June 9th, 2012


June 9th, 2011 - Dutch Davies Wins ULMS Lynn Seamens Memorial at Stateline Speedway

By Glenn Slocum

Saturday June 9th, 2012 Busti, NY: The Gafner Jewelers sponsored Lynn Seamens Memorial sanctioned by ULMS for Super Late Models headlined the events at Stateline Speedway. The Super Sportsman, Crate Late, Street Stock and Limited Late would run features initially scheduled for last week and the E-Mods and Challengers ran heats and features and the Super Late Models qualified for their 30 lap Memorial race under control of the ULMS Officials.

Steve Moynihan scored the first checkers of the night winning the special 3 lap Limited Late "Run for the Money".

Chris Withers continued to bat a thousand as he collected his fifth feature win in the Street Stock division.

Max Blair led every lap of a caution filled Crate Late feature.

Leonard Enos started on the pole and never relinquished the lead in the E-Mod feature with Justin Carlson second and Butch Southwell third.

Steve Kania started second but finished first in the Limited Late feature. Chris Ottaway challenged Kania several times but could not make the pass. It was Kaniaís second win of the season and the first repeat winner in the division.

2011 Super Late Model Champ Dutch Davies won the ULMS Lynn Seamens Memorial a race which saw several lead changes. First Randy Lobb then Doug Eck then David Scott and finally Davies led the event which was marred by just three yellows all in the early laps.

Ben Burgess Jr. gets his first win of the season in a green to checkers run in the Super Sportsman division.

Casey Burch was the Super Challenger winner, his second win in two attempts.


Kyle Weilacher and Mike Moon were on the front row for the Street Stock feature with Todd Bacon and Steve Keith Jr. in row two and Kevin Golden and Paul Nelson in row three. Weilacher pulled off the track as four cars tangled in turn three on the initial lap. Brian Crandall, Sam Courson, Cody Bliss and Paul Nelson were involved. Bliss made hard contact with the wall just past the flag stand for yellow number two with two laps complete. Moon was the leader followed Keith and Chris Withers from his seventh starting spot. Withers grabbed second beating Keith to turn one on the restart then used the inside to pass for the lead on lap four. Lap traffic entered the picture on lap ten but did not seem to slow Withers. Jeffery Keith brought out caution three with four laps remaining. Sam Conti and Lance Palmer were trapped when traffic slowed causing caution four. Second running Steve Keith blew a transmission on the last lap coming to a stop in the middle of turn three so the race ended with checkers and yellow giving Withers his fifth win of the season.

Jason Genco and Max Blair charged into turn one at the start of the Crate late feature with Blair the first across as the yellow flew for Dereck Frank. Bob Dorman spun in the exit of turn four for the second yellow. Ed Carley with flat left front brought out caution three. Three laps were complete with Blair, Damien Bidwell and Genco the top three. The race ran green thru lap six then the fourth caution flew as Doug Ricotta lost the handle in turn one. Zack Carley and Justin Tatlow tangled leaving Tatlow sideways in turn one for yellow five and yellow six occurred on the restart. Two more laps were run before yellow seven caused by a spinning Rob Bates. On each restart Blair easily moved away from the field. A lap thirteen spin by Bates caused caution eight. Skip Jackson caused caution nine with fifteen laps complete. Bates had more problems on lap seventeen for caution ten. Zack Carley was second on the last restart and on the final circuit Steve Dixon got by Damien Bidwell for third as Max Blair notched his fourth win.

A seven car tangle on the initial start of the E-Mod feature scrambled the lineup for their start. Point leader John Woodward Jr. was caught in the wreck and had to go to the pits. Leonard Enos and Justin Carlson were the leaders followed by Dave Shagla and Scott Gurdak. Woodward reported back to the speedway just before the restart. Woodward spun in turn two for the second yellow before lap two could be completed. A two car incident in turn one on the restart collected Chad Carlson and Mike McGee for yellow three. Gurdak scrapped along the back stretch wall trying to catch Enos as the fourth yellow flew. Enos, Justin Carlson, Dave Shagla, Ben Asel and Alex Froman were the top five after the restart. Butch Southwell came from twelfth to move into the top five on lap ten. Enos and Justin Carlson were well out in front when Jason Wile spun in turn four. Fifteen of the twenty laps were complete with only thirteen of the original starters still on the track. Southwell was fourth behind Shagla as Asel retired with a flat. Southwells charge ended with third at the checkers as Enos won his first of the season.

