September 11th, 2010 - Mike Knight Wins Saturday Edition of the Roberts Trucking ULMS Super Late Model September Spectacular
at Stateline Speedway

By Glenn Slocum

Saturday September 11th, 2010 Busti, NY: Mike Knight led from the green to win the Saturday Edition of the Roberts Trucking ULMS Super Late Model 40 lap race. It was Knight’s backup car that won on Friday night with Robbie Blair at the wheel. Blair finished in third with Dave Hess Jr. the runner-up.

Brent Rhebergen won the UEMS E-Mod event. Dave Hess Jr. seemed to have the race under control until late race mechanical problems sent him to the pits.


Rain stopped the racing events during the second lap of the Crate Late Model feature.

Threatening rain forced management to bring the Super Late Models onto to the speedway for their main event even before all of the other classes had finished qualifying. Thirty-one Super Lates were lead on to the speedway by Mike Knight and Dave Hess Jr.. Chad Ruhlman and Doug Eck were in row two with Dick Barton and Bump Hedman in row three. Knight was the first by the starter to lead lap one with Hess trailing by five car lengths. Ruhlman was third then Barton and Eck and John Lobb were side by side for fifth. Eck slowed with five laps complete causing the first yellow and sending Eck to the pits. Knight and Hess remained the front two after the restart and Barton took third away from Ruhlman. Chad Valone moved into the top five passing Lobb for fifth just before the yellow flew for Ward Schell spun in turn two. Valone bested Barton on the restart for the fourth spot, Ruhlman was third and Knight continued to lead followed by Hess. Last nights winner Robbie Blair was the next mover taking fourth from Valone just before the half way mark. The leaders were in heavy lap traffic as Ruhlman fell to Blair. With ten laps remaining Knight led Hess by ten car lengths and Blair was a distant third, Ruhlman fourth and Barton fifth. Hess closed with Knight and looked faster with eight laps remaining. Debris on the front stretch caused caution three with just four laps remaining changed the makeup of the race for Knight, both Hess and Blair could close and heavy lap traffic would not be a factor for the final laps. Knight was able to get a four car length lead on the restart and still maintained it with two to go. Knight held on as Hess finished with a smoking race car just a car length ahead of Blair.

Brent Rhebergen was on the pole and led the first lap of the UEMS E-Mod feature. Have Hess Jr. , last nights winner, was second. Rhebergen and Hess ran door to door for several laps until Hess took the lead on lap seven and the rest of the field trailed by half a straight away. The first yellow did not appear until eight laps were complete as Vic Vena had spun between turns three and four. Vena pulled into the pits during the yellow. Hess, Rhebergen, John Boyd, Kari Gasser and Chet Sheets were the restart leaders. Ron Seeley spun on the next circuit for caution number two. After the restart Hess pulled away from the field, Rhebergen led Boyd y ten car lengths and Gasser was fifteen behind Boyd. Hess began lapping cars with nine laps remaining with a one quarter lap lead. Debris on the backstretch and a slowing Butch Southwell brought out caution three with seven laps to go. Disaster befell the leader on the restart as he took the green and pulled into the pits. Rhebergen was back on top with Gasser second and Scott Gurdak third. A slow car caused the next caution with four remaining, then on the restart several cars at the back of the field tangled. Rain began as the green flew for the restart. Rhebergen controlled the restart and Gasser was all alone in second. Rhebergen took the double checkers for his first win of the season.

Jason Genco and Robbie Blair led twenty four Crate Late Models to Mark Matthews green flag. Genco was the first back to the line. But lap two saw a multi-car incident between turns one and two. Damien Bidwell, Kevin Decker, Matt Cobb, Robert Dorman and Jamie Brown were involved. While the safety crews were untangling the race cars the rain picked up ending the nights racing events.

