June 28th, 2007


Dave Hess Jr. Wins Roberts Trucking "50"
At Stateline Speedway

By Glenn Slocum

Busti, NY: The World of Outlaws were a no show for the rescheduled Roberts Trucking "50" at Stateline Speedway. Thirty-seven Super Late Models were on hand for the $10,000 to win 50 lap event. Four heats and two consolation races were held to determine the Super Late starting lineup. Dave Hess Jr. became the new "Rim Rider" using the high groove to gain the top spot on lap twenty-one and never relinquished it fighting off a late race challenge by Mike Knight. Buzz Phearsdorf won the green to checkers Spectator feature for his third of the season. Mike Moore passed Nathan Short mid race to win his fifth Outlaw Cadet feature. John Boardman won his second of the season in the Super Sportsman feature and Randy Hall in his first Sportsman outing was second. Randy Hall used the first eight laps of the E-Mod feature to find away around Rich Michael for his third win out of three visits to the Busti oval.

The Roberts Trucking "50" led to the speedway by Dave Scott and Matt Urban. John Lobb and Rod Maloy were in row two followed by Robbie Blair and Mike Knight. Pole sitter Scott was in the top spot at the end of the first circuit with Urban high and Lobb low for second. Rod Maloy came from fourth on lap four to grab second from Urban and John Lobb as Scott remained low on the speedway in first. Maloy and Scott make contact on lap seven but Maloy lifted allowing Scott to recover. Dave Hess was up on the cushion and into fourth with ten laps complete while Maloy and Scott fought for the bottom groove. A three car tangle brought out the first yellow with eleven of the fifty laps complete involving Andy Boozel, Dutch Davies and Jeff Hoffman. Scott, Maloy, Hess, John Lobb and Blair were the top five for the restart. All of the cars in the yellow required help to leave the speedway. Hess moved back up to the cushion on the restart passing Maloy for second at the line then testing Scott for the lead. Hess would lead down the back stretch with Scott leading by a nose at the line. A lap fifteen yellow for Kirk Bradley and Greg Oakes allowed the field to close with Scott and Hess. Maloy was third and from his ninth starting spot Dog Eck was fourth and Blair fifth. Once more Hess went high and Scott low as the race resumed. Just two more laps were complete when the yellow flew for Dick Barton and Boom Briggs in turn one. Barton was pushed into the pits and Briggs joined the rear of the field. Twenty-three of the original twenty-eight remained. This restart was like the other with Hess high and Scott and Maloy up against the inside rail. Hess led lap twenty-one and was gaining a car length a lap over Scott who remained pinned to the inside. At the half way mark Hess was five car lengths ahead of Scott with Maloy three car lengths back in third. John Blankenship slowed with a flat on lap twenty-six and the yellow reappeared. The restart was marred with an incident involving Todd Andrews, Bump Hedman, Miles Stitzinger and Darrell Bossard for the fifth caution. Nineteen cars remained. Hess easily controlled the restart and Scott moved up to the cushion with Maloy still low. Mike Knight made an appearance in the top five as Eck slipped to sixth and Dave Scott slowed and pulled from the speedway. Knight passed Blair for the third spot and Bob Close took fifth. With fifteen laps remaining Hess led Maloy by several car lengths. A slowing Robbie Blair brought out the sixth yellow with twelve laps remaining. Chad Valone made a move on the restart passing Close for the fourth spot. Mike Knight passed Maloy with five to go and was able to catch the high flying Hess. Knight stated low and just a nose behind Hess at the line then the yellow flew for Boom Briggs. Randy Lobb spun on the restart for the eight yellow. Hess was able to get a six car length lead over Knight on the restart and Knight could not make it up. Hess won by three car lengths with Knight second and Maloy third.

Wade Watson led the first four laps of the Spectator feature with Buzz Phearsdorf second and Bill Reeves third. Phearsdorf and Watson contested the number one spot for several laps with Phearsdorf finally gaining the top spot on lap seven. Once Phearsdorf broke into the open the race was for second. The race ran caution free with Phearsdorf nearly a straight away ahead at the checkers. Watson beat a charging Aron Dascomb to take the second spot.

Nathan Short passed early leader Paul Norman to lead lap seven on the Outlaw Cadet feature. Two laps later Short gave way to veteran Mike Moore. Short slowed and retired from the event shortly after losing the lead to Moore. Moore ran the remainder of the event unchallenged for his fifth of the season. Kelly Frederes slowed to a smoky stop on the second lap of the Super Sportsman feature for the first yellow of the event. Steve Kania started on the pole and was the race leader. Kania went wide coming out of turn two on the restart allowing John Boardman to pass under him. Rusty Briggs caught Kania on lap nine then lost momentum allowing the young Kania to retain the number two spot. Briggs spun to a stop with eleven laps complete for the second yellow. Briggs required a wrecker to return to the pits. Kania pulled to a stop high in turn four on lap thirteen ending his night of racing. Randy Hall in his first Super Sportsman race finished second. Boardman won for his second of the season.

