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Andy Kania Wins Sunoco Race Fuels Super Late Model Feature and 2005 Eriez Super Late Model Championship
Nate Lester, Bobby Rohrer, Nathan Short, Mike Hess, Andy Kania, Amber Belson and Chris Withers Crowned Point Champions
at Eriez Speedway
By Glenn Slocum

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Erie, Pa: The final point night at Eriez Speedway was sponsored by Sunoco Race Fuels and featured an Outlaw Cadet "Run What’ca Brung" event. Andy Kania led the Super Late Model points going into the nights events and did what had to be done. Winning the feature event for his first win of the season and clinching his first Super Late Model point Championship. Nate Lester was crowned the Spectator point Champion and Wade Slaney won the caution strewn event. Bobby Rohrer won his third Budweiser Super Sportsman feature and beat Don McGuire by ten points to become the 2005 Point Champion. Nathan Short led green to checkers in the Outlaw Cadet feature to win the race and become the 2005 Champion. Dave Hess Jr. won his fifth E-Mod feature but his Uncle Mike Hess won the point Championship. Mary Lou Keith won the Lady Challenger feature and Amber Belson won the Championship. Glenn Slaney won the Super Challenger race and Chris Withers became the point Champion.

Merle Terry led the Super Late Model division out for their feature event. Point leader Andy Kania would start sixth with second in the points Dave Hess Jr. in third. Terry and Dunnewold made contact on the back stretch and Dunnewold led the first lap as Hess grabbed second and Terry fell to third. The raced only stayed green for two laps when Wendell Pinckney and John Volpe tangled in turn two for the first caution. Dunnewold, Hess, Terry, Kania and Gurdak were the top five for the restart. Hess took control with Dunnewold second and Kania third. Terry got sideways coming out of four on lap three collecting Rich Gardner and Dave Lyon for caution two. Kania grabbed second from Dunnewold on the restart then the yellow flew for a number of cars at the end of the field but one more lap was complete. Kania and Hess ran into turn one side by side and Kania led out of two on the restart. Scott Gurdak was third with Paul Briggs fourth and Doug Eck fifth. The entire field was single file at the ten lap mark with Kania leading Hess by five car lengths and Hess leading Gurdak by ten car lengths. Kania was into lap traffic on lap fourteen allowing Hess to close to two car lengths. Once Kania cleared the lap cars he began to rebuild his lead over Hess. Lap traffic became a factor once more on lap twenty as Kania nearly collided with a lap car going into turn one and Hess had to go wide to avoid hitting Kania. Kania held on then clipped another car on the white flag lap which brought out the third caution. Kania easily controlled the restart to win the race and the point Championship.

Nathan Short led the first lap of the Outlaw Cadet feature. Phil Knight was second with Louis DeDionisio third and Brian Crandall fourth. Short was five car lengths ahead of Knight and a full straightaway in front of DeDionisio by lap ten as the race stayed green. Knight closed with Short with two remaining as they approached lap traffic. Knight made his move on the white flag lap but could not make it stick as Short held on for the win and the 2005 point Championship.

IMG_5525.jpg (269013 bytes)Veterans Tom Hagberg and Ron Seeley were on the front row of the E-Mod feature. Hagberg led the first circuit with Seeley second and Dave Hess Jr. third. Dave Hess moved by Seeley for second on lap two then passed Hagberg for first at the start of lap three. Justin Carlson grabbed fourth on lap five with Mike Hess the point leader in tow. Alex Feisler stopped in turn three for the first caution of the event with eight laps complete. The top five for the restart were Dave Hess, Hagberg, Seeley, Carlson and Mike Hess. Dave Hess resumed building his lead after the restart and Carlson challenged Seeley for the number three spot. The second yellow appeared with twelve laps complete for J.R. Cross in turn two. Carlson used the outside to pass Seeley then the yellow flew for Jason Illig, Mike Moon and Tom Bean. Brian Fardink had troubles on the restart for caution four with two laps remaining. Troy Carr ended up sideways in turn one on the restart collecting Feisler, Fardink and Jeff Fellows. Carlson was way off the pace on the restart pulling into the pit on the white flag lap. Dave Hess won the event with his Uncle Mike Hess winning the point Championship.

IMG_5480.jpg (306249 bytes)The final point race for the Spectator division was brought to the speedway by Brian Bush and Mike Harmon. John Naughton and Tim Thompson were in row two. Wade Watson was facing the wrong direction in turn one after the start bringing out the caution before the first lap could be completed. Harmon came out on top after the restart with Bush second and David Brown third. The yellow reappeared on lap two for a car stopped in turn four. Harmon led lap three by a bumper as Bush moved alongside with Josh Lucas taking over the third spot. Phil Kimmy stopped coming out of turn two for caution number three. Bush won the race to turn one on the restart and was the lap five leader. Tom Norland moved into second on the restart then the yellow reappeared for two cars spun in turn four. The top five for the lap seven restart were Bush, Norland, Lucas, Wade Slaney and Brown. Brown turned around on the restart and the yellow reappeared. Lucas grabbed the lead on the restart with Slaney in tow. Two laps later Lester Shoff and Nate Lester moved into third and fourth putting Harmon back to fifth. Debris brought out the yellow with ten laps complete. Slaney led the next restart and Shoff moved by Lucas for second. Watson and Norland tangled on lap eleven and the caution flew for the seventh time. Harmon left the speedway with a right rear flat during the yellow putting Brown in fifth. Shoff pushed Lucas up the speedway on the white flag lap and as a result Lucas lost two spots finishing fourth as Slaney won.

