April 24th, 2010 - Opening Night Ends with Rain at Stateline Speedway
By Glenn Slocum

Busti, NY: Overcast skies welcomed racers and fans to opening night at Stateline Speedway. “Uncle” Kenny’s Green Start Automotive and Seamens Auto Wrecking sponsored the events, but before the qualifying events were finished the rains moved in forcing an early end to the racing events.


Heat 1: Dave Hess Jr. Waterford PA, Brian Fardink Sherman NY, Ron Davies Warren PA, Justin Carlson Sherman NY, Tom Hagberg Russell PA.

Heat 2: Richard Michael Jr. Ischua NY, Russ Dunn Waterford PA, Dave Lyon Corry PA, Mike Knight Waterford PA, Greg Johnson Busti NY

Heat 3: David Shagla Sugar Grove PA, Alex Froman Lakewood NY, Scott Gurdak Bear Lake PA, Mark Gilbert Ripley NY, Tim Rockwell Salamanca NY

Outlaw Cadet

Heat 1: Glen Slaney Union City PA, Brian Crandall Stockton NY, Steve Moynihan Jamestown NY, Kelly Frederes Russell PA, Stan Davis Jr.

Heat 2: Tyler Green Corry PA, Mike Moore Russell PA, Steve Kania, Lee Meyers Gerry NY, Rodney Thoms Sherman NY

Super Sportsman

Heat 1: John Boardman Jamestown NY, Wade Watson Ashville NY, Ben Burgess Jr. Sherman NY, Mike Burnham, Allen Haskins

Heat 2: Joe Buccola Jr. Jamestown NY, Ben Reed Brocton NY, 67B, Jake Eller, Marc Luce


Heat 1: Brandon Groters Bear Lake PA, Ben Asel Kane PA, Brandon Pierce Sinclairville NY, Nathan Earle Garland PA, Travis Darling Jamestown NY

Heat 2: Brian Wilson Jamestown NY, Matt Harvey Jamestown NY, Kevin Hill Gowanda NY, Mike Moon Brocton NY, Rob Brown Smethport PA

Heat 3: Chris Withers Waterford PA, Kevin Golden Frewsburg NY, John Britt Dunkirk NY, Jermin Strickland, Tim Wilkey South Dayton NY