July 12th, 2008


July 12th, 2008 - Chris Hackett Wins Roberts Trucking IRS 40 Lap Qualifier
at Stateline Speedway

By Glenn Slocum

Busti, NY: Roberts Trucking sponsored a delayed July 4th Celebration with the Roberts Trucking 40 Lap IRS Qualifier and fireworks by Starfire. A special five lap match race was held between the two Ottaway Outlaw Cadet Double Nickel winners from last week, Chad Carlson and Mike Moore. Carlson won the event to claim the Outlaw Cadet 2008 King of the Double Nickel title. With weather on it’s way management moved up the Super Late Feature to the first feature of the evening. Darrell Bossard was the early leader and Mike Knight led for a circuit before Chris Hackett took control of the event. Hackett lapped over half the field winning by ten car lengths over point leader Doug Eck. Rich Gardner took the King of the Hill Challenge title from Chad Valone. Chad Carlson won a rain slowed Outlaw Cadet feature and Tim Nocero won a rain shortened Super Sportsman event just before the rain moved in for earnest forcing cancellation of the remaining events.

Chad Valone and Darrell Bossard were the front row for the Roberts Trucking 40 Lap IRS Qualifier. Chris Hackett and Randy Lobb were row two with Mike Knight and Doug Eck third. Bossard led the first circuit with last week’s winner Chris Hackett second. Valone was third with Mike Knight and Doug Eck all over him. Knight claimed the third spot and was pressing Hackett and Bossard for the lead. Lap seven was the magic lap for Knight as he beat both Hackett and Bossard to the line but just one lap later Hackett became the leader with Eck third Bossard fourth and Valone fifth. Hackett led Knight by three car lengths on lap fifteen with heavy lap traffic ahead. Hackett used the chrome horn to to advance then a slowing Rich Gardner caused Knight to nearly stop at the pit entrance falling to fourth. At the half way point Hackett a nearly a straight away lead over Eck with Knight server car lengths back in third. Hackett continued to battle through heavy lap traffic with ten laps remaining in the event. Eck began to close with Hackett as the race neared completion. With four laps remaining Eck had closed to fifteen car lengths but over the next four laps could not close the gap giving Hackett his second in row and a green to checkers run with nine of the starting twenty-four on the lead lap.

Rain appeared for the start of the Outlaw Cadet feature forcing every one to slow the race pace. Troy Dorman led most of the race losing the lead to Chad Carlson with two laps to go. Carlson took the checkers in the rain..

A light rain continued into the start of the Super Sportsman feature. A first lap spin caused a complete restart. The second start stuck with Tim Nocero leading the early laps. Steve Kania came from sixth to second by lap four with Jake Eller third and Bob Van Arsdale fourth. Ben Reed went up in smoke on the front stretch bringing out the yellow with seven laps complete. Eller tested Nocero on the restart but the wet slippery surface made passing almost impossible. Despite the surface Dan Nocero caught Tim Nocero then the final yellow appeared with thirteen laps complete and the race was called by the officials and the race night was concluded.

Super Late Model

Heat 1: Chris Hackett Erie PA, Randy Lobb Jamestown NY, John Volpe Lakewood NY, John Lobb Frewsburg NY, Andy Kania Waterford PA

Heat 2: Darrell Bossard Centerville PA, Mike Knight Ripley NY, Scott Johnson Wattsburg PA, Steve Halpainy Ashville NY, Scott Gurdak

Heat 3: Chad Valone Warren PA, Doug Eck Corry PA, Rod Maloy Panama NY, Wally Fox Cooperstown PA, Merle Terry Erie PA

