IMG_9698.jpg (293181 bytes) July 8th, 2006 - Doug Eck Wins Corry Lumber/True Value Super Late Model Feature at Stateline Speedway
By Glenn Slocum

Busti, NY: Rusty Briggs won the Corry Lumber / True Value Super Sportsman King of the Hill event finishing first after nearly spinning in the final with John Boardman. Briggs went on to win the Super Sportsman feature event for his second of the season. Justin Carlson won his seventh E-Mod feature and his sixth in row in last weeks rain delayed event. IMG_9606.jpg (283678 bytes) Chad Valone held on to his Budweiser Super Late Model King of the Hill title after Doug Eck retired before the first lap was completed. Glenn Slaney won his fifth feature in the Spectator feature from his sixteenth starting spot. Doug Eck used the high groove to win his third of the season in the Super Late Models passing race leader Darrell Bossard with two laps remaining. Nathan Short led from the second lap of the caution strewn Outlaw Cadet feature for his fourth win of the season. Quincy Turner ended Justin Carlson’s win streak for his second of the season in the E-Mods. Stephanie Hilyer led every lap of the Lady Challenger feature for her first win of the season. Alex Froman won his first of the season in the first Super Challenger feature and Cale Crocker won his second in the second Super Challenger feature.

Darrell Bossard and Mike Knight were in the first row of the Super Late feature with Andy Kania and point leader Dick Barton in row two. Bossard led Knight to the stripe to lead lap one. Lap two saw both Kania and Barton pass Knight with Scott Gurdak and Doug Eck fighting for the fifth spot. Eck controlled fourth then passed Barton for third using the outside groove. Barton moved up the track after getting passed by Eck. Lap traffic became a factor on lap thirteen bunching the leaders and Eck got into the back of Kania just before the yellow flew for Wayne Mohawk in turn one. Kania retired during the yellow. Bossard, Eck, Barton, Boozel and Gurdak were the restart leaders. Bossard stayed in the middle groove with Eck up high for the next three laps then Merle Terry brought out yellow number two. Barton temporarily regained second for Eck on the restart then Eck came back one lap later. Dave Lyon spun forcing John Volpe to stop for caution three with eighteen of the twenty-five laps complete. Three more laps were completed then the yellow flew again for Lyon. Bossard and Eck continued to fight for the lead until lap twenty-three when Eck made the pass that won him the race. Bossard finished just ahead of Barton for second.
Scooter Pangrazio and Justin Carlson were the front row for the E-Mod makeup feature and Carlson quickly took control of the event with Pangrazio second, Dennis Lunger third, Nathan Short fourth and Greg Johnson fifth. Carlson was into lap traffic by lap five allowing Pangrazio to close. A lap nine spin by Quincy Turner brought out the first caution of the event. With a clear track after the restart Carlson set sail again as he and Pangrazio pulled way from the rest of the field. Turner and Troy Carr tangled with fifteen of the twenty laps complete for the second caution. Johnson was third after the restart with Lunger back to fourth and Short still fifth. Carlson took the two to go with a clear track in front of him and cruised through the final two laps for his seventh win and his sixth in a row.

IMG_9638.jpg (279574 bytes)Aron Dascomb moved from fourth to first on the first lap of the Spectator feature with Wade Watson second and Clarence Dickerson third. Rick Thompson passed Dickerson on lap four for the number three spot. Dascomb began lapping cars on lap six just before the yellow flew for Shayne Erhard. Dascomb, Watson, Thompson, Jason Genco and Dickerson were the top five for the lap seven restart. Glenn Slaney passed Dickerson on the restart for fifth. Thompson had problems negotiating turn four on lap eight losing two spots then on the next lap spun in nearly the same spot collecting Bill Reeves for the second yellow of the race. Dascomb, Watson, Genco, Slaney and Dickerson were the restart leaders. One lap after the restart it was three wide for second with Slaney and Genco on either side of Watson. On lap twelve Dascomb lost the handle in four losing the top spot and causing the third caution. Slaney came out on top after Dascomb’s spin with Watson second followed by Genco, Dickerson and Dave Johnson. Genco took second away from Watson on the restart then the yellow flew for Reeves, Dascomb and Thompson in turn two. Johnson passed Watson for third on the last lap as Slaney won his fifth feature.