A lap two incident sent John Cline to the pits on the hook in the Limited Late feature as Steve Kania led Chris Ottaway and Tyler Green. Chad Schauers and Jake Finnerty were the next two with problems slowing the event on lap seven. Kania remained firmly in charge as Green and Ottaway battled for the runner up spot. Ryan Scott was fourth. Damon Lewis, Dennis Asel, Bill Reeves and Stan Davis Jr. were the cause of caution three with thirteen laps complete. Green lost a couple of spot on the restart and Mike Moore and Scott got by. Steve Moynihan collected Lewis and Finnerty at the exit of turn four. Ottaway could not close with Kania and Moore finished third.

Randy Lobb and Doug Eck led the Super Late Models onto the speedway for the ULMS Lynn Seamens Memorial. Scott Gurdak and Denny Fenton were in row two. Lobb was the first into turn one and just beat Eck to the line to lead the first lap. Lobb slipped a little in turn four on lap two and Eck became the new leader. Chuck Parkers stopped on the speedway trying to enter the pits bringing out the first yellow with three laps complete. Dave Scott was shown third for the restart and slid between Eck and Lobb to gain the inside on lap four. Fenton went around and Chad Valone spun to avoid for caution two with five laps down. Eck, Scott, Scott Gurdak and Dutch Davies were the leaders for the restart. Scott jumped the start for yellow three. The next restart was clean with Scott now high behind Eck. Scott made a bold move down the back stretch to pass Eck only to lose it in turn four falling to third. Davies was the next Eck challenger and took the spot one lap later. Davies began to build a lead as Scott caught Eck again this time for the runner up spot. At the half way mark Davies led Eck and Scott by nearly a straight away. Lap traffic was the challenge for Davies now as Scott finally bested Eck for second. With ten laps remaining Davies had a sizeable lead over Scott and Eck. Greg Oakes was fourth with Dick Barton fifth. At five to go Barton moved to fourth and the leader was in heavy lap traffic. Davies mastered the lap traffic winning the 30 lap event and the $3,000 winnerís share.

A lap two spin by Jason Schumaker caused the first yellow in the Super Sportsman feature. Ben Burgess was the leader with Tim Card second and point leader Dan Nocero third. Allen Yarbrough slowed to a stop high in turn four for caution two with three laps complete. Schumaker had more problems for yellow three. One lap after the restart Jake Eller stopped for caution four. A spin by Clint Haskins collected Jim Kibbe for caution four with ten laps down. Burgess remained as the race leader with Dan Nocero second and Card third. Rick Karash and Eller caused caution five with thirteen down. The restart was single file as two laps remained. Burgess was unchallenged for the final two circuits for his first win of the season.

Super Late Model

Heat 1: Dutch Davies Warren PA, Denny Fenton Clearfield PA, Chris Hackett Jamestown NY, Dick Barton Ashville NY, Andy Boozel Clymer NY

Heat 2: Randy Lobb Jamestown NY, David Scott Garland PA, Greg Oakes Franklinville NY, Rich Gardner Waterford PA, Bump Hedman Sugar Grove PA

Heat 3: Doug Eck Corry PA, Scott Gurdak Bear Lake PA, Andy Kania Waterford PA, Darrell Bossard Centerville PA, Chad Valone Jamestown NY

Feature: Dutch Davies Warren PA, David Scott Garland PA, Doug Eck Corry PA, Dick Barton Ashville NY, Greg Oakes Franklinville NY, Scott Gurdak Bear Lake PA, Bump Hedman Sugar Grove PA, Chris Hackett Jamestown NY, Chad Valone Jamestown NY, Rich Gardner Waterford PA, Randy Lobb Jamestown NY, Andy Kania Waterford PA, Darrell Bossard Centerville PA, Greg Johnson Sugar Grove PA, Andy Boozel Clymer NY, Jordan Eck Corry PA, Dennis Lunger Albion PA, Denny Fenton Clearfield PA, Ryan Scott Garland PA, Chuck Parker Ashville NY, Rod Maloy Panama NY


