IMG_9591.jpg (252972 bytes) May 6th, 2005 - Doug Eck Wins Craiger Race Engines Super Late Race At Stateline Speedway

By Glenn Slocum

Busti, NY: Cool night and hot racing at Stateline Speedway on Craiger Race Engines Night. Wade Watson won by a bumper over Jason Genco in the Spectator feature. Mechanical problems forced Rich Gardner out of the Super Late Model King of the Hill. Paul Briggs from Ashville won the event over Warren’s Ward Schell. Doug Eck moved from third to first on the lap five restart of the Super Late Model feature for his first win of the season. Jim Leonard won his first career feature in the Budweiser Super Sportsman division. Lester Shoff won his first Outlaw Cadet feature after moving up from the Spectator division. Justin Carlson won a hotly contested E-Mod feature. IMG_9599.jpg (248728 bytes) Amanda Swanson moved from third to first on the first lap of the Lady Challenger feature then led every lap to win her first of the season. Ryan Scott won the first Super Challenger event and Cale Crocker won the second.

IMG_9586.jpg (222143 bytes)Scott Johnson led Andy Boozel into turn one of the Super Late Model feature but before the leaders could finish the lap the yellow flew for Steve Halpainy in turn one. Boozel came out on top after the restart with Johnson second, Doug Eck third, point leader Dick Barton fourth and Bump Hedman fifth. Ward Schell and Chad Valone brought out the yellow with four laps complete. Boozel was the lone car out front for the restart but fell to fourth letting Eck, Johnson and Hedman by. Scott Gurdak passed Barton and was contesting the fourth spot with Boozel. Gurdak finally grabbed the spot from Boozel on lap eleven and began to pressure Hedman for third. Eck had built a straight away lead over Johnson. Gurdak continued to charge passing Hedman with fifteen laps complete. Eck was into lap traffic on lap eighteen and Johnson struggled to catch up. The lap cars allowed Johnson to close to five car lengths of Eck but time ran out for Johnson as Eck won his first of the season.

IMG_9498.jpg (254176 bytes)John Britt was the lap one leader in the Spectator feature with Wade Watson second. A lap two spin by the leader put Watson in first with Ryan Seekings second. Seekings had problems on the back stretch on lap seven losing several spots putting Rick Thompson in the second spot and Mike Zemcik third. The yellow flew for the first time with eight laps complete for Keith Lore in turn three. Zemcik made a bid for second on the restart but Thompson drove hard into turn three and regained the spot. Two laps later Jason Genco passed Thompson for second and started to run down the leader. Genco caught the leader at the finish line but came up a bumper short of the win as Watson notched his first of the season.

IMG_9514.jpg (245331 bytes)Jim Leonard had a big lead over the rest of the Budweiser Super Sportsman at the end of their first lap. Chris Kuschel and John Boardman were second and third until lap five when Boardman grabbed second and Don McGuire ran up to challenge for third. Kuschel nearly spun one lap later losing several spots then the yellow flew for Bob Hazzard with a broken axel. Leonard, Boardman and McGuire were the leaders for the lap eight restart. McGuire tried the outside groove to get by Boardman as Leonard rebuilt his lead over the rest of the field. Chad Carlson was fourth with two to go and trying to find a way around McGuire. Leonard held on for the win with Boardman second and McGuire third.

IMG_9532.jpg (252016 bytes)Lester Shoff beat Phil Knight around to lead the first lap of the Outlaw Cadet event. A lap two incident ended with Louis DeDionisio stopped in turn two for the first yellow. Shoff, Troy Dorman, Phil Knight , Andy Knight and Paul Norman were the leaders for the restart. Shoff set sail once more with Phil Knight second and Dorman third. Andy Knight held fourth with Norman fifth. After five Shoff was seven car lengths ahead of Phil Knight ad Dorman was fifteen car lengths back in third. Mike Moore moved up to challenge for the fifth spot as the two to go signal was given. Shoff finished as he started winning his first Outlaw Cadet feature.

IMG_9560.jpg (267215 bytes)Last weeks feature winner Quincy Turner led the E-Mod to the speedway for their feature event. The first lap was marred with a spin by Dana Wellington and Brett Van Guilder. Turner lost the lead to Scott Pangrazio at the end of lap one and the yellow flew for Tom Hagberg, Troy Carr, Chad Silleman and Wellington. Pangrazio, Turner and Justin Carlson were the restart leaders. Turner won the top spot back on the restart then lost again on lap four then they swapped the lead several times over the next several laps. Pangrazio faded to third on lap seven and Carlson moved up to challenge Turner. Silleman slowed the race with nine laps complete for the second yellow. Carlson drove under Turner coming out of four on the restart lap to take control of the event. Carlson began to build a lead over Turner when the yellow flew for debris on the speedway with twelve laps complete. Carlson pulled away on the restart and led for three more laps with the yellow flew for Van Guilder who had spun to a stop on the front stretch. Dennis Lunger had problems on the restart coming to rest up against the fence in turn one. Carlson remained the leader after the restart and Pangrazio passed Turner once more for the second spot. Last lap contact between Turner and Pangrazio ended with the disqualification of Turner as Carlson won his first of the season.

