September 19th, 2009


September 19th, 2009 - Brandon Groters Wins Smirnoff Spectator King of the Hill
Dick Barton Craiger Race Engines Super Late Model Winner
at Stateline Speedway

By Glenn Slocum

Busti, NY: The final regular race night of the 2009 season was sponsored by Arthur R Gren/Smirnoff and Craiger Race Engines. 2009 Spectator point champion Brandon Groters won the Spectator King of the Hill defeating Paul Schreckengost in the final round. Lester Shoff won his third Spectator feature of the season.

Greg Johnson survived a caution strewn E-Mod feature to notch his third win of the season.

Dick Barton came from fourth to win his 73rd Super Late Model feature at Stateline.

John Boardman ended his season as he started it with a win in the Super Sportsman division; it was his ninth in 2009.

Mike Moore led from beginning to end for his fifth Outlaw Cadet win.

Stephanie Hilyer came from eighth to win the Lady Challenger feature.

Jamie Hebner won the first Super Challenger feature and Josh Hebner won the second.

Shannon Burgun won the Powder Puff race.

Lester Shoff and Sam Courson led 27 Spectators out their feature event. Paul Nelson and Randy Johnson were in row two with Jerry Fish and Kevin Hill in row three. The entire field was inverted so King of the Hill and 2009 Point Champ Brandon Groters started last. A multi car pile up at the end of lap two collected Matt Harvey, Mike Moon, Brandon Pierce and several others. Shoff was the race leader with Courson second and Nelson third. The second yellow occurred with four laps complete for the second place car of Courson. Dave Tackett Jr. was second after the restart and immediately began pressuring Rotunda for the top spot. Aron Dascomb was third from his 21st starting spot with five laps remaining and Kyle Bradigan was fourth. A three car incident brought out the third yellow with twelve of the fifteen laps complete. Shoff took the two to go signal with a ten car length lead over Tacket. Tacket lost two spots on the final lap finishing fourth as Shoff won his first race of the season.

2009 E-mod Champ Justin Carlson led the first circuit of their feature event from his second starting spot and then the yellow flew for Jason Genco. Greg Johnson was second with Tom Hagberg third and Rich Michael Jr. fourth. Chris Couchenour brought out the second caution with two laps complete. Carlson just nipped Johnson to lead lap four then during lap five the third yellow appeared with Genco, Michael McGee and Jaben Hill involved. Carlson, Johnson, Michael, Rich Gardner and Hagberg were the leaders. Dave Lyon used the restart to quickly pass Hagberg then Gardner and Michael to take over the third spot. Yellow four occurred with five laps complete. Johnson was the new leader after the lap six restart with Carlson second, Michael third and Lyon fourth. Lyon took third on lap seven and was working on Carlson when the yellow flew for Anthony Marotto stopped on the back stretch. Johnson, Carlson, Lyon, Gardner and Michael were the top five. Yellow six happened for Nathan Hall with eight laps complete but as the field slowed the leaders made contact and Lyon, Hagberg, and Carlson were collected. Lyon pulled into the pits during the yellow the others were given their spots back as the yellow was already out when they tangled. Johnson was able to move away from the field after the restart and Hagberg pulled into the infield ending his run. With five laps remaining Johnson led Carlson by half a straight with Gardner and Michael fighting for third. Michael gained the spot with three laps remaining the yellow flew for Cale Crocker. Just one more lap was completed and the yellow this time was for Shane Crotty and Jeremy Bucktooth. No one was able to challenge Johnson over the last two circuits giving him his third win of the season.

Darrell Bossard and Randy Lobb led the Super Late Models to the speedway for their feature event. Pete Alspaugh and Dick Barton were in row two. Bossard led the first lap and the yellow flew for Chris Hackett who had slowed with a flat. Barton tested Bossard on the restart but could not make the pass and Alspaugh settled into the third spot trailed closely by Rod Maloy. Ed Carley had trouble navigating turn four with four laps complete for the second yellow of the race. Lobb was fifth for the restart with 2009 Point Champ Chad Valone sixth, Bump Hedman seventh and Scott Johnson eighth. Barton made the pass stick on the restart to become the new leader. Maloy moved along side Bossard and the yellow flew one more as Hedman was facing the wrong direction in turn two. Barton, Bossard, Maloy, Valone, Alspaugh and Lobb were the restart leaders. As the green dropped Paul Grigsby spun collecting Ed Carley for caution four. Doug Eck stopped on the front stretch during the yellow and had to be towed from the track. Barton pulled away from the field and led by half a straight at the end of ten laps. Maloy finally bested Bossard for the runner up spot and Valone was solidly in fourth. Barton had clear sailing but lost a little ground to Maloy with nine laps of the twenty-five remaining. With five laps to go Barton was closing on lap traffic and Maloy was back just five car lengths. Barton and Maloy were both running on the bottom and with two laps to go Maloy had not been able to get any closer to Barton. Barton took the win his 73rd at Stateline Speedway.