Heat 1: Justin Carlson Sherman NY, David Shagla Jr. Sugar Grove PA, Chuck Frye Ashville NY, Chad Carlson Lakewood NY, Ron Seeley Youngsville PA

Heat 2: Leonard Enos Russell PA, Scott Gurdak Bear Lake PA, Alex Froman Ashville NY, Dan Davies Warren PA, Ben Asel Kane PA

Feature: Leonard Enos Russell PA, Justin Carlson Sherman NY, Butch Southwell Warren PA, Alex Froman Ashville NY, Scott Gurdak Bear Lake PA, Ron Seeley Youngsville PA, John Boardman Jamestown NY, David Shagla Jr. Sugar Grove PA, Kyle Bedell Little Valley NY, Chuck Frye Ashville NY

Limited Late Models

Feature: Steve Kania Waterford PA, Chris Ottaway Sherman NY, Ryan Scott Garland PA, Mike Moore Russell PA, Tyler Green Corry PA, Mike Moon Brocton NY, Dennis Asel Kane PA, Stan Davis Jr. Jamestown NY, Dustin Eckman Erie PA, Bill Reeves Celeron NY


Street Stock

Consolation: Gary Fisher North East PA, Mark Thompson North East PA, Jason Covey Clymer NY, Richard Wojtowicz Jr. Limestone NY, James Britt Forestville NY, Berton Chapel Irvine PA, Jason Martin Columbus PA, Donald Hebner Gerry NY

Feature: Chris Withers Waterford PA, Jason Martin Columbus PA, Jason Covey Clymer NY, Gary Fisher North East PA, Ron Johnson Erie PA, Kevin Golden Frewsburg NY, Brian Crandall Stockton NY, Patrick Fielding Titusville PA, Elaine Best Jamestown NY, Richard Wojtowicz Jr. Limestone NY

Super Sportsman

Feature: Ben Burgess Jr. Sherman NY, Dan Nocero Jr. Jamestown NY, Tim Card Ashville NY, Wade Watson Ashville NY, Ron Burgun Brocton NY, Allen Haskins Sinclairville NY, Clint Haskins Jamestown NY, Rick Karash, Jim Kibbie Clymer NY, Jake Eller Erie PA

Super Challenger

Heat 1: Josh Beckstrom Frewsburg NY, Douglas Melter, Brandon Troutman Jamestown NY, Jeff Lamb Panama NY, Stephen Enlow Panama NY

Heat 2: Scott Dellahoy Jr. Sinclairville NY, Tabetha Houser Frewsburg NY, Tyler Little Pittsfield PA, Travis Darling Jamestown NY, Dustin Lamb Jamestown NY

Feature: Casey Burch Randolph NY, Douglas Melter, Scott Dellahoy Jr. Sinclairville NY, Larry Oaks Sugar Grove PA, Tyler Little Pittsfield PA, Chad Bender Stockton NY, Travis Darling Jamestown NY, Stephen Enlow Panama NY, Dustin Lamb Jamestown NY, Colin Eyler Sugar Grove PA

Crate Late Model

Feature: Max Blair Centerville PA, Zack Carley Freedom NY, Steve Dixon Smethport PA, Damien Bidwell Eldred PA, Jason Genco Jamestown NY, Bruce Hordusky Jr. Erie PA, John Haggerty Olean NY, Kyle Scott Garland PA, Garret Stephen Williamsville NY, Matthew Harvey Jamestown NY, Bradley Mesler Wellsville NY, Doug Ricotta Warsaw NY, Bob Dorman Stockton NY, Justin Tatlow Franklinville NY, Ward Schell, Dereck Frank Jamestown NY, Brian Haggerty Allegany NY, Mark Thrasher Jamestown NY, Paul Himes Lakewood NY, Cody Mason Eldred PA, Rob Bates Waterford PA, Skip Jackson Jamestown NY, Chad Silleman South Dayton NY, Jason Stetson North East PA, Ed Carley Freedom NY