July 2nd, 2006 - Dick Barton Wins Robertís Trucking 50 World of Outlaws Late Model Series Feature
 At Stateline Speedway
By Glenn Slocum

Busti, NY: The Robertís Trucking World of Outlaw 50 brought 50 Super Late Models to Stateline Speedway on a beautiful summer evening. After time trials it was many time Stateline Champion and current point leader Ashvilleís Dick Barton set fast time. Last years WOO winner John Blankenship was second fastest followed by Billy Moyer, Shane Clanton, Mike Amell, Paul Briggs, Steve Francis, Eric Jacobson, Chad Valone and Andy Boozel. Rich Gardner narrowly defeated Chub Frank the Budweiser Super Late Model King of the Hill match race. The two veterans ran side by side for the entire five laps. Andy Boozel. Billy Decker and Steve Halpainy successfully qualified through the first World of Outlaw consolation and Rick Eckert, Chub Frank and Josh Richards made it in the second. Rich Gardner, Scott Gurdak, Ed Carrier and Garrett Durrett were provisional starters. The finale saw Barton lead from the start to beat the invaders for his 206th Super Late feature and his first World of Outlaw Series event.

Rain began to fall on the second lap of the E-Mod event forcing management to cancel the final event of the night.

Jason Genco won a caution strewn Spectator feature for his second win of the season. Di

Steve Francis and Shane Clanton won the World of Outlaw heats.

Bob Hazzard won his third of the season passing early leader Rusty Briggs with three laps complete.

Mike Moore passed Nathan Short with three laps remaining to win his third Outlaw Cadet feature.

Twenty-six of the best Super Late Models in the country were led to the speedway by Dick Barton and John Blankenship. Steve Francis and Shane Clanton were in row two. Barton led lap one with Blankenship second and Francis third. The race stayed green fir the first seven laps even though several cars made early contact but were able to recover. Andy Boozel was the victim in the first yellow and Paul Briggs left the speedway with a broken tie rod. Barton, Blankenship, Francis, Darrell Lanigan and Clanton were the top five for the restart. Barton controlled the restart and had a five car length lead by lap ten. Laps ten through fifteen saw Barton begin to catch the rear of the field with the top fifteen strung out single file behind him. Barton was in lap traffic by lap twenty with Rich Gardner the first one put a lap down. Blankenship was able to close with Barton as they worked lap traffic at the half way point. Barton temporarily lost the lead to Blankenship but quickly recovered to lead the lap just as the yellow appeared for a slowing Billy Decker. The top five remained the same with Dave Hess Jr. sixth. Eck retired shortly after the restart as Barton quickly built a five car length lead over Blankenship. It was all Barton over the next five as the entire field was single file behind him. With ten to go it looked like Bartonís race. Lap traffic would become a factor over the final ten circuits. Barton was in heavy lap traffic with five to go. Barton took the two to go, then the white with still no challenge from Blankenship and that was how it ended. Barton was to win his 206th Super Late Model feature and get his first World of Outlaw Late Model Series win.

John Mease led the Spectator division to the green then got into the turn one concrete to bring out the yellow before the first lap could be completed. Ryan Seekings stopped up against the turn four wall on the restart for the second yellow with no laps complete. The third attempted start failed with Stan Davis and Berton Chapel tangled up in turn two. Aron Dascomb finally led the first lap then the yellow appeared for Glenn Slaney. The restart ended in another caution with John Galati, Shayne Erhard and Rick Thompson just some of the cars involved. Gary Fisher, Jason Genco and Dascomb were the lap three restart leaders. Genco led three with Fisher second. Dascomb spun and stopped then went down one lap. Slaney retired with a flat. Genco was several car lengths ahead of Fisher at the half way point with Thoms a distant third. Dascomb spun once more with eleven laps complete collecting Thompson for the sixth caution. One lap later Thoms, Dave McClenahan and Brian Bush brought caution seven. The restart failed with Shayne Erhard, Bush and Mease hooked together in turn one. After the single file restart Genco ran unchallenged through the final laps.

