June 6th, 2009


June 6th, 2009 - Greg Johnson E-Mod King of the Hill and E-Mod Feature Winner
Chad Valone Budweiser Super Late Model Winner At Stateline Speedway
By Glenn Slocum

 Busti, NY: Greg Johnson narrowly defeated a determined Justin Tatlow to win the E-Mod King of the Hill, besting 35 cars for the $1,000 prize then survived several cautions to win his first E-Mod feature of the year. John Boardman came from twelfth to win his fifth Super Sportsman feature in seven starts. It was only a matter of time and Chad Valone’s time was Saturday as he led from lap four to win his first Super Late Model feature of the season and extend his point lead. Mike Moore became the first repeat winner in the Outlaw Cadet class winning a caution filled event from his fourteenth starting spot. Brandon Groters charged from fourteenth in a caution filled Spectator feature for his first win of the season. Brenda Jackson won the Lady Challenger event from her eighth starting spot. Rich Langer won the first Super Challenger feature and William Pinkney won the second.

            Bob Hazzard and Justine Devereaux were on the front row of the Super Sportsman feature with Stephanie Devereaux and Rick Sperry in row two. Hazzard quickly had a nearly a straightaway lead as the field bunched up behind Stephanie Deveraux. Point leader John Boardman grabbed second on lap four and began to run down Hazzard. Dan Nocero Jr. was third. Boardman caught the leader on lap ten and used the high side to take the top spot on lap twelve. Nocero was still in third with Joe Buccola Jr. fourth. Boardman easily won the event for his fifth win in seven starts.

            Chris Hackett and Rod Maloy led the Super Late Model field to the green. Point leader Chad Valone was in row two alongside Scott Gurdak. Doug Ricotta and Doug Eck made up row three of the 26 car field. Hackett led Valone on the first circuit with Maloy third and Gurdak fourth. Valone had the inside and led lap four just before the yellow flew for Ryan Scott stopped up against the wall between turns three and four. Valone, Hackett, Maloy, Gurdak and Eck were the top five for the lap five restart. Valone fired first on the restart and led lap five by five car lengths. A spin by Greg Oakes brought out the second yellow on lap six. Maloy was now second with Hackett third followed by Gurdak and Eck. Head Starter Mark Matthews waived off the first lap six restart and accepted the second. Bump Hedman stopped up against the turn four wall bringing out the third caution with nine laps complete. Scott Johnson and Matt Urban tangled on the restart for yellow number five. Valone stayed in the low groove with Maloy closely behind. Hackett regained the third spot. Darrell Bossard and Ricotta spun coming out of turn two for caution six and fourteen laps remained. Yellow seven appeared two laps later for Rich Gardner and Ryan Scott. Gurdak was the only one in the top five to try the high line after the restart. Eck moved up with Gurdak and promptly lost two spots to John Lobb and Andy Boozel. Valone led Maloy by five car lengths with five laps remaining and Hackett and Gurdak were a distant third and fourth. Ryan Scott brought out the eighth caution with three laps remaining. Gurdak once again went high and regained third from Hackett but could not overtake Maloy and Valone. Valone crossed the line three car lengths ahead of Maloy for his first win of the season extending his point lead in the division.

            Lap one ended almost before it began in the E-Mod feature event as a car spun in turn one. The second start worked better with Mike Munsee leading Greg Johnson by a nose. The yellow reappeared on lap two. Munsee, Johnson, Vic Vena, Justin Tatlow and Randy Hall were the leaders. Munsee got a big jump on the restart but the yellow quickly flew as Tatlow and Dave Shagla tangled in turn four. Munsee, Vena, Johnson, Hall and Tim Peterson were the restart leaders. Munsee went wide coming out of turn two on the restart and Johnson took advantage and became the new leader. Shagla, Butch Southwell, Steve Huling, Ron Seeley, Chris Couchenour and Cale Crocker were involved in a multi-car incident on lap four for yellow four. It was Johnson, Vena, Munsee and Hall after the restart. Point leader Justin Carlson was sixth. A lap eight spin by Randy Raynor brought out caution five. Carlson took fifth just before the crossed flags as Johnson led Vena by several car lengths. Hall fell back to fifth and Carlson grabbed fourth. Hall had troubles on lap fifteen bringing out the caution. Carlson was third. Vena tested Johnson on the restart but Johnson was up to the test. The top four were single file in the low groove for the final three laps. Carlson nosed under Vena on the final circuit and came up just short as Johnson won his first of the year.