Feature: Chris Hackett Erie PA, Doug Eck Corry PA, Mike Knight Ripley NY, Scott Johnson Wattsburg PA, Darrell Bossard Centerville PA, Rod Maloy Panama NY, John Lobb Frewsburg NY, Chad Valone Warren PA, Steve Halpainy Ashville NY, Randy Lobb Jamestown NY, Wally Fox Cooperstown PA, Adam Ferri Pt Colborne Ontario, Merle Terry Erie PA, John Volpe Lakewood NY, Dan Maxim Erie PA, Greg Johnson Busti NY, Andy Kania Waterford PA, Ryan Scott Garland PA, Scott Gurdak, Andy Boozel Clymer NY, George LaBarbera Sugar Grove PA, Rich Gardner Waterford PA, Pete Alspaugh Russell PA, Mike Coyle Jamestown NY

King of the Hill Challenge: Rich Gardner Waterford PA, Chad Valone Warren PA


Heat 1: Justin Carlson Sherman NY, Al Crocker, Nate Short Niobe NY, Jamie Erhard Mayville NY, Al Cressley Warren PA

Heat 2: Jason Genco Jamestown NY, Greg Johnson Busti NY, Carl McKinney Pittsfield PA, Chris Couchenour Jamestown NY, Cale Crocker Pittsfield PA

Outlaw Cadet

Heat 1: Paul Norman Jr. Gerry NY, Chris Ottaway Sherman NY, Leonard Enos Russell PA, Troy Dorman Fredonia NY, Paul Himes Lakewood NY

Heat 2: Chad Carlson Lakewood NY, Mike Moore Russell PA, Steve Moynihan Jamestown NY, Brian Crandall Stockton NY, Paul Briggs

Feature: Chad Carlson Lakewood NY, Troy Dorman Fredonia NY, Chris Ottaway Sherman NY, Mike Moore Russell PA, Steve Moynihan Jamestown NY, Paul Norman Jr. Gerry NY, Brian Crandall Stockton NY, Paul Briggs, Leonard Enos Russell PA, Chet Sheets Warren PA

Super Sportsman

Heat 1: Tim Nocero Jamestown NY, Kelly Frederes Jamestown NY, John Boardman Jamestown NY, Steve Kania Waterford PA, Jake Eller McKean PA

Heat 2: Wade Watson Ashville NY, Bob VanArsdale Portland NY, James Leonard Jamestown NY, Ben Burgess Jr. Sherman NY, Ben Reed Brocton NY

Feature: Tim Nocero Jamestown NY, Dan Nocero Jamestown NY, Bob VanArsdale Portland NY, Jake Eller McKean PA, Steve Kania Waterford PA, James Leonard Jamestown NY, Kelly Frederes Jamestown NY, John Boardman Jamestown NY, Wade Watson Ashville NY


Heat 1: Zachary Downes Erie PA, Anthony Marotto Ashville NY, Eric Paulus Mayville NY, Lee Myers Gerry NY, Marc Luce Randolph NY

Heat 2: Aron Dascomb Clymer NY, Mike Moon Brocton NY, Buzz Phearsdorf Little Valley NY, Alex Froman Ashville NY, James Britt Forestville NY

Heat 3: Kevin Golden Frewsburg NY, Jermin Strickland Jamestown NY, Tyler Green Corry PA, Stanley Davis Jr. Jamestown NY, Mark Thompson Erie PA

Super Challenger

Heat 1: Joshua Beckstrom Frewsburg NY, Casey Burch Randolph NY, Stub Johnson Jamestown NY, Aaron Liberati Jamestown NY, Brandon Troutman Jamestown NY

Heat 2: Kyle Jackson Ii Cherry Creek NY, Joe Karash Jamestown NY, Preston Matve Jamestown NY, Chris Byrne Jamestown NY, Joe Seiler Jamestown NY

Heat 3: Sam Courson Cassadaga NY, Larry Campbell Frewsburg NY, Bobby Rouche Garland PA, Scott Perrin Garland PA, Dillon Titus Jamestown NY

Lady Challenger

Heat 1: Amanda Swanson North East PA, Stephanie Hilyer Jamestown NY, Tawny Crocker Pittsfield PA, Paula Mason Ashville NY, Stephanie Devereaux Lakewood NY