IMG_6689.jpg (313607 bytes)June 24th, 2006 - Chad Ruhlman Wins 
Dan Moore’s Corry Chrysler*Dodge*Jeep Super Late Model Feature at Stateline Speedway

By Glenn Slocum

Busti, NY: Dan Moore’s Corry Chrysler*Dodge*Jeep sponsored the Super Late Model King of the Hill and Fireworks by Zambelli. Chad Ruhlman won the King of the Hill beating Dick Barton in the final round. Ruhlman was the winner and Barton won the guaranteed starting spot in next weeks World of Outlaw Super Late Model event. Ruhlman backed up his King of the Hill win by winning the Super Late Model feature from his ninth starting spot. Ruhlman used the high side to pass Andy Boozel with three laps remaining. Glenn Slaney came from fifteenth to win the Spectator feature with a last lap pass of Jason Genco. Bob Hazzard won his second of the season in the Budweiser Super Sportsman division. Kelly Frederes led every lap of the Outlaw Cadet feature for his fist win in the division. Justin Carlson kept his E-Mod win streak going for his sixth of the season and his fifth in a row. Michelle Swabik won her fourth Lady Challenger feature. Robert Hallowell, Joe Buccola Jr. and Ryan Scott were the Super Challenger winners.

Chad Valone and Andy Boozel were on the front row for the Super Late feature and Boozel led at the end of lap one with Valone second, Rod Maloy third and Dave Hess Jr. fourth. Boozel immediately started to lengthen his lead. By lap six Boozel had a ten car length lead over Valone and Maloy. Hess was still third with Doug Eck challenging and Dick Barton was lurking in sixth. Lap nine ended with Randy Shearer sideways in turn three for the first yellow. Two laps after the restart Eck passed Hess for the fourth spot and Valone was keeping up with Boozel. Scott Gurdak, Ted Kosinski and Randy Lobb tangled on lap twelve for the second yellow. Boozel, Valone, Maloy, Eck and Hess were the restart leaders. Valone had to battle both Eck and Maloy for the second spot after the restart then Randy Lobb, Andy Kania, Steve Halpainy and Scott Johnson came together coming out of turn four for the third yellow. Maloy pulled into the pits during the cautions setting the top five as Boozel, Valone, Hess, Eck and Chad Ruhlman with Barton falling to sixth. Boozel continued to control the event after the restart with the race for second finally being one by Hess. Greg Oakes came to a stop up against the turn two fence for the fourth caution and had to be towed from the speedway. Rick Isadore stopped during the yellow and also had to be towed from the speedway. Hess began to challenge for the lead on as the green flew. As Boozel was battling Hess Ruhlman used the high side to pass for the lead on lap twenty-two then the yellow flew for Dave Tackett in turn four. Ruhlman, Boozel, Hess, Barton and Valone were the restart leaders. Ruhlman remained high on the restart and led lap twenty-three then the yellow flew for Merle Terry. Ruhlman held on for the win with Hess second and early leader Boozel third.

IMG_6617.jpg (315844 bytes)Lee Meyers and Ryan Seekings led the Spectators on to the speedway for their feature event. Berton Chapel and John Britt were in row two. Seekings led the first lap with Bill Van Volkenburg second and Clarence Dickerson third. The race remained green through lap five when a spin by Jamie Brown caused the first caution. Just as the cross-flags indicating halfway was given to the leaders the second yellow flew for Stan Davis. Jason Genco was second for the restart with Rush Firestone third and Rick Thompson fourth. Seekings was under heavy attack from Genco over the next two laps then Seekings lost the handle coming out of turn two causing the yellow and losing then number one spot. Genco assumed the lead with Firestone second, Thompson third and Van Volkenburg fourth. One more lap was completed then Van Volkenburg spun in turn four for caution four. Glenn Slaney raced from fifth on the restart to second on the outside of Genco as the white flew. Slaney completed the pass coming out of turn four on the final lap for his fourth win.