            The Outlaw Cadets nearly completed the first lap of their event. Brad Strickland the off pole starter was involved along with Brian Larson. It was three wide past the starters stand on the restart with Paul Himes the winner to lead lap one. Larson spun in turn one for caution two before the second lap was complete. Himes, Rodney Thoms, Tyler Green, Chad Carlson and Mike Moore were the leaders. Leonard Enos ended up facing the wrong way after the restart for caution three. Green emerged as the new leader after the restart then yellow four flew with Enos, Carlson, and Thoms involved. Two laps were complete with Green, Himes, Moore, Kelly Frederes and Jr. Peters the leaders. Enos and Strickland tangled on the restart of caution five. Frederes made a complete spin in heavy traffic on lap four and recovered but the yellow flew on lap six  for John Cline stopped in turn two. Moore was leader and Green was second. Peters sat third with Steve Moynihan fourth and Chris Ottaway fifth. Early leader Himes was involved in then next caution. Himes brought out the yellow on lap twelve the eighth yellow of the race. The final three laps ran with out a caution giving Moore his second win of the season making him the first repeat winner.

             Chad Schauers led lap one of the Spectator feature. A lap four incident collected several cars for the first caution with point leader Aron Dascomb the only racer who could not continue. Schauers, Matt Harvey, Kevin Golden, Jason Seekings and Clarence Dickerson were the restart leaders. Schauers and Dickerson tangled in one incident and Kevin Hill and Lester Shoff in another for the second caution. The yellow followed the green as Hill struggled again. Harvey led with Golden second and Seekings third. Damian Bidwell ran fourth with Brandon Groters fifth. Groters took third just before the yellow appeared for Dave Tackett. Harvey, Golden, Groters, Seekings and Kyle Bradigan were the leaders. A lap eight yellow for Casey Burch slowed the race and Bidwell was pushed into the pits during the yellow. Groters continued his charge taking second from Golden on lap eight. Brad Beckstrom was the next yellow with nine laps complete. Groters won the restart as Harvey slipped back to third and Golden was second. Two more laps were complete when yellow seven occurred this time for veteran Mike Moon. Then one lap later yellow eight as Brian Wilson and Tackett tangled. A car blocking the pit gate caused caution nine with two laps remaining. No one was able to catch Groters as he easily won the event for his first of the season.

Super Late Model

Heat 1: Chis Hackett Corry PA, Scott Gurdak Spring Creek PA, George LaBarbera Sugar Grove PA, Matt Urban North East PA, Darrell Bossard Centerville PA

Heat 2: Rod Maloy Panama NY, Doug Ricotta Warsaw NY, Scott Johnson Wattsburg PA, Rich Gardner Waterford PA, Andy Boozel Clymer NY

Heat 3: Chad Valone Warren PA, Doug Eck Corry PA, Bump Hedman Sugar Grove PA, John Lobb Frewsburg NY, Pete Alspaugh Russell PA

