August 11th, 2007


August 11th, 2007 - Chris Hackett Wins on Budweiser Fan Appreciation Night At Stateline Speedway

By Glenn Slocum

Busti, NY: Perfect racing weather welcomed fans and racers for the Arthur R. Gren and Budweiser Fan Appreciation night at Stateline Speedway. Nathan Short won the Outlaw Cadet King of the Hill and pocketed $1,000 for Arthur R. Gren and Budweiser for his efforts then started on the pole of the Outlaw Cadet feature then nipped point leader Mike Moore at the line for the win his fourth of the season. Chris Hackett won his first Super Late Model feature of the season passing early leader Andy Boozel then holding off point leader Rod Maloy at the finish. Quincy Turner narrowly defeated Short at the line for his second win. John Boyd won his third Spectator feature from his twelfth starting spot. Chad Valone defeated Doug Eck in the Super Late Model King of the Hill Challenge. Bob Hazzard won a very competitive Super Sportsman feature his fourth of the season. Stephanie Hilyer won her third Lady Challenger feature. James Chase won the first Super Challenger feature and Justin Gurdak won the second.


Merle Terry, Andy Boozel, Paul Briggs, Chris Hackett and Dick Barton were the top five Super Late Models for their feature event. It was Boozel, Terry, Briggs and Barton at the end of one. Briggs was second on lap three with Terry third, Hackett fourth and Barton fighting Bruce Hordusky for fifth. Hordusky went high on lap six losing several spots. At the end of the first ten laps Boozel had a half a straight lead over Briggs, Hackett and Barton. A lap eleven spin by Randy Lobb brought out the first caution. Hackett, Boozel, Briggs, Barton and point leader Rod Maloy led the next lap then the second yellow flew for Ted Kosinski in turn four. One lap after the restart Hackett led with Barton alongside Boozel for second and Maloy fourth. Both Barton and Maloy passed Boozel then Maloy used the low line to grab second from Barton. Hackett’s lead was ten car lengths over Maloy and Barton with five laps remaining. Lap traffic became a factor with two laps remaining allowing Maloy to close with Hackett. Maloy was unable to mount a challenge for Hackett giving Hackett his first win of the season.

Stewart Rickard and Paul Nelson were the first two to the line for Spectator feature but the initial start failed bringing out the yellow before the first lap was completed. Pat Landy became the new leader with Nelson still second followed by Eric Paulus and Buzz Phearsdorf. Nelson led lap one but lost the lad to Phearsdorf just as the yellow flew for Lonnie Waldron and Ryan Seekings. Phearsdorf won the dash into turn one on the restart then lost the lead in turn four as John Boyd became the new leader. Boyd, Phearsdorf and John Swabik were the leaders at the half way mark. Jermin Strickland caused the third yellow with eight laps complete. Two laps later then fourth caution occurred. Boyd, Phearsdorf, Swabik, Alex Froman and Bill Reeves were the restart leaders. Boyd was able to maintain his lead for the remainder of the race finishing three car lengths in front of Phearsdorf.

Outlaw Cadet King of the Hill winner Nathan Short stated alongside point leader Mike Moore for the Cadet feature. Short was the first across the line to lead lap one with Moore second. Tommy Fox lost the handle with two complete collecting several cars for the first caution. Moore led after the restart with Short second and Brian Crandall third. At the cross flags Crandall spun losing his third place spot to Steve Moynihan for caution three. Rick Thompson brought out the fourth caution with twelve complete. Short passed Moore on the restart leading with two to go then Moore fought back to take the white only to lose to Short at the line.

J. R. Nocero lead the first circuit of the Super Sportsman feature then gave way to John Boardman on lap four. Don McGuire and Bob Hazzard were the next to get by Nocero. Chris Kuschel came from thirteenth to challenge Hazzard for the runner up spot on lap nine. Boardman stumbled on lap twelve allowing Hazzard to grab the lead and Kuschel take the second spot. Hazzard won with Kuschel in tow while Boardman just held off Rusty Briggs at the line.