Jake Eller and Aaron Robinson were on the front row of the Budweiser Super Sportsman feature. Robinson led into one and Eller lost several spots. Bob Van Arsdale was second followed by Eric Ester. John Boardman stopped on the back stretch bringing out the caution on lap two then pulled into the pits as the race was realigned. Dan Francis spun off turn one on the restart for caution two. Van Arsdale led after the restart with Bobby Rohrer second and Pat McGuire third. Van Arsdale broke an axel at the end of lap six for the third caution and placing Rohrer in the lead followed by Pat McGuire, John Volpe and Don McGuire. Rohrer led at the half way point then Robinson spun in turn two for caution four. Rohrer kept control after the lap ten restart. Chris McGuire spun for the fifth yellow with thirteen laps complete. Rohrer won the race and the 2005 Championship as he ran the final two laps unchallenged.

IMG_5568.jpg (275275 bytes)Mary Lou Keith grabbed the lead at the start of the Lady Challenger feature with Amber Belson second. Keith led from green to checkers for the win and Belson claimed the point championship with a fourth place finish.

IMG_5574.jpg (259374 bytes)Kyle Jackson led the first lap of the Super Challenger feature with Justin Kaliszewski second and Brandon Pierce third. An accident in turn three slowed the race with two laps completed. Kaliszewski grabbed the lead on the restart with Glenn Slaney moving to second and point leader Chris Withers to fourth. Withers move up behind Slaney one lap later and Bob Belson took fourth. Belson passed Withers and Kaliszewski for second on lap seven. Belson could catch Slaney but not pass as the race ended with Slaney first, Belson second and Withers third.


Heat 1: IMG_5141.jpg (328640 bytes) Mike Harmon, Rob Bates, Tim Thompson

Heat 2: IMG_5177.jpg (318851 bytes) Joe Heslop, Brian Bush, Wade Watson

Heat 3: IMG_5206.jpg (326108 bytes) Rodney Thoms, Nate Lester, Lester Shoff

Feature: Wade Slaney, Lester Shoff, Nate Lester, Josh Lucas, Dave Brown, Jeff Harvey, Terry Lavery, Jason Heslop, Wade Watson, Tim Thompson

Budweiser Super Sportsman:

Heat 1: IMG_5241.jpg (323545 bytes) Eric Ester, Mike Murray, Aaron Robinson
Heat 2: IMG_5259.jpg (330835 bytes) John Volpe, Bob Hazzard, Pat McGuire

Feature: Bobby Rohrer, Pat McGuire, John Volpe, Don McGuire, Chad Carlson, Bob Hazzard, Scott Kuschel, Chris Kuschel, Jake Eller, Brent Crandall

Outlaw Cadets:

Heat 1: IMG_5272.jpg (317139 bytes) Phil Knight, Chris Bowman, Brian Zimmerly

Heat 2: IMG_5310.jpg (327926 bytes) Louis DeDionisio, Nathan Short, Paul Norman

Feature: Nathan Short, Phil Knight, Louis DeDionisio, Brian Crandall, Ron Seeley, Brian Zimmerly, Andy Knight, Paul Norman Jr., Bob Vogt Jr., Chris Bowman


Heat 1: IMG_5323.jpg (330316 bytes) Tom Hagberg, Dave Hess Jr., Herm Hilyer

Heat 2: IMG_5345.jpg (333485 bytes) Ron Seeley, Mike Hess, Matt Swanson

Heat 3: IMG_5361.jpg (311325 bytes) Justin Carlson, Dennis Lunger, Brian Fardink

Feature: Dave Hess Jr., Tom Hagberg, Ron Seeley, Mike Hess, Dennis Lunger, Matt Swanson, Dustin Eckman, Dave Will, Troy Carr, Bill Taylor

Super Late Model:

Heat 1: IMG_5397.jpg (313388 bytes) Merle Terry, Scott Gurdak, Dave Lyon, Chris Hackett, Wendell Pinckney

Heat 2: IMG_5421.jpg (308095 bytes) Moose Dunnewold, Andy Kania, Paul Briggs, Steve Halpainy, John Watson

Heat 3: IMG_5431.jpg (304905 bytes) Dave Hess Jr., Doug Eck, Rich Gardner, Andy Boozel, Mike Knight

Feature: Andy Kania, Dave Hess Jr., Scott Gurdak, Paul Briggs, Doug Eck, Merle Terry, Andy Boozel, Moose Dunnewold, Dave Lyon, Mike Coyle, Rich Gardner, John Watson, Steve Halpainy, Chris Hackett, Mike Knight, Mark Gilbert, John Volpe, Dave Harding, Wendell Pinckney, Bump Hedman


Lady Challenger:

Heat 1: IMG_5441.jpg (302030 bytes) Katelyn Pinckney, Amanda Swanson, Kari Moore

Feature: Mary Lou Keith, Kari Moore, Becky Campbell, Amber Belson, Katelyn Pinckney, Amanda Swanson, Stephanie Hilyer, Michelle Swabik, Mary Hammond, Kayla Riefstahl

Super Challenger:

Heat 1: IMG_5457.jpg (286385 bytes) Chris Withers, Austin Fitzgerald, Bob Belson

Heat 2: IMG_5475.jpg (279860 bytes) Bill Baker Jr., Jeff Lamb, Justin Kaliszewski

Feature: Glenn Slaney, Bob Belson, Chris Withers, Justin Kaliszewski, Aron Dascomb, Brandon Pierce, Alex Froman, Steve Soto, Travis Darling, Greg Rockwell