Feature: Chad Valone Warren PA, Rod Maloy Panama NY, Scott Gurdak Spring Creek PA, Chris Hackett Corry PA, John Lobb Frewsburg NY, Andy Boozel Clymer NY, Greg Oakes Franklinville NY, Doug Eck Corry PA, George LaBarbera Sugar Grove PA, Dennis Lunger Jr. Albion PA, Darrell Bossard Centerville PA, Andy Kania Waterford PA, Nathan Short Niobe NY, Doug Ricotta Warsaw NY, Ted Kosinski Lakewood NY, Dereck Frank Jamestown NY, Jeff Dayman Welland ON, Chevy Scott Garland PA, Rich Gardner Waterford PA, John Lacki Sinclairville NY, Scott Johnson Wattsburg PA, Matt Urban North East PA, Bump Hedman Sugar Grove PA, Pete Alspaugh Russell PA, Randy Lobb Jamestown NY


King of the Hill:

Round 1: Justin Tatlow, Ron Seeley
Round 2: Dave Shagla, Brian Fardink
Round 3:  John Boyd, Shane Crotty
Round 4: Scott Gurdak, Alex Froman
Round 5: Vic Vena, Steve Simon
Round 6: Justin Carlson, Anthony Marotto
Round 7: Cale Crocker, Mark Gilbert
Round 8: Nathan Hall, Chad Silleman
Round 9: Rich Michael Jr., Chet Sheets
Round 10: TJ Downs, Craig Bedell
Round 11: Greg Johnson, Rob Middleton
Round 12: Troy Carr, Michael McGee
Round 13: Mike Munsee, John Woodward Jr.
Round 14: Tim Rockwell, Steve Huling
Round 15: Tim Peterson, Butch Southwell
Round 16: Randy Hall, John Kelsey
Round 17: Chris Couchenour, Jaben Hill
Round 18: Justin Tatlow, Randy Raynor
Round 19: Dave Shagla, John Boyd
Round 20: Vic Vena, Scott Gurdak
Round 21: Justin Carlson, Cale Crocker
Round 22: Rich Michael Jr., Nathan Hall
Round 23: Greg Johnson, TJ Downs
Round 24: Mike Munsee, Troy Carr
Round 25: Tim Peterson, Tim Rockwell
Round 26: Randy Hall, Chris Couchenour
Round 27: Justin Tatlow, Dave Shagla
Round 28: Vic Vena, Justin Carlson
Round 29: Greg Johnson, Rich Michael Jr.
Round 30: Mike Munsee, Tim Peterson
Round 31: Justin Tatlow, Randy Hall
Round 32: Greg Johnson, Vic Vena
Round 33: Justin Tatlow, Mike Munsee
Round 34: Greg Johnson, Justin Tatlow

Consolation: Chad Silleman South Dayton NY, John Woodward Jr. Franklinville NY, Ron Seeley Youngsville PA, Craig Bedell Little Valley NY, Mark Gilbert Ripley NY, Shane Crotty Corry PA, Steven Simon Erie PA, Michael McGee Dewittville, NY, Anthony Marotto Ashville NY, Chet Sheets Warren PA

Feature: Greg Johnson Busti NY, Vic Vena Shinglehouse PA, Justin Carlson Sherman NY, Mike Munsee Corry PA, Troy Carr Kennedy NY, Tim Rockwell Salamanca NY, John Woodward Jr. Franklinville NY, Scott Gurdak Bear Lake PA, Chad Silleman South Dayton NY, Craig Bedell Little Valley NY

Outlaw Cadet

Heat 1: Chad Carlson Lakewood NY, Kelly Frederes Russell PA, Paul Norman Jr. Gerry NY, Darwin Peters Jr. Olean NY, Leonard Enos Russell PA

Heat 2: Tyler Green Corry PA, Paul Himes Lakewood NY, John Cline Kennedy NY, Steve Moynihan Jamestown NY, Rodney Thoms Sherman NY

Feature: Mike Moore Russell PA, Tyler Green Corry PA, Chad Carlson Lakewood NY, Darwin Peters Jr. Olean NY, Chris Ottaway Sherman NY, Steve Moynihan Jamestown NY, Paul Norman Jr. Gerry NY, John Cline Kennedy NY, Kelly Frederes Russell PA, Adam Hilyer Sheffield PA 