Cale Crocker and Nathan Short were on the front row of the E-Mod feature. The first two attempted starts were foiled by spinning race cars including the pole sitter Cale Crocker. Dennis Lunger led the third attempted start with Short second followed by Tom Hagberg and Quincy Turner. The third start worked with Jason Genco spinning in four as the leaders crossed the line for four yellows with just one lap complete. Short led after the restart with Greg Johnson second, Lunger third and Turner fourth. Turner and Lunger crossed the line at the end of lap seven dead even then repeated the feat for lap eight. The fifth yellow flew with nine laps complete for Jake Halpainy. Short, Johnson, Lunger, Turner and Hagberg were the leaders. Scott Gurdak and Chad Ramsey were contesting the firth spot as Johnson and Short fought for the lead. Lunger faded as Turner moved to third and Gurdak fourth. Johnson did a half spin losing the second spot to Turner in turn four then stopping in turn one of the next lap for caution six. Short, Turner, Gurdak, Lunger and Hagberg were the top five. Cale Crocker nosed into the turn two concrete with seventeen complete for caution seven. The top five were Short, Turner, Gurdak, Lunger and Hagberg. Mike Boyd spun Brian Fardink one lap later for caution eight setting up a two lap dash for the win. Short led on the white flag lap then lost to Turner at the line on the final lap.

Super Late Model

Heat 1: Bruce Hordusky, Chris Hackett Erie PA, Andy Boozel Clymer NY, Bump Hedman Sugar Grove PA, Rod Maloy Panama NY

Heat 2: Dick Barton Ashville NY, Paul Briggs Ashville NY, Merle Terry Erie PA, Chad Valone Warren PA, Chad Ruhlman Bemus Point NY

Feature: Chris Hackett Erie PA, Rod Maloy Panama NY, Dick Barton Ashville NY, Chad Valone Warren PA, Andy Boozel Clymer NY, Merle Terry Erie PA, Doug Eck Corry PA, Paul Briggs Ashville NY, Bruce Hordusky, Chad Ruhlman Bemus Point NY, Andy Kania Waterford PA, Darrell Bossard Centerville PA, Bump Hedman Sugar Grove PA, Randy Lobb Jamestown NY, Ted Kosinski Lakewood NY, Rich Gardner Waterford PA, Ward Schell Warren PA, John Volpe Lakewood NY

King of the Hill Challenge: Chad Valone Warren PA, Doug Eck Corry PA


Heat 1: Chad Silleman South Dayton NY, Greg Johnson Jamestown NY, Tom Hagberg Warren PA, Dennis Lunger Corry PA, Cale Crocker

Heat 2: Al Crocker, Mike Boyd Union City PA, Quincy Turner Jamestown NY, Nate Short Panama NY, Scott Gurdak Bear Lake PA

Feature: Quincy Turner Jamestown NY, Nate Short Panama NY, Scott Gurdak Bear Lake PA, Dennis Lunger Corry PA, Tom Hagberg Warren PA, Chad Ramsey Jamestown NY, Greg Johnson Jamestown NY, Chad Silleman South Dayton NY, Ron Seeley Youngsville PA, Dereck Frank Jamestown NY

Outlaw Cadet

King of the Hill:

Round 1: Mike Moore, Rick Thompson
Round 2: Paul Norman, Glenn Slaney
Round 3: Tommy Fox, Leonard Enos
Round 4: John Kline, Chad Ruhlman
Round 5: Nathan Short, Troy Dorman
Round 6: Steve Moynihan, Paul Himes
Round 7: Brian Crandall, Chet Sheets
Round 8: Mike Moore, Paul Norman
Round 9: Tommy Fox, John Cline
Round 10: Nathan Short, Steve Moynihan
Round 11: Mike Moore, Brian Crandall
Round 12: Nathan Short, Tommy Fox
Round 13:
Nathan Short, Mike Moore

