May 24th, 2008


May 24th, 2008 - David Scott and Matt Lux are the American Tire "Double Nickel" Winners at Stateline Speedway

By Glenn Slocum

Busti, NY: Clear blue skies and sunshine welcomed fans to the Leonard Briggs and Bill Freiwald American Tire Super Late Model "Double Nickel" Memorial event. Thirty-ONE Super Late Models were on-hand for the twin $5,000 to win features. David Scott won a hard fought battle with Chub Frank to win the first of the two "Double Nickels". Matt Lux led every lap of the second part of the "Double Nickel" fending off a last corner challenge by Chub Frank for his first Super Late Model win at Stateline.

Tyler Green used a lap two caution to gain the lead in the Spectator feature and led the rest for his first Stateline win.

Dan Nocero came from seventh to win the Super Sportsman feature his first of the season.

The Outlaw Cadet feature was won by 2007 Champ Mike Moore his second of the season.

Chad Valone held on to his Super Late Model King of the Hill Challenge title defeating Darrell Bossard in the five lap match race.

Greg Johnson won a caution strewn E-Mod feature. Amanda Swanson won the Lady Challenger feature, Chris Knisley the first Super Challenger feature and Jamie Hebner the second.

The final event of the night was to be a match race between the two "Double Nickel" winners but David Scott was unable to compete after suffering damage in the second feature so King of the Hill winner Chad Valone ran against Lux for the $500 put up by Coors. Valone beat Lux into turn one and led every lap for the win.

Chub Frank won on the redraw to capture the pole for the first thirty lap "Double Nickel". Frank was followed by Randy Lobb, Chris Hackett, David Scott, Darrell Bossard, Jeremy Miller, Matt Urban, Kirk Bradley, Chad Valone and Dick Barton. Lobb led the first circuit with Frank settling into second and David Scott third. Andy Boozel brought out the first caution after making hard contact with the turn four concrete. Lobb, Frank, David Scott, Hackett, Miller were the top five for the restart. Frank regained the lead with David Scott pressing Lobb for second. David Scott beat Lobb to the line on lap five and began to chase Frank. Wally Fox got sideways in two for the second caution just before Frank entered lap traffic. Eight laps were complete with Frank, David Scott, Lobb, Hackett and Miller still the top five. The green was quickly followed by a yellow for Ryan Scott. Just one more lap was completed before the fourth yellow for several cars including Dan Maxim and George LaBarbera. Frank continued to control the race. A lap twelve incident collected Dutch Davies and Greg Johnson for the fifth yellow then one later Jipp Ortiz spun in the same spot for the sixth yellow. Bump Hedman, Ryan Scott, and Fox cause yellow seven with thirteen of the thirty laps run. After a lengthy delay, to separate the cars of Ryan Scott and Fox, the race resumed with Frank in the lead and David Scott, Lobb and Hackett chasing. David Scott move alongside Frank on lap twenty and led by a nose on lap twenty-one then again on lap twenty-two. Frank slipped in turn two and lost several car lengths to David Scott. Dave Tackett tagged the wall on the front stretch nearly taking out the leader and bringing out the yellow. David Scott, Frank, Lobb, Hackett and Boom Briggs were the top five. Frank remained low on the speedway as David Scott stayed up against the cushion for the next four laps when the ninth caution appeared for Ortiz. Briggs grabbed third on the restart. Scott led Frank by eight car lengths on the white and checkers lap notching his second "Double Nickel" win in consecutive years.

Matt Lux and Boom Briggs were on the front row for the second Super Late "Double Nickel" feature. Jeremy Miller and Doug Eck were in row two. Randy Lobb spun into the infield on the initial start. The second start was waived off by head starter Mark Matthews. Lux was the first around with Briggs and Miller second and third. Lux was able to gain a six car length advantage by lap five as Miller, Briggs, Rich Gardner and Chub Frank chased the leader. Frank made it three wide on lap nine with Briggs in the middle and Gardner on the inside. Dave Tackett spun and Dave Scott ended up in the wall in turn one for the third yellow. Lux, Miller, Briggs, Frank and Gardner were the restart leaders. Frank passed Briggs for third on lap eleven then challenged Miller for second as Lux led by several car lengths. Frank was scored in second on lap fourteen with Miller just a car length back. The yellow flew after seventeen completed laps for Ron Davies parked up against the turn four concrete. Lux, Frank, Miller, Briggs and Jason Dupont were the top five. Dupont lost two spots on the restart to Chris Hackett and Chad Valone. Miller did not quit passing Frank for second on lap nineteen then the yellow appeared for Greg Johnson and Darrel Bossard between turns one and two. Two more laps were completed then a spin by Jipp Ortiz caused caution six. Lux led followed by Miller and Frank then a four car yellow with twenty five complete slowed the event with five laps remaining. Lux led the next three laps when Nathan Short spun for yellow seven. Just two laps remained. Frank made a late race charge but came up a car length short at the checkers giving Lux his first Super Late Model feature win at Stateline Speedway.

