Sept 3rd, 2011


September 3rd, 2011 - David Scott wins the Saturday Edition of the Super Late Model Labor Day Weekend Special at Stateline Speedway

By Glenn Slocum

Saturday September 3rd, 2011 Busti, NY: Hot and humid defined the weather as the Super Late Models, E-Mods, Crate Late Models, Outlaw Cadets and Super Challengers concluded their racing at Stateline for 2011. The points ended last week making Saturday night all about the bragging rights and winners purse. The UEMS sanctioned the E-Mod event and 28 cars were on hand to try for a feature starting spot.

            Steve Kania won his third Outlaw Cadet feature of the season in a green to checkers run.

            A foot race between qualified Super Late drivers say Pete Alspaugh win the $500 dollar prize.

            Super Late Model driver Dave Scott chased Boom Briggs for twenty-five laps before lap traffic forced Briggs up the speedway giving Scott the pass and five laps later the $3,000 win, It was Scott’s third win of the season.

            In a Crate Late Model race marred by several cautions Chad Valone got his first Crate win. Valone passed Chad Silleman near the midway point of the race then held off a late race charge by Kyle Scott for the win.

            Stateline E-Mod point Champ Greg Johnson led every lap of  the UEMS Labor Day Special for his third win of the season as Scott Gurdak, Dave Hess Jr. and Dan Davies battled for the number two spot won by Gurdak.

            Kyle Jackson made a green to checkers run to win the Super Challenger Special his third win of the season.

A spin at the end of the first lap of the Outlaw Cadet feature brought out the yellow as Steve Kania led with Paul Schreckengost second and Ryan Scott third. Two laps after the restart Mike Moore and Dave Will had problems in turn four for the second yellow. One lap later Chad Schauers caused caution three. Kania was firmly in control extending his lead on every lap. Mike Moon stopped on the edge of the speedway for caution four with eight laps complete. Kania, Schreckengost and Tommy Fox were the top three. With two to go Kania led by a straight and Scott had passed Fox for third. It was all Kania at the checkers his third win of the season.

  Boom Briggs and David Scott were the front row for the Super Late Model Special wrapping up their racing season. Dick Barton and Darrell Bossard were in row two with Doug Eck and Chad Valone in row three. Andy Boozel last nights winner was starting 21st. Dennis Lunger, Jason Morell and Chuck Parker tangled on lap one sending Morell to the pits. Briggs led Scott by a car length at the close of lap one with Barton third, Eck fourth and Bump Hedman fifth. The nine cars were running nose to tail on the bottom of the speedway. The leaders moved into lap traffic on lap twelve then a spin by Nathan Short one lap later caused caution two. Boozel entered the pits during the yellow. Stateline Late Model Point champ Dutch Davies and Pete Alspaugh caused caution three on the restart. Davies pulled his car into the pits as the yellow flew. Eck began pressing Scott for the runner up spot right after the restart. Eck tried the low side then moved up the speedway to try their. Eck tried to charge in under Scott and Scott closed the door ending Eck charge. Barton was now in position to test Eck and Briggs extended his lead. over Scott . Lap traffic pushed Briggs up the speedway and Scott was able to close and make the pass with just five laps remaining in the event. Scott ran the final laps unchallenged for his third win and the $3,000 first place prize.


Six cars were collected in a first lap incident in the UEMS E-Mod Special. Greg Johnson, Scott Gurdak and Dan Davies were the leaders. Chad Ramsey ruined the next restart with a spin in turn one.  The third attempt saw seven cars tangle coming to the green and one car spun on the next attempt. A lap was finally completed on the fifth attempt but the yellow followed after Kyle Bedell had problems in turn three. The race finally seemed to settle down as Johnson led with Gurdak three car lengths back. Dave Hess took third from Davies. Hess and Davies make contact on lap ten as they battled for the third spot. With eight laps left the battle was for second between Hess and Gurdak. Gurdak would not budge for the inside as Hess tried every line for the pass. Johnson won the event in heavy lap traffic capping his Championship season with his third win of the season.


