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Jeff Campbell Wins Warren Midtown Motors Outlaw Cadet Championship
Maloy Wins SLM Race at Stateline

By Glenn Slocum    

Cadet Feature Jeff Campbell.jpg (56182 bytes)         The Warren Mid Town Motors Outlaw Cadet Championship race headlined the racing at Stateline and Chris Swanson was the apparent winner after a last lap incident took out the leader John Pencille and the second place car of Jeff VanArsdale. Swanson failed to appear for photos after the event and it was found out later that John Lobb was driving Swanson’s car and he was disqualified giving Jeff Campbell the win. Double features were run in all divisions excepting the Super Late Models because of the rain-shortened event of last week. Joe McMurty and Steve Keith won the make-up Spectator features. John Pencille won the wreck infested Outlaw Cadet make-up feature. Dave Cummings got into the win column in the Budweiser Super Sportsman makeup feature. Dave Hess Jr. was also a first time winner as he won a caution filled E-Mod makeup feature. Pat McGuire continued to dominate the Limited Late division by posting his fourth win in the makeup feature. The cautions continued in the Spectator features with Brian Larson and Vic Earle, Sr. posted as the winners. Mike Kosinski won the Budweiser Super Sportsman event and Dave Hess Jr. the Emod feature.

 Spectator Make Up Feature 2 Steve Keith.jpg (79903 bytes)         Mark Luce lead the first make-up Spectator feature to the speedway and quickly gave the lead to Joe McMurty. Rick Sperry spun on lap three for the second caution of the event. Matt Lozowski got under the leader on the restart and make the pass on lap four. Lozowski’s motor failed two laps later giving the lead back to McMurty. McMurty went on to win the event with Ron Bush second and Sperry recovering from an earlier spin was third.

Spectator Makeup Feature 1 Joe McMurdy.jpg (89590 bytes)          Joe Houser came out on top of a wild scramble for the lead in the second make-up spectator feature. Houser lost the handle on lap four and was passed by Brian Crandall who was closely followed by Steve Keith and Paul Norman. Houser spun with Brian Larson on the seventh lap for the only yellow. Keith passed Crandall with one to go and the win as Steve Huling charged by Norman and almost beat Crandall to the line for second. Keith won his second feature win of the season with Crandall hanging on for second and Huling third.

Cadet Makeup Feature John Pencille.jpg (74762 bytes)   Bill Dunn lead the first two laps of the make-up Outlaw Cadet event. A slowing Rick Loomis brought out the first caution. Dunn was first with Pete Alspaugh second.  Alspaugh and Terry Daniels got by Dunn on the lap three restart but a spinning Bob Cettell canceled the pass. Alspaugh spun on the restart collecting Chris Blose, Louie DeDionisio and Jeff VanArsdale. The third attempted lap three restart worked as Dunn resumed the lead. VanArsdale stopped against the turn four wall on lap six for another caution. Dunn lead for one more after the restart but Nathan Short spun and came to a stop in turn three for the sixth caution. Jeff Campbell moved into second and John Pencille third on the restart and Short spun once more on lap seven. Campbell tapped Dunn on the restart and the spinning Dunn collected Campbell and Mark Hall. Several other cars spun to avoid the incident. Pencille inherited the lead on the ensuing restart with DeDionisio second and Joe Harvey second. DeDionisio spun and Harvey slowed one lap later moving Dusty Franklin to second and Chris Blose to third. Harvey stopped before reaching the pits for the last yellow of the event. A multi-car incident on lap unlucky lap thirteen involved Lonnie Waldron, Blose, Loomis, VanArsdale, Dunn, Short and Chris Swanson. Blose and Aaron Robinson passed a loose Franklin on the last lap for second and third as Pencille won his first feature of the season.

Super Sportsman Makeup Feature Dave Cummings.jpg (62809 bytes)           A broken front wheel on the Hank Francis car stopped the Budweiser Sportsman makeup feature before it was started. A Tom Kosinski spin aborted the second attempted start. Bob Hazzard finally got the race started and lead the first two laps until a spin by Murray collected Robert Nocero and stopped the race once more. Dave Cummings spun on the restart and Pat McGuire stopped to avoid Cummings. Don McGuire assumed the lead on the restart but Bob VanArsdale spun and was stuck by Brent Crandall for the sixth caution. Mike Kosinski moved to second on the restart but slowed as Randy Parmenter went by. Jeff VanArsdale spun on lap seven for caution number seven. Pat McGuire was in the front with Randy Parmenter second and Tom Kosinski third. Gary Foster spun on the restart. Tom Kosinski loses the handle once again collecting Foster, Scott Bayle and Mike Kosinski. VanArsdale stopped on lap nine for the tenth caution. Don McGuire spun on lap ten giving the lead to Cummings with Parmenter second and Volpe third. Hazzard stopped on the white flag lap for eleventh caution. Dave Cummings fended off Parmenter on the last lap for the win with Pat McGuire rounding out the top three.