Rich Michael and Randy Hall were on the front row for the E-Mod feature. Al Crocker and Greg Johnson made up row two and Jason Genco and Justin Carlson were in row three. Michael led into turn one with Hall second and Greg Johnson third by nose over Crocker. Hall moved under Michael on lap three but could not make the pass stick. Lap traffic became a factor on lap five as giving Michael a little breathing room as Hall fell back several car lengths. Kyle Bedell brought out the first yellow of the race with eight laps complete. Michael, Hall, Johnson, Carlson, Bobby Powell were the restart leaders. Hall tried the low side again after the restart and made it work. Three cars tangled in turn two with thirteen laps complete for the second yellow. The third yellow appeared before the next lap was complete for Greg Johnson stopped in the pit entrance. Hall, Michael, Carlson, Powell and Tom Hagberg were the top five. Hall set sail after the restart while Carlson and Michael contested the runner up position. Hall won by several car lengths with Michael second and Carlson third.

Super Late Model

Heat 1: David Scott Garland PA, Robbie Blair Titusville PA, Doug Eck Corry PA, Boom Briggs Bear Lake PA, Andy Boozel Clymer NY

Heat 2: Matt Urban North East PA, Mike Knight Ripley NY, Dave Hess Jr. Waterford PA, Dutch Davies Warren PA, John Blankenship

Heat 3: John Lobb Frewsburg NY, Bob Close Eldred PA, Chad Ruhlman Bemus Point NY, Jeff Hoffman Clarendon PA, Dick Barton Ashville NY

Heat 4: Rod Maloy Panama NY, Chris Hackett Erie PA, Chad Valone Warren PA, Randy Lobb Jamestown NY, Darrell Bossard Centerville PA

Consolation 1: Rick Isadore Cyclone PA, Darrell Bossard Centerville PA, Kirk Bradley Great Valley NY, John Volpe Lakewood NY, Max Blair Centerville PA, Steve Halpainy Ashville NY

Consolation 2: Todd Andrews Eldred PA, Dan Stone, Miles Stitzinger Warren PA, Paul Briggs Ashville NY, Bump Hedman Sugar Grove PA, Ryan Scott Garland PA, George LaBarbera Sugar Grove PA, Roy Mitchell, Ward Schell Warren PA


Dave Hess Jr. Waterford PA, Mike Knight Ripley NY, Rod Maloy Panama NY, Bob Close Eldred PA, Chad Valone Warren PA, Doug Eck Corry PA, Chad Ruhlman Bemus Point NY, Bump Hedman Sugar Grove PA, Greg Oakes, Andy Kania Waterford PA, Dan Stone, Chris Hackett Erie PA, Boom Briggs Bear Lake PA, Randy Lobb Jamestown NY, Matt Urban North East PA, Kirk Bradley Great Valley NY, Miles Stitzinger Warren PA, Robbie Blair Titusville PA, David Scott Garland PA, Darrell Bossard Centerville PA, Todd Andrews Eldred PA, John Blankenship, John Lobb Frewsburg NY, Rick Isadore Cyclone PA, Dick Barton Ashville NY, Dutch Davies Warren PA, Jeff Hoffman Clarendon PA, Andy Boozel Clymer NY


Heat 1: Richard Michael Jr. Ischua NY, Al Crocker, Al Cressley, Jason Genco Jamestown NY, Bobby Powell Waterford PA

Heat 2: Randy Hall Olean NY, Greg Johnson Jamestown NY, Justin Carlson Sherman NY, Tom Hagberg Warren PA, Ed Carley Freedom NY

Feature: Randy Hall Olean NY, Richard Michael Jr Ischua NY, Justin Carlson Sherman NY, Bobby Powell Waterford PA, Tom Hagberg Warren PA, Chad Ramsey Jamestown NY, Cale Crocker, Brian Fardink Sherman NY, Al Crocker, Craig Bedell Little Valley NY

Outlaw Cadet

Feature: Mike Moore Russell PA, Paul Norman Jr. Gerry NY, Kelly Frederes Jamestown NY, Steve Moynihan Jamestown NY, John Cline Kennedy NY, Paul Himes Lakewood NY, Andy Windrel Niobe NY, Nathan Short Niobe NY

Super Sportsman

Feature: John Boardman Jamestown NY, Randy Hall, Rusty Briggs, Bob VanArsdale Portland NY, Aaron Robinson Stockton NY, Pete Volpe Jamestown NY, Bryan Ester Erie PA, Eric Ester Erie PA, Ben Burgess Sherman NY, Steve Kania Waterford PA


Feature: Buzz Phearsdorf Little Valley NY, Wade Watson Ashville NY, Aron Dascomb Clymer NY, Bill Reeves Celoron NY, Alex Froman Ashville NY, John Kelsey Jamestown NY, Jamie Brown Jamestown NY, Eric Paulus Mayville NY, Bryon Johnson Ashville NY