Chad Silleman led the first lap of the Crate Late Model Special with Wendell Pinckney second and T.J. Downs third. Kevin Decker was the first to have problems causing caution number one. Downs did a spin on the restart for yellow two. Chad Valone moved up to occupy the third spot with Bob Dorman fourth and Kyle Scott fifth. Brian Haggerty spun to a stop in turn two for yellow three. Valone was second after thre restart and Pinckney fell back to fourth with Scott third. As the laps wound down Valone was having troubles closing with Silleman but the yellow flag helped because of a spin by Adam Ashcroft. Downs collected Ashcroft on the restart for yellow number four. The fifth yellow involved four cars. The restart ended with another multi-car yellow. Lap sixteen was completed with a new leader. Valone won the race to turn one. Silleman lost stow more spots as Scott took second and Dorman third. Scott was glued to Valone’s bumper. Brian Haggerty caused caution six. Five laps remained and Scott was now alongside Valone for the restart. Valone held off Scott on the restart as the field all moved to the low groove. Scott tried the outside on the final lap and ended up losing the second spot to Dorman as Valone won his first Crate Late Model feature.

Kyle Jackson, Roger Hall and Austin Karash were the early leaders in the Super Challenger Special. Karash took sole ownership of second as Hall faded to fifth. Rick Sperry stopped up against the front stretch wall with six of the ten laps complete. Jackson, Karash, Chad Bender and Dustin Lamb were the leaders. Jackson cruise to the victory his third in 2011.

Super Late Model

Heat 1: Chad Valone Jamestown NY, David Scott Garland PA, Scott Johnson Wattsburg PA, Randy Lobb Jamestown NY, Robbie Blair Centerville PA


Heat 2: Doug Eck Corry PA, Boom Briggs Bear Lake PA, Dave Hess Jr. Waterford PA, Chris Hackett Corry PA, Russ King Bristolville OH


Heat 3: Darrell Bossard Centerville PA, Bump Hedman Sugar Grove PA, Pete Alspaugh Russell PA, Matt Urban North East PA, Nathan Short Panama NY


Heat 4: Dick Barton, Dutch Davies Warren PA, Mike Knight Ripley NY, Scott Gurdak Bear Lake PA, Doug Ricotta Warsaw NY


Feature: David Scott Garland PA, Boom Briggs Bear Lake PA, Doug Eck Corry PA, Dick Barton, Dave Hess Jr. Waterford PA, Robbie Blair Centerville PA, Scott Johnson Wattsburg PA, Matt Urban North East PA, Bump Hedman Sugar Grove PA, Russ King Bristolville OH, Scott Gurdak Bear Lake PA, Darrell Bossard Centerville PA, Rich Gardner Waterford PA, Mike Knight Ripley NY, Chad Valone Jamestown NY, Chris Hackett Corry PA, Rod Maloy Panama NY, Doug Ricotta Warsaw NY, Pete Alspaugh Russell PA, Greg Oakes Franklinville NY, Chuck Parker Ashville NY, Dennis Lunger, Dutch Davies Warren PA, Nathan Short Panama NY, Andy Boozel Clymer NY, Jason Morell North East PA, Randy Lobb Jamestown NY


Heat 1: Joel Watson Conneaut OH, Randy Hall Olean NY, Alex Froman Ashville NY, Chad Ramsey Jamestown NY, David Shagla Sugar Grove PA


Heat 2: Dave Hess Jr. Waterford PA, Greg Johnson Jamestown NY, Brian Douglas Painesville OH, Dave Lyon Corry PA, Al Brewer Belfast NY


Heat 3: Scott Gurdak Bear Lake PA, Dan Davies Warren PA, Kyle Bedell Little Valley NY, Darren Tarabori Galeton PA, Anthony Marotto Ashville NY


Heat 4: John Boardman Jamestown NY, Richard Michael Jr. Ischua NY, Brent Rhebergen Clymer NY, Mike McGee Mayville NY, Dave Atkinson Saegertown PA