E Mod Make up Feature Dave Hess Jr.jpg (55224 bytes)         Chris Peterson spun to mar the initial start of the E-Mod makeup feature. Shawn Uhler took the lead on lap one but lost the handle on the next lap for the second caution. Dave Hess Jr. and AL Cressley ran side by side for the next two laps until the stopped car of Mark Grabowski caused the third caution. Grabowski spun again on the restart. Cressley led in the restart as one more lap was run before Matt Swanson and Jason Covey collided for caution number five. Cressley spun on the next restart while battling Dave Hess Jr. for the top spot.  Cressley and Shane Applebee went to the pits placing Dave Hess in the lead with Dale Applebee second and Kevin Decker third. Cressley returned to the speedway prior to the restart. Dave Hess led at the halfway mark but Darryl Greene and Ken Drake spun for the seventh caution. Greene and Drake continued the conflict during the caution and were both sent to the pits. Dave Hess took the lead on the restart and never looked back to win his first feature of the season, Dale Applebee was second and Decker third.


LLM Feature Bobby Rohrer.jpg (67463 bytes)          Al Cressley slowed on lap one of the Limited Late makeup as Pat McGuire lead. McGuire lead the next two until Andy Knight and Jim Rohrer spin in turn one. John Cline spun in turn two and Chad Ramsey spun in turn four for the fourth caution with only two completed laps. Ramsey hooked Andy Sweetland as Sweetland passed going into turn three on the restart. Sweetland backed into the fence as the yellow came out and Ramsey was disqualified. Sweetland was able to continue but from the rear of the field. Les Lyon, Troy Dorman and Jim Rohrer tangle on lap three for the sixth caution. McGuire finally broke away from the field and the green flag prevailed for the next ten laps until Lyon and Jim Rohrer spun. McGuire’s lead was negated, as the second place car of Bob Vogt was able to close under caution. McGuire won his fourth feature while Vogt finished second and Paul Briggs narrowly defeated a charging Chris Sutton at the line for third.


Rod Maloy won the American Racer Dash with Bryan Emory second and Rich Gardner third.


Spectator Feature 1 Brian Larson.jpg (57161 bytes)          Lap one of the first Spectator feature was lead by Eric Gurdak. Dennis Lumger slowed on the backstretch for a lap two caution and Skip Joslin brought out the yellow on the restart. Rick Sperry spun on lap three. Ron Barr spun for the next caution before a lap could be completed. Brian Larson spun Ron Bush on the restart and Bush was disqualified for waiting for the caution. Gurdak lost the lead after making contact with Joe McMurty. Larson was now shown as the leader with Gurdak second and Rich Becker third. Gurdak and McMurty tangle again and Gurdak goes to the pits.  Larson went on to win the event with Dennis Lumger second and Skip Joslin third.


          Steve Huling lead lap one of the second Spectator feature then DSpectator Feature 2 Vic Earle Sr.jpg (57541 bytes)ave Surrena spun binging the race under the yellow during lap three. An incident in turn two brought out the second caution involving Joe Houser, Kevin Brumett and John Kelsey. Steve Keith spun in front of the field on lap two narrowly missing a major incident. Keith was able to continue. Dana Wellington spun on lap five and the race was quickly restarted. Pat Passanise lost a radiator on lap six for the fifth caution. Brumett brings out the sixth yellow followed immediately by the seventh yellow involving early leader Huling and Keith. Victor Earle Sr. was still leading with Dave Surrena second and Bill Baker Jr. third. Dana Wellington spins on the next attempted restart. One lap is completed then Brumett spins again for the next yellow on lap nine. Earle finally was allowed to complete the last two laps for the win with Baker second and Huling third.


SLM Consolation Al Crocker.jpg (51374 bytes)          Al Crocker who also took the early lead brought the Super Late Model Consolation race to the line. Matt Urban moved by Boozel for second on lap three as the field began to string out behind the leaders.  The race ended with Crocker leading every lap Matt Urban second and Mark Boozel taking the final feature qualifying spot.