IMG_6707.jpg (302712 bytes)Ben Burgess and Bryan Ester led the Budweiser Super Sportsman to the speedway. Lap one ended with Rusty Briggs and Mike Kosinski spun in turn four and Bob Van Arsdale in the top spot. Burgess was second with Jim Leonard third. Leonard grabbed second on the restart then one lap later lost several spots after getting loose in turn two. Bob Hazzard took the second spot with Chad Carlson third and John Boardman fourth. Carlson slowed on the next lap bringing out the yellow with six laps complete. It took three attempts to restart the event but once underway Hazzard ran away from the field. Boardman was second with Van Arsdale a distant third. Jake Eller moved into third then lost the handle for the third yellow. Boardman ran up alongside Hazzard after the restart but could not make the pass. Hazzard won the event for his second win of the season.

IMG_6730.jpg (319832 bytes)A lap one spin by Leonard Enos caused a complete restart of the Outlaw Cadet feature. Kelly Frederes was on the pole and after the restart led lap one. John Cline spun on lap two and collected Enos for the second yellow. Frederes, Brian Crandall, Troy Dorman and Eugene Bevil were the leaders. Nathan Short became a factor after the restart moving up to third putting Dorman fourth. Mike Moore set Dorman back another spot on lap seven. Short slowed to a stop in the infield on lap eight then one lap later Crandall stopped in turn four for the third yellow. Frederes, Moore, Dorman, Lester Shoff and Paul Norman were the top five for the lap ten restart. Frederes easily led the final laps after the restart for his first win.

IMG_6764.jpg (320741 bytes)Robert Nocero led the first lap of the E-Mod featured followed closely by Dennis Lunger and Justin Carlson. Lunger took the lead after making contact with Nocero on lap three. The yellow flew with four laps complete for Jamie Earhart and Lunger left the speedway with a flat during the yellow and Troy Carr was also towed from the speedway. Carlson became the leader with Mike Potosky second and Nocero third. Potosky moved under Carlson on lap eight and stayed there for several laps. The yellow reappeared with ten complete for Jason Wile who had slowed to a stop. Carlson, Potosky, Nathan Short, Quincy Turner and Greg Johnson were the restart leaders. Carlson was able to pull away from Potosky after the restart then the yellow flew for Earhart once more with twelve laps complete. Four more laps were complete then the yellow was in the air again this time for Dana Wellington. Carlson, Potosky, Short, Turner and Lunger were the top five. Turner passed Short on lap eighteen for third spot as Carlson was in cruise control out front. Carlson won his sixth and his fifth in a row to continue dominating the E-Mod division.


Heat 1: IMG_6184.jpg (358985 bytes) Wade Watson, Rush Firestone, Rick Thompson

Heat 2: IMG_6219.jpg (355408 bytes) Dave McClenahan, Gary Fisher, Clarence Dickerson

Heat 3: IMG_6238.jpg (367014 bytes) Stanley Davis, John Mease, Marc Luce

Feature: Glenn Slaney, Jason Genco, Rush Firestone, Rick Thompson, Bill Reeves, David McClenahan, Wade Watson, Clarence Dickerson, John Galati, Brian Graham

Outlaw Cadets:

Heat 1: IMG_6303.jpg (366414 bytes) Kelly Frederes, Troy Dorman, Leonard Enos

Heat 2: IMG_6317.jpg (352415 bytes) Nathan Short, Steve Moynihan, Lester Shoff

Feature: Kelly Frederes, Mike Moore, Troy Dorman, Lester Shoff, Steve Moynihan, Paul Norman Jr., John Cline, Cliff Lanphere, Paul Himes, Brian Crandall

Budweiser Super Sportsman:

Heat 1: IMG_6257.jpg (380208 bytes) Jim Leonard, Mike Kosinski, Bob Hazzard

Heat 2: IMG_6273.jpg (351961 bytes) Hank Francis, Jake Eller, Ben Burgess

Feature: Bob Hazzard, John Boardman, Mike Kosinski, Rusty Briggs, Chad Carlson, Bob Van Arsdale, Chris Kuschel, Jake Eller, Ben Burgess, Hank Francis