IMG_9605.jpg (264352 bytes)Rick Sperry led the first four laps of the first Super Challenger feature. Ryan Scott passed Sperry on lap five and one lap later the yellow appeared for several cars in stopped in turn two. Steve Soto was challenging for third but after making contact with the second place car of Sperry Soto tagged the wall then was hit by several cars. Sperry was sent to the rear during the yellow for Soto. Scott, Jesse Dash and Jimmy Hahn were the restart leaders. Hahn passed Dash for second on the restart lap. Scott took the white then the checkers for his first win of the season.

IMG_9610.jpg (241366 bytes)Sam Courson, Kyle Jackson and Cale Crocker were the early leaders in the second Spectator feature. Crocker made his move with three to go passing Jackson for second then taking the top spot from Courson as the white flew.


Heat 1: IMG_9261.jpg (326997 bytes) Wade Watson, Mort John, Stanley Davis
Heat 2: IMG_9281.jpg (365856 bytes) Mike Zemcik, Bill Reeves, Chris Couchenour

Feature: Wade Watson, Jason Genco, Rick Thompson, Chris Couchenour, Ryan Seekings, Joshua Lucas, Wade Slaney, Mike Zemcik, Bill Reeves, John Britt

Outlaw Cadets:

Heat 1: IMG_9318.jpg (367789 bytes) Phil Knight, Mike Moore, Troy Dorman

Feature: Lester Shoff, Phil Knight, Troy Dorman, Paul Norman Jr., Andy Knight, Mike Moore, Nathan Short, Louis DeDionisio, Steve Moynihan, John Cline

Budweiser Super Sportsman:

Heat 1: IMG_9293.jpg (377759 bytes) Jim Leonard, Chris Kuschel, Jake Eller
Heat 2: IMG_9304.jpg (364073 bytes) Don McGuire, Chad Carlson, Bob Hazzard

Feature: Jim Leonard, John Boardman, Don McGuire, Chad Carlson, Mike Kosinski, Tim Nocero, Ben Burgess, Bob Van Arsdale, Jake Eller, Chris Kuschel


Heat 1: IMG_9335.jpg (375803 bytes) Quincy Turner, Justin Carlson, Dennis Lunger
Heat 2: IMG_9357.jpg (355615 bytes) Scott Pangrazio, Ron Seeley, Dan Nocero

Feature: Justin Carlson, Greg Johnson, Scott Pangrazio, Nathan Short, Troy Carr, Ron Seeley, Brian Fardink, Chad Silleman, Dandy Wellington, Wayne Anderson

Super Late Model:

Heat 1: IMG_9381.jpg (326105 bytes) Andy Kania, Scott Gurdak, Ward Schell, Chad Valone, Jim Mazur
Heat 2: IMG_9398.jpg (297263 bytes) Andy Boozel, Doug Eck, Matt Urban, Rod Maloy, George LaBarbera
Heat 3: IMG_9418.jpg (298310 bytes) Scott Johnson, Bump Hedman, Dick Barton, Randy Lobb, Mike Knight

Feature: Doug Eck, Scott Johnson, Scott Gurdak, Dick Barton, Bump Hedman, Andy Boozel, Matt Urban, Andy Kania, Dave Lyon, Randy Lobb, Mike Knight, Rod Maloy, Steve Halpainy, George LaBarbera, Chad Valone, Darrell Bossard, Jim Mazur, Dave Tackett, Paul Briggs, Ward Schell, Randy Shearer, Rich Gardner

Lady Challenger:

Heat 1:IMG_9429.jpg (299203 bytes) Jodee Jordan, Michelle Swabik, Amanda Swanson

Feature: Amanda Swanson, Michelle Swabik, Jessica Hallowell, Jodee Jordan, Stephanie Devereaux, Mary Lou Keith, Jennifer Weagraff, Diana Lewis, Rhonda Leonard

Super Challenger:

Heat 1:IMG_9445.jpg (304394 bytes) Jason Black, Rick Sperry, Jay Seekings
Heat 2: IMG_9462.jpg (264404 bytes) Mike Genco, Butch Camarata, Cale Crocker
Heat 3: Sam Courson, Kevin Golden, Eugene Hart

Feature 1: Ryan Scott, Jimmy Hahn, Curt Hansen, Jesse Dash, Butch Camarata, Travis Darling, Rick Sperry, Nate Dickerson, Bill Collins, Brandon Barr

Feature 2: Cale Crocker, Kyle Jackson, Sam Courson, Kolby Hollabaugh, Jason Black, Jay Seekings, Brandon Pierce, Michael Kosinski, Greg Rockwell, Timothy Dulmus