IMG_9665.jpg (273319 bytes)John Boardman led the first lap of the Budweiser Super Sportsman feature with Rusty Briggs second and Mike Kosinski third. The yellow flew with four complete for Bryan Ester and Hank Francis. Boardman nearly spun on the restart and when the dust settled Don McGuire, Andy Kania and Joe Buccola were stopped on the exit of turn two for the second yellow. Boardman, Briggs, Kosinski, Chad Carlson and Bob Van Arsdale were the restart leaders. Briggs came out on top after the restart relegating Boardman to second. With three laps remaining Ester lost a front wheel for the third yellow. Kosinski passed Boardman for second on the restart but could not catch Briggs as he went on to win his second of the season.

IMG_9715.jpg (278242 bytes)Paul Norman had a ten car length lead at the end of the first lap then the caution flew for Bob Rohrer and Lester Shoff in turn one. Norman, Nathan Short, Eugene Bevil, Troy Dorman and Mike Moore were the restart leaders. Short passed Norman on the restart then one lap later so did Moore. Steve Moynihan slowed for the second caution with three laps in. Short continued to lead the parade for one more lap then Norman had problems in turn two for the third caution. After the restart the race stayed green until lap ten when a spin by Bevil caused caution number four. Short, Moore, Phil Knight, Brian Crandall and Dorman were the top five. The yellow flew again with eleven laps complete for Rohrer then for debris one lap later. Short cruised through the final laps for his fourth win of the season.

IMG_9729.jpg (284459 bytes)A near spin by Brian Fardink on the first lap of the E-Mod feature nearly stopped the event but Fardink was able to recover as Nathan Short led the lap. With five laps complete Short was out in front by several car lengths with Quincy Turner second. Spins by Dana Wellington and Brett Van Guilder caused the first caution on lap six. Turner moved under Short on lap eight to take the top spot then one lap later Wellington brought out the second yellow. Turner, Short, Scooter Pangrazio, Justin Carlson and Ron Seeley were the restart leaders. Carlson passed Pangrazio for third on lap eleven then one lap later started to pressure Short for the second spot. Short was able to fend off Carlson but Turner remained several car lengths ahead. Carlson came back with one to go to grab the second spot as Turner won his second of the season.

IMG_9744.jpg (284324 bytes)Mark Crandall led the first lap of the first Super Challenger feature giving way to Alex Froman on lap two. A spin by Greg Rockwell slowed the race with three complete. Froman ran the rest of the race unchallenged for his first of the season.

IMG_9750.jpg (275655 bytes)Tim Britt led the first three laps of the second Super Challenger feature then a yellow flew for Brian Wilson. Ralph Patterson led briefly on the restart then Cale Crocker grabbed the lead with point leader Ryan Scott in tow. Crocker was able to hold off Scott for his second win.


Heat 1: IMG_9333.jpg (364979 bytes) Clarence Dickerson, Dave Surrena, Gary Fisher

Heat 2: IMG_9350.jpg (338945 bytes) Brian Graham, Jamie Brown, Shayne Erhard

Heat 3: IMG_9369.jpg (327491 bytes) Glenn Slaney, Rick Thompson, Jason Genco

Feature: Glenn Slaney, Jason Genco, Dave Johnson, Wade Watson, Brian Graham, Clarence Dickerson, Buzz Phearsdorf, Dave Surrena, Aron Dascomb, Shayne Erhard

Outlaw Cadets:

Heat 1: IMG_9469.jpg (310380 bytes) Bobby Rohrer, Phil Knight, Steve Moynihan

Heat 2: IMG_9481.jpg (306799 bytes) Nathan Short, Lester Shoff, Brian Crandall

Feature: Nathan Short, Mike Moore, Phil Knight, Troy Dorman, Kelly Frederes, Andy Knight, Brian Crandall, Pete Volpe, Bobby Rohrer, Paul Norman Jr.

Budweiser Super Sportsman:

Round 1: Ben Burgess, Scott Kuschel

Round 2: Jim Leonard, Steve Kania

Round 3: Jake Eller, Bobby Rohrer Jr.