Joe Buccola Jr. took full advantage of his starting row spot to become the leader of the Super Sportsman feature. A five car tangle with four laps compete brought out the first caution. Two more laps were complete when the second yellow appeared. 2009 point champ John Boardman moved up to challenge Buccola and on lap nine became the new leader. Tom Kosinski ran afoul of track tire for caution three with twelve laps complete. Boardman finished the year as he started in the winners circle.

Point Champ Mike Moore and last weeks winner Tyler Green made up the Outlaw Cadet front row with Kelly Frederes and Steve Moynihan in row two. Moore was first back to the line to lead lap one. The race stayed green and at the half way point Moore led Green by fifteen car lengths. A spin by Dave Tacket Jr. with nine laps compete caused the first yellow of the event then the third with twelve laps complete. The final laps were uneventful for the veteran Moore for his fifth win in 2009.

Super Late Model

Heat 1: Chris Hackett Corry PA, Rod Maloy Panama NY, Pete Alspaugh Russell PA, Andy Boozel Clymer NY, Doug Ricotta Warsaw NY

Heat 2: Ed Carley Freedom NY, Chad Valone Warren PA, Randy Lobb Jamestown NY, Bump Hedman Sugar Grove PA, Doug Eck Corry PA

Heat 3: Scott Johnson Wattsburg PA, Dick Barton Ashville NY, Darrell Bossard Centerville PA, Andy Kania Waterford PA, Scott Gurdak Spring Creek PA

Feature: Dick Barton Ashville NY, Rod Maloy Panama NY, Chad Valone Warren PA, Darrell Bossard Centerville PA, Pete Alspaugh Russell PA, Randy Lobb Jamestown NY, Doug Ricotta Warsaw NY, Scott Johnson Wattsburg PA, Andy Boozel Clymer NY, Nathan Short Niobe NY, Scott Gurdak Spring Creek PA, Andy Kania Waterford PA, George Labarbera Sugar Grove PA, Bump Hedman Sugar Grove PA, Paul Grigsby East Concord NY, Les Lyon Sugar Grove PA, Wendell Pinckney Albion PA, Ed Carley Freedom NY, Dennis Lunger Jr. Albion PA, Rob Middleton Russell PA, Doug Eck Corry PA, Chris Hackett Corry PA


Heat 1: Richard Michael Jr. Ischua NY, Greg Johnson Busti NY, Dan Davies Warren PA, Chris Couchenour Jamestown NY, Dave Lyon Corry PA

Heat 2: David Shagla Sugar Grove PA, Justin Carlson Sherman NY, Rich Gardner Waterford PA, Nathan Hall East Otto NY, Troy Carr Kennedy NY

Heat 3: Chuck Frye, Tom Hagberg, Jason Genco Jamestown NY, Tim Rockwell Salamanca NY, Shane Crotty Corry PA

Feature: Greg Johnson Busti NY, Justin Carlson Sherman NY, Richard Michael Jr. Ischua NY, Rich Gardner Waterford PA, David Shagla Sugar Grove PA, Ron Seeley Youngsville PA, Chuck Frye, Nathan Hall East Otto NY, Cale Crocker Pittsfield PA, Wayne Mohawk Irving NY

Outlaw Cadet

Heat 1: Kelly Frederes Russell PA, Mike Moore Russell PA, Paul Norman Jr. Gerry NY, Dave Tacket Jr., Paul Himes Lakewood NY

Heat 2: Tyler Green Corry PA, Steve Moynihan Jamestown NY, Troy Dorman Fredonia NY, Rodney Thoms Sherman NY, Bryan Johnson Ashville NY

Feature: Mike Moore Russell PA, Tyler Green Corry PA, Kelly Frederes Russell PA, Steve Moynihan Jamestown NY, Brian Crandall Stockton NY, Dave Tacket Jr., Troy Dorman Fredonia NY, Rodney Thoms Sherman NY, Paul Himes Lakewood NY, Bryan Johnson Ashville NY

