight, Randy Shearer, John Volpe, Miles Stitzinger, Chuck Parker, John Lobb, Randy Lobb, Bruce Hordusky, Scott Gurdak, Scott Johnson

Lady Challenger:

Heat 1: Copy of IMG_5009.jpg (273676 bytes) Stephanie Devereaux, Stephanie Hilyer, Kayla Riefstahl

Feature: Michelle Swabik, Kayla Riefstahl, Tara Jordan, Amber Belson, Mary Hammond, Jodee Jordan, Stephanie Hilyer, Jennifer Weagraff, Stephanie Devereaux, Kari Moore

Super Challenger:

Heat 1: IMG_5025.jpg (270784 bytes) Eugene Hart, Joe Worczak, Mike Swanson

Heat 2: IMG_5037.jpg (283892 bytes) Paul Nelson, Curt Hansen, Dan Nocero Sr.

Heat 3: IMG_5050.jpg (283090 bytes) Stub Johnson, Mike Genco, Bryon Johnson Jr.

Feature 1: Bob Belson, Dan Nocero Sr., Jermin Strickland, Travis Darling, Michael Kosinski, Austin Fitzgerald, Glenn Slaney, Leonard Enos, Kyle Weilacher, Jeff Lamb

Feature 2: Paul Nelson II, Eugene Hart, Stub Johnson, Kevin Golden, Rod Birt, Leslie Armstrong, Sam Courson, Aron Dascomb, John Mease, Brandon Pierce