Round 4: Mike Kosinski, Hank Francis

Round 5: Joe Buccola Sr., Tim Nocero

Round 6: John Boardman, Bryan Ester

Round 7: Don McGuire, Kelly Frederes

Round 8: Chad Carlson, Aaron Robinson

Round 9: Rusty Briggs, Bob Hazzard

Round 10: Bob Van Arsdale, Ben Burgess

Round 11: Jake Eller, Jim Leonard

Round 12: Mike Kosinski, Joe Buccola

Round 13: John Boardman, Don McGuire

Round 14: Rusty Briggs, Chad Carlson

Round 15: Bob Van Arsdale, Jake Eller

Round 16: John Boardman, Mike Kosinski

Round 17: Rusty Briggs, Bob Van Arsdale

Round 18: IMG_9460.jpg (324477 bytes) Rusty Briggs, John Boardman

Feature: Rusty Briggs, Mike Kosinski, John Boardman, Bob Hazzard, Chris Kuschel, Bob Van Arsdale, Bobby Rohrer Jr., Tim Nocero, Aaron Robinson, Kelly Frederes


Make-Up Feature: IMG_9490.jpg (344731 bytes) Justin Carlson, Scooter Pangrazio, Greg Johnson, Dennis Lunger, Nathan Short, Al Cressley, Chad Silleman, Ron Seeley, Jamie Earhart, Quincy Turner

Heat 1: IMG_9490.jpg (344731 bytes) Justin Carlson, Troy Carr, Ron Seeley

Heat 2: IMG_9499.jpg (320312 bytes) Quincy Turner, Brian Fardink, Dennis Lunger

Heat 3: IMG_9511.jpg (318930 bytes) Scooter Pangrazio, Nathan Short, Tom Hagberg

Feature: Quincy Turner, Justin Carlson, Nathan Short, Scott Pangrazio, Tom Hagberg, Ron Seeley, Dennis Lunger, Brian Fardink, Jamie Earhart, Dustin Eckman

Super Late Model:

Heat 1: Andy Kania, Dick Barton, Scott Gurdak, Merle Terry, Bump Hedman

Heat 2: IMG_9535.jpg (294473 bytes) Mike Knight, Doug Eck, Chad Valone, Paul Briggs, Bruce Hordusky

Heat 3: Darrell Bossard, Steve Halpainy, Andy Boozel, Rich Gardner, Dave Lyon

Feature: Doug Eck, Darrell Bossard, Dick Barton, Andy Boozel, Scott Gurdak, Steve Halpainy, Bump Hedman, Chad Valone, Rich Gardner, Randy Lobb, Paul Briggs, Miles Stitzinger, Randy Shearer, Ward Schell, Merle Terry, Bruce Hordusky, John Volpe, Dave Lyon, Andy Kania, Mike Knight, Wayne Mohawk, Jim Mazur, Rod Maloy

Lady Challenger:

Heat 1: IMG_9569.jpg (293389 bytes) Stephanie Hilyer, Jessica Hallowell, Michelle Swabik

Feature: IMG_9735.jpg (301430 bytes) Stephanie Hilyer, IMG_9733.jpg (277324 bytes) Mary Hammond, Michelle Swabik, Jessica Hallowell, Jodee Jordan, Paula Mason, Jennifer Weagraff, Amy Pratt, Stephanie Devereaux, Amanda Swanson, Rhonda Leonard

Super Challenger:

Heat 1: IMG_9581.jpg (274092 bytes) Jason Black, Jamie Hebner, Jimmy Hahn

Heat 2: Greg Rockwell, Alex Froman, Paul Nelson II

Feature 1: Alex Froman, IMG_9742.jpg (279076 bytes) Shawn Seekings, Kyle Jackson, Jason Black, Jimmy Hahn, Jamie Hebner, Mark Crandall, Dan Nocero, Michael Kosinski, Kurt Roberts

Feature 2: Cale Crocker, IMG_9746.jpg (293802 bytes) Ryan Scott, Paul Nelson II, Joe Buccola Jr., Kevin Golden, Brandon Pierce, Rick Karash, Tim Britt, Don Weilacher, Tiny Larson