Byron Johnson led the first lap of the Spectator feature as pole starter Anthony Marotto slipped to fourth. A lap two caution slowed the pace. On the restart Tyler Green used his second starting spot to pass Johnson for the lead. Henry Seekings slowed to a stop on the back stretch for caution two with four laps complete. Green, Jessup Baker, Marotto, Johnson and Jay Seekings were the top five for the restart. The slippery race surface accounted for another yellow with five laps in the book. Green easily controlled the restart. Garry Fisher charged into third with nine laps down after starting for the tail of the field. Fisher had second one lap later and began to run down Green for the lead. With two to go Fisher had caught the leader but could not make the pass giving Green his first win at the speedway.

Wade Watson followed by Kelly Frederes led the first circuit of the Super Sportsman feature. Dan Nocero passed Frederes then Watson to take over the lead on lap six. The race stayed under green allowing Nocero to build a sizeable lead before the first yellow appeared for Ben Reed. Ben Burgess caused the second yellow with twelve laps complete. Nocero, Frederes, Watson, Steve Kania and John Boardman were the top five. Kania lost the fourth spot to Boardman. Nocero held on the win for his first of the season.

Paul Himes led by several car lengths at the end of the first lap of the Outlaw Cadet feature. Mike Moore and Paul Norman took over after the restart pushing Himes to third. A lap ten caution for Brian Crandall allowed the field to close with Moore. Norman was the next to have problems with a slow spin in turn four. Moore was chased by Glen Slaney after the restart with Kelly Frederes third and Chad Carlson fourth. Moore beat Slaney to finish line by five car lengths for his second of the season.

Andy Sweetland and Cale Crocker brought the E-Mod feature on to the speedway with Gary Sullivan and Justin Carlson in row two. Justine Carlson came from fourth to lead the first circuit then the yellow appeared for Shane Crotty. The green stayed out until Chuck Hart spun in four with five laps complete. Chris Couchenour caused the yellow to immediately follow the green before anther lap was complete. The second restart of lap six worked but a four car incident caused the caution to reappear on lap eight. Crocker was involved in the next yellow trying to restart lap six. After the restart the race remained green for just two laps as the yellow flew for Brian Fardink. Nathan Short was sent to the pits with a mechanical problem before the restart. Greg Johnson nosed Carlson out of the lead on lap ten then lost it to Carlson one lap later as Rich Michaels sat in the third spot looking for an opening. Crocker brought out the next caution with twelve laps complete. Johnson, Carlson, Michaels, Quincy Turner and Sweetland were the top five. Johnson got a big jump on the restart as Carlson held off Michaels for second. Wayne Anderson spun in turn four with fifteen complete for the eighth yellow then one lap later yellow number nine for Gary Sullivan and Kyle Scott and on lap eighteen for Crotty. Johnson handily won for his first of the season.

Super Late Model

Heat 1: Jeremy Miller Gettysburg PA, Chris Hackett Erie PA, Matt Urban North East PA, Dick Barton Ashville NY, Ron Davies Warren PA

Heat 2: Darrell Bossard Centerville PA, Randy Lobb Jamestown NY, Kirk Bradley Great Valley NY, Boom Briggs Bear Lake PA, Andy Boozel Clymer NY

Heat 3: David Scott Garland PA, Chub Frank Bear Lake PA, Chad Valone Warren PA, John Lobb Frewsburg NY, Matt Lux Franklin PA

First Feature: David Scott Garland PA, Chub Frank Bear Lake PA, Boom Briggs Bear Lake PA, Matt Lux Franklin PA, Randy Lobb Jamestown NY, Jeremy Miller Gettysburg PA, Chris Hackett Erie PA, Doug Eck Corry PA, Dick Barton Ashville NY, Jason Dupont Cyclone PA, Chad Valone Warren PA, Ron Davies Warren PA, John Lobb Frewsburg NY, Darrell Bossard Centerville PA, Adam Ferri Pt Colborne Ontario, Bump Hedman Sugar Grove PA, Rich Gardner Waterford PA, Wally Fox Cooperstown PA, Nathan Short, Jipp Ortiz Ransomville NY, Matt Urban North East PA, Dave Tackett, Kirk Bradley Great Valley NY, George LaBarbera Sugar Grove PA, Ryan Scott Garland PA, John Volpe Lakewood NY, Dutch Davies Warren PA,nson Busti NY, Andy Boozel Clymer NY, Rod Maloy Panama NY