Super Late Model

Heat 1: Bump Hedman Sugar Grove PA, Chad Ruhlman, Chad Valone Warren PA, Robbie Blair, Chad Silleman South Dayton NY

Heat 2: John Lobb Frewsburg NY, Dick Barton Ashville NY, David Scott Garland PA, Boom Briggs Bear Lake PA, Pete Alspaugh Russell PA

Heat 3: Dave Hess Jr. Waterford PA, Mike Knight Ripley NY, Chris Hackett Corry PA, Darrell Bossard Centerville PA, Darren Peters Fort Erie ON

Heat 4: Doug Eck Corry PA, Jason Morell North East PA, Andy Kania Waterford PA, Andy Boozel Clymer NY, Greg Oakes Franklinville NY

Feature: Mike Knight Ripley NY, Dave Hess Jr. Waterford PA, Robbie Blair Centerville PA, Dick Barton Ashville NY,, Chad Ruhlman, Bump Hedman Sugar Grove PA, Chris Hackett Corry PA, John Lobb Frewsburg NY, Chad Valone Warren PA, Andy Boozel Clymer NY, Jason Morell North East PA, Andy Kania Waterford PA, Greg Oakes Franklinville NY, Boom Briggs Bear Lake PA, Darrell Bossard Centerville PA, John Volpe Lakewood NY, Pete Alspaugh Russell PA, Scott Gurdak Bear Lake PA, Nathan Short Panama NY, Chad Silleman South Dayton NY, Chad Ramsey, Chuck Parker Sinclairville NY, Darren Peters Fort Erie ON, Bruce Hordusky Erie PA, Denny Fenton Clearfield PA, Ward Schell, Wendell Pinckney Albion PA, Dereck Frank Jamestown NY, Doug Eck Corry PA


Heat 1: John Boyd Waterford PA, Dave Hess Jr. Waterford PA, Scott Gurdak Bear Lake PA, Vic Vena Shinglehouse PA, Mike Eschrich Mt. Jewett PA

Heat 2: Randy Hall Olean NY, Jaben Hill Cattaraugus NY, Alex Froman Ashville NY, Carl McKinney Mars PA, Chris Couchenour Ashville NY

Heat 3: Brent Rhebergen Clymer NY, Chet Sheets Warren PA, Brian Douglas Painsville OH, Nathan Hill East Otto NY, Dan Davies Warren PA

Heat 4: Butch Southwell Warren PA, Kari Gasser Girard OH, David Shagla Sugar Grove PA, Ron Seeley Youngsville PA, Dustin Eckman Erie PA

Consolation 1: Joel Watson Conneaut OH, Justin Carlson Sherman NY, Mike Eschrich Mt. Jewett PA, Greg Johnson Busti NY, Leonard Enos Russell PA, Steve Huling Kennedy NY, Chris Couchenour Ashville NY, Ben Asel Kane PA

Consolation 2: Dan Davies Warren PA, Mike Munsee, Dustin Eckman Erie PA, Cale Crocker Pittsfield PA, Richard Michael Jr. Ischua NY, Brian Fardink Sherman NY, Chuck Frye Ashville NY, Tom Pierce Ripley NY, Anthony Marotto Ashville NY

Feature: Brent Rhebergen Clymer NY, Kari Gasser Girard OH, Joel Watson Conneaut OH, Scott Gurdak Bear Lake PA, Randy Hall Olean NY, Alex Froman Ashville NY, Greg Johnson Busti NY, Chet Sheets Warren PA, Richard Michael Jr. Ischua NY, Mike Munsee


Heat 1: Brandon Groters Bear Lake PA, Brandon Pierce Sinclairville NY, Travis Darling Jamestown NY, James Britt Dunkirk NY, Kyle Weilacher Lakewood NY

Heat 2: Sam Courson Cassadaga NY, Nathan Earle Garland PA, Aron Dascomb Clymer NY, Kevin Hill Gowanda NY, Matt Sampson Warren PA

Crate Late Model

Heat 1: Ed Carley, Kyle Zimmerman Albion PA, John Lacki Sinclairville NY, Bill Cunningham Jefferson OH, Damien Bidwell Eldred PA

Heat 2: Rob Blair Centerville PA, Steve Dixon Smethport PA, Jamie Brown Jamestown NY, Robert Dorman Stockton NY, Bob Vogt Jr W. Springfield PA

Heat 3: Jason Genco Jamestown NY, John Volpe Lakewood NY, Tim Schram Scio NY, Matt Cobb Bradford PA, Marshall Shunk Smethport PA