Feature: Nathan Short Niobe NY, Mike Moore Russell PA, Steve Moynihan Jamestown NY, Glen Slaney, Chad Ruhlman, George Milks, John Cline Kennedy NY, Leonard Enos Warren PA, Paul Norman Jr. Gerry NY, Brian Crandall Stockton NY

Super Sportsman

Heat 1: Aaron Robinson Stockton NY, Pete Volpe Jamestown NY, Steve Kania Waterford PA, Ben Burgess Sherman NY, Jim Leonard

Heat 2: Tim Nocero Jamestown NY, Joe Buccola Jr. Jamestown NY, Chris Kuschel Brocton NY, J.R. Nocero, John Boardman Jamestown NY

Feature: Bob Hazzard Frewsburg NY, Chris Kuschel Brocton NY, John Boardman Jamestown NY, Rusty Briggs, Don McGuire Harborcreek PA, Pete Volpe Jamestown NY, Jake Eller McKean PA, J.R. Nocero, Ben Burgess Sherman NY, Aaron Robinson Stockton NY


Heat 1: Stewart Rickard Jamestown NY, Clarence Dickerson Kennedy NY, John Britt Forestville NY, Ryan Seekings Russell PA, Eric Paulus Mayville NY

Heat 2: Lonnie Waldron Stockton NY, Alex Froman Ashville NY, Buzz Phearsdorf Little Valley NY, John Boyd Waterford PA, Wade Watson Ashville NY

Heat 3: Jamie Brown Jamestown NY, Pat Landy Orchard Park NY, John Swabik Sherman NY, John Mease Jamestown NY, Marc Luce Randolph NY

Feature: John Boyd Waterford PA, Buzz Phearsdorf Little Valley NY, John Swabik Sherman NY, Alex Froman Ashville NY, John Britt Forestville NY, Clarence Dickerson Kennedy NY, Wade Watson Ashville NY, Lonnie Waldron Stockton NY, Ryan Seekings Russell PA, Bill Reeves Celeron NY

Super Challenger

Heat 1: Casey Burch E. Randolph NY, Kyle Jackson Forestville NY, Kevin Golden Jamestown NY, Bill Best Jamestown NY, Travis Darling Jamestown NY

Heat 2: James Chase Mayville NY, Jamie Hebner Stockton NY, Brandon Pierce Sinclairville NY, Steven Keith Jr. Clymer NY, Chris Knisley Jamestown NY

Heat 3: Justin Gurdak Corry PA, Brian Wilson Jamestown NY, Benjamin Schupp Jamestown NY, Skip Jackson Jamestown NY, Jim Mescall Panama NY

First Feature: James Chase Mayville NY, Steven Keith Jr. Clymer NY, Jamie Hebner Stockton NY, Kyle Jackson Forestville NY, Skip Jackson Jamestown NY, Dillon Titus Jamestown NY, Michael Genco Jr. Jamestown NY, Chris Knisley Jamestown NY, Stephen Patterson Jamestown NY, Kevin Covell Sugar Grove PA

Second Feature: Justin Gurdak Corry PA, Travis Darling Jamestown NY, Michael Patterson Jamestown NY, Paul Peru Jamestown NY, Todd Brostrom Ashville NY, Rick Karash Jamestown NY, Andy Melice Sugar Grove PA, Chuck Green Sherman NY, Kyle Weilacher Lakewood NY, Robert Hallowell Celeron NY

Lady Challenger

Heat 1: Stephanie Devereaux Lakewood NY, Stephanie Hilyer Jamestown NY, Jessica Hallowell Celeron NY, Paula Mason Ashville NY, Brenda Jackson Jamestown NY

Feature: Stephanie Hilyer Jamestown NY, Stephanie Devereaux Lakewood NY, Jessica Hallowell Celeron NY, Brenda Jackson Jamestown NY, Thi Genco Jamestown NY, Paula Mason Ashville NY