Heat 4: John Lobb Frewsburg NY, Randy Lobb Jamestown NY, Jeremy Miller Gettysburg PA, Jason Dupont Cyclone PA, David Scott Garland PA

Heat 5: Chris Hackett Erie PA, Rich Gardner Waterford PA, Boom Briggs Bear Lake PA, Chad Valone Warren PA, Dutch Davies Warren PA

Heat 6: Chub Frank Bear Lake PA, Doug Eck Corry PA, Matt Lux Franklin PA, Ron Davies Warren PA, Matt Urban North East PA

Second Feature: Matt Lux Franklin PA, Chub Frank Bear Lake PA, Chris Hackett Erie PA, Jeremy Miller Gettysburg PA, Boom Briggs Bear Lake PA, Jason Dupont Cyclone PA, Rich Gardner Waterford PA, Chad Valone Warren PA, John Lobb Frewsburg NY, Doug Eck Corry PA, Andy Boozel Clymer NY, Matt Urban North East PA, Dick Barton Ashville NY, Ryan Scott Garland PA, Bump Hedman Sugar Grove PA, George LaBarbera Sugar Grove PA, Darrell Bossard Centerville PA, Jipp Ortiz Ransomville NY, Wally Fox Cooperstown PA, Jason Morell North East PA, Greg Johnson Busti NY, Nathan Short, Kirk Bradley Great Valley NY, Dutch Davies Warren PA, Ron Davies Warren PA, Thomas Baker Massillon OH, Randy Lobb Jamestown NY, Dave Tackett, Adam Ferri Pt Colborne Ontario

King of the Hill: Chad Valone Warren PA, Darrell Bossard Centerville PA


Heat 1: Nate Short Niobe NY, Chuck Frye Ashville NY, Gary Sullivan Saegertown PA, Chris Couchenour Jamestown NY, Kyle Scott Garland PA

Heat 2: Richard Michael Jr. Ischua NY, Scott Gurdak Bear Lake PA, Cale Crocker Pittsfield PA, Ron Seeley Youngsville PA, Brett Van Guilder Warren PA

Heat 3: Quincy Turner Jamestown NY, Justin Carlson Sherman NY, Andy Sweetland Spartansburg PA, Brian Fardink Sherman NY, Chuck Hart Union City PA

Feature: Greg Johnson Busti NY, Justin Carlson Sherman NY, Richard Michael Jr. Ischua NY, Quincy Turner Jamestown NY, Andy Sweetland Spartansburg PA, Brian Fardink Sherman NY, Jason Genco Jamestown NY, Chris Couchenour Jamestown NY, Brett Van Guilder Warren PA, Ron Seeley Youngsville PA

Outlaw Cadet

Feature: Mike Moore Russell PA, Glen Slaney Union City PA, Kelly Frederes Jamestown NY, Chad Carlson Lakewood NY, Troy Dorman Fredonia NY, Christopher Ottaway Sherman NY, Steve Moynihan Jamestown NY, John Cline Falconer NY, Paul Norman Jr. Gerry NY, Chet Sheets Warren PA

Super Sportsman

Feature: Dan Nocero Jamestown NY, Kelly Frederes Jamestown NY, John Boardman Jamestown NY, Wade Watson Ashville NY, Steve Kania Waterford PA, Joe Buccola Jr. Falconer NY, Ben Burgess Jr. Sherman NY, Tim Nocero Jamestown NY, James Leonard Jamestown NY, Ben Reed Brocton NY


Feature: Tyler Green Corry PA, Gary Fisher North East PA, James Britt Forestville NY, Kevin Golden Frewsburg NY, David McClenahan Corry PA, Jessup Baker Mayville NY, Buzz Phearsdorf Little Valley NY, Aron Dascomb Clymer NY, Mike Moon Brocton NY, John Kelsey Jamestown NY

Super Challenger

First Feature: Chris Knisley Jamestown NY, Steven Keith Jr. Clymer NY, Austin Fitzgerald Youngsville PA, Preston Matve Jamestown NY, Dillon Titus Jamestown NY, Jeff Lamb Panama NY, Jesse Dash Leon NY, Nate Earle Garland PA, Scott Dellahoy Jr. Sinclairville NY, Andy Melice Sugar Grove PA

Second Feature: Jamie Hebner Stockton NY, Scott Perrin Garland PA, Travis Darling Jamestown NY, Joshua Beckstrom Frewsburg NY, Larry Campbell Frewsburg NY, Chuck Rugg Sr. Ashville NY, Tom Ellis Jamestown NY, Steven Patterson Jamestown NY, Tiny Larson Lakewood NY, Jack Seekings Clymer NY

Lady Challenger

Feature: Amanda Swanson North East PA, Stephanie Devereaux Lakewood NY, Elaine Best Jamestown NY, Paula Mason Ashville NY, Jessica Hallowell Celeron NY