Heat 1: IMG_6334.jpg (377409 bytes) Robert Nocero, Brian Fardink, Greg Johnson

Heat 2: IMG_6354.jpg (363309 bytes) Dennis Lunger, Keith Bidwell, Mike Potosky

Heat 3: IMG_6376.jpg (372583 bytes) Justin Carlson, Nathan Short, Quincy Turner

Feature: Justin Carlson, Mike Potosky, Quincy Turner, Nathan Short, Dennis Lunger, Ron Seeley, Dereck Frank, Tom Hagberg, Greg Johnson, Dustin Eckman

Super Late Model:

Round 1: Rod Maloy, Scott Gurdak

Round 2: Rick Isadore, Andy Kania

Round 3: Merle Terry, Randy Shearer

Round 4: Matt Urban, Boom Briggs

Round 5: George LaBarbera, John Volpe

Round 6: Dick Barton, Scott Johnson

Round 7: Steve Halpainy, Ted Kosinski

Round 8: Dave Tackett, Randy Lobb

Round 9: Doug Eck, Mike Knight

Round 10: Darrell Bossard, Paul Briggs

Round 11: Chad Valone, Rich Gardner

Round 12: Dave Hess Jr., Bump Hedman

Round 13: Chad Ruhlman, Greg Oakes

Round 14: Andy Boozel, Miles Stitzinger

Round 15: Rod Maloy, Rick Isadore

Round 16: Merle Terry, Matt Urban

Round 17: Dick Barton, George LaBarbera

Round 18: Dave Tackett, Steve Halpainy

Round 19: Doug Eck, Darrell Bossard

Round 20: Dave Hess Jr., Chad Valone

Round 21: Chad Ruhlman, Andy Boozel

Round 21: Merle Terry, Rod Maloy

Round 22: Dick Barton, Dave Tackett

Round 23: Doug Eck, Dave Hess Jr.

Round 24: Chad Ruhlman, Merle Terry

Round 25: Dick Barton, Doug Eck

Round 26: IMG_6496.jpg (303871 bytes) Chad Ruhlman, Dick Barton

Feature: Chad Ruhlman, Dave Hess Jr., Andy Boozel, Doug Eck, Dick Barton, Rich Gardner, Chad Valone, Matt Urban, Bump Hedman, Darrell Bossard, Paul Briggs, Scott Gurdak, Randy Shearer, Mike Knight, Randy Lobb, Steve Halpainy, Scott Johnson, George LaBarbera, Dave Tackett, Andy Kania, Merle Terry, Miles Stitzinger, Rick Isadore, Greg Oakes, Boom Briggs, Ron Maloy, Ted Kosinski, John Volpe

Lady Challenger:

Heat 1: IMG_6516.jpg (301589 bytes) Michelle Swabik, Jessica Hallowell, Brenda Reid

Feature: Michelle Swabik, Jodee Jordan, Stephanie Hilyer, Rhonda Leonard, Brenda Reid, Jessica Hallowell, Jennifer Weagraff, Paula Mason, Stephanie Devereaux, Amanda Swanson

Super Challenger:

Heat 1: IMG_6541.jpg (289731 bytes) Jimmy Hahn, Joe Buccola Jr., Shawn Burch

Heat 2: IMG_6555.jpg (299392 bytes) Rod Birt, Tiny Larson, Rick Karash

Heat 3: IMG_6573.jpg (291926 bytes) Jeff Strickland, Kevin Golden, Brandon Pierce

Feature 1: IMG_6782.jpg (317174 bytes) Robert Hallowell, Dana TeCroney, James Chase, Ed Bolyard, Luke Rutsky, Kyle Jackson, Tim Dulmus, Shawn Burch, Todd Brostrom

Feature 2: IMG_6786.jpg (315227 bytes) Joe Buccola Jr., Tim Britt, Bill Collins, Mike Kosinski, Dan Nocero, Walter Kuzminski, Pat Paterson, Brandon Barr, Mike Ciffo, Jimmy Drabo

Feature 3: IMG_6798.jpg (315271 bytes) Ryan Scott, Rick Karash, Alex Froman, Kevin Golden, Rod Birt, Cale Crocker, Brandon Pierce, Tiny Larson, Greg Rockwell, Jimmy Hahn