May 13th, 2006 -
Rain Wins on Magnum Graph-X’s and Finns Auto Night at Stateline Speedway
By Glenn Slocum

Busti, NY: Rain shortened Magnum Graph-X’s and Finns Auto Night at Stateline Speedway. IMG_0472.jpg (303401 bytes) Last weeks Super Late Model King of the Hill winner Ashville’s Paul Briggs was defeated by Warren’s Chad Valone. Wade Slaney battled Mike Zemcik for the Spectator feature win. Bob Hazzard got his first win of the season in the Budweiser Super Sportsman feature. Nathan Short led the nineteen laps that were completed in the Outlaw Cadet Championship race before rain forced postponement of the event.

IMG_0495.jpg (292793 bytes)Aron Dascomb led the first lap of the Spectator feature but before the entire field could cross the line the yellow flew for two spinners in turn two. Dascomb remained in control after the restart then the yellow flew again on lap three for a stalled car in the pit entrance. Wade Slaney took control on the next restart then Dave Surrena came to a stop up against the wall in turn three for the third yellow. Slaney, Mike Zemcik and Dascomb were the top three for the restart. Zemcik passed Slaney on the restart to lead lap four then gave the lead back to Slaney on lap six in lap traffic. Jason Genco moved into the top three on lap eight. After fighting heavy lap traffic Slaney finally broke into the clear on the white flag lap winning by five car lengths over Zemcik and Genco.

IMG_0518.jpg (290455 bytes)Doug Birath jumped from second to first on the start of the Budweiser Super Sportsman feature. Birath led until lap four when Bob Hazzard dove under him coming out of turn two for the lead. Ben Burgess tagged the wall on the backstretch on lap seven collecting Rusty Briggs for the first yellow of the race. Hazzard, Birath and Mike Kosinski were the restart leaders. Jim Leonard stopped in turn three with ten laps complete for yellow number two. Hazzard easily out ran the field for his first feature win of the season.

Nathan Short led the Outlaw Cadets from the pits for their Championship event and continued to lead after the start. Mike Moore and Andy Knight were second and third. The race stayed green and at the end of ten laps Short led Moore by three car lengths with Knight a straightaway behind. Moore moved upon Shorts bumper on lap eighteen then Paul Norman stopped in turn two for the first yellow of the race. A light rain increased intensity forcing officials to keep the cars under yellow. After several pace laps the race was postponed and will be completed next week.


Heat 1: IMG_0210.jpg (304924 bytes) Ryan Seeking, Marc Luce, Aron Dascomb

Heat 2: IMG_0231.jpg (303910 bytes) Wade Slaney, Rick Thompson, Jason Genco

Feature: Wade Slaney, Mike Zemcik, Jason Genco, Mark Thompson, Aron Dascomb, Wade Watson, Rick Thompson, Bill Reeves, John Britt, Stan Davis.

Outlaw Cadets:

Heat 1: IMG_0285.jpg (296846 bytes) Nathan Short, Mike Moore, Andy Knight

Budweiser Super Sportsman:

Heat 1: IMG_0244.jpg (313253 bytes) Jake Eller, Rusty Briggs, Chris Kuschel

Heat 2: IMG_0254.jpg (308808 bytes) John Boardman, Bob Hazzard, Mike Kosinski

Feature: Bob Hazzard, Mike Kosinski, John Boardman, Don McGuire, Chris Kuschel, Bob VanArsdale, Doug Birath, Jim Leonard, Ben Burgess, Rusty Briggs


Heat 1: IMG_0312.jpg (289679 bytes) Scooter Pangrazio, Tom Hagberg, Matt Lux

Heat 2: IMG_0332.jpg (308705 bytes) Justin Carlson, Scott Johnson, Quincy Turner

Super Late Model:

Heat 1: IMG_0379.jpg (283899 bytes) Dick Barton, Dave Tackett, Dave Hess Jr., Randy Lobb, George LaBarbera

Heat 2: IMG_0391.jpg (278933 bytes) Darrell Bossard, Dave Lyon, Scott Gurdak, Rich Gardner, Steve Halpainy

Heat 3: IMG_0404.jpg (297277 bytes) Rod Maloy, Chad Valone, Scott Johnson, Andy Kania, Bump Hedman

Lady Challenger:

Heat 1: IMG_0415.jpg (271951 bytes) Michelle Swabik, Amanda Swanson, Jennifer Weagraff

Super Challenger:

Heat 1: IMG_0431.jpg (309725 bytes) Stub Johnson, Ryan Scott, Butch Camarata

Heat 2: IMG_0453.jpg (314002 bytes) Jeff Strickland, Kyle Jackson, Carlos Aponte

Heat 3: IMG_0466.jpg (307267 bytes) Michael Kosinski, Kevin Golden, Todd Brostrom