Cadet Feature Jeff Campbell.jpg (56182 bytes)          The Warren Midtown Motors Outlaw Cadet Championship event saw Mat Lamphere and Brian Zimmerly on the front row. Jeff Campbell passed Lamphere on the second lap as the two leaders began to move away from the field. Phil Knight ended up sitting sideways in the back straight for the first caution of the event on lap three. Shawn McArdle spun on the lap three restart for caution number two. Campbell jumped to the lead on the restart but John Pencille passed on the low side one lap later to take command of the race. Dusty Franklin, Nathan Short and Lonnie Waldron collided for the third caution with seven laps complete. Pencille was still leading with Campbell in second and Todd Church in the third spot. Jeff VanArsdale moved by Church on lap eight for third and one lap later a stopped Scott Kuschel brought out the caution.  Church had slipped to fifth at this point with Aaron Robinson in the fourth spot. Robinson temporarily got by VanArsdale on the restart but VanArsdale recovered to regain his spot. Short spun on lap twelve and the race once again was under yellow. VanArsdale passed Campbell on lap twelve as the laps began to wind down. With five to go Pencille moved into lap traffic and Chris Swanson passes Campbell for third. With one to go Jim Hilyer, Kuschel and Greg Johnson spin in turn three and the field was set for a one-lap dash for the win. VanArsdale tagged   Pencille in the final corner and they both spun giving the win to Swanson with Campbell second and Church third.


SLM Feature Rod Maloy.jpg (59690 bytes)         Defending Champion Rod Maloy was on the pole of the twenty-five-car Super Late Model feature. Mike Munsee spun on lap one for the first caution. Rich Gardner was second with Scott Gurdak third and Bryan Emory fourth. Maloy and Gurdak moved to the low side and began to move away from the pack until a lap five spin by Al Crocker bunched the field for caution number two. Gardner was now third with Emory fourth and Doug Eck fifth. Emory, Eck, Hackett, Wally Fox, Dan Armbruster, John Lacki and Chad Valone cause caution number three on lap six when the leaders checked up in turn two and traffic piled up behind them. Maloy, Gurdak and Gardner were still showing the way while Dave Hess Jr. was fourth and Chad Ruhlman fifth. Ruhlman passed Hess for fourth on lap six then John Lobb moved by Hess to challenge for the fourth spot. Eck stopped in turn four on lap ten for the fourth caution. Maloy hugged the bottom for the next three with Gurdak and Gardner in tow. Valone spins on lap thirteen as the racers hunt for any moisture to help give them the traction they need to move to the front. John Lobb was now in fourth relegating Ruhlman to fifth and Hackett to sixth. Gardner got under Gurdak and won the second spot on the restart and three laps latter Eck spins for the sixth caution with nine laps remaining. Hess moves by Ruhlman four fifth as Ruhlman runs the cushion. Mark Boozel spins on lap twenty for the seventh caution. Dan Armbruster move out of the middle of the pack to fifth on lap twenty-one as Maloy continues to lead. Maloy wins the event with Rich Gardner second and Scott Gurdak third.


BS-Feature.jpg (63993 bytes)          Dave Cummings and Randy Parmenter brought the Budweiser Super Sportsman to the speedway for their final event of the evening.  Cummings took control early as he and Parmenter started to build a lead on the remainder of the field. A spinning Kirk Hayes brought out the first yellow of the event on lap six. Don McGuire passes both Cummings and Parameter for the lead on lap six then Mike Kosinski passed Parameter and assumes the third position. A lap nine accident involving John Robinson, Robert Nocero and J.R. Nocero slowed the race once more. Mike Kosinski got by McGuire after running three wide with Cummings and McGuire. Mike Kosinski wins the event with Don McGuire holding on second and early leader Cummings finishing third.


 BS-Feature.jpg (63993 bytes)         Twenty-two E-Mods reported for their second feature of the evening. Brian Snow and Ken Drake spun and the field was realigned with one lap down. Dave Hess Jr. was leading with Chris Peterson second. Tink Mealy moved into second on the restart but spin by Matt Grabowski stopped the race. Mealy make the pass again on the next restart as Hess started to check out on the field. Peterson and Grabowski tangle on lap four for the third caution. Wayne Mohawk stopped on lap five or the fifth caution in five laps. Mike Hess was now third with Al Cressley fourth. Peterson and Ken Drake were responsible for the sixth caution and Drake was pushed to the pits. Dale Applebee, Ramsey Dempsey and Mike Samuelson spin on lap eleven for the seventh yellow. The last for laps were run under the green with the top spots remaining the same. Dave Hess Jr. won with Tink Mealy second and Mike Hess third.