Super Sportsman

Heat 1: Ben Burgess Jr. Sherman NY, Joe Buccola Jr. Jamestown NY, Steve Kania Waterford PA, Steve Keith Jr., Bryan Ester Erie PA

Heat 2: John Boardman Jamestown NY, Wade Watson Ashville NY, Pat McGuire, Jake Eller McKean PA, Bob Hazzard Frewsburg NY

Feature: John Boardman Jamestown NY, Ben Burgess Jr. Sherman NY, Pat McGuire, Steve Kania Waterford PA, Jake Eller McKean PA, Joe Buccola Jr. Jamestown NY, Steve Keith Jr., Wade Watson Ashville NY, Tom Kosinski Lakewood NY, Stephanie Devereaux Lakewood NY

Spectator King of the Hill:

Round 1:

Chris Withers, Mike Rotunda

Aron Dascomb, Sam Courson

Mike Moon, Paul Nelson

Skip Jackson, Jerry Fish

Brandon Pierce, Randy Johnson

Chad Schauers, Kevin Hill

Kyle Bradigan, Brian Wilson

Paul Schreckengost, Nathan Earle

Joe Rohrer, Jermin Strickland

Kevin Golden, Tim Wilkey

Ben Asel, Matt Harvey

Dave Tacket Jr., Gary Fisher

Brandon Groters, Damon Lewis

Round 2:

Chris Withers, Stan Davis Jr.

Aron Dascomb, Mike Moon

Brandon Pierce Skip Jackson

Kyle Bradigan, Chad Schauers

Paul Schreckengost, Joe Rohrer

Ben Asel, Kevin Golden

Brandon Groters, Dave Tackett Jr.

Round 3:

Chris Withers, Aron Dascomb

Brandon Pierce, Kyle Bradigan

Paul Schreckengost, Ben Asel

Round 4:

Brandon Groters, Chris Withers

Paul Schreckengost, Brandon Pierce

Round 5:

Brandon Groters, Paul Schreckengost

Feature: Lester Shoff Ripley NY, Aron Dascomb Clymer NY, Kyle Bradigan South Dayton NY, Dave Tackett, Jr. Ripley NY, Brandon Pierce Sinclairville NY, Jermin Strickland Jamestown NY, Paul Schreckengost Corry PA, Kevin Hill Gowanda NY, Mike Moon Brocton NY, Ben Asel Kane PA

Super Challenger

Heat 1: Donald Hebner Westfield NY, Dan Hartman, Travis Darling Jamestown NY, Bill Best, Kyle Jackson Jr.

Heat 2: Jamie Hebner Stockton NY, Randy Beckstrom Frewsburg NY, Chris Knisley Jamestown NY, Dustin Lamb Ashville NY, Aaron Liberati Jamestown NY

Heat 3: Jimmy Diabo Gerry NY, Richard Langer Sherman NY, Joshua Beckstrom Frewsburg NY, Preston Matve Jamestown NY, Daniel Yeskey Warren PA

First Feature: Jamie Hebner Stockton NY, Richard Langer Sherman NY, Bill Best, Roger Hall Greenburg NY, Austin Fitzgerald Youngsville PA, Dan Hartman, Chet Cobb, Jeff Lamb Panama NY, Preston Matve Jamestown NY, Jeff Loomis Lakewood NY

Second Feature: Josh Hebner Dunkirk NY, Jimmy Diabo Gerry NY, Joshua Beckstrom Frewsburg NY, Kyle Jackson Jr., Joe Karash Jamestown NY, Greg Rockwell, Chris Knisley Jamestown NY, Dustin Lamb Ashville NY, Travis Darling Jamestown NY, Randy Beckstrom Frewsburg NY

Lady Challenger

Heat 1: Tabetha Houser North East PA, Elaine Best Jamestown NY, Brenda Jackson Jamestown NY, Stephanie Hilyer Jamestown NY, Tawny Crocker Pittsfield PA

Feature: Stephanie Hilyer Jamestown NY, Brenda Jackson Jamestown NY, Tabetha Houser North East PA, Elaine Best Jamestown NY, Tawny Crocker Pittsfield PA, 21, Kait Tanner, Mary Hammond Bemus Point NY, Sarah Elfanon, Sherrie Jackson Jamestown NY