Super Sportsman

Heat 1: Joe Buccola Jr. Jamestown NY, Pete Volpe Lakewood NY, John Boardman Jamestown NY, Wade Watson Ashville NY, Dan Nocero Jr. Jamestown NY

Heat 2: Bob Hazzard Frewsburg NY, Tom Kosinski Lakewood NY, Ben Burgess Jr. Sherman NY, Mike Genco Jamestown NY, Rick Sperry Kennedy NY

Feature: John Boardman Jamestown NY, Bob Hazzard Frewsburg NY, Dan Nocero Jr. Jamestown NY, Joe Buccola Jr. Jamestown NY, Wade Watson Ashville NY, Pete Volpe Lakewood NY, Ben Burgess Jr. Sherman NY, Steve Kania Waterford PA, Tom Kosinski Lakewood NY, Justin Devereaux Lakewood NY


Heat 1: Clarence Dickerson Sr. Kennedy NY, Jerry Fish Jamestown NY, Nathan Earle Garland PA, Kevin Hill Gowanda NY, Berton Chapel Irvine PA

Heat 2: Stanley Davis Jr. Jamestown NY, Jason Seekings Jamestown NY, Dave Tackett, Jr. Ripley NY, Matt Harvey Jamestown NY, Brian Wilson Jamestown NY

Heat 3: Brandon Groters Bear Lake PA, Lester Shoff Ripley NY, Mike Moon Brocton NY, Aron Dascomb Clymer NY, Damian Bidwell Eldred PA

Feature: Brandon Groters Bear Lake PA, Kevin Golden Frewsburg NY, Kyle Bradigan South Dayton NY, Matt Harvey Jamestown NY, Clarence Dickerson Sr. Kennedy NY, Jason Seekings Jamestown NY, Gary Fisher North East PA, Dave Tackett, Jr. Ripley NY, Kevin Hill Gowanda NY, Lester Shoff Ripley NY

Super Challenger

Heat 1: David Waite Salamanca NY, Joe Karash Jamestown NY, Bobby Rouche Garland PA, Bob Leonard Ashville NY, Travis Darling Jamestown NY

Heat 2: Rick Karash Jamestown NY, Steven Keith Jr. Clymer NY, Doug Moore Warren PA, Chris Knisley Jamestown NY, Joshua Beckstrom Frewsburg NY

Heat 3: Randy Beckstrom Frewsburg NY, Jonathan Hagg Youngsville PA, Scott Perrin Garland PA, Curt Hansen Sugar Grove PA, Kevin Covell Sugar Grove PA

First Feature: Richard Langer Sherman NY, Rick Karash Jamestown NY, Dana Haner Sugar Grove PA, David Waite Salamanca NY, Aaron Liberati Jamestown NY, Robert Hallowell Celeron NY, Josh Hebner Dunkirk NY, Joshua Beckstrom Frewsburg NY, Kevin Covell Sugar Grove PA, Ben Preston Youngsville PA

Second Feature: William Pinkney Ashville NY, Bobby Rouche Garland PA, Jonathan Hagg Youngsville PA, Scott Perrin Garland PA, Steven Keith Jr. Clymer NY, Doug Moore Warren PA, Randy Beckstrom Frewsburg NY, Rory Hauser Westfield NY, Bob Leonard Ashville NY, Lance Ferrand Tiona PA

Lady Challenger

Heat 1: Tiffany Best Jamestown NY, Elaine Best Jamestown NY, Brenda Jackson Jamestown NY, Tabetha Houser North East PA, Annemarie Reed Erie PA

Feature: Brenda Jackson Jamestown NY, Cassi Dunn Garland PA, Tabetha Houser North East PA, Elaine Best Jamestown NY, Tawny Crocker Pittsfield PA, Sherrie Jackson Jamestown NY, Annemarie Reed Erie PA, Paula Mason Ashville NY, Stephanie Hilyer Jamestown NY, Natalie Hilyer Erie PA