LLM Feature Bobby Rohrer.jpg (67463 bytes)The last event of the evening was the Limited Late Model feature with Bobby Rohrer in the lead position. Bear Moynihan spun on lap two as Rohrer led with Paul Briggs second and Bob Vogt third. Tom Schnars stopped in turn four for the second caution on lap four. Vogt passed Briggs for second on the restart and Sweetland moved up to challenge Briggs for third. Troy Dorman spun on lap seven. Mike Moore moves to third past Briggs on lap eight but Briggs comes back one lap later to regain the spot. John Cline spun on lap ten for the fourth yellow. Les Lyon spins on lap twelve for caution five. Moore moved back to third on lap fourteen and began pressuring Vogt for second. Rohrer ran the last six laps uncontested for his first win of the year. Vogt was second with Moore third.





   Makeup Feature 1: Joe McMurty, Ron Bush, Rick Sperry, Ken Jackson, Eric Gurdak

   Makeup Feature 2: Steve Keith, Brian Crandall, Steve Hulings, Paul Norman, Bill Baker

   Feature 1: Brian Larson, Dennis Lumger, Skip Joslyn, Rick Sperry, Joe McMurty

   Feature 2: Vic Earle Sr., Bill Baker Jr., Steve Huling, Brian Crandall, Dana Wellington



 Makeup Feature: Dave Hess Jr., Dale Applebee, Kevin Decker, Mike Hess, Tim Rater, Justin Carlson, Mike Samuelson, Tink Mealy, Shawn Uhler, Al Cressley

    Feature: Dave Hess Jr., Tink Mealy, Mike Hess, Al Cressley, Shane Applebee, Darryl Greene, Justin Carlson, Kevin Decker, Don Loney, Tim Rater


   Outlaw Cadets

      Makeup Feature: John Pencille, Aaron Robinson, Chris Blose, Terry Daniels, Jeff VanArsdale, Dusty Franklin, Pete Alspaugh, Bill Dunn, Jeff Campbell, Tom Norland

      Feature: Jeff Campbell, Todd Church, Aaron Robinson, Louie DeDionisio, Chris Blose, John Pencille, Pete Alspaugh, Tom Norland, Terry Daniels, Bill Dunn


Limited Late Models:

      Makeup Heat 1:  Pat McGuire, Bear Moynihan, Chris Sutton, Ron Seeley

      Makeup Heat 2:  Chad Ramsey, Paul Briggs, Andy Sweetland, John Cline

      Makeup Feature: Pat McGuire, Bob Vogt, Paul Briggs, Chris Sutton, Al Cressley, Bobby Rohrer, Mike Moore, Tom Hagberg, John Cline, Ron Seeley

      Feature: Bobby Rohrer, Bob Vogt, Mike Moore, Paul Briggs, Al Cressley, Pat McGuire, Steve Halpainy, Chad Ramsey, Al Crocker, Ron Seeley


   Budweiser Super Sportsmen:

      Makeup Feature: Dave Cummings, Randy Parmenter, Pat McGuire, Don McGuire, Chris Kuschel, Bob Hazzard, Mike Kosinski, Mike Murray, Pete Volpe, Brent Crandall

      Feature: Mike Kosinski, Don McGuire, Dave Cummings, Randy Parmenter, Pat McGuire, Pete Volpe, Hank Francis, John Robinson, Robert Nocero, Mike Murray


American Racer Dash: Rod Maloy, Bryan Emory, Rich Gardner


   Late Models:

      Heat 1: Rod Maloy, Dave Hess Jr. Chris Hackett, Mike Munsee

      Heat 2: Rich Gardner, Doug Eck, Chad Ruhlman, John Lobb

      Heat 3: Bryan Emory, Scott Gurdak, Wally Fox. Dan Armbruster

      Consolation: AL Crocker, Matt Urban, Mark Boozel

      Feature: Rod Maloy, Rich Gardner, Scott Gurdak, Chad Ruhlman, Dan Armbruster, Dave Hess Jr., John Lobb, Steve Halpainy, Al Crocker, Matt Lux      

Heat Winners :

LL Heat 1.jpg (90216 bytes)LL Makeup Heat 2 Chad Ramsey.jpg (89753 bytes)SLM Heat 1 Rod Maloy.jpg (55343 bytes)SLM Heat 2 Rich Gardner.jpg (60125 bytes)SLM Heat 3 Bryan Emory.jpg (60158 bytes)
Limited Late #1     Limited Heat #2   Super Late #1      Super Late #2      Super Late #3
Pat McGuire          Chad Ramsey       Rod Maloy             RIch Gardner       Bryan Emory