Bryan Ester and Ben Burgess were on the front row for the Super Sportsman feature. Hank Francis led the first seven laps and gave way to Rusty Briggs on lap eight. Ester brought out the yellow with five laps remaining then again one lap later. Briggs, Mike Kosinski and Francis were the restart leaders. Burgess spun for the third yellow. Bob Hazzard became a factor after the restart stealing the lead from Briggs with three remaining. Kosinski moved up to challenge Briggs for second and nearly made it happen at the checkers. Hazzard won his third of the season.

Leonard Enos led the first two laps of the Outlaw Cadet feature then gave way to Nathan Short on lap three. Enos lost the handle with four laps complete for the first yellow. Short, Steve Moynihan and Mike Moore were the lap five restart leaders. Debris brought out the caution on lap six. Moore used the restart to gain the second spot. The leaders made contact with five laps remaining. With three to go Moore used the high side to pass Short for the lead and held on to easily win the event.


Feature: Jason Genco, Gary Fisher, Bill Reeves, John Britt, Brian Graham, Rodney Thoms, Stan Davis, Jermin Strickland, Rick Thompson, Aron Dascomb

Outlaw Cadets:

Feature: Mike Moore, Nathan Short, Steve Moynihan, Lester Shoff, Kelly Frederes, Troy Dorman, Eugene Bevil Jr., Cliff Lanphere, Paul Himes, Paul Norman Jr.

Budweiser Super Sportsman:

Feature: Bob Hazzard, Mike Kosinski, Rusty Briggs, Hank Francis, Kelly Frederes, Bob Van Arsdale, Chris Kuschel, Aaron Robinson, Tim Nocero, Ben Burgess

World of Outlaw Late Model Series:

Heat 1: Dick Barton, Dave Scott, Chad Valone, Tim McCreadie, Billy Decker, Jeff Hoffman, Mike Arnell, Scott Gurdak, Kirk Ryan Jr., Tony Morris, Garrett Durrett, Dave Lyon

Heat 2: John Blankenship, Paul Briggs, Dave Hess Jr., Dale McDowell, Andy Boozel, Steve Halpainy, Rich Gardner, Eddie Carrier, Ward Schell, Dutch Davies, Chris Hackett, Dave Tackett

Heat 3: Steve Francis, Billy Moyer, Doug Eck, Clint Smith, Paul Davis, Josh Richards, Keith Barbara, John Lobb, Darrell Bossard, Ted Kosinski, Pete Alspaugh, Kirk Bradley

Heat 4: Shane Clayton, Darrell Lanigan, Eric Jacobsen, Matt Urban, Rick Eckert, Chub Frank, Scott Johnson, Ron Davies, Bump Hedman, Mike Knight, George LaBarbera, Jim Mazur

Dash : Dick Barton, John Blankenship, Steve Francis, Shane Clanton

Consi 1: Andy Boozel, Billy Decker, Steve Halpainy, Scott Gurdak, Jeff Hoffman, Rich Gardner, Mike Arnell, Chris Hackett, Dave Lyon, Eddie Carrier Jr., Dutch Davies, Tony Morris, Todd Andrews, Ward Schell, Kirk Ryan Jr., Dave Tackett, Garrett Durrett

Consi 2: Rick Eckert, Chub Frank, Josh Richards, Scott Johnson, Paul Davis, John Lobb, Darrell Bossard, Ron Davies, Bump Hedman, Ted Kosinski, Mike Knight, Kirk Bradley, Jim Mazur, Pete Alspaugh, Shane Tenace, Keith Barbara, George LaBarbera

Feature: Dick Barton, John Blankenship, Darrell Lanigan, Steve Francis, Billy Moyer, Dave Hess Jr., Shane Clanton, Eric Jacobsen, Dale McDowell, Clint Smith, David Scott, Tim McCreadie, Rick Eckert, Josh Richards, Chub Frank, Scott Gurdak, Garrett Durrett, Eddie Carrier Jr., Andy Boozel, Billy Decker, Chad Valone, Doug Eck, Steve Halpainy, Rich Gardner, Matt Urban, Paul Briggs