Consolation 1: David Shagla Sugar Grove PA, John Boyd Waterford PA, Al Brewer Belfast NY, Butch Southwell Warren PA, Ron Seeley Youngsville PA, Ben Asel Kane PA, John Kelsey Sherman NY, Dan Maxim Erie PA, Jaik Halpainy Ashville NY, Mike Munsee

Consolation 2: Dave Atkinson Saegertown PA, Anthony Marotto Ashville NY, Ken Zimmer, Jack Young Mentor OH, Ben Burgess Jr. Sherman NY, Steve Huling Mayville NY, Rick Karash Jamestown NY, Mike Harmon Albion PA, Chuck Frye Ashville NY

Feature: Greg Johnson Jamestown NY, Scott Gurdak Bear Lake PA, Dave Hess Jr. Waterford PA, Alex Froman Ashville NY, Dan Davies Warren PA, David Shagla Sugar Grove PA, John Boyd Waterford PA, Brian Douglas Painesville OH, Bud Watson Conneaut OH, Randy Hall Olean NY

Outlaw Cadet

Heat 1: Mike Moore Russell PA, Tommy Fox, Tyler Green Corry PA, John Cline Jr. Kennedy NY, Chris McGuire


Heat 2: Ryan Scott Garland PA, Paul Schreckengost, Steve Kania Waterford PA, Jake Finnerty Panama NY, Paul Nelson


Feature: Steve Kania Waterford PA, Paul Schreckengost, Ryan Scott Garland PA, Tyler Green Corry PA, Tommy Fox, Jake Finnerty Panama NY, Chris McGuire, John Cline Jr. Kennedy NY, Paul Nelson, Stan Davis Jr. Jamestown NY

Super Challenger

Heat 1: Dustin Lamb Jamestown NY, Austin Karash Panama NY, Kyle Jackson Ii Cherry Creek NY, Randy Beckstrom Frewsburg NY, Chris Knisley Jamestown NY


Heat 2: Chad Bender Stockton NY, Roger Hall, Travis Darling Jamestown NY, Stephanie Deveraux Lakewood NY, Rick Sperry Kennedy NY


Feature: Kyle Jackson II Cherry Creek NY , Austin Karash Panama NY, Chad Bender Stockton NY, Dustin Lamb Jamestown NY, Chris Knisley Jamestown NY, Randy Beckstrom Frewsburg NY, Travis Darling Jamestown NY, Larry Oakes Sugar Grove PA, Stephanie Deveraux Lakewood NY, Scott Dellahoy Jr. Sinclairville NY

Crate Late Model

Heat 1: Chad Silleman South Dayton NY, Jason Stetson North East PA, Bob Dorman Stockton NY, John Haggerty Olean NY, Bob Kish Belfast NY


Heat 2: Wendell Pinckney Albion PA, Chad Valone Kiantone NY, Les Lyon Sugar Grove PA, Bobby Roher Waterford PA, Kevin Decker Erie PA


Heat 3: T.J. Downs Albion NY, John Lacki Sinclairville NY, Kyle Scott Garland PA, Justin Kreider Linesville PA, Garrett Mott Smethport PA


Feature: Chad Valone Kiantone NY, Bob Dorman Stockton NY, Kyle Scott Garland PA, John Haggerty Olean NY, Bob Kish Belfast NY, John Lacki Sinclairville NY, Wendell Pinckney Albion PA, Bobby Roher Waterford PA, Brad Mesler Wellsville NY, Les Lyon Sugar Grove PA, Garrett Mott Smethport PA, Dennis Lunger, A.J. MacQuarrie, Justin Kreider Linesville PA, Chad Silleman South Dayton NY, Brian Haggerty Olean NY, Newt Tackett North East PA, T.J. Downs Albion NY, Justin Tatlow Franklinville NY, Jamie Brown Jamestown NY, Adam Ashcroft